Best Cycling Shorts Review 2021

It’s a well-known fact that professional cyclers need the best cycling shorts. To non-professionals they may be uncomfortable to look at, but their functionality is greatly needed by cyclers.

They are specifically designed so that they may withstand long bike rides, especially when they often traverse on bumpy and rocky roads.

Several advantages can be gained by wearing good cycling shorts rather than wearing your regular street clothes. Chaffing is a common problem while cycling for a long time – your private parts being the most affected area, and wearing your typical shorts isn’t going to protect you from that painful dilemma.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting on that bike and becoming a professional cycler, you need to purchase the most basic biking gear first— a pair of cycling shorts.

Best Cycling Shorts Review

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Cycling Shorts


These shorts are for real men and real men only. Designed for long bike tours and invigorating triathlons, Pearl iZumi Bib Shorts are going to be your best friend. Tour 3D Chamois is male-specific and its qualities include non-chafing with padding in key areas, moisture-wicking and has a plush, four-way stretch Tour 3D chamois for a comfortable ride.

This baby doesn’t use your regular, stretchy, absorbent fabric, no sir. Their shorts are made of soft Select Transfer Fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection designed to give you extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays, and has high-end moisture-wicking properties to help you keep cool and dry.

Customer reviews on Amazon rated this product with an average of 4.5/5 stars. They mostly like how these shorts didn’t overdo on the padding, making them very breathable, but also still comfortable to use. They also commended its six-panel anatomic design, silicone leg grippers and reflective elements for low-light visibility. Its pressure Relief Technology in the gender-specific chamois reduces pressure points via differentiated levels of padding while effectively keeping moisture off the skin.

A guaranteed winner, although a little bit on the expensive side, this Pearl iZumi Bib Shorts will surely make the most out of your dollars.

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Xcellent Global 3D Padded Cycling Shorts


These shorts are designed for newbies and professional cyclers alike. Also one of the top cycling shorts in Amazon, Xcellent Global 3D Padded Cycling Shorts are unisex and very affordable. The fabric is mostly made of polyester, nylon and silicone with a multi-section design, to help provide a soft and comfortable feel to your skin, without adding pressure to your body.

They also focused on the special construction of the padding. The area between your legs perspires the most, so they designed the pad to absorb moisture and dry them fast, along with its good elasticity and high breathability. Amazon users rated this with an average of 4.0/5 stars, so you know they’re good.

Xcellent Global 3D Padded Cycling Shorts durability is also a very big plus since most cycling shorts tend to wear off after only a few rides. But most users said that even after several washes, these shorts still retain its quality. The short edges of these shorts are also sealed flat so there are no harsh edges to rub against the skin. They are super flexible, and with their high density Nylon and Spandex fibers, they ensure that your muscles are kept insulated and well-covered.

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Canari Cyclewear Padded Bike Shorts


This one is perfect for those who wants to own an excellent product without having to pay hundreds of dollars. For such a low price you can enjoy the high quality of Canari Cyclewear Padded Bike Shorts, giving you a comfortable biking experience. This has been hailed as one of the best padded biking shorts in Amazon because of its unique gel cycling pad that allows shock absorption and can protect you even when you go more than a hundred miles.

Canari Cyclewear Padded Bike Shorts‘ fabric is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. It also boasts an eight panel anatomical design and soft-touch leg grippers, perfect for grueling mountain paths. The shock gel in the pad distributes the road shock to lessen chaffing and soreness after every ride, which is really great. All in all, one of the best cycling shorts bargain you can find.

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Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Shorts

People who buy Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Shorts almost always have the same initial reaction after using them. It’s because for them it seems super questionable for this product to be at par with the quality of some expensive cycling shorts, but almost all of them ate their words. It’s the low price that enticed them at first, but they got the surprise of their lives when they discovered how excellent these riding shorts are. They are highly durable, extremely comfortable, and have a snug, relaxed fit.

Its breathable fabric provides good flexibility, absorbs moisture quickly to keep your legs from becoming sweat-ridden and sticky, and is perfect for riding in any weather. The padding of these shorts is also shock-absorbent, a feature you mostly see on expensive cycling shorts, but this one delivers its promise.

Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Shorts gained an average of 4.1/5 stars in Amazon. The protection you get from the seat of the bike is excellent, you can go for 10-15 miles and your cycling ride won’t be a painful process. It makes 1 hour of riding feel like 10 minutes because of its level of comfort.

They may be considered as an economy pair of riding shorts, but nonetheless, a surefire investment for high-quality feels.

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Tenn Men’s Coolflo Padded Cycling Shorts


If you want a high performance, comfortable shorts then you can never go wrong with a pair of Tenn Men’s Coolflo Padded Cycling Shorts. These are perfect for cyclists who ride regularly for exercise or just as a form of commute. It features 8-panel professional construction, designed to allow the shorts more curvature, for a more enjoyable experience.

This product is anatomically designed for extra body-hugging comfort, made from high quality fabrics, and at the same time, it incorporates a single layer professional molded pad.

This shorts got an average rating of 4.0/5 stars in Amazon, praised mostly by users because of its excellent placement of padding, with no funny stitching and sliding around. It has flatlock stitching that minimizes chafing, made from a blend of high density nylon and spandex fibers, to ensure that the muscles are kept supported without trapping all the sweat and heat inside.

You don’t have to make any funny adjustments when using these shorts. Tenn Men’s Coolflo Padded Cycling Shorts has superior leg grippers to prevent the shorts from riding up, so you don’t have to pull them up or down whenever you get off the bike, whatever the condition of the path you ride on. They are also sure enough to wear to keep everything in its place when you put them on, yet not that fixed on your leg as much, to avoid having difficulties during bathroom breaks.

For only a few bucks, you can enjoy this great piece of engineering. Make sure to check them out and see if they’re the perfect fit for you.

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Cycling Shorts Buying Guide

You might still be very confused on how to choose the perfect cycling shorts for you. There are tons of cool bike shorts out there, and even if some them offer several different features you might still have no idea which ones to get, and if they are actually worth your money.

Basic Factors to Consider


The padding or the soft cushion that is nestled between the leg parts of cycling shorts is commonly called as chamois. Its basic function is to protect your genitals from the pressure of sitting on the bicycle seat for a long period of time. It also protects your groin area from excessive chafing and friction, which may lead to painful sores and overall uncomfortable experience.

The chamois comes in varying shapes and sizes. Look for one that’s not too thick that your private parts can still breathe, and not too thin either because it will make you feel unprotected at all. The best way to test this is to try several of them on, and choose the one that fits your body type perfectly.

Fabric and Fit

Most cycling shorts are made of some sort of stretchy fabric. Usually they’re made of polyester, nylon, lycra, tricot or sometimes, they combine them to make a high-end synthetic mix.

The main reason why manufacturers use stretchy, quality fabrics to make cycling shorts is to lessen the restriction of the rider to move, as well as providing muscle support through compression. This is important because compression allows blood to circulate properly through the leg muscles, reducing fatigue and enhanced blood flow.

Meanwhile, the fit is mainly influenced by the level of panels in a pair of cycling shorts. It is generally agreed that the more panels the shorts have, the more precise the fit you’re going to get. Six to eight is usually the number of panels used by high-end manufacturers. Since these shorts are typically worn without underwear, it is important to find a pair that has the right amount of tightness in the saddle area.

Sizing is also very important. Make sure to assess the fit carefully when you try them on so you won’t end up with either a too baggy or too loose fit. Check the sizing chart and make sure you get your measurements right.

Grip and Stitching

The amount of leg grip your cycling shorts have is very essential as this will prevent the shorts from riding up your legs. The tightness of the shorts is also one factor to this, but make sure that the compression isn’t too tight that the leg band digs into your skin.

Most brands use highly elasticated hems to keep the legs in place, while others use silicone rubber in the grippers around the leg opening.

For stitching, do a little research on what kind of thread a brand is using, because it plays a major part in the amount of comfort you will get. You must also check if the seams are sewn flat in the shorts to prevent chafing. Inseam length is also an option to consider.


There are several style options to consider when purchasing cycling shorts. Slim cut has been the most common style for road cycling shorts but nowadays, some manufacturers have come up with relative new styles to provide a sleeker look to your everyday cycling gear.

There are those that look like regular street clothes, but have the cycling shorts inside, and for women there are skorts—which basically are skirts but has the cycling shorts features hidden underneath, in order to look feminine but still ready to rock the cycling scene.

There are also some cyclists that prefer bib shorts over normal cycling shorts. They look mostly the same as the traditional cycling shorts but their difference is that bib shorts have some sort of suspenders attached to them.

Other Tips to Follow

  • 1st Rule – Cycling shorts are not meant to be worn with underwear. It restricts all the featured qualities your cycling shorts have like friction control and moisture absorption. It will also contribute to saddle sores, as well as increased chafing. Some cycling shorts also offers micro bacterial properties, and wearing underwear while using them will negate this feature and will probably promote more bacteria build-up.
  • Budget Management – Try to set yourself a budget when shopping for cycling shorts. Their price range varies from 20 to 100 dollars, so it’s important to determine how much you’re willing to spend on that area. It does not always mean that a more expensive product has higher quality than inexpensive ones, so try to check every brand thoroughly. Sometimes you can get 2 pairs of good cycling shorts for half the price of a really expensive brand.
  • Tight or Baggy – There are tight-fitting cycle shorts and baggy cycling shorts. The difference between the two of them is that you use the tight one if you’re going to use them mostly on a fast cycling ride. Wearing tight shorts will offer the most comfort and aerodynamic fit. But if you use your bike mostly for commuting or touring, or if you need pockets, you might want to look for baggy cycling shorts with an inner liner. It’s much more convenient than carrying another loose shorts to put on when you aren’t on your bike.
  • Inseam Length – Considering the inseam length on your shorts depends on the weather condition you’re riding on. Shorter tights are more suitable to hot weather, but most riders like the length to be just above the knee. This is long enough to keep the shorts in its place and to prevent the chafing of the inner thigh from the saddle. In colder weather conditions though, you might want to consider going for a pair of bike shorts that covers your knee for added warmth and protection, or you can go for those brands that offers full tights up to the ankles.


Biking shorts are especially designed to provide the needs of a cycling enthusiast. It’s one of the most basic cycling gears and you couldn’t go wrong with a pair or two.

Aside from protecting you from saddle sores, it has ton of advantages rather than just wearing your regular street clothes, not to mention, it makes you look cool and sleek and obviously devoted to your sport.

Don’t skimp on a good pair of cycling shorts, the right pair will make an obvious difference rather than just buying off the rack. Don’t focus more on how it looks from the outside, you’ll regret buying that leathery, neon cycling shorts when it doesn’t have decent padding and flat-stitching.

Go for the long-lasting ones, do your research and ask some fellow cycler friends some advice regarding what brands to choose from. It also doesn’t hurt to look at the cycling shorts offered, just choose the one that fits you perfectly.

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