Best Cycling Sunglasses Reviews 2020

Professional cyclers always invest in the best cycling sunglasses. They are an essential accessory because several factors such as bright sunlight and uncomfortable shade can greatly affect the cycler’s performance while riding. This tool can help them adjust and adapt to whatever environment they are in whether they’re riding in the city, tarmac or off-road. Not to mention, it provides style and is a common fashion statement.

There are several options to choose from when buying the best cycling glasses. From the color of its lens, to the frame that matches the color of the rider’s bike, and some other cool add-ons. A cycler’s glasses must always serve all the necessary purposes, and for those who are just new to cycling, choosing the best sunglasses for biking can be confusing.

There are a ton of questions to be asked, like what features are the most essential? What brands make the best glasses? What’s the difference between a normal and polarized lens? What product offers the highest quality without having to spend so much money?

This article will help all riders – newbie’s and professionals alike and narrow down the best possible choices out there. This article includes some products rated by actual users, as well as a buying guide for other essential concerns, major considerations when buying, and some few other tips that will ease your search and provide the perfect cycling glasses for you.

Best Cycling Sunglasses Reviews

RIVBOS Polarized Sports and Sun Glasses for Men & Women


Most users rated 4/5 stars for RIVBOS Polarized Sports and Sun Glasses on Amazon. It comes with five interchangeable lenses that have 100% UV400 protection coating that  blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. The main one is multi-color, the yellow one is used for night activities, the blue one’s for beach, the clear lens for windy weather, and the black one is polarized for driving and any outdoor activities.

This product boasts of its high-quality pc lens that is made of shatterproof PC material that enables it to be durable enough for long-time using. Users have also commended its incredible comfort that other top cycling sunglasses don’t have. They are also a good choice because of its durable and lightweight design that is ideal for cycling. Its polycarbonate lens and frames are also scratch resistant and unbreakable.

For many actual users, RIVBOS Polarized Sports and Sun Glasses can actually give those more expensive brands of road cycling glasses a run for their money. All the features this product promises are well-delivered to their customers. With the five interchangeable lenses, you can save a lot of money rather than buying several glasses for different purposes. That’s why users rate this as one of the best sunglasses under 100 dollars.

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HODGSON Polarized Sports Sunglasses with Multi-functional Lenses


This product got a perfect 5/5 rating on Amazon from several top users. Their main selling point is its 2 polarized lenses. One for blocking intense reflected light that reduces glare, and the other one ideally used for dim light for several activities such as fishing, driving and so on.

The frame is made of TR90, a polymer material with a memory that is extremely light and super flexible, which some professional cyclers are looking for. That is because most road cycling sunglasses tend to break easily, especially when exposed to extreme road conditions and different types of weather. HODGSON Polarized Sports Sunglasses is perfect for those who enjoy extreme cycling, and its durability is also ideal for users who have a tendency to break their glasses easily.

Their anti-fogging and waterproof features are also a major plus. Its transparent lens is perfect for the fogging weather and the waterproof coating will help you ride even in the rain as it won’t let the water block your sight. Several users also praised its ability to keep the wind from whipping on their faces as they ride, as well as giving them the right light adjustment for their eyes. Lenses are easy to exchange and come with a great functional case.

If you want to buy the best mountain bike sunglasses without having to pay hundreds of dollars, then this is the right product for you.

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WOLFBIKE Polarized Sports Cycling Sunglasses


Wolfbike designed these glasses especially for outdoor sports. Its 100% UV400 Protection Coating helps users from the blasting glare of sunlight, making it easier for cyclers to traverse in the middle of the day.

It is also lightweight and designed for prolonged wearing. Users find this extremely satisfying since most cycling sunglasses tend to give their users a headache when used for long. You can also put it on top of your prescription glasses for a more comfortable use.

Each product also comes with case straps, a cleaning cloth and a pouch to put them into. Users rated this 4/5 stars from Amazon because of its great value for just a low price.

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Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses


Another highly-rated road cycling sunglasses is the Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses. It is not just sporty, but also stylish with its great fashion frame especially designed for cycling and other outdoor lifestyles. Its polarized frames block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and it also has a UV400 protection coating, making it easy for the eyes.

It has a super light PC frame. You can bike for eight hours straight and would hardly even notice this sitting on your face. It’s designed to provide all-day comfort while giving you the best protection for your eyes. Plus, it has a soft rubber nose pad, which is perfect for kids.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses also offer a cool, rimless jacket frame design that enables clear lower vision field. Their lenses and frames come with several stylish and fashion design, and are impact-free and scratch-resistant. Where else can you get a good deal like this? No wonder user ratings from Amazon gave this product 5/5 stars.

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses


What makes Duduma Sports Sunglasses stand out from its competitors is its TAC polarized lens. It has seven layers of protection that help you have a unique experience, and is designed as such that you wouldn’t even notice the difference from the other top brands unless you try it for yourself.

The first layer is the polarization layer, the second and third is adhesive layers that enhances and enables durability, while the fourth and fifth layers protect user from the harsh glare of UV light, and the last two are shatterproof layers.

This product works really well in windy conditions, and even comes with a stylish and fashionable design, making it one of the cool looking sunglasses. Amazon users gave this product an average rating of 4/5 stars mainly for providing a perfect fit for most of its customers’ faces. You can even use them while running and it won’t fall off your face. Most wraparound sunglasses usually fail at this part so in this feature, Duduma has a definite advantage.

For the price, it’s cheaper than other top brands like Oakley mountain bike glasses, but consumers are happy with the quality. All in all, it’s a product you should definitely check out.

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Cycling Glasses Buying Guide

Aside from looking in the internet for some top-rated cycling glasses reviews, there are still several things to learn and more options to consider when choosing the best glasses for cycling. So here are some tips and guidelines to help you narrow your search for the top types and brand of cycling glasses, helping you find the most effective product that will best suit your needs.

Qualities of Cycling Glasses You Should Check Out First


A good cycling glasses must always have the right frame for riding. Glasses whose frames are made out of Polycarbonate plastic are what you should go for. Don’t buy those that have metal frames. That’s because metal is not equipped to handle sport-specific glasses. They break easily and you will have a hard time getting a close-fitting shape to your face, making your experience very uncomfortable. There is also the danger of getting those bits of metal stuck in your face especially near the eyes if you accidentally crash while riding.

Unlike Polycarbonate plastic however, they are specifically made to adapt to your face. Its malleable quality allows the manufacturers to make the frames wrap around your face more securely, and are durable, lightweight and hard to break.

If you live in a hot region and tend to sweat a lot, inspect those frames that allow plenty of ventilation. This will help prevent the fogging of lenses and will keep your face cool.

And in conclusion, you should check out if the frames have some soft, ‘grippy’ rubber pads on the nose and temples to help secure the glasses on your face easily. Don’t go for those that sit on your face very tight as this will cause you headache when used for long.


A nice wraparound frame always go hand in hand with curved lenses that allow you a large field of vision. This is important because it will give you the illusion of not wearing any glasses at all, making you less distracted and more focused on your surroundings.

It is also important to check if the lenses have both UVA and UVB protection. This will protect the eyes from the damaging effects of sun rays, such as sunburn and premature ageing of the skin. Don’t buy those cycling glasses that don’t have these features.

Also look for lenses that are shatter-resistant. Cycling on off-roads and rocky paths can result to flying stones or other debris that can most probably hit your glasses. This feature will help stay the lenses intact and will save you a lot of money to not buy a new pair every now and then if this does happen.

Anti-fogging is also a good feature to look out for too, as well as choosing the right lens color for every riding condition that can help you see better. I’ve mentioned some products in my cycling glasses review that offer interchangeable lens with different colors that you can just swap to help you adjust depending on the change of light levels.


If you’re someone who require lense with grade, then there are a few more things to consider.

First, if you’re a contact lens wearer, choose the cycling glasses that helps keep the grit away from the eye and lens. Glasses with wide lenses and wraparound style usually are the ones that have this feature. What’s good about contact lenses is that you can still swap the sunglasses depending on the environment’s condition and will still be able to see.

But if you prefer to wear prescription glasses, you can go to your local optician and have them make up inserts to the right level which sits inside your purchased cycling glasses. Make sure you buy a specific brand that allows this, or you can just buy the brand that can have the sunglasses’ lens itself be made up to a prescription.


To have the perfect fit, you only have to try them on. You don’t want the glasses to sit too far from your face; they should be resting evenly on your nose, cheeks and forehead. The arms of the glasses should also hold a firm grip on your head, but not too tight so you can still move comfortably.

Pick something that has a secure fit around your face, especially for cyclists who likes to go through rocky trails and places with lots of bumps. Try shaking your head up and down while trying them on. This will make sure that the glasses you buy will provide the right fit around your face, and will not fall off halfway on your trails.

Major Considerations

You should always take note of the major considerations when buying a specific product, either through online or in-store shopping. So when it comes to the best cycling glasses, put these information in your checklist and they will assist you in finding the most worthy purchase.

  • Essential Features and Functions – Make sure that you check out all the features you need when deciding to purchase sunglasses for cycling. Not all products are the same, so to save time looking at the specs of each and every brand you see, try researching a little bit and filter the brands of those glasses that have the specific type of features you need before you take a look at them yourself in person. Make sure to only look out for those sorts. Tons of other brands offer other “extra features” that doesn’t help at all and are really just extra marketing for their products.
  • Customer Feedback – User reviews are especially useful when buying certain types of products. It’s because their analysis are based on their first-hand experience, therefore giving you a realistic overview on how excellent the product actually is, and if they really deliver the certain features they advertise to the public. You can filter the customer reviews to those people who have the same need as you, that way you will be more confident in choosing the right product.
  • Top Cycling Glasses Brands – I guess one of the easiest ways to narrow your search is to search firsthand on the top cycling glasses brands in the market. The five brands I talked about in my cycling glasses review are among the best, namely RIVBOS, HODGSON, Wolfbike, Torege, and Duduma. I’ve already described them in detail, so it doesn’t hurt to check them out.


Sunglasses have been a major staple in our lives since they were first invented. Over time as our technology advances, more and more features are also being developed to further maximize their use. There are even those that have a built-in mp3 player, video recorder and GPS.

But for cycle-specific glasses, sun protection is not their only purpose. UV protection, barrier protection—these are just some of the things that you should look for when choosing the right sunglasses. Because if you do, you will thank yourself knowing you’ve made a wise purchase, and as a cycling enthusiast, it is essential to only buy the very best for a more pleasant riding experience.

Start being a meticulous buyer. Don’t believe every advertisement you see. Know how to properly look for specs of a certain product in order to save money. Tons of brands offer cycling glasses, so I hope this article helps narrow down your search and shed a little light on what to look out for, and how to pick the best cycling sunglasses to accompany your cycling adventure.

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