Best Dive Watch Reviews 2016-2017

Whether you are under or out of the water, you can still keep track of the time with the use of a dive watch. These watches are specially designed to function even when you plunge to the deepest part of the sea. It contains basic controls so you can easily read the display.

The best dive watches will show the three basic information which are necessary for divers: remaining air pressure, depth, and bottom line. You’ll need these data so you know how much more time you have for your diving session.

The one feature that makes this particular watch different from the others is its screw down crown which makes it waterproof, in contrast to the usual push or pull crown watches.

Best Dive Watch Review

Seiko SSC031 Dive Watch


Seiko SSC031 is one of the best dive watches under 1000 which has a stainless steel case with a blue analog control that is covered by hard flex-crystal. It utilizes V175 caliber quartz, an analog chronograph movement which is powered by solar. When fully charged, this watch can continuously run up to 6 months.

The case of Seiko SSC031 measures roughly about 43mm wide (without the crown) by 12mm thick. It is water resistant up to 200 meters or about 660 feet and has crown screws down which helps inhibit it from inadvertently getting pulled out while you are under water.

The stainless steel bezel of Seiko SSC031 shows minute numbering which can be rotated. This watch has a 20mm space between the lugs and it contains a rubber that can be removed with the use of a specialized too. Its case gives it a more modern look and it also makes the watch robust so it won’t break easily like other materials.

Its chronograph feature includes a sub-dial for minutes with the lowest resolution of 1/5 second with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. When you use this feature, the second hand is utilized and when it’s not used, the hand is immobile.

If you prefer a dive watch that you can use every day and is accurate, inexpensive and sturdy, Seiko SSC031 dive watch is something to consider. The bezel coverings the ultimate choice if you prefer coarse timing requirements that provide detailed timing applications. With all these features combined make this equipment one of the best dive watches under 1000.

Seiko Men's SSC031 Stainless Steel Solar Dive Watch
260 Reviews
Seiko Men's SSC031 Stainless Steel Solar Dive Watch
  • Solar-powered dive watch featuring two-tone unidirectional...
  • 43.5 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display

Pyle Waterproof Dive Watch


Pyle dive watch made it to our list of the best dive watches under 1000 because it performs several functions at once. It also comes in four different colors (black, green, pink and orange) to suit your individual style.

This dive watch features five basic functionalities which include chronograph, dual time mode, countdown, current time and diving. The dive recall mode helps you to retain and track important data that you have gathered during your diving sessions. You can also save up to 100 dive records.

It is water resistant up to 100 meters or 328 feet and comes with essential safety features such as a dive alarm that is triggered when you are rapidly ascending to more than 6 meters per minute. Another safety feature of this watch is the thermometer that determines the temperature of the water from -10 °C to 60 °C.

Pyle waterproof watch is just a new line of product coming from a company which originally manufactures high-quality audio products. They just currently expanded to outdoor sporting gear such as this watch but they’ve already made a name for themselves.

This dive watch can already compete in terms of its price and the features that it offers. It may not have the sophisticated properties offered by other known manufacturers but when it comes to its overall performance, this watch delivers well.

The Pyle dive watch is perfectly capable proficient it doing what it’s supposed to do at a price range that is significantly lower than other brands.

Digital Multifunction Sports Wrist Watch - Waterproof Smart...
175 Reviews
Digital Multifunction Sports Wrist Watch - Waterproof Smart...
  • 5 modes: The Pyle sports multifunction digital watch act as...
  • Waterproof design: the smart sport fitness wrist tracker...
  • Underwater dive mode: automatically activates once over 1.5...

Seiko SKX173 Dive Watch


This particular watch is considered to be one of Seiko’s ultimate and most esteemed wrist watch design that is great for both professionals and amateur divers.

Just like all the other best dive watches under 1000, the Seiko SK173 is water resistant. You can take it up to 200 meters or 660 feet thus it is perfect for any outdoor activities. To keep the automatic movement of the watch, it needs to generate power coming from the kinetic movement of your arm.

It has an endless power supply as long as it is always in motion since it is powered by your kinetic movement. If you remove the watch from your arms, it still has power reserves which can last for a few days before it turns off.

The great contrast regarding the stainless steel case and the black bezel background gives the watch and bold yet attractive look. Its strap is secured by heavy high-quality spring pins made from pressure vented polyurethane and has a clasp closure mechanism that can be adjusted.

This automatic dive watch comes with a 41mm screen. It is self-winding with 21 jewels and scratch-resistant and hard flex quartz. On top of all these, it also has an unidirectional bezel which enables you to determine the elapsed time.

The Seiko SKX173 is very versatile and it offers you a timeless and classic look especially since it comes in standard colors. You can easily modify its straps by changing the band to leather so from a contemporary timepiece, you can turn it into a stunning and sophisticated watch.

Seiko Men's SKX173 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane...
453 Reviews
Seiko Men's SKX173 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane...
  • Case Size: 43 mm
  • Automatic self-winding diver's watch featuring gear-edge...
  • Black dial with day/date window and luminous hands and...

Oceanic Geo 2.0 Dive Watch


If you are looking for a full decompression watch, then you should check out the Oceanic Geo 2.0. It comes with watch-sized dive computer that has the ability to supports the swapping of dive gasses between two combinations of up to 100% oxygen.

This dive watch also offers features such as dual algorithm equipment, deep stop option and a foolproof menu system with alternative PC interface and firmware updates.

The Oceanic Geo 2.0 is one of the best dive watches which offer four basic functioning modes: gauge, free, norm and watch. The gauge mode is responsible for providing basic bottom functions while the free operating mode allows you to track decompression calculations. As for the norm mode, gives information about the oxygen and nitrogen levels.

Among all its features, its dual algorithm technology is what makes it stand out among all the other dive watches. This characteristic allows you to adjust the performance of the dive computer exceeding the typical safety unit changes.

With the dual algorithm technology you have the option to choose between multi-level diving and occasional deep diving. These two models can also be modified using the usual conservatism factor that allows you to copy the performance of other dive computers from various brands.

Just like all the other Oceanic dive watches, this model is covered by a lifetime warranty the moment you register it and as long as you take it to an official supplier for battery replacement in the next 12 months. You don’t have to pay for the battery since it is provided free of charge.

The Oceanic Geo 2.0 dive watch is ideal for those who are looking for multifunction dive computer which can function as a topside wristwatch for regular days and a diver’s watch when needed.

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Cressi Leonardo Dive Watch


The Cressi brand is known for their top of the line scuba diving equipment, like the Cressi Leonardo dive watch, which they have been designing and producing for over 70 years. This dive watch is one of the first that is designed in Italy following the Cressi standards.

It comes with a simple one-dial menu which is very easy to operate. If you want to toggle or advance you just have to press the button. On the other hand, if you want to select or go to menus, just hold the button.

On top of its simple and functional design, Cressi Leonardo has a sophisticated look. It has a single control interface so you can easily switch program from gauge, nitrox and air modes. The digital scuba tool works with breathing gasses of nitrox or air, and its gauge mode can serve as a bottom timer.

The screen of this dive watch is about 50mm wide and has an organized display with larger characters thus you can clearly read what’s on the display. On the dive screen you can check the NDL, maximum depth, current depth, dive time, temperature and the battery level.

Its safety feature includes audible as well as screen warnings designed for safety and deep stops. You’ll also find an ascent rate display which is represented by a rising stack of arrows plus an oxygen alarm and graph.

Since this dive watch doesn’t have too many complicated features, it is perfect for new divers who want simple equipment at a reasonable price. This is also a great option for rental departments since you can fully reset it after each use.

Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer
  • Single Button Interface: Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
  • Large Numerical Displays, Back Light Feature for Low Light...
  • Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status, Ascent Rate &...

Dive Watch Buying Guide

Any can buy and use a dive watch whether you are into the sport or not. Many are not really using it for its intended purpose and its okay. However, if you plan on doing the actual diving there are certain features that you need but before that let us first look into the different kinds and classifications of dive watches.

diver gear overall

Types of Dive Watches

1) Analog Dive Watch – This is the most usual dive watch that you can find.

Analog pertains to the display of the watch and in this type it only has two or sometimes three indicators that point to the numbers found on the dial face.

2) Digital Dive Watch – This is a great choice for those who have a limited budget since its less expensive compared to analog watches.

A good digital dive watch should have a backing light that you can easily access even when you are underwater. Its display should also be large enough for you to visibly see it.

Some digital watches can be configured to show either an analog or a digital readout.

3) Automatic Dive Watch – This is a self-winding watch which does not need any battery because it is powered by the movement of your wrist. When removed, it can still last for about 2 days or more before it shuts off.

4) Chronograph Dive Watch – The chronograph operates just like a stopwatch wherein it has 2-4 smaller dial set on top of the main watch screen.

These various dials are utilized to time different activities such as safety stop, bottom time, dive length and the like.

Features to Look for in a Dive Watch

1) Water Resistance – Even if your watch is waterproof, this does not mean that you can use if for diving. Many waterproof watches are designed to withstand wet environment but diving is a different scenario.

When you dive, the underwater pressure changes, hence dive watches are specially designed to withstand the compression. It is safest for you to get a rated 200-meter watch or one that works well even under 660 feet.

watch water resistance

2) Build Quality – When you are underwater, you will rely on your watch to keep you safe. It will be this piece of diving equipment that will give you the accurate information on how much time you have left to stay underwater. That’s what it is essential to choose from the list of best dive watches.

Make sure that pick a watch that is reliable, durable and well-constructed. It should be made from the high-quality case with strong crystal and a dependable strap.

3) Legibility – The bezel is a part of the watch that lets you know how long you have been underwater. You can rotate the bezel so you can match it with the minute and this allows you to keep track of time.

Indirectional adjustable bezel is best for diving because it can only rotate in one direction thus preventing accidental alteration towards the opposite direction.

4) Luminous buttons – Luminous buttons will make the watch screen easy to read even in low visibility environment or when you do night dives.

5) Screw down crown – Screw down crown and back watches provide a better watertight closure compared to those with a push or pull crowns.

dive watch closeup man

Watch Care and Maintenance Tips

Although the best dive watches are designed to be durable, you still need to properly care and maintain it so you can use it for several years to come.

  • Always rinse after each dive – After each diving session, you should carefully rinse your watch using fresh water. Even if you only used it in the pool, you still need to rinse to remove the chlorine which can damage some parts of the watch as it accumulates.
  • Rotate the bezel – As you are rinsing your watch after using it, carefully rotate the bezel a few times to remove any sand that may have logged under the dial.
  • Check gasket – The waterproof feature of a dive watch is mainly due to the check gasket which can be made from plastic or rubber seal found inside. This part can deteriorate over time and it can affect your watch’s ability to keep water and moist out. It is recommended that these gaskets should be changed every 18- 36 months to ensure that it’s functioning well. If you regularly dive, the gasket must be tested and changed yearly.
  • Never wear when in sauna, hot tub or Jacuzzi – When the dive watch is exposed to extreme changes in temperature, it can alter its sealing capability. Hence, you should always take your watch off when going to these places.
  • Avoid any kinds of chemicals – Chemicals such as solvents, aerosol and other strong compounds can dry out certain parts of the watch which can eventually damage the entire equipment.
  • Fasten or push crowns – Keep in mind that you need to screw or the push in crowns all the way down before you submerge yourself in the water. The moment you are underwater, never use these.
  • Regularly check the straps – Whether the straps are made of metal or rubber, it is important that you regularly check it for tears and other damages. You can easily have the straps changed when needed. Just go to any authorized stores where they also have available ones you can choose from.

Rubber straps are designed to last for a long time but its deterioration can’t be avoided. To prevent corrosion choose metal types made from titanium or stainless steel.

diver under ocean with fish


Make sure that you invest only on the best dive watches especially if you plan on engaging in this activity for a long time. If you keep in mind all the necessary features for a dive watch, you’ll be able to make a better decision.

You don’t have to spend a lot because there are best dive watches under 1000 which already has the basic features that any diver would need. Other than being used for diving, you can also wear these watches during casual days since it’s designed not only for an underwater getaway but for regular activities too.

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