Best Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bedliner Reviews 2020

Every hardworking truck deserves only the best do it yourself bed liner. Being an owner of a truck provides a lot of benefits, providing you with the ability to move things that your vehicle can handle. So giving it a tender, loving care is just fair for the work it does for you.

Whether your truck serves you personally or for work purposes, it is important to keep it protected. Thus, a DIY truck bed liner kit is offered on the market, allowing you to protect the metal truck bed while moving items easier and safer at the same time.

On that note, this buyer’s guide simply provides you with the top-rated DIY bed liner kit reviews, revealing every product’s rating from customers, including their special features and the benefits they offer.

Best Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bedliner Reviews

U-POL URETHANE Truck Bed Liner Kit


The first item on the list is the 4.7-star-rated U-POL URETHANE Truck Bed Liner Kit. This black urethane bed liner kit comes with a 726 gun, unlike any other product on the market. The kit also contains 4×750-ml bottles of liner base, 1 x 1-liter system 20 standard hardeners, and of course, the free application gun.

This could be the best DIY spray in bedliner, covering 125 square feet of area per mixed gallon. Also known as the U-POL Raptor, this bed liner is a 2K spray paint that has been designed, especially for the rear beds of pickup trucks. It boasts a urethane formula that rapidly dries up, while providing excellent UV protection at the same time.

The U-POL Raptor allows the user to control the pot life, including the drying times through the U-POL hardener’s different speeds. This DIY spray on bedliner is said to be very durable, lasting longer than expected. It is also easy to use by simply filling and shaking it.

The kit offers enough materials for re-spraying purposes while boasting stain-resistant and scratch-resistant capabilities. The U-POL Raptor is highly capable of protecting your truck’s bed from corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures, considering its waterproof and flexible formulation.

Furthermore, DIY spray on bedliner reviews indicates that the U-POL Raptor helps in reducing vibrations and sound. It does not require waxing after application, unlike other formulations out there. It also allows you to achieve different textures through the use of a brush or a roller. All in all, it provides an excellent adhesion without issues on fading.

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Herculiner Brush-on Bed Liner Kit


On the other hand, the Herculiner Brush-on Bed Liner Kit receives a 4.5 star as its average customer rating. This kit includes 1 gallon of ready-mix protective coating, 1 application brush that is specially designed for corners and tight spots, 2 rollers for even and easy applications, 1 roller handle, and 1 abrasive pad for the truck’s bed preparation.

The Herculiner HCL1B8 is a brush on bed liner kit that features rubber granule and polyurethane coating, which requires three simple steps of an application on the surface through the brush and rollers included in the kit. Once cured, the finish provides a very durable and skid-resistant coating that exceeds protection.

It has a formulation that results in a unique bond, attaching virtually all surfaces or materials. Hence, the Herculiner HCL1B8 is ideal for use in many applications like concrete, aluminum, metal, wood, rubber, asphalt, most plastic materials, fiberglass, and PVC.

The Herculiner spray, on the other hand, is not only an effective bonding agent but also capable of giving your product an extra shine. The same is true with this brush-on kit, coming from the same manufacturer, so the effects are almost similar.

This tough and textured polyurethane coating is said to be five times thicker than any other roll-on products, making it the best roll on truck bed liner to date. Also, the skid-resistant finish guarantees non-chip, no-flake, and non-peel results, while sealing the surfaces and preventing rust simultaneously. The unique formulation is also resistant to oil, gasoline, chemicals, and other solvents.

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Al’s Liner Premium DIY Polyurethane Liner Kit


Meanwhile, the 4.0-Star-rated Al’s Liner ALS-BL is a premium polyurethane liner kit, giving you all the essential tools for a professional-looking and hassle-free application of protective coating and bed liner.

This kit is a 3-part blended high solids coating, including a primer, tinting, and a paddle for mixing. Each component in the Al’s Liner ALS-BL has been pre-measured, allowing you to simply mix it up and then spray it on. It requires a quick and simple process, allowing you to accomplish your project in no time.

This spray on bedliner kit is ideal not only for the beds of trucks, but also for boat decks and the undercoating of 4x4s. The entire kit includes polyurethane resin, activator, acrylic binder, primer, tint, a mixing paddle, and a squirt nozzle, especially for the primer.

This is considered the best bed liner paint by many people because it can be applied at any degree of thickness in almost all colors or textures. It also allows you to mix the formula in smaller amounts, pouring the components B and C into component A and into the tint, and then mixing the formula thoroughly.

This Polyurethane Liner Kit also provides you with a brush kit/customized spray gun and roller with many other accessories and additives, making the preparation easier, while letting you customize the finish and the overall of the coating. Hence, the Al’s Liner has created a lot of happy customers nationwide, saying this product an impressive durability. Some actual product users even testify that this kit is likewise applicable for speaker boxes, not only limited to a truck’s bed.

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Linerxtreeme Spray on Kit with GUN


Finally, the Linerxtreeme spray on bedliner kit deserves its 4.7-Star rating due to its ability to cover up to a 100 square foot area. Hence, its formulation can be used for multiple coatings on a single truck bed or can be used for coating different truck beds.

It comes only in the black color, and in a 3-gallon container with a spray gun that allows for an easy and precise application. The kit also offers two reducer cans, which can be used as cups for the spray gun. Thus, the entire formulation can coat two short truck beds and an 8-foot bed, resulting in a professional quality.

The Linerxtreeme spray on bed liner is ideal for use not only on bed trucks, but also for jeeps, boats, and ATVs. Aside from its durability, the formulation also provides a great look, unlike other coatings on the market. It results in a semi-gloss coating that outlasts other brands.

Surely, LinerXtreeme has been in the business for more than 20 years now, having thousands of repeat customers all over the world. It offers no less than professional quality, urethane/epoxy toughness, and adhesion. On top of that, the brand has also included in the kit an easy-to-follow, single page instructional guide, giving a simple step-by-step process for the surface preparation and the application as well.

It is the best spray on bedliner for many customers, considering the benefits it has provided for them. Many actual users of this product say that the LinerXtreeme ensures quality and durability that can last for a lifetime.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bedliner Buying Guide

After the discussion on the brush-on and the spray on bedliner kit reviews, it is now time to talk about other things related to these products. Keep in mind that while these reviews may be sufficient for a buyer to arrive at a decision, others may still be confused on which product to choose.

Basic Bedliner Types

The DIY bedliners are available in several versions today. You will find endless selections of such products on the market that usually meet individual needs and preferences. When shopping for this item, it is important to take note of the basic bedliner types offered to every buyer, which are as follows:

  • Drop In – a drop in bedliner is typically constructed from durable rubber or plastic material. It could have either a textured or smooth surface. The majority of drop in bedliner designs has been molded to fit the floor area and size of a particular truck bed model. Most of these liners are held in by its design, while others come with snaps or adhesive to keep it in place. Drop in liners also offer bottom areas, especially designed for debris or water to escape, helping in the build-up control between the truck bed and the bedliner.
  • Bed Rug – some people still count on bed rugs as the best truck bed liners. These types are basically molded through polyethylene foam, which is topped with a polyester fiber carpet. It is almost similar to the design of a drop in liner, although this type allows a tighter fit to the truck bed. These bed rugs are also helpful in eliminating scratches by regulating debris or water, keeping it away from getting in between the truck bed and the liner. Also, the carpeted surface tends to control the movement of items during movements and transports; thereby, lessening the possible damages both on the items and on the truck bed.
  • Bed Mat – meanwhile, a bed mat is made of carpeting, rubber, or plastic, which has been designed to fit a certain truck bed floor. Usually, this type has a textured surface with a specific design to keep the bed floor protected while keeping objects from shifting on the bed during motion. A bed mat can be removed easily, allowing a quick access of a compartment or a hitch.
  • Brush-on Liner –a brush on bedliner kit comes in the liquid form and has an almost the same consistency as a paste or thick paint. It is basically applied through a roller or brush to the floor and truck bed sides. This type of liner has a formulation to adhere to the truck’s metal bed, allowing no gaps for debris or water to enter. This liner type such as the Herculiner brush on bed liner can offer great protection, while the final texture helps in controlling the movement of objects when the truck is in motion.
  • Spray Liner – a do it yourself spray in bedliner is almost similar to the previous type, having the application method as the main difference. Using a spray gun attachment or a spray bottle, this formulation can be applied easily at the comfort of your home. However, the latest spray on kits nowadays already offer added accessories like high-pressure spray guns, providing a complete package for every buyer.

Important Note: Unlike the drop in types, bed rugs, and bed mats, the spray on and the brush-on liners are very hard to remove. Hence, it is crucial that an individual is 100% decided on such a product, even before the application.

Maximizing DIY Bedliners

According to automotive and paint experts, the only key to achieving the longest possible lifespan or efficiency of the best DIY bedliner is the preparation process. Many of these professionals strongly suggest that the cargo box must be cleaned thoroughly, before any application.

At times, sanding may be necessary, and doing so will also allow for better results. Keep in mind, however, that the preparation process may take longer than the application of the liner itself. Nonetheless, all the preparation needs must be done properly and carefully.

After the necessary preparation, the application comes in next. Some of these adhesive systems should be applied quickly and smoothly at the same time, preventing any ‘kick off’ before application. Other formulations like polyurethane paints can pool and/or run, while some rubber non-skid designs do not always apply evenly, alongside the paint.

Professionals also recommend allowing 2 to 12 hours of drying time, while 3 days for the curing time as specifically required by certain products. This will allow for better quality and durability, including a heavy-duty use.

More Helpful Tips

In order to maximize the efficiency and durability of the best DIY truck bed liner, it is highly recommended applying at least two coats. The application must be done within the same day, although waiting for two hours of so allows for the first coating to set. But, waiting for too long might disenable the second coat to bond properly. Make sure to observe an interval of between one and two hours.

It is also crucial to achieve a consistent texture, and doing so is not trivial at all. The user must perform a consistent juggling act between excessive materials on the roller and having enough. There should be a constant application method, rolling out what is on the roller or brush, while backtracking in order to catch possible drips.

When applying a brush-on DIY bedliner, it is also crucial to watch for the inner corners, fittings, or seams because the liner material might sag after several minutes. Again, be prepared to brush or roll over it to catch the drips. Patience plays a vital role throughout the application process. So you should always be ready to face such challenges.

When cleaning spills and drips, on the other hand, it is strongly advised to make use of lacquer thinner or mineral spirits, no more, no less. Any brush-on or DIY spray in bedliner works best if allowed at least 24 hours of drying time, while the experts recommend longer period during cold weather conditions.

Over and above, the purchase of a do it yourself bed liner is a wise investment for every truck owner, giving the truck a well-deserved TLC for working hard on a daily basis. This kind of protection also makes hauling items faster, easier, and safer all at the same time.

Regardless whether the truck is used personally or professionally, the different types of bed liners have been created to keep these cargo boxes protected. But, every liner type offers unique benefits over the other, but still makes any truck ownership more enjoyable and hassle-free.

There is no more taking too much time as the top-rated do it yourself truck bed liner reviews have been provided in this article, providing you with no less than the most reliable names in the industry. On top of the reputable brands are reasonable price tags that will never dent any buyer’s pocket, regardless the decision may be.


In a nutshell, all the necessary information has been provided throughout the discussion, allowing you to narrow down the available choices and to arrive at a rewarding decision. People who depend on their pickups and trucks must surely consider the best spray in bedliner or brush-on bedliner kit for the optimal protection and longer service life of their trucks.

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