Best Drone for Kids Reviews 2020

The best drone for kids is one of the many innovations in today’s society. It is basically a fascinating robotic device that has the ability to fly around. If you have a child, he would surely be interested in this flying toy.

Adults can also enjoy these drones; after all, we are still all kids by heart. These devices are controlled by the users. Well, of course, you should always exercise drone safety especially when it’s being used by kids.

It is recommended to have a wide flying space in order to maneuver the drone as creatively and impressively as possible. You can even let it drift and rotate in mid-air. Kids will surely include this mini flying device on their wish list.

Best Drone for Kids Review

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Drone


The Hubsan X4 is a drone with camera for kids. This quadcopter is very easy to fly and manipulate through its controller. This comes along with a built-in camera that can deliver high resolution of images.

This has become quite famous because of its live feed feature that can’t be found in other drones. Kids definitely love it because they are able to see what their drone is actually seeing without relying on a video footage.

The colored LCD screen measures 4.3 inches. It provides a First Person View to the one controlling it. Aside from this, you have the option to continue or stop recording. The camera operates with a resolution of 654 x 480 with 0.3 megapixels. Although the resolution is nothing special, it still has its edge because of live feeding.

The picture can be displayed on a screen with a resolution of 720 x 480. If ever you would like to opt for recorded footage, this best drone for kids needs a converter in order to be run. The converter should be able to stretch it to 240 x 480 resolutions.

There are free converters online that are Windows-based. You also have the option to buy your own one for this reason. The controller is also equipped with an SD card to record the footage to avoid it from getting glitchy.

The first person view of Hubsan X4 toy drone has a measure of 4.5 inches. This really looks remarkable and very comfortable to the hands. Aside from this, it will only take around 30 minutes for you to charge th4e 3.7-volt lithium battery. Indeed, this is best for children who can’t wait to play.

In terms of organization, the charging wire of this kid-friendly drone can be stuffed at the back of the device. This ensures proper storage of the charging wire. It can be a little difficult to organize because it occasional coil up after charging.

If you are planning to buy one for your kid, this specifically would be interesting because it is very stable and has a good flying time as well. The transmitter is very easy to use and you can choose different flight modes.

You will find it very easy to carry because it only weighs 28 grams. Your child will not have a hard time packing it. You can compare it with a typical smartphone. Even though it is small, it can deliver a wide spectrum of flying capabilities.

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Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter


The Holy Stone F181 will surely be the best quadcopter for kids because of its all new headless security feature. This feature allows it to be recalled by the owner. Kids often have little sense of direction and they might easily lose their drones.

The headless security feature makes it possibly easier to find it and it lessens the chance of getting lost. Aside from this, the flight modes are advanced compared to the older version of drones.

Another add-on feature is the auto-flip mechanism. This makes its flying operation even more satisfying to watch. Just like other drones for kids with a camera, Holy Stone F181 it equipped with a 2-megapixel camera that can take few shots while flying.

When it comes to durability, you can surely rely on its strength because it can stand even hard falls and landings. The remote control is also very responsive and it takes only slight gestures for it to respond.

Kids can easily get used with the commands through constant practicing. The flying techniques and commands are not complicated to learn. Aside from this, the cool design will surely be engaging for them.

This kid-friendly drone has a quality customer service when it comes to technical issues. The Holy Stone Company is very responsive to the issues and concerns of their customers. Users find this very satisfactory.

This quadcopter is a blast when it comes to maneuverability. This has the ability to do four flip actions. It has the capacity to make a complete 360-degree turn in all directions that you could think of.

Compared to its predecessor, this one is made to be as powerful because of the 750 mAh batteries included in the package. This power can sustain it flying for an extended period of time.

To make it more stable, it is equipped with 4CH Six Axis Gyro. This best toy drone can do flips either in counter clockwise or clockwise motion. Either way, this drone will definitely not run out of control.

For visibility purposes, this is built with a Cylon ion headlamp. To improve the illumination, LED lamplights are included as well. You will surely find it easy to see and track in night time sky. The lights are made to red and blue color to give it a professional look.

Last but not the least, the motor can be replaced if ever the one you are using got worn out or damaged. Aside from this, the repair is very easy and fast to accomplish.

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USA Toyz UDI U818A


The USA Toyz UDI U818A is one of the best drones for kids who are just beginning to learn how to fly these mini devices. If there is one thing that will make you remember this, then it’s going to be its protected propellers.

This quadcopter is ready to set off anytime because of the LiPo batteries provided for the controller. You just need to wait for 2 hours to fully charge it. There is a green signal light that will notify you that it is already good to go.

The transmitter is used to display different modes you are currently in as well as the settings for the camera, throttle, and the battery status.

This toy drone with a camera comes with a 3.7V of LiPo batteries as well as a small camera. There is a small screwdriver in the package for DIY purposes. The camera has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. This is enough to provide a good and decent image.

Another remarkable feature of UDI U818A is its ability to deliver a 360 degrees maneuver in mid-air. All you need to do is to make it fly higher than 10 feet. You just need to press the 360 degrees button for an automatic flip. Kids will surely love this manuever.

After flipping, you should be prepared to throttle up to prevent it hitting the ground. You can get better with these moves with a couple of practice. Adults and kids will surely find these cheap drones for kids enjoyable to use.

This one has gained many praised and recommendations from the users. According to them, the propellers are much secured so they don’t need to worry about falls to the ground. Aside from this, they have noted that their kids are able to use it for a longer period of time.

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GooIRC Original Cheerson CX-10C


The Cheerson CX-10C is a drone with camera for kids and is equipped with a six-axis gyro to promote stability to the drone. It is also famous for its UFO-like design that is unique to all other drones in the market.

It can move in different directions life left and right, up and down, as well as hovering. The 360 degree flip of this drone is not limited to one direction only. In fact, it can flip automatically in four different directions.

The radio system of this toy drone allows enhanced communication and transmission of feedback to the user. Aside from this, this 2.4G capacity of this drone is one of the main highlights of Cheerson CX-10C.

Just like the others, the built-in camera has a resolution of 0.3 MP. This is not bad for a drone like this. The remote control of this drone for kids can manage up to 20 meters away from the device itself.

Most of the users praise it for the integrated camera. It is, in fact, the smallest camera for a drone available in the market. The users also liked the piloting mechanism of this drone. Aside from this, they don’t need to wait long because the charging time is just really fast.

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Heli-Max 1SF RTF


In terms of control options, Heli-Max 1SF is top on the list. You will surely be able to enjoy the variety of control options that this drone can offer you. You can try pointing it in a certain direction and your drone will automatically go to that direction.

This best quadcopter for kids is very receptive and fast compared to other drones in the market. It comes with a 4-channel radio controller in RTF version. This allows you to fly it whether you’re inside or outside of your home.

In terms of stability, this one can also survive a couple of crashes without getting damaged. You should expect this because children commonly have this tendency

This device is integrated with 2 levels of stages of sensitivity. Its lower sensitivity of this makes it possible to fly this indoors. You have the right to set the reactiveness according to your needs.

Those kids who haven’t experienced flying RC devices are recommended to seek adult supervision before dealing with this drone alone. This is one reminder that users should take note of.

Due to its competence, the price of Heli-Max 1SF has increased significantly. Although they are offered with a higher price tag, the stability and durability of this drone is remarkable.

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Best Drone for Kids Buying Guide

There are several greater things in life when you own a drone, and this is regardless if you are a hobbyist, a professional, or a kid. They key in maximizing them is to know exactly what they are.

What are Drones?

These drones are originally connected with military equipment. These toy drones are programmed autonomously in order to fly unmanned. They are generally created for recreation, but they are also being used professionally in the present time.

The advancements with these mini devices have made it really cost-effective and more engaging for the children.

Buying a Drone or DIY Drones

The first thing that customers should decide upon is whether to buy their children a drone or just to creatively create one for them. These mini devices can be found abundantly in the market, but for those who can’t afford them, you can actually make a similar one yourself.

If you don’t like further complications, there are Ready-Fly-Drones in the market that you could choose from for your little one. They are made with different features and unique capabilities. These mini drones have already come a long way and there is much advancement that you need to look up to in the future.

Buying Features and Attributes

There are many types of consumers of drone in the market. If you are buying for you kids and for the purpose of recreation, it is recommended to buy quadcopters.

These quadcopters can be found either with an H or X frame. They are famous for their durability and reliability when it comes to flying. They come with different designs for their frameworks.

Usually, they have four propellers and four motors as well. In order to measure accurately the quadcopter’s pitch, a gyroscope is included is built-in.

The propellers of these mini devices can sustain a weight up to 2 pounds without difficulty. It can even maneuver without any problem to all directions. This is actually the fun side of owning your own drone.

These mini devices have the ability to adjust their four motors depending on the user control preferences. The transmitting controller is the one being used to control or pilot it. Your drone can move horizontally or vertically.

It can either gain altitude or lose it as it goes flying in mid-air. The four motors allow the drone to hover efficiently as well. This is indeed an amazing UAV for you and your kids

Things to Take in Consideration

  • Age in Flying Drones – Most of the manufacturers of best drone for kids recommend children to be at least 8 years old before they could fly their own drone. Be sure to consider your children’s maturity before you decide to buy them their own drone.

If your child has skills to control these devices, then there are a lot of drones to choose from in the market. They might have powerful motors and propellers to assist their movement in mid-air. Many of the drones are also equipped with cameras and other advancements.

  • Speed and the Drone Size – You should note that one of the causes of accidents with drones is the uncontrolled speed. In this case, it is strongly recommended to give children smaller drones in order to ensure their safety. The safe material for a kid friendly drone is ABS plastic.

Choosing the lowest yaw rate for kids ensure that your kids will not accidentally land it somewhere dangerous. The speed plays an important in ensuring safety to the users. Aside from this, it is recommended that you choose a speed for beginners.

  • Environment – Another factor that you need to consider is the environment where you will let your kid fly the drone. There are drones designed for indoor use and outdoor use. Most of the indoor drones are very responsive and have stable flying capacity.

It is recommended to ensure that your child will have a lot of places to practice their flying skills. Breakable objects should be removed in order to avoid accidents. When your child prefers outdoors, ensure that the area is free from tangled wires and sticking branches.

  • Durability of the Drone – The best thing to consider is that your drone will be able to sustain most of crashes. You should expect it, especially if the one piloting it is your kiddo. Choose those that are made from ABS plastic so that it will not easily break.


Drones are amazing gifts to your children especially when they are interested in robotics and technological advancements. Choosing the best drone for kids can rather be frustrating because you would like to ensure the well-being of your child. Therefore, parental guidance must be at hand to insure proper handling and usage by the child with these products.

This kind of items for your offspring may give them the experience of operating a small machine that involves control and discipline. It may help enhance their psychomotor skills due to the actions their hands, eyes, and mind are into. In buying these mini devices, consider the material, speed, and the actual size of the drone for maximum performance and safety.

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