Best EDC Flashlight Reviews 2020

When it comes to looking for the best EDC flashlight in the market, it has to be noted that a proper combination of predetermined criteria should always be taken into consideration. This article will provide you with the exceptional brands in the market in terms of pricing, quality, length of life, etc. These brands and units have characteristics that the users should take note of when making future purchases of flashlight products.

This review will also discuss the various types of EDC flashlights that users must keep an eye on, especially when these types of flashlights vary greatly with each other. The users and customers will also have an idea as to what their major considerations should be in determining your own product to patronize in the long run.

If the user encountered problems in the bulbs of a perfectly working unit, they should have the capacity to replace the damaged part than replacing the entire equipment. This will also tackle the steps and tips you need to keep in mind every time you will attempt to replace the bulb on your own. This will not only protect you but the EDC flashlight as well, from any possible misdemeanor on the part of the user.

Best EDC Flashlight Reviews

Fenix Flashlights E12


Looking for the best budget EDC flashlight in the market, you’ll stumble upon the wonder that is Fenix Flashlight E12. The wonder product produces 130 lumens of light with just a single AA battery demand.

The small edc flashlight employs Cree XP-E2 LED – providing a bulb life of around 50,000 hours, more than your typical flashlight. The product is also armored by durable aircraft-grade aluminum, finished with a premium type-III hard-anodized abrasive. Combined with an ultra-clear glass with anti-reflective coating, the product ensures that every part of it is protected from the effects of shock and moisture without compromising service quality.

It also employs several ergonomic features which the users will love. The total output of the EDC flashlight is regulated digitally, making sure that the users have the power to monitor the performance of the entire unit. This digital regulator provides low-voltage alarm, signaling the users when to replace the battery for maximum light production. It also employs overheat protection which will help the product have a maximum lifespan by protecting it from the effects of external temperature changes.

Customers rated the product with a high of 4.6, saying that it produces bright enough light for its size. Some non-combat professionals love it for having a light that is not too offensive to the naked eyes. They also noted that the edc flashlight brand can be brought anywhere else as it only demands one AA battery to operate.

If you want to start your journey with the world of edc flashlight, you need to begin with the most-affordable, feature-packed Fenix E12.

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SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-01


With an additional budget in your pocket, you may opt for a more unique product like SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-01. This pocket flashlight will surely make you look like a hardcore professional with its stylish look and easy-to-use modes and appearance.

The EDC flashlight from SOG knives features a white Cree R5 LED bulb emitting a 188-lumen light for 80 minutes on full mode through an optical grade polycarbonate lens and textured reflectors. This efficient lighting system is being protected by several protective measures such as 6061 T6 aluminum using a Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing process, even making the product tough enough to resist being submerged one meter underwater for 30 minutes (IPX-7 rating for water resistance).

This top flashlight offers a non-slip and anti-reflective features. It also includes full-on/full-off switch that can be switched to 40% output for more energy savings. It even features a fixed belt clip that you can bring with you anytime, and any where you go.

Users have noted that the 4.3-rated product offered them maximum brightness for all purpose they may intend the flashlight to function. The product is also easy to handle because of its ergonomic features involving additional grip and friction. They also noted that even the products is mostly curved, it can be used for defense by temporarily blinding the attacker.

With these excellent features, aesthetically-pleasing form and unmatched customer review, why will you not try this genius of an EDC flashlight from SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-01?

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EagleTac D25C Clicky Cool White XM-L2


A longer-lasting EDC flashlight, the EagleTac D25C Clicky Cool White XM-L2 can produce a maximum of 150 hours of output with just one CR123A battery.

The 55-dollar EDC flashlight can produce a blinding 453 lumens of light, despite its set length of about 2.9 inches. It runs on four output levels, ranging from the aforementioned 453 lumens to a low mode of 1 lumen. Other than the set output levels, it runs on various modes such as the SOS, strobe, flash, and beacon mode.

The whole system is protected by a titanium-coated stainless steel bezel, with rigid nylon holster with self retention device. This makes the top rated flashlight reach an IPX-8 waterproof level – The product will last longer underwater than most products in the market.

For the ergonomics, the EDC flashlight is reverse-clicky, has removable pocket clip, and has user-replaceable glass lens.

The customers have remarked that the 4.7-rated product is worth the money spent on it due to its unmatched brightness, efficiency and customization that all users will surely love. It also has programmable modes that has taken the attention of most users, not yet mentioning its lumen rating is less than what it actually provides – yes, this EDC flashlight actually provided the consumers more.

The pocket flashlight goes beyond what it advertises by providing the users with features they never thought they’ll have. This is what makes EagleTac D25C Clicky Cool White XM-L2 surely worth of your every money spent.

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Olight S1 Baton 500 Lumen Compact EDC LED Flashlight

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This is the brand’s lightest and smallest switch-side LED to date. The Olight S1 Baton 500 Lumen Compact EDC LED Flashlight gives the user the value for his money by providing excellent illumination and tricky modes you will surely love.

The EDC flashlight from Olight produces an incredible output of 500 lumens – most than the larger flashlights – and can reach as far as 120 yards, despite being only 2.4 inches in length and 1.06 ounces in weight. The ever-portable flashlight can be brought anywhere you go, and can be used in all situations at night – especially when dealing with aggressors. It has modes ranging from a moonlight mode of 1 lumen to as high as 500 lumens as stated, in addition to medium low, medium high, strobe modes, which provides further flexibility in its usage.

The product is protected by A6061-T6 aluminum casing, stainless steel head and switch binder ring created with PVD technology, ensuring that your edc flashlight resists impact to up to 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, its ergonomic features include magnetic tail caps for attachment to metal surfaces, built-in timers for various purposes, and a simple no-slip pocket clip.

The EDC led flashlight has a power bundle of 1 Olight RCR123a battery, plus its compact Lumentac traveler’s charger.

The pocket flashlight is well-received by users, as the 4.6-rated product is said to be so small to produce such unbelievable amount of light. Other than that, it can be carried used also in almost any settings and works.

You will have to try the Olight’s most revolutionary edc flashlight to believe it’s magic.

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SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights


The last but not the least in our list of top rated flashlights in the market is the product of the ever-reliable brand of SureFire, the Defender Series LED flashlight. This product not only provides the user with an excellent output and sophisticated aesthetics, but also gives them with self-defense mechanism. Together with its renowned brand of durable products make the market price worth it.

The EDC flashlight provides a maximum output of 500 lumens and a low of 5 lumens – still bright enough for meaningful purposes at night. This is structured through a virtually indestructible and regulated LED emitter – which prolongs the usable year of the unit. The Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens make sure that this strong beam of light is concentrated to where it should be concentrated but also gives enough peripheral lighting for surround vision.

The surefire EDC flashlight is being protected by its material strength. The unit is covered by a high-strength aerospace aluminum body, hard-anodized according to military specifications. The coated-tempered window further ensures that the unit resists impact without compromising its lighting abilities. This unit strength is what also makes it a better weapon for aggressors.

This EDC flashlight brand is being powered by a high-energy 123A battery that has a shelf life of 10 years.

Users have noted that the 4.6-rated top flashlight is a major upgrade to its predecessor models. It is also consistent with its brand quality and strength.

This product needs no further review, as you will surely have the luxury of an EDC flashlight once you avail of this Surefire EDC flashlight.

EDC Flashlight Buying Guide

When it comes to the purchase of an edc flashlight, one should not just keep an eye on the brand or type of the flashlight, but also with the features that fit into our wants and needs. This will ensure that you reach the maximum value for your purchasing money.

Types of Flashlight

  • Incandescent Bulbs – These are the earlier form of bulbs utilized in most EDC flashlights in the past. This kind produces bright, varying-color lights but is usually easier to be destroyed and has the least efficient battery use.
  • LED Lights – This EDC flashlight type involves using of LED instead of filaments. These usually cost higher than incandescent bulbs but are more economical in battery consumption, and have relatively longer life span.
  • HID – High Intensity Discharge bulbs are not common in the market and more bulky than the two previously stated. However, edc flashlights employing this class, usually has a brighter output and has more economical use of a battery.
  • Xenon, Halogen, and Krypton Bulbs – These are similar to incandescent bulbs but are filled with gases stated here in order to prolong the filament life. These have shorter life span than LED Lights.
  • Shake Flashlights – Shake flashlights are EDC flashlights that are powered by the mechanical energy of shaking the flashlight unit. However, this form only produces very small amounts of illumination and the magnetic field produced can damage computers and credit card strips, among others.
  • Headlamps – These are hands-free and are usually mounted on the helmets of the users. This edc flashlight is usually used by bikers or mountain trekkers.

Major Considerations

Always having a look at your budget? Wanting to find the best EDC flashlight with the highest quality? This should always be your line of thinking and questioning before purchasing a flashlight. The next section will provide you some guide in order to determine how you should choose for the flashlight you will patronize in the future.

  • Lumen – When picking for your next edc flashlight, you should first check the lumen capacity of the flashlight. This measures the intensity of the light output of your unit. Bright lights usually are in the range of 400-500 lumens for an EDC flashlight. You should also see the various modes into which the unit can change its level of illumination. It is best to check for strobe, moonlight mode, among others as these are the additional features that adds value to your purchasing money.
  • Body Type – The body type of the EDC flashlight should be according to your specified purpose. If you are a mechanic who usually has no free hands to use for additional equipment like flashlights, it is better to purchase smaller and lighter models. For law enforcers, a heavier one should be used as this will not be lost in the pockets of the users. One should also take note of the strength of the materials used in the creation of the unit’s armor. This will determine the capacity of the model to handle stress and impact before failing (measured in meters, as determined by the maximum height from ground the unit will be able to handle a fall from) and the water proofing capacity (as measured by IPX codes).
  • Bulb Type – As previously discussed, this one is used in a pocket flashlight model determines the life capacity of the flashlight, the battery life of the unit, and the level of output of the entire system. You should keep all these in balance with your current purchasing capacity, since cheaper variants might mean more costs in the long run.
  • Attachment Options – This includes, but not limited to, pocket clips, lanyard, carabineer clip, or key ring. This adds value to the entire purchase, but should not be your sole consideration in choosing for your next pocket flashlight. This should be at the end of your checklist of criteria.
  • Use and Budget – Before anything else, you should learn how to determine the balance between the use and the budget. When you have enough amount to spend, you will obviously have an EDC flashlight that will cover all features that you demand in a product. However, when working on a limited funding, you might have to rank your demand priorities, and strive to have a unit that have the feature you want the most.

DIY Tips

Changing the bulbs of an EDC flashlight is similar to changing the bulb of a typical flashlight, but usually poses certain difficulties regarding its size. This tips should be observed when changing the bulbs of your EDC flashlight, so there will be no need to replace an entire unit due to this defective component.

  • Check first if the problem really lies on the bulb or may only be caused by a defective battery or EDC flashlight component. This will save you time and costs.
  • Determine the type of bulb employed by the pocket flashlight. This will make sure that the bulb is compatible with the capacity of the flashlight. If the product is using an incandescent bulb, stick with it.
  • Use hand protection when dealing with a recently used pocket flashlight. The heat from this bulb is enough to cause burns and injuries to your hands.
  • Clean the bulb and the window before returning the cap back to its place, so you will have an optimum light output in the future.


It is best to conclude this article with a note that the best EDC flashlight in the market is not the only one with the highest quality and numerous features, but the one that caters to any additional value you will put on it. The guides stated in this article will help you determine the additional value you will get with every additional cost a new product will entail. You should also not prevent yourself from looking at new trends in the market since technology is growing fast, that your next EDC flashlight might be able to produce higher lumens, or resist higher impact, than ever before.

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