Best Electric Weed Eater Reviews 2017 – 2018

Garden weeds could be really troublesome for most of the people, especially if they have gotten out of control already. Your lawn would definitely look messy and chaotic. The best way to handle it is through the use of an electric weed eater. They are powerful tools for getting rid of hard-to-remove weeds creeping on your lawn.

These tools are specifically designed to eliminate and stop the proliferation of weeds. Weeds could damage your lawn, and it could be a hindrance for the growth of healthy grass. Aside from this, unwanted plants like the weeds could damage other plants in your garden. It is advisable to take control of the situation before it really gets out of hand.

The good news is there are electric weed eaters in the market that could be the solution to your problem. If you have tried other alternatives and still fail, maybe it is time to use an electric trimmer. These trimmers are very effective in clearing out weeds. You simply need to choose the best electric weed eater that would fit the type of weeds you are want to get rid of.

If you are interested to know the leading electric weed trimmers in the market, then this article is for you. You can find the most comprehensive reviews of the leading electric weed eaters shortly.

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Best Electric Weed Eater Reviews

DEWALT DCST920P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer

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DEWALT is known to manufacture high-quality machines and devices. In this case, the Lithium Ion brushless trimmer has received 4.1 stars out of 5 from the consumers. Although it is a bit pricey, you would surely get the value of your money with this device.

The main feature of this electric weed eater is its brushless design. Aside from this, it also comes with a cordless string. This design lets you control the variable speed with the help of the trigger. The source of power of this device is the Lithium ion batteries included in the package. Professionals are all hands down with the efficacy of this device.

The first thing that you would notice is the weight of this trimmer. It is so light that you won’t even feel the pressure when you’re carrying it. It weighs barely 4 kg. Anyone can use it with ease and comfort. The thing is, it is very stable and balanced.

You would find this with a long shaft for maximum space reached. The design of this trimmer maintains its balance regardless of the long shaft attached to it. Another important feature is the padded handle. You don’t need to worry about sore hands with this product. The pad would protect your hand from the vibration of the motor while you are using it.  You can even adjust it depending on your arm’s reach.

This is the best electric string trimmer for the money. It sells for a fair price, so everyone could avail a unit of this trimmer. Electric trimmers tend to be more powerful than the gas powered ones. This DEWALT trimmer can do a great job in trimming. The gear gives it a stable speed that can be increased during the actual trimming.

You would surely love the brushless motor because this is where the life of your trimmer depends on. Motors without brushes tend to outdo those with brushes. These types of motor can also do a perfect job in trimming.

You can find two power modes in this electric weed eater. The modes are meant for high and low settings. These modes control the rotation of the trimmer. If you set it in high settings, expect a higher rate of revolution per minute. This setting is used for a high density of weeds. The low setting is recommended for normal garden maintenance activities.

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BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX Lithium Ion String Trimmer, 13


Black Decker is one of the most famous brands of gardening tools in the market. They have already established a good name in the industry because of the high caliber devices they are able to make. One of these devices is the LST136W. This unit received 4.4 stars out of 5 from the consumers.

So, what makes it so capable? This device could give you greater mobility while in use. It is very important to be able to move around in order to get the job done efficiently. Well, this trimmer would give you the freedom to do so. Aside from the fact that it’s cordless, it is also very light. You can go as far as you can with this tool.

The Black & Decker LST136W should be on your list if you are searching for a really affordable and efficient electric weed trimmer for your lawn. It all comes down to a great package. If your lawn is already looking dull because of the looming grass and weeds, just let your trimmer do its job for you.

Another encompassing feature is the Power and Command dial. It primarily controls the power to be released on trimming. The good thing is you would be able to use your battery for a longer period of time because of this dial. If the weeds are not that thick, it is advisable to use the power at a minimum. If you really need tremendous power to make your lawn look like a garden again, then that’s the perfect time to set it in maximum.

The handles are also adjustable. It would be perfect for whatever height you have. You can adjust it up to the point that you feel you’re already comfortable. That would be a relief for some who always struggles with too long and too short handles.

In terms of the battery, you would surely love the LED indicator that shows your battery information. This is perfect in estimating the remaining time for your trimmer. It also gives a classic feeling. Digital LEDs are very common nowadays not only for fashion but for practicality as well.

Last but not the least, you can convert it to edger. That is how versatile this trimmer is. This is a must-have trimmer. You should start looking for it while stock lasts.

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Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger


This product is manufactured by Toro and it is one of the corded versions of the electric weed eater. It is indeed true that weed eaters have become famous as household must-haves around the globe. They are very significant gardening tools because of their great job in clearing out lawns and backyards.

One of the key features of this trimmer is its 5AMP motor and automatic feed line. Aside from this, the shaft is guaranteed to be rust resistant. The maker did a good job in making this trimmer protected from the harsh factors of the environment. You might think that the cord might be a big problem in terms of the distance it could cover, however, that is the exact opposite of what you think. Rather, it is one of its best features.

Aside from this, the motor is really powerful when it comes to getting the work done. This electric weed trimmer could really be very effective in cutting thick weeds and grass. This means that they are reliable when it comes to heavy-duty gardening activities.

Toro has a trademark when it comes to versatility. All their products are designed to be very versatile. You might be wondering how it can be versatile. You can multi-task using the tool by converting it into a different kind of tool because there are different accessories together with it when you make a purchase. That would save you a lot of money since you don’t need to buy several tools for other purposes.

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GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer


This trimmer from GreenWorks received 3.8 stars out of 5 from most of its users. The price is also surprisingly very affordable. This electric weed eater is also corded like the previous product. You won’t have a problem in carrying it because it is very light and east to carry. You can even bring it in different locations if you like to.

You won’t have any problem in cutting through the thick weeds because of its dual string. The string can efficiently cut the weeds that would come its way. It is such an efficient trimmer for such a good price. Many consumers were actually shocked by the super affordable price of this weed trimmer.

You don’t need to worry about the performance and quality because even though it is very cheap, it guarantees very good performance. The company also provides 4 years of warranty. That is already enough to cover most of your after sales needs.

This electric weed eater is also very light to carry. Handling it could be a piece of cake. It also works fine with different types of weeds. In order to maintain it in good condition, avoid using it with very thick weeds and grasses.

The feature that you would surely love is the ability to use it as an edger. All you need to do is to rotate the shaft and tighten it. If you use it as an edger, you would surely love how it works so smoothly. This is best used for medium-sized yards.

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Black & Decker GH900 6.5 AMP String Trimmer


Just like their other products, GH900 is a very famous weed eater in the market. This is one of the cheapest devices of Black & Decker which sells below $100. The consumers gave it an astounding 4.0 stars out of 5 in most of the electric weed eater reviews.

One of the best things about this product is the adjustable head and shaft. You can use it either for trimming or edging. All you need to do is to adjust it according to your preference. The cutting range of this trimmer is quite large, so you would be able to use it for wider yards and lawns.

You cannot underestimate its power. It could get rid of tough weeds and grass even in greater density. The 6.5-volt battery is the major factor for its power. If you have looming weeds all over your backyard, then this trimmer is for you. You would be able to finish your job without exerting too much effort in handling the trimmer.

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Best Electric Weed Eater Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Weed Trimmer

  • Battery Powered or Corded Trimmers – You have the option to choose from the corded trimmers or battery powered electric weed eaters. In deciding, try to consider what you really need. If you are going to work on a very wide yard, battery powered trimmers are more convenient because you can go as far as you like with it. However, corded trimmers tend to be more powerful when it comes to getting rid of tough weeds.
  • Adjustable Shaft – The shaft of the trimmer could be adjusted based on your preference. You should consider your arm length in choosing a trimmer. It is best to opt for adjustable ones in order to get the length that you are most comfortable with.
  • Choosing the Weight – The weight of the trimmer matters. Some electric weed trimmers are very heavy, and some are light weight. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you need to carry it around the area, then it is preferable to use light trimmers. You don’t like to make yourself too exhausted in carrying it.
  • Budget – This is the most common factor that you need to consider. Trimmers come in a variety of prices. Some brands offer cheaper trimmers than the others. However, you must remember that you should invest in a durable equipment for your long term use. Buy a trimmer that would surely be worth your money.


Weeds are an inevitable part of owning a garden or backyard. There are times, however, that they become too many to handle. If all else fail, it is time to get you a good electric weed trimmer. They would surely provide you instant solutions with the frustrating weeds on your lawn. You simply need to choose the best electric weed eater that matches with your needs. You can choose between corded or battery-powered trimmers. Know first your need before you decide which one to buy. Just remember the tips in choosing, then you’re ready to muck those weeds in your backyard.