Best Emergency Survival Flashlight Reviews 2020

Emergency flashlights are crucial for your daily security and your daily life. Opting for the cheapest brand without considering other factors such as light stability, light brightness, and unit rigidity might prove detrimental to future events where the need of it will arise.

This article tackles all features and capabilities of the best and most popular brands of survival flashlight in the market. This will help you in making your benchmark product that will then help you select an actual product.

The article will also, among others, provide guidelines in selecting the most appropriate type of flashlight according to your needs, and some bonus DIY tips you should follow when you decide to replace the bulb of your survival light.

Best Emergency Survival Flashlight Reviews

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight


There’s nothing more affordable but handy than the MECO’s Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight. The survival flashlight boasts of its capabilities to store energy from just about any type of light available. It also provides the user with a sleek-designed flashlight you could bring anywhere you go.

The survival light from MECO gives the user an emergency flashlight that you could use in any types of situation. It requires no external batteries, and relies solely on sunlight and even a typical lamplight. You just need to place it under the light, which will give the flashlight hours of operational power. It can even store power under a dim skylight, and in case that you need to charge it in the dark, you may opt to just turn its crank. The crank will transform the kinetic energy of the user to energy capable of producing hours of lights in just six minutes of mechanical effort.

Users rated the no battery flashlight as a 4.7, particularly impressed with its unique energy production as well as its trendy looks (covered with colors of Army green and dim gray). They also noted of the product’s ergonomics, saying that its small size and its carabiner clip design makes it easier to bring outdoors and in the pocket. The product is also weather resistant, meaning that it may be exposed to a little moisture and rain from the environment but it is still operable.

If you are looking for an affordable survival flashlight that will help you save on purchasing costs and battery replacement expenditures, you have the MECO’s genius to have.

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Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife


A durable and dependable survival flashlight on its own, the Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife, functions as a 3-in-1 flashlight and self-defense material. The material can also be used as a hammer for emergency cases.

The led survival light has an 800-lumen lighting that is capable of reaching 500 feet of distance. The waterproof product also has a 3,300 mAh of battery life, rechargeable with USB charge cord, capable of lasting hours of lengthy operations.  It has three modes – as a short flashlight that is purely used as a lighting mechanism used, among others, to check vehicle failures; as a knife to defend the user in times of need; and as a hammer which can be used to break window glass in case of emergencies. The aluminum and stainless steel composition of the flashlight’s materials makes it durable against effects of wear and tear in the long run.

Some of the consumers of the 4.5-rated item noted of its anti-slip checkered design complementing its waterproof features. They also mentioned of, its steel body which makes it more durable and more capable of being used as a self-defense mechanism as compared to the normal survival lights in the market. They even said that its bright light can be utilized to blind any attacking entities in the dark, rendering him blind for minutes or so.

Self-defense and bright light combined into a single led survival light? You have Kootek’s Tactical Flashlight Knife to purchase.

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Olight 950 Lumens Warrior Cree


A survival flashlight with a size inversely proportional with its brightness strength, the Olight 950 Lumens Warrior Cree is a highly robust material that will put the consumers in awe with its exceptional traits. It is a strength-for-strength material that can be used in military and police operation despite its pocket size appearance.

One of the features of the long life flashlight is its high 950-Lumens mode that can reach as far as a thousand feet away. It has a 250-lumen medium and a 20-lumen low, in addition to its unique strobe setting. The tactical flashlight comes with Cree XM-L2. It also features a strong armor made up of aluminum, hard anodized to Scratch Resistant Type III, above and beyond to its waterproof and shockproof capabilities – making the flashlight able of being submerged underwater to over 2 meters deep, and droppable to over 2 meters of height.

The 4.6-rated survival flashlight was reviewed as being more capable than the other popular brands in the market in terms of durability, usability, and economy. The maximum setting for the light brightness is also noted to last for more than an hours – an exceptional length of time for such a small device. One feature that users have agreed upon in marking the product with a high rating is its light dispersion – even though it can produce a bright, concentrated light, the scattered light around is also noticeable.

The champion of its brand, with all its brilliant features despite the price and size, the 950 Lumens Warrior Cree is the long life flashlight to go.

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Vizeri Cree LED Tactical Flashlight


The most flexible, user-friendly, feature-packed and in-demand survival light product of this article is the Vizeri Cree LED Tactical Flashlight. It has so many features that even a small item attached to it has a value you will never have to miss out on. The Vizeri Cree LED is so in-demand that the supply in the market is almost limited to none.

The tactical headlamp can produce a beam of light that is greater than what is advertised by other brands in the market – yet, it is as compact as it will get. It has a focusing feature that complements with its waterproof feature –which makes it exceptional, as other products in the market offering waterproof bodies have fixed focal length that the users must fit in all applications. It also has five modes of lighting, ranging from high to low in addition to strobe and SOS.

The tactical headlight boasts of its waterproof technology as stated before, which makes the flashlight submersible to more than 3 feet of water depth. It has a military-grade aluminum body with hardened anodized finish, in addition to its gold plated springs capable of making it durable despite hard usage.

All these features can be fit into a tube that threads to the actual survival flashlight – unlike the pressure fit offered by cheaper variants in the market.

Customers said that the 4.5-rated survival flashlight can be used for closed-quarter combats, crediting the product for being employable using various types of batteries. Note that this can be utilized with low-cost AAA or rechargeable CR123 alkaline batteries. They also noted of its heavy duty lens capable of withstanding direct impacts and heavy falls.

If you are looking for a robust and highly-demanded survival flashlight, nothing will ever go wrong with the purchase of a Vizeri tactical flashlight.

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SureFire Outdoorsman LED Flashlight


Known for its excellent brand in producing survival flashlights, the SureFire Outdoorsman LED Flashlight combines durability, quality, and precision detailing with its notable compactness. It offers indestructible technology combined with its extended-runtime output.

The led survival flashlight offers two-stage, virtually-indestructible, light-emitting diode (LED) light source that gives out focused beam several times brighter than the typical two-D-cell flashlights. This, combined with a Total Internal Reflection lens that creates tight shine with reasonable peripheral light, creates a booming light that can be run for 100 hours on low setting.

These features are all protected by the strong aerospace aluminum body that is military-spec hard anodized to perfection. The tempered-coated window and the weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing completes the armory of the survival flashlight that will surely offer years of heavy-duty service to the users – even without the use of the brand’s popular limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Users have ranked the survival light as a 4.4, saying that this is a great one especially during night camping and mountain climbing due to its sturdiness, compactness and brightness. It is an upgrade on SureFire’s previous creations as it is thriftier in battery consumption. Although it is on the far end of the price spectrum, the quality is really worth every value spent with it, as you will get a product that virtually has no need for replacement for years to come.

With its compressed size and weatherproof components, the Surefire survival flashlight will surely be your perfect fit for camping, backpacking, emergencies/disasters.

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Survival Flashlight Buying Guide

Before opting to choose a brand of survival light on your own, you must always keep in mind these several considerations so you will never have any regrets after your purchase. Note that utilizing the proper combination of all these criteria will ensure that you are on your way to determining the best emergency flashlight you will ever have.

Types of Flashlights

To guide you if you really want to have survival flashlight as your flashlight, you need to know first the types of flashlights out there in the market. This will also guide you in determining the right type of flashlight for your specific needs and demands.

  • Incandescent Bulbs – This type is the most generic one in the public. Most survival flashlights that come with this kind amounted lesser to LED class. Yes, it can’t carry-on longer due to excessive filament usage and alongside its light, heat is emitted.
  • LED Lights – This class doesn’t consume filaments, thus making its bulb last more also the item, the survival flashlight LED lights typically keep-up exceedingly compared to the other kinds sold; still, people possibly have to spend for it at a costly rate–and so some of the items taking up this kind cost higher.
  • HID – This is the longest lasting bulb among the bulbs stated here, yet it is usually bulky and more expensive to produce. However, if used in a flashlight, this produces the brightest light among the others.
  • Krypton/Halogen/Xenon Bulb – This is incandescent type’s redefinition, by means of utilizing Xenon, halogen and krypton prolonging the bulb’s lifespan. On the other hand, LED types last longer.

Major considerations

In order to maximize your budget, or to be able to determine the best survival flashlight, you have to keep an eye on these features so as to ensure that you spend your money on what you really need at the moment.

  • Light Output – This covers checking for the output of the survival flashlight The brightness and intensity of the light is measured in lumens. If you are to use the product for mostly nigh roaming operations, a higher lumen of light is recommended. However, if you are to use this only to illuminate small parts of an engine, for example, you may only need to have relatively lower lumens of light ranging from 50 to 200. Beam distance and light spread should also be your consideration, as you might have a flashlight with a very strong light output but with a very concentrated beam.
  • Product Robustness – This is determined by the composition of the flashlight’s body and internal engine. This is also measured by its water and impact resistance. The impact resistance of the survival light is measured in meters, and is determined by the height the product will be able to take when dropped. The water resistance, on the other hand, is measured by IPX system. Recommended IPX levels are IPX 4-7, as this protects the system from then damages of rain and water submersion. Bulb is included in product robustness, as measured in hours it will take for the bulb to drop 10% of its usual output on new batteries.
  • Battery Type – You need to determine the battery demanded by the system, as it is essential in determining you future costs. One of the most common types used in cheaper variants of survival light is the disposable AAs or AAAs. Another type is the rechargeable built-in Li-Ion batteries that can help you save amounts in the future, but is usually found on more expensive units. The last type is the renewable batteries powered either by solar energy or mechanical energy through the crank installed in the system.
  • Modes and Controls – As an arbitrary user, the survival flashlight should provide you with the most flexible options in various situations. The flashlight might offer dual or multi modes, including high, low or medium light output. Some offer floodlights and some do offer strobe and SOS. Whatever modes the flashlight has, it has to have a corresponding responsive and easy-to-use controls (gliding on/off or rotating the back cap).
  • Physical Appearance – It should never be at the last of your criteria, as appearance and ergonomics will also provide you with the necessary comfort and usability especially in the dark. Heavier flashlights are not preferred for personal usage. Small flashlights, albeit lighter, is not preferred by professionals as it can easily get lost.

DIY Tips

Replacing the bulb of a defunct flashlight takes a lot of effort. This section will provide you with some insights and tips on how to replace the bulb of your survival light that will not only help you save costs on replacements but will also help you be safe in the process itself.

  • Firstly, test the batteries. You have to find out first whether your survival light requires its batteries or bulb replacement.
  • Inquire for the type of its bulb. To change the original ones with another one may cause destruction to the flashlight when you place a different one. The subsequent will give some information on varieties of bulbs used by sorts of survival light.
  • Wirings inside the flashlight must be examined if the connections are faulty, preferably, to know if the survival flashlight’s bulb requires replacement. You must perform this if batteries or bulb changing is useless.


Purchasing your next survival flashlight is not as difficult as it seems. Buying other products such as UV or small flashlights may prove to be even harder, since these involve highly technical knowledge. Choosing for your next purchase of survival flashlight only involves proper determination of your needs and demands in a product, as well as the other criteria set above. Always remember, however, that you still have the sole discretion on what item you will utilize; you just need to be wise for your cash’s worth.

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