Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews

An indoor evaporative cooler also referred to as a swamp cooler is a great option during hot conditions. When it’s the peak of the summer season or during low humidity, this machine can provide a steady, subtle, and cool breeze, improving the overall ambiance of a room.

Today, the market offers a wide array of indoor swamp cooler products with distinctive features and benefits, including different styles that can also complement the existing interior and decorations of the living space.

Hence, the best swamp cooler is an effective way of cooling off any living space and at the same time, can be a good addition to existing decors and furniture. With that being said, this article will give you a glimpse at some of the portable swamp cooler reviews that will surely make your time and investment-worthy.

Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews

Luma Comfort EC110S

The first evaporative cooler review is the Luma Comfort EC110S, which is a portable variant, offering a 250-sq/ft cooling efficiency. Garnering an average customer rating of 3.0-Stars, this machine provides a powerful cooling system with an impressive style. It is cost-effective and stylish with the EC110S technology that lowers temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees in maximum conditions.

Its portable design allows you to maximize its efficiency in any living space, whether in your office, den, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. It is also perfect for outdoor use such as on decks and patios. The Luma Comfort features a 3-fan speed, including 3 cooling modes with a 7.5-hour time; thereby, providing you with total cooling customization like no other.

This could be the best portable evaporative cooler if you need an energy-efficient machine, offering a low operating cost while delivering what needs to be delivered. Through water, electricity, and evaporation, this swamp cooler lowers temperatures dramatically. It is also capable of adding moisture to dry air.

The design does not include a compressor, so it costs up to 80% lesser during operation than air conditioner systems. In cases of dry areas, the technology can certainly lower the temperature between 20 and 30 degrees, keeping the area cool during the hottest days. On top of its performance and efficiency, the Luma Comfort boasts an unmatched design, considering its patented cyclonic technology.

In addition, it is one of the best evaporative coolers that are easy to use. It offers a specially-engineered fan head, and large and removable water tank, as well as a digital control panel, which is completely stylish and convenient at the same time.

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Honeywell CL30XC


Next up is the 3.2-star-rated Honeywell CL30XC, which comes in a clean, gray color. It is a 63-pint evaporative air cooler without a refrigerant gas or compressor. So, it is more energy-efficient than air conditioners. This indoor cooler also includes a remote control and works perfectly during hot days and dry conditions.

In the most natural way, the Honeywell CL30XC is the best room cooler for virtually all spaces, ranging from bedrooms to workplaces. Because it is energy-efficient, it helps in saving money on electric bills over time, while allowing you to enjoy its cooling performance whenever you need it.

Honeywell evaporative cooler reviews indicate that this machine boasts an exclusive technology called the Honeycomb Cooling Media. This specific technology offers a 4-fan speed design as well as oscillating louvers that distribute the cool air evenly. It also includes a carbon dust filter that cleanses the air, allowing for added safety.

This non-compressor machine cools naturally, inexpensively, and effectively, while eliminating the power-hungry components usually found in air condition systems. This portable swamp cooler is perfect not just for indoor use, but also offers its performance in open areas with adequate cross ventilation.

It works best during hot climates with low air humidity. Unlike air conditioners, this machine does not require any professional installation, neither permanent installation due to its portable design. This cooling system is best used with open doors and windows, while offering a removable water tank and a low-water indicator for utmost convenience.

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NewAir AF-310


Meanwhile, the NewAir AF-310 receives a 2.9-star rating from its customers. This is an indoor or outdoor swamp cooler with a 60-degree oscillation for an improved air circulation. The overall design of this tower fan offers multiple uses, including a swamp cooler, an air purifier, and a humidifier.

For the user’s optimal convenience, it also features a remote control as well as an electric timer. It can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees, while allowing you to choose a specific cooling mode through the 3-fan speed. Besides the 60-degree oscillation, this cooler also boasts a Natural Mode, which automatically controls the fan speed so as to resemble a natural breeze.

Moreover, this quiet evaporative air cooler has a Sleep Mode as well as a 7.5-hour timer, letting you customize its cooling performance to your preference. It also features a water pump circle system that is germ-free, alongside cloth curtain materials in order to create moisturized cool air.

The NewAir AF-310 could be the best portable air cooler that also serves as a humidifier and air purifier simultaneously. It is capable of cooling up to 100 sq/ft of area, providing excellent oscillating airflow, a remote control, and multiple functional designs like no other. Its tall and slim design can go virtually everywhere.

Hence, NewAir has been a trusted name in the industry, providing high-quality products for consumers. It has standards that never sacrifice affordability, dependability, durability, and versatility. All in all, the NewAir AF-310 is an effective swamp cooler with a trusted name and features that other brands cannot offer.

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Della Portable Evaporative Ionizer


On the other hand, the Della Portable Evaporative Ionizer has a 3.8-star rating. While this impressive machine could be the best portable evaporative air cooler, it can also be the most reliable ionizer, humidifier, and tower fan. This unit boasts a CE-listed certification, unlike ordinary brands of swamp coolers.

Among its selling points are the LCD display panel, plus a remote control transmitter for the most convenient operation. Compared to other units, this one boasts a nylon and photocatalytic filter that is said to be very efficient in filtering the air. It has an automatic timer function with 60 minutes to 12-hour settings.

On top of its portability, you can also enjoy the benefits of clean air due to the ionic air purifier function of this machine. The Della Portable Evaporative Ionizer is the best home cooler, allowing you to move the unit from one room to the other while securing this unit through a rear caster lock.

Without a doubt, it is highly capable of distributing a refreshing cool air evenly through its oscillating louvers. In terms of an endothermic reaction, the Della comes very reliably as it can suck air with a wick that is saturated with water. Through its built-in ionizer, this unit can clean the air of any room, while the 3-fan speed setting allows for air delivery from low to medium and high speed.

Similar to the previous swamp coolers, this model is also effective in conserving energy, especially when compared to air conditioning systems. This 60-watt air cooler includes a remote control as well as 2 reusable ice bottles with pre-installed refrigerant gel.

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Finally, the SPT SF-614P with a 3.4-Star rating is another swamp cooler with a 3D cooling pad feature. This 3-dimensional cooling pad simply enhances the cooling performance of the unit. It is made from cellulose paper, which has been impregnated with distinctive ingredients that all results in structural strength and high performance.

For optimal retention and water absorption, this small room cooler boasts a special stiffening treatment, including wetting agents. The cooling pad also includes a unique anti-rot chemical, preventing the growth of bacteria and algae. Because of the 3D design, the cooling pad allows for a longer contact between water and air. The overall design and technology of this unit’s cooling pad make it stand out as others only make use of two-dimensional cloth.

In addition, the SPT evaporative swamp cooler works through endothermic reaction, maximizing its efficiency in open spaces or dry climates. It is not an air conditioning system since it does not have an interior compressor, making it an energy-efficient addition to your existing furniture.

Certainly, this machine has been engineered for spot cooling, limiting the increase of humidity, while providing better air ventilation simultaneously. This small portable evaporative cooler features a computer-controlled system, including an LED display panel and a whisper-quiet motor. It includes auto-swing louvers, a washable filter, a 5-liter water tank, 3 airspeeds, and 3 fan modes, ranging from normal to natural, and the sleep mode.

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Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

Without a doubt, you can find the best evaporative cooler on the market, provided that you consider the reviewed products in this buying guide. Also, this section of the article provides you with more information about swamp coolers, including the available types and the key factors you need to consider when shopping for such a unit. By taking note of all the tips here, you will eventually find the best cooler to suit your personal needs and expectations.

Available Types

Basically, there are two types of space cooler units, including the wicked and the fixed media. Surely, there are differences between the two types, although these variations also differ, based on your specific situation.

The wicked style makes use of a fabric, which is immersed into the water tank of the unit. Throughout the method, the water tends to ‘wick’ up through the fabric cloth, allowing it to moisten. The fan will then blow air throughout the cloth, evaporating the water, and then delivering cooler, damper air.

Meanwhile, the fixed media style has a grating made from fibrous materials. In this method, water is pumped from the reservoir, going towards the grating, and then drains down. While the water flows downwards on the fixed media’s backside, the flan blows it through the grating, allowing the water to evaporate and resulting in cooler, damper air.

It is said that the best room coolers are those with fixed media styles. However, these models are more expensive than its counterparts, considering the cost difference between a pump and a cloth wick. When there is a high fan speed in fixed media coolers, there are high chances that water is thrown out, literally blowing off from the media, while this situation is likely to happen with the wicked style.


A small swamp cooler may equate to portability. If you are looking for the most portable unit, always consider the overall size and measurement of the cooler. A lightweight unit with a compact design will allow you to bring your cooling system almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, wherever you need it.

Today, these fixtures do not only come in their portable forms but come as effective and relatively quiet cooling systems. Referring to the reviewed products in this article, you are now offered adequate portable options, ranging from the Luma Comfort model down to the SPT portable evaporative cooler review.


It is equally essential to consider the installation needed by these units. Some setups of swamp coolers are ceiling-mounted, allowing the air to blown downwards. Other models are installed at windows or walls, while the rest are left standing still on floors.

When it comes to the installation method, some consumers prefer the most convenient methods such as tool-free installations. In terms of mounted coolers, it is always sensible to ensure not only a quick setup but also a non-leak installation as these units involve the use of water too, like air purifiers and humidifiers.

Ensuring proper and non-leak installation will guarantee an effective and even distribution of cool air throughout the living space. By doing same thing, you will also realize that you’re lengthening the service life of your air cooler fan.

Care and Maintenance

Similar to many other consumer products, a swamp cooler also requires proper care and maintenance. While these machines usually have sturdy designs, they still need TLC from its user, allowing for longer service, and of course, more effective cooling performance.

For minimal cleaning and maintaining tasks, it is wise to choose a cooler with rust-free designs, or those featuring corrosion-resistant finishes. In general, maintaining these units is easy, following the directions, given by the manufacturer. Also, most evaporative cooler brands offer easy adjustability options when it comes to water handling as well as managing the belt levels.

Energy Saving Feature

A major factor to consider when looking for swamp coolers is the energy-saving rating of the unit. Opting for this fixture is already equivalent to binding with an energy-saving cooling system because these machines have the distinct designs of being energy-efficient. This lifetime benefit, however, differs from one model to the other.

Many manufacturers of swamp coolers claim up to 25% of energy savings, compared to air conditioning systems that basically boost energy consumption. On top of this advantage, the best evaporative cooling system is also helpful in eliminating disease-causing bacteria like molds and algae.


Sure thing, the overall operation of swamp coolers plays a crucial role throughout the decision of any buyer. The most basic models come in either one-vent or two-speed options. The one-vent or vent-only option allows you to use the swamp cooler as a fan, cooling off the entire surrounding. This option is also perfect for mild weather conditions.

In a nutshell, the operation of a swamp cooler is simple, allowing you to control the movement of air by opening or adjusting the unit’s window. There are also vents that can be accessed on the side, catering to bigger areas for cooling needs.

Having a remote control contributes a lot during the operation of an outdoor or indoor cooler. Obviously, this accessory allows for the utmost convenience, setting the modes according to preferences without having to stand up from the couch and press buttons on the cooler.

Swamp Cooler Versus Air Conditioner

While being confused between swamp coolers and air conditioners is not a crime, it is still important to understand the main differences of these machines. Primarily, air conditioning systems create and retain cool temperatures within a certain room or living space, whereas, evaporative cooling systems deliver cooler and damper air, while reducing humidity at the same time.

Swamp coolers tend to generate breeze, making the entire space cooler. These units also make use of standard power output, lesser electricity than air conditioners, low maintenance cost, easy installation, and an unmatched fresh air experience.

Over and above, the best swamp coolers can provide cooler, damper, cleaner, and safer air than other cooling systems. These smart machines are also perfect solutions to having comfortable ambience, while conserving energy and saving money over time.

The simple technology used in swamp coolers have continuously created a lot of positive, interesting, and helpful portable evaporative air cooler reviews, proving that such machines can deliver unmatched cooling effects and can create more comfortable and safer environments for families to enjoy.

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