Best Family Tent Reviews 2016 – 2017

It is a great joy to spend the next vacation with your family through camping. Not all families are able to experience the fun-filled activity. Most families stay at home, which could be boring for most kids.

If you want a different level of vacation for your kids, schedule your first camping trip. There are too many places where you can bring your family without compromising their safety. Aside from the mountains, you may simply search for a camping park where safety is highly guaranteed.

Nonetheless, you have preparations to do since this is your first time. Primarily, you need the best family camping tent. You have to select wisely to spend less but ensure high-quality performance of the material.

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Best Family Tents Review

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Family Tent


This is one of the recommended family tent options available. It has a dimension of 16 feet by 6.5 feet by 11 feet. It also has a weight of 27.3 pounds.

Wenzel Klondike Tent is a dome type that could fit up to eight people. It has an attached screen room. The material of the product is polyester that ensures resistance to harsh weather.

The product is even more durable with its polyurethane coating. The tent has an increased stability given its dual poles for every corner. There is even an option for full mesh roof.

You may use the screen room as a second bedtime area or sun room. The product is best for accommodating eight adults, but even less people could comfortably sleep by putting up the zipped walls. Even tall adults would not need to bend when entering the tent since it has a top margin of 6.5 feet.

Wenzel Klondike Tent is also made for easier dusting and soiling similar to how you treat the floor in your house. Regardless of your heavy loads, the tent will provide plenty of storage area. You could use the family tent for camping, trekking, and picnics.

The product is designed for strong winds and heavy rains. Even if the sun is high, it will not wear out easily.


  • Has zip-up walls
  • Extra compartments with two hanging pockets and duffel
  • Ample headroom
  • Double-stitched tent
  • Easy to carry


  • Takes time to set up

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Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent


This top-quality product has dimensions of 14 feet by 10 feet. It has an ample headroom of 6.5 feet. The weight of the tent is 36.3 pounds.

Coleman Family Tent boasts its spacious interior that can accommodate eight people. It could take in a couple of queen airbeds. The tent is also designed to provide great outdoor view without compromising your safety from bugs.

It also has a welded floor. The walls are made of WeatherTec System, guaranteeing strong resistance against water. Full ventilation is also powered by seven windows and two doors.

Coleman Family Tent could be set up in as short as one minute. You simply need to unfold, extend, and secure. It lives up to its claim of being an instant product.

The heavy-duty fabric making up the tent can ensure protection for the tent even if you repeatedly use it outdoors. The material is twice thicker than the standard fabric of other tents. The seams of the product are also stitched and taped to prevent leaks.

Since there is proper ventilation and water resistance from the tent materials, your gear or clothes will never get wet. Even if the weather is high in moisture, the floor is very well coated to accumulate water.

Unlike other family tents, this instant family tent from Coleman allows you to walk on either side comfortably. It will make you feel like you are sleeping in your own room at night. Small nightstands can even be set up by the side of every bed.


  • Made of durable material
  • WeatherTec System
  • Proper ventilation with seven windows and two doors
  • Removable divider
  • Quick assembly


  • Not portable and is heavy

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Mountain Trials Grand Pass Family Tent


This 10-person family tent has dimensions of 18 feet by 6.3 feet by 10 feet. It is made of nylon material. It also has a spacious interior with a dome structure.

Other than the nylon fabric used for Mountain Trials Family Tent, it has a frame out of fiberglass that is corded for shock resistance. For easier assembly, you may take advantage of its pin-and-ring system. Excellent ventilation is also granted by the product from its large-sized windows and mess roof.

Added rain protection is also offered by the tent since it features a fastened fly frame. It even has a couple of D-style entry and exit areas. The disassembly of the tent also supports easier storage.

The interior could be divided into two rooms. This gives privacy to families and friends. This also makes the tent usable even for fewer people.

You could unroll every component of the tent along with the fabric. The duffel wraps could be secured with bands.

Mountain Trials Family Tent became one of the best cabin tents since it is not only useful in the actual tenting, but also in repelling damage. Even if the weather is highly humid, you could ensure that all your stuff will not accumulate too much moisture. It is only recommended that you should avoid contact with the tent’s sides to prevent drawing moisture.


  • Dividable interior
  • Super dry
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy dual doors
  • Plenty of floor space


  • Reports of leaking

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Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Cabin Tent


This cabin tent can accommodate up to 10 people. It measures 27.5 inches by 12 inches by 11.6 inches. You can also get it at a weight of 31.4 pounds.

Generally, Ozark Trail Family Tent is described a big tent. You may use it in your next vacation. It is also useful for a camping experience with friends.

Besides the fact that it can let 10 adults sleep inside, the tent can also take three queen size beds. Take note that even if 10 people would literally sleep in the tent, there will still be spare room. For added privacy, you may use the divider included in the product.

The divider will provide occupants more comfort while sleeping. It could also be used if you want to set a separate area for your stuff. Moreover, the family tent comes with three doors.

Two of the doors are found on the sides of the tent, whereas the other is at the center. This allows everyone to have a separate entry and exit area. The doors also provide proper ventilation inside the tent.

Besides doors, there are six windows designed for Ozark Trail Family Tent. These keep the inside of the tent ventilated. The windows are also designed for greater outdoor visibility.

The tent is designed with fly seams which are secured with tapes. This component will keep moisture, leaks, and rain from damaging the interior.


  • Can accommodate up to three queen size beds
  • Numerous ventilation doors and windows
  • Protective flooring
  • Designed with taped fly seams
  • Convenient assembly and disassembly


  • Confusing pole assembly

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CORE Equipment 12-Person Family Tent


This large instant cabin tent measures 18 feet by 10 feet. From the name itself, it could allow 12 people to sleep in the tent without the crowded feeling. In less than a couple of minutes, the tent could also be set up.

CORE Equipment Family Tent comes with pre-attached poles that you simply have to unpack, unfold, and extend. The product is also powered with H20 Block Technology, keeping the tent dry for a long time. It even promotes quicker runoff of water with its bead technology.

The product is also designed with ceiling and windows that allow for panoramic viewing of the outdoor scenery. It also has a rainfly taped which could be removed during summer. The ventilation system of the product collects cool air to keep the warmth away.

The mesh ceiling of CORE Equipment Family Tent even keeps warm air drawn outside. Regardless of the season, you will feel comfortable. An additional feature of the tent is its privacy panels.

You could simply zip up the dividers in order to provide privacy to the people inside. There is also a dual design for the doors for quick entry and exit. For extra storage and easy access, there is a hooked loft and four hanging pockets for some of your accessories.

If you want to separate your sleeping spaces from the living room-like area, you may do so using the dividers.


  • Adjustable ground ventilation
  • H20 Block Technology
  • Creates three rooms
  • Allows extra gear storage
  • Quick setup


  • Poor stitching

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Types of Family Tents

Prior to getting the best family tent by simply looking into the top-rated brands, you should consider knowing more about the product. The types of the product you are dealing with will help you categorize your choices or even create a shorter list. The category of tents is not simply about the best 8 person tent, but about the structure of the product.

  • Ridge Family Tent – Among the family tent reviews, you will find the ridge type tents. It is considered as one of the primary versions of the tents available on the market. It is made of poles and mimics the structure of a house roof.

It could easily be slanted, which is why most campers prefer ridge tents. Even when set up, it is still highly stable. You can find it in family variants of different sizes.

  • Dome Family Tent – This is one of the most used family tents due to its basic shape. It bends according to the flexible pole attached to the material. Generally, the flexible poles are attached on both ends using a strap or tape.

Three poles create a hexagon type of tent, whereas a couple of these will provide a square one. In smaller models, the stability of the tent is good. However, it could get less steady as it becomes larger.

  • Instant Family Tent – There are instant best 6 person tent options available today, which could be your choice for a seamless setup. From the name itself, it sets itself erect instantly. Alongside the fabric of the tent is a frame made of springs which enables easier storage of the tent by twisting.
  • Vis-à-vis Family Tent – This is a type of tent that provides extra room to the basic structure of the product. It is inspired by French design where a tent has a couple of sleeping compartments and standing headroom. From the name itself, it provides face-to-face rooms for bedtime.
  • Inflatable Tents – This type of tent is highly popular due to its easy setup. Most packages come with a compressor that you could switch on to inflate the tent. Nonetheless, many criticize the product for being more expensive and increased weight.

What to Look for When Buying Family Tents

Top rated family tents are obtainable if you are smart enough to choose the right kind of product. Though the description states that a certain brand offers the top rated 8 person tent, you could not be certain of this. You must still evaluate the family tent accordingly.

  • Easy Access – The top family tent would provide the easiest access to the users. Not all will stay inside the tent once it is zipped for bedtime. There are others who would go out for bathroom use at any time of the night.

There must be at least one or a couple of doors in the tent. Besides the availability of easy entry and exit area, you must evaluate how noisy it is. You would not want to disturb your family members whenever you go out.

  • Sufficient Guy Lines – The family tent should have sufficient guy lines. You could check this by inspecting the rainflies or tent walls. There must be stitched loops near the center of their structure.

Guy lines must be set up to prevent your tent from flapping when the wind strikes. These components keep the walls taut.

  • Aluminum Poles – Avoid buying family tents that are made of fiberglass poles for these are prone to premature breakage. Aluminum type is better not only due to durability, but because of its high availability in repair and accessory stores.
  • Ventilation – There must be proper ventilation inside the tent to avoid condensation. This problem could lead to damage of gears and things left inside the tent. The windows and doors must have a lot of mesh panels.
  • Rainfly – This is your family tent’s umbrella. You cannot declare the best Coleman tent the most suitable product unless it has a fly. You must look for a rainfly that extends down to the tent’s sides and is resistant to water.

Safety Tips

Once you have purchased the best tent for family camping, you should know how to use it properly. In such case, you could repeatedly use the tent for your next family excursions. The quality of a tent is maintained based on your habitual use as well.

  • Find the right bedding – Although you may have chosen one of the large family camping tents, this does not mean that you will not worry about beddings. You should still look for inflatable and small beddings for your kids. No one ever recommended to sleep on the ground.

For extra comfort, you may consider an egg create mattress just below your existing bedding. Alongside bedding are pillows. Simply select those that are small enough to be packed in a bag.

  • Pick a location – This would depend if your family would rather hear the sounds of nature while sleeping or consider blocking the noise. If you prefer the former, the selection of location would not be difficult. If you prefer white noise, you could try setting your tent near the sea.

Blocking the noise using just your tent is nearly impossible. The only solution you have is to mask the existing sounds with a more pleasant one. You may use smartphone apps to set up sounds that will not disturb your sleep.

  • Check the weather beforehand – Setting up your tent in high places could get very cold during at night. Take note that this is the case even in summer.
  • Improve placement of tent – Prevent your tent from sliding around while you sleep. Pick a surface where you could put your stuff on. Your things would put a heavy weight on a certain side of your tent to keep it in place.
  • Use tarps – Tarps are useful to keep your tents dry. If you would go out for water activities, use a tarp that could be set as canopy. You may even use it to cover the entire tent for more protection.


The selection among the best products given above could be very confusing. Nonetheless, it is obvious that Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Family Tent won the roundup. Regardless of your activity outside, you may use the tent.

Apart from accommodating up to eight people, it is extremely durable against any harsh weather. It also anticipates the possibility of having tall people with you given its not-so-exaggerated headroom.

Moreover, it never took for granted how important keeping the tent clean is. It is easy to dust and soil, which is not highlighted in most tents you can find.