Best Fishing Pliers Reviews 2020

Fishing is a great activity but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do especially when you’re trying to reel in a number of fish. Catching fish involves cutting a lot of braids and lines which is where the best fishing pliers comes in. After going on a few fishing trips, you will find that you need an easy to find and accessible tool for cutting when you go fishing.

Because of its convenience, fishing pliers are often found in a fisherman’s tackle box. There are different types of this tool and they are also made with different materials so it might be a bit confusing at first. Read on and you will find some useful tips for beginners on how to find the best fishing pliers.

Best Fishing Pliers Review

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers


The Piscifun Fishing Pliers comes in two styles; the saltwater pliers and the split-ring fishing pliers. The Piscifun split ring nose pliers is more commonly used in fishing as it is shorter and has a stubby nose. The end of this particular product has a unique hook that separates the like and ring so you can easily use on to the line.

This is one of the best fishing pliers, that’s because it is made to be lightweight. The Piscifun Aluminum Pliers is corrosion-proof and is made of titanium coated material to ensure the durability. An aluminum which is aircraft-grade that is resilient to deterioration. It has a grip that is loaded with spring which makes it easier for anyone to use them with only one hand.

It has serrations at the end of it which are preventing slipping and giving it a better overall grip. The side and top cutters are built with tungsten which makes it easier to cut any kind of fishing line that you are using. This product’s Tungsten Carbide Cutters is substitutable that are rendering cuts of good quality.

As part of its additional features, the Piscifun pliers has a crimping tool and a belt loop clasp so you can keep it near you while your hands are busy. This item also comes in five colors these are the blue, purple, red, silver and gold so you can choose whatever suits your taste. Most models also come with a molded sheath for protection and easier storage.

Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook Remover, #1...
225 Reviews
Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook Remover, #1...
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized to deliver excellent...
  • Machine-cut Aluminum Handles deliver reduced weight;...
  • Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Cutters provide clean line and...

Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers


If you are looking for the best fishing pliers, Zitrades Aluminum Fishing pliers should be on your list. It is the ideal choice for fishing pliers as it is made of aluminum. This material is proven to be corrosion-free which is perfect for fishing trips where water is everywhere and everything gets wet. These Aluminum Fishing Pliers were specifically designed for fishing and are made to last a long time so you can rely on it during your trips.

The body of these is made of strong aluminum with jaws made of stainless steel. They are about 18cm or 7 inches in length and are made to be lightweight so you can carry it with you all the time. One of their best features is the grip as they are designed to be easy to hold onto even with slippery hands.

If you’ve gone fishing enough times, you’d know that fishermen hands are always slippery. Inside the jaws of Zitrades fishing pliers are tungsten carbide cutters which are made to be very sharp that it can cut any kind of fishing line or even steel wires. It also has tips that have split-ring openers which is great for removing hooks.

Overall, these pliers are great for cutting, pulling, stripping and crimping. For storage purposes, these pliers come with a nylon sheath and for your convenience, it also has an attachable lanyard.

ZITRADES Fishing Pliers Aluminum Saltwater Sheath Braid...
333 Reviews
ZITRADES Fishing Pliers Aluminum Saltwater Sheath Braid...
  • Body of the Gripper is made of Special Deluxe Aluminum.
  • Designed specially for fishermen.
  • High density skidproof handle. more portable, comfortable...

Boom’s H1 Fishing Pliers


Boom’s H1 Fishing pliers are one of the most popular and best fishing pliers sold on today. They are said to be a “must-have” for a fisherman’s tackle box and are said to be 100% customer satisfaction. It is made to be compact (6.3 inches) so you can easily fit inside your tackle box and take it with at all times.

It was designed with an auto-open spring for a much easier operation with only one hand for your convenience. This product is made from 420 stainless steel material which makes it strong and durable. These pliers are also made with ABS plastic handles that allows for a more comfortable grip.

The handling and the design of this tool are perfect for fishing conditions as it can get really wet and slippery most of the time. It does not corrode so you can take it with you and let it get with as you go fishing. The package includes a free belt holder sheath so you can store it while it’s not in use and to make it easier for you to carry it around.

It comes in three colors including black, blue and orange. It is a highly functional tool that is great for cutting all types of fishing lines. As a bonus, some seller offers a money back guarantee if you buy Boom’s Fishing Pliers today. Get your pair of fishing pliers today and start enjoying your fishing trips.

Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater Stainless Steel...
1,479 Reviews
Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater Stainless Steel...
  • [Classic and Basis] H1 is the first fishing pliers of Booms...
  • [Usable Pliers Jaws in Fishing] H1 fishing pliers works as a...
  • [Sharp Cutters with Pliers Lock] A fishing pliers design...

Entsport Saltwater Fishing Pliers with Aluminum Handles


If you’re looking for the best fishing pliers, the Entsport Saltwater Fishing Pliers will never disappoint you. They are made of high-quality aluminum materials which are also used for airplanes.

It’s great to bring with you on your fishing trips because it doesn’t corrode as it is specially coated with anti-rust solutions on the surface. These pliers are constructed with lightweight materials and will fit your tackle box perfectly.

The Entsport saltwater fishing pliers are multi-functional and it can remove hooks, cut lines and hooks, hold a fish and many more. It is created for comfort and it comes with an ergonomic design so you can use it without experience any hassle. The non-slip handles make everything even better so you can use it with just one hand.

You can rely on the best saltwater fishing pliers to last you for years as it is very durable and strong. The stainless steel jaws on these will provide all the strength that you need all throughout the years. For added convenience, these come with a molded sheath made of high-quality materials so you can store it properly and transport it safely.

You also have the option to use the coil lanyard that comes with it to keep your hands free while fishing. Take advantage of this aluminum fishing pliers today.

ENTSPORT Saltwater Fishing Pliers with Aluminum Handles and...
92 Reviews
ENTSPORT Saltwater Fishing Pliers with Aluminum Handles and...
  • High-tech aircraft-grade aluminum construction, light and...
  • Stainless Steel Jaws ensure incredible strength and...
  • Adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long...

Madbite Fishing Pliers


The Madbite Fishing Pliers will surely make your fishing experience better as it is considered to be one of the best fishing pliers today. The most unique thing about these fishing pliers is that it is equipped with a flashlight to help you during poor lighting conditions. It’s a small flashlight but it’s powerful enough to help you see what you’re doing in the dark.

These pliers are ideal for fishermen who like to work at night. Aside from the hand flashlight, these are made of high-quality aluminum materials along with sharp carbide cutters. It can also be used for saltwater and you can make sure that it won’t rust as long as you wash it with fresh water after fishing.

The Madbite Fishing Pliers are quite large compared to the others of its kind but is made to be as light as other products (6.5 ounces) so it’s not difficult to bring on your trip. These are made to be very durable and have a lot of purpose including heavy duty work with its high-quality aluminum material.

It presents a better grip as it fits perfectly in your hands but it also easy-to-use even during one hand operation. It’s designed to be very sharp so you can cut any kind of line without problems. It was also made with a hard anodized finish that are available in gold, red, blue and more.

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The Best Fishing Pliers Buying Guide

What are Fishing Pliers?

These are multi-purpose pliers that come in different weight and form and are made with different types of material. The best fishing pliers are made with high-quality aluminum, stainless, titanium and other hard metals that ensure long-lasting ability. Pliers that are ideal for fishing are those that are corrosion-free as they can get wet multiple times.

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Why you Need Fishing Pliers?

Any experienced fishermen will tell you that whether are sure to catch plenty of fish or not, a pair of good fishing pliers will do you a good deal. This tool will save you a lot of time in cutting those fishing lines as you reel in your catch for the day. A lightweight pair of fliers with strong jaws and a great grip is the usual choice for fishing pliers.

What is “Anodized”?

Basically, an anodized metal went through the anodization procedure which involves submerging metal in a solution made of electrolytic acid. During this process, current is passed through the metal to complete it.

Anodization is a standard method in most engineering designs and application. For fishing pliers, those made with aluminum and titanium is usually the ones that are anodized. Anodized fishing pliers are corrosion-free and rust-free and can be used in saltwater.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Fishing Pliers

  • Material – In choosing the best fishing pliers, you have to make sure that you get one that is anodized which means they don’t rust. You will probably see anodized fishing pliers made of aluminum or 420HC stainless steel. It’s good to know that lower quality stainless steel is still prone to corroding overtime.
  • Line Cutters – Most good fishing pliers come with a side cutter that is made to be strong so you can cut anything with it. However, to save yourself from frustration, you need to make sure that these line cutters are always sharp. To solve this problem, you have to choose a pair of fishing pliers with cutters that can be hardened and sharpened.
  • Side Cutters – This type of cutter needs to be very durable and capable of cutting off the hook shank so you don’t have any accidents with your gear or yourself. Pliers that are made of low-quality materials can be dull and can break when too much pressure is applied to it. To get the job done, you’d want to buy thicker pliers that are made to be durable and strong.
  • Nose Length – It’s good to consider the nose length of your fishing pliers for deeper hook removals. This will probably depend on the type of species that you are going after. People who love saltwater fishing need to buy a longer pair of pliers mostly because they are dealing with fishes that are larger with longer teeth.
  • Split Ring Tool – This is an added feature that can really be useful when you have to replace a hook on your lure. Without this feature, you may have to rely on your fingernails to open up split rings. With slippery or wet hands, this can be very frustrating if not impossible.
  • Handles – It is one of the most important parts of the best fishing pliers because it is the part that makes contact with your hands. You need to choose fishing pliers with a great non-slip grip that can have a spring loader for added convenience. The goal is to be able to use these comfortably with one hand.

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Freshwater Fishing Pliers vs Saltwater Fishing Pliers

  • Freshwater Fishing Pliers – These set are mostly made with lower-quality material like stainless steel below the 420 grade. If you only go to fresh water to fish, you don’t need anti-corrosive materials which you can get cheaper pliers.

You are bound to catch small to medium size fishes in freshwater so you don’t really need a pair of heavy-duty fishing pliers for your trips and can get those with shorter and stubbier noses.

  • Saltwater Fishing Pliers – As most people know, metals submerged or even exposed to saltwater can rust and corrode pretty fast. Because of these, you need a pair of anodized saltwater fishing pliers that is more expensive and is usually made of aluminum or titanium. Your target for saltwater fishing is a lot bigger and has more teeth so you need a longer nose and of course a great handle.

How to Choose the Best Pliers that Will Do the Job

Pliers are one of the most versatile and multifunctional tools available today. They can be used in different situations and can turn bolts, keep objects in place as well as cutting fishing lines. These tools use the hand’s force to complete different tasks that are related to electrical work, plumbing and construction.

  • Define the Task – A pair of these can do many things for you so you need to set a clear task for your pliers if you are shopping for one. You can decide to use it for plumbing or electrical work but chances are, you wouldn’t want to use the same pliers for one job. The first step to choosing the right kind is to know where you are going to use it.
  • Pick the Right Size and Type – Because of its versatility, you need to know the type that is best used for a specific job. As an example, pliers used for electrical work needs insulated handles to protect the user.

There are also adjustable types of pliers that can accommodate all types of sizes for different types of projects. As long as you know where you are going to use the pliers, identifying the type you need should be easy.

fish plier remove hook

  • Get Specialty Pliers – There are specialty classes that are specifically designed to do a certain task. Fishing pliers are made to be anti-corrosive and lightweight so you can use it for fishing adventures. It is also made with a strong and non-slip handle for one hand operation. Jewelry pliers, on the other hand, are made to be smaller and have smaller jaws that are not very sharp.
  • Get the Best Brand – Just like any type of tool, getting a pair of pliers made with the best brand is always a great choice. Not only can you take advantage of the great quality but some well-known manufacturers also offer a hassle-free money back guarantee for its customers. There are also those who offer warranty for their pliers if something breaks or goes wrong.


Fishing can be a fun but fussy recreational activity that involves cutting lines and braids which require a pair of the best fishing pliers. Anyone who’s had a fishing trip or two can attest to the fact that fishing pliers are very handy at times when you caught a number of fish at the same time.

Your fishing pliers need to be reliable enough to cut any type of fishing line so you have to get the best quality ones. Depending on where you usually fish, anodized fishing pliers are available which are long-lasting and corrosion-free so you can let it get wet with you.

Some fishing pliers also come with extra features like a flashlight for dark conditions, a split-ring tool, side and line cutters and many more. To enhance your fishing experience and make sure you have a hassle-free trip, the best fishing pliers should be inside your tackle box at all times.

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