Best Floor Jack Reviews 2020

Among the most important tools found in trunks and garages is a good floor jack. It is also considered as one of the widely used tools in emergency cases and accidents. It greatly helps a lot of drivers and motorists on the road due to the safety claims associated with it. So, with that said, this buyer’s guide wants you to learn about the necessary steps and crucial factors when choosing a reliable floor jack, avoiding the inferior products at the same time.

Fortunately, shopping for the best floor jacks has become a snap, considering the top-rated products on the market, especially those rated by actual customers. Such customer reviews assure you of the product’s reliability and efficiency, based on their first-hand experiences.

In spite the different brands, types, models, and features of this safety equipment, having the best floor jack offers incomparable benefits not only to the car owner, but also to other drivers who may need such assistance.

So, without so much ado, here are the top-rated floor jack reviews that you will find suitable for your needs and requirements. Hence, the buying guide section will give you more valuable resources to better understand this equipment, helping you choose the right one later on.

Best Floor Jack Reviews

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack

41r1wcUCLFirst on the list is the Powerzone 380044, which is a 3-ton steel aluminum garage jack. Garnering an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars on Amazon, this auto floor jack by Milestone Tools is a heavy duty model that can lift from four inches up to 18 and ¼ inches.

In spite its lightweight aluminum frame, its durable steel lift arm offers an unmatched strength. It is quick lifting hydraulic equipment, which saves time as it is equipped with a safety valve in preventing overloading beyond its capacity. It also features a rubber padded saddle, plus a handle covered with foam in protecting the vehicle frame.

Among the impressive features of this hydraulic floor jack includes real wheels swivel, allowing easy movements as well as the perfect positioning over rough surfaces. Without a surprise, the Powerzone 380044 has created a lot of happy customers nationwide and worldwide.

Based on customer feedbacks, this equipment can hold a car up for a lengthy amount of time, alongside a jack stand. It never fails and without leak issues, unlike other models. For some actual users, they tend to add a crossbeam adapter when using this jack, allowing them to lower or raise the jack pads.

Overall, the Powerzone 380044 works amazingly both for the DIYer and for the professional auto mechanics. For the handyman, it saves them some money, instead of paying for such services from auto shops. After all, having the best hydraulic jack such as this brand can be a long-term investment for every car owner. Read our Powerzone 380044 Review.

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Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

Next up is the Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack with an average rating of 4.7-Stars. Provided by Arcan, the ALJ3T is an aluminum jack with a 3-ton capacity, similar to the previous product. It is Arcan’s professional-grade jack with a 3 and ¾-inch of minimum lift height, allowing convenient access under low-profile cars. On the other hand, the maximum lift height claims to be at 18 and 1/8 inches.

This good quality floor jack also features ball bearing-mounted swivel caster wheels that are located at the rear; along with wide track wheels located in front that equally offer easy maneuverability. These designs also allow stability under load. Additionally, a saddle pad is provided in order to protect the frame and components of the vehicle.

The Arcan ALJ3T measures at dimensions of 31 inches long, 12 and ½ inches wide, and 7 inches tall. While weighing at only 56 pounds, it is highly capable of holding a 3-ton capacity of load, which is greatly attributed to its reinforced lift arm and chassis torsion control designs.

Without a doubt, it is also very durable, considering its dual-pump pistons that results in quick rising action. Arcan includes the piston dust shields that significantly prevent hydraulic contamination, unlike other brands. Moreover, there are bypass and overload valves, which prevent the over-extension of the hydraulic arm and jack beyond its rated capacity.

All in all, the Arcan ALJ3T offers solid frame side plates like no other, while complying with the 2009 ASME PALD standards. It is among the floor jacks to consider today that also features quick locks for easy engagement and detachment of the 2-piece handle. Read our Arcan ALJ3T Review.

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Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Jack

41zGTpWCaJLMeanwhile, the Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Jack receives a 4.3-Star as an average rating from customers. Provided by Hein-Werner, this 2-ton floor jack features a case iron lift arm, plus a pump base for optimum strength and durability.

This USA-assembled jack also features flagged side plates, including a wider frame for an improved stability. For an assured long life, it offers an in-line pump assembly without off-center forces; thereby, allowing an easy aligning and pumping, while reducing at the same time. A U-joint release mechanism is also included in the overall design, resulting in a precise load control.

Furthermore, the one-piece handle tends to eliminate bending and make the lifting process a snap. The built-in and sealed hydraulic pump certainly offers a long-lasting service from this hydraulic car jack.

The Hein-Werner HW93642 features a minimum lifting height of 4 and ½ inches and 20 and ¼ inches as the maximum lifting height. It has a 50-inch handle length with the saddle diameter measuring at 6 and ¾ inches.

This 90-pound jack is also supported by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, an added bonus that is much loved by the actual owners. Similar to the previous jacks, the Hein-Werner HW93642 has also generated several positive reviews from satisfied customers, saying that it is a real man’s floor jack, which is designed with the utmost efficiency and safety features in mind. It is twice as solid as wide as other brands with a helpful instruction booklet with it. Read our Hein-Werner HW93642 Review.

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Torin T83006 Service Jack

41jlhrPHodLMeanwhile, the Torin T83006 is a 3-ton service jack that is perfect for SUVs. This 4.3-Star-rated product boasts an extra long neck, which saves time, while allowing the user to easily lift higher vehicles. This 3-ton lifting jack features a lifting range of six to 21 inches, including a safety bypass valve for protection against overloading.

In addition, there is an SUV adapter holder or an extension adapter on its side plate; thereby, this portable floor jack has been designed mainly for SUVs, trucks, and cars. Upon inspection, you will surely notice how perfect the jack’s construction is, considering the welds, finish, and so on. It is suitable for automotive DIY tasks, lasting for years to come.

The Torin T83006 is perfect for immediate use, allowing you to swap rear brakes as well. In spite of low-profile vehicles, this jack is highly capable of clearing well beyond rear axle, finding the sweet spot for elevating both wheels simultaneously. Alongside the jack, you can also purchase the Torin T43006 jack stand for better functionality with smaller cars.

Without a doubt, this quality floor jack elevates well beyond requirements, providing stability at the same time. Customer reviews also indicate how solid and great the extension pipe is, making it a very good item for the money.

Actual users are continuously captivated by the jack’s detachable top extension, which helps them significantly when lifting at various points for various purposes. Overall, the Torin T83006 is a cheap floor jack that is sturdy, built to last, and surely does its job very well. Read our Torin 83006 Review.

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Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack

51mNewyAiZLFinally, the Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack garners an average rating of 4-Stars from its customers, and has a 3.5-ton capacity. It has a fast-lifting design towards the jacking point as it features a unique fast-lift technology. It also boasts rear caster wheels and a swivel saddle, providing an easy positioning of the jack, plus user safety.

This nearly 4 ton floor jack is constructed from heavy duty steel for long-term durability and reliability. Similar to other models, this one also offers a bypass device in order to prevent possible damage caused by over pumping. An internal safety valve is likewise provided, including a vent plug for the safest operation possible.

Besides the full 1-year warranty, the Blackhawk B6350 features rolled side frames that tend to add strength. It also results in rigidity, like no other, reducing twisting at the same time. Both the home-based handyman and professional mechanics believe in the capacity of this jack as seen in customer reviews.

The impressive features have satisfied a lot of first-hand users, indicating the excellent ergonomics of this equipment. The lift efficiency is beyond expectations and surely out of the box. It works perfectly as a quick lifter, compared to other brands.

Based on some customer reviews, this is the best car jack that other manufacturers should copy, considering the rubber cushion on the lift end for optimum comfort. The handle and the foam on it have been thought of carefully so as to prevent damaging the car paint. The overall design and efficiency of the Blackhawk B6350 has served and continuously serving thousands of users beyond their expectations. Read our Blackhawk B6350 Review.

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Floor Jack Buying Guide

While floor jacks reviews are undoubtedly helpful for any probable buyer, equipping one’s self with further knowledge about this product will certainly boost the confidence of the buyer throughout his decision making. So, with that said, the following information is just as useful in narrowing down the available options on the market.

Basic Types

Just as many other consumer products, there are also different types of floor jacks available. Below is an enumeration and brief description of the most basic and widely available types of floor jack for consumers.

  • Hydraulic Floor Jack – This type is the most recognizable among the available types. Most mechanics rely on a hydraulic floor jack mainly due to its convenience. It basically consists of a trolley, including 4 wheels, which house a hydraulic cylinder; whereas, the cylinder lowers and raises a lever arm and a small platform, which interface with the vehicle. Usually this type also consists of a detachable lever, allowing you to pump it in actuating the lifting mechanism. It is easy to use over other types, without requiring a significant amount of effort during lifting. It is preferred by many users because of the maximum height it offers.
  • Scissor Jack – Meanwhile, a scissor floorjack is offered by several car manufacturers right from their factories. Generally, this variant is lightweight and space-saver; thereby, auto makers tend to keep them in trunks. It consists of a lead screw, compressing a scissor linkage so as to gain elevation. However, it has imitations in terms of lifting height and lifting capacity because of its compact design.
  • Bottle or Piston Jack – This variant is hydraulically operated, consisting of concentric cylinders, which tend to provide stiffness. It has a small footprint; thereby, making it perfect to use in limited spaces and uneven surfaces. It is still stable in such situations. But, it does not get nearly low as regular jacks when fully compressed, making them hard to use on some sedans, sports cars, and lowered vehicles at their normal ride heights. Hence, it is widely used in lifting trucks as it can generate the highest lifting capability value over other variants.

Major Factors to Consider

Also, you have to take note of the following factors when shopping for cheap floor jacks. Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest does not always equate to getting the most efficient one. However, there are several manufacturers that offer a great value for the money. Nonetheless, be aware of these factors as each aspect contributes to the efficiency and function of the car floor jack.

  • Lifting Capacity – Obviously, the lifting capacity is the most important factor when it comes to this equipment. Identifying the minimum and maximum weight that a jack can safely lift is very crucial. Thus, you must determine the best model for a specific job. It is a general rule to go for the max lifting capacity equal to or greater than your vehicle’s total weight.
  • Lifting Range – Automotive floor jacks also feature different lifting ranges. Based on the products above, you will instantly differentiate their lifting range by the inch. Hence, identifying the minimum and the maximum lifting range of this equipment is similarly critical, prior to your purchase.
  • Construction – The overall construction of a good car jack should be made of aluminum or steel. The latter is highly recommended when you need more maneuverability and mobility, while the former is perfect for simple around-the-garage tasks.
  • Design Profile – When looking for jacks, you will certainly notice the difference in their design profiles, offering you with either a low-profile or the standard-profile. Low-profile jacks allow you to roll them under vehicles, which have low-ride heights like sport cars and other lowered vehicles, and some sedans.
  • Lifting Speed – Standard jacks take between 8 and 10 strokes in reaching its full height. For some drivers, such amount could be a daunting task, especially during emergency cases, taking them long is accomplishing the task. On that note, you can choose a jack model with a quick lift design or dual lifting pistons for easier and faster lifting.
  • Build Quality – Buying a floor jack is a significant investment as many other auto repair equipment and tools. So, it pays to be diligent when shopping for such product. Make sure that the model you’re choosing offers high quality, ensuring a long-term and efficient investment that you can constantly rely on in cases of necessity.

Note: The intended purpose of buying good floor jacks is as important as the factors mentioned above. Initially, you have to consider your vehicle’s overall weight, including the vehicle type as there are specific models of this equipment that are built perfectly for a car, truck, an SUV, and other types of vehicles.


In a nutshell, instantly evaluating the build quality, construction, design profile, lifting capacity and range, and other factors is very important when shopping for the best floor jack for the money. It is also crucial to read about product reviews and customer feedbacks via reliable sources such as Amazon. By doing this and considering all the above mentioned factors, you are rest assured of getting the best quality jack.

Also, keep in mind the reviewed products in this article as they have been reviewed and used by actual users, sharing their insights regarding the jack models they’re actually using. Hence, the products in this article, ranging from the Powerzone to the Blackhawk, assure you of reliability, efficiency, and durability, based on the first-hand experiences of the users, including the manufacturer’s claims. Therefore, you are now on your way to purchasing the best jack as you are now equipped with all the necessary knowledge, surrounding the most reliable floor jacks on the market.

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