Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews 2020

The best fuel injector cleaner is always essential, even for the lightest cars today. In spite weighing over just a ton, all vehicles’ proper functioning largely depends on the condition of all its systems, including the smallest apertures within the fuel line. These are called the fuel injectors, which are tiny chambers found within the engine. Over time, these cylinders become clogged up with impurities and small deposits. Hence, getting the best fuel system cleaner will be necessary.

Previously, going to an auto shop for the entire process was the only way. However, today, you can actually perform the procedure of taking out the injectors, cleaning them up, and adding some special compound that will clean away the gunk and impurities.

On that note, here are the top-rated fuel injector cleaner reviews from several trusted manufacturers. With their corresponding customer ratings, these injector cleaner systems offer lots of advantages over other brands, providing you with only the best results possible.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews

Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner (Gasoline)

41YEB7QvULFirst on the list is the Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner by Liqui Moly. This product garners an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. It can clean contaminated gasoline injection systems by removing carbon deposits from fuel pumps as well as fuel distributors, inlet valves, and the injection.

This top rated fuel injector cleaner eradicate starting problems; thereby, offering a non-lean surging, a good throttle response, smooth idling, low pollution, including combustion that is harmless to the environment. Overall, the cleaner promotes an accurate fuel atomization and injector dosing, allowing your engine to regain its original performance.

This system also reduces your fuel consumption, most especially for engines that have catalytic converters. While the Jectron is suitable for gasoline engines, it equally serves as solution and preventive measure, having been tested safe for turbochargers and catalytic converters.

Aside from removing deposits, this gas cleaner is also capable of preventing the deposits from reformation, thus, eliminating starting and irregular engine running issues. It has the ability to provide care for virtually all the vital components in the injection system. It does its job well in protecting the entire system against corrosion, while improving the compression and throttle response.

The Jectron cleaner helps in optimizing the engine’s performance and emission test values. Perhaps, the best thing about this cleaner is that it can clean the injectors without having to remove them from the system, reducing user fatigue, while working its way through the inject valves, fuel distributors, and fuel pipes all at the same time. It is considered as the best fuel additive, most fuel-efficient and very easy to use offered by Liqui Moly. Read our detailed review of the Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron.

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BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

Next is the 4.6-Star-rated 44K Fuel System Cleaner by BG. This injector cleaner claims to clean valves, combustion chambers, and fuel injectors rapidly as a single can, containing 11 ounces can treat up to 20 gallons of fuel. However, it is only ideal for gasoline engines.

This product also claims to be the top choice of auto professionals for more than 40 years now. While the quality of gasoline is inconsistent, it results in deposit buildup, including poor power output, inefficient combustion and ignition. Luckily, the BG 44K is highly capable of treating these issues, preventing the sensitive apertures within the engine to accumulate unwanted deposits and contaminants.

This 11-ounce fuel injector cleaner contains high-quality additives and detergents, allowing you to pour into the gas tank directly. Eventually, it restores gas mileage and performance as it eliminates deposits and contaminants in intake manifolds, combustion chambers, valves, and other ports. More especially, the BG can restore flow within the fuel injectors, cleaning the whole system instantly.

Not only that it restores performance, it also helps in restoring fuel efficiency and increasing power at the same time. For better results, the manufacturer also recommends the use of Fuel&Air Induction Service, along with this product.

Nonetheless, it has created a lot of happy customers, saying that the BG 44K is perfect for any driving habits and styles. Even auto mechanics recommend this product to their clients as it is an effective cleaner for the whole fuel system. The BG 44K is a reliable fuel injector cleaning additive used by both the beginners and the professionals in the automotive industry. Read our review of the BG 44K.

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Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner

Meanwhile, the Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner by Royale Purple receives an average rating of 4.6-Stars. The Royal Purple 11722 is also a stabilizer, making it a unique treatment solution for fuel injectors. Similar to the previous products, this one is also capable of restoring fuel economy, while reducing the deposit buildup and eliminating tailpipe emissions simultaneously.

It has a proprietary technology that is geared towards the combustion chambers and the intake system. This formulation makes it the best fuel treatment for many actual users because it is very efficient on the whole spectrum of the engine, regardless old or newer engines. It is also ideal for use with diesel or gasoline, unlike other formulations out there that are limited to gasoline engines. It is also perfect for turbocharged, supercharged, and the naturally-aspirated engines.

With only a single treatment of the Max-Clean, you will notice favorable results such as fuel economy improvement up to 3.2% and an increased horsepower of up to 2.6%. This fuel system cleaner is capable of reducing CO, NOx, and hydrocarbon emissions, on an 18%, 13%, and 12% basis respectively. It also helps in the prevention of rough idle, stalling, and hesitation, while preventing untimely spark plug fouling.

Moreover, Max-Clean can reduce engine pinging and knocking, caused by and related to deposits. While the buildup of these deposits is natural outcomes of fuel combustion, these badly affect the engine’s performance, including its reliability.

Thanks to Max-Clean’s powerful ingredients and to Royale Purple for developing this state-of-the-art cleaner, bringing back engine surfaces like brand new, and restoring performance and fuel consumption, while stabilizing fuel throughout storage and off-season. Max-Clean is also a superior inhibitor of oxidation and corrosion. Read our detailed review of the Royal Purple Max Clean here.

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Chevron Techron Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner

419oW66PehLChevron introduces the Techron Concentrate Plus with an average customer rating of 4.5-Stars. It claims to be the best injector cleaner from Chevron, considering its premium content and is highly recommended by various automakers worldwide.

Its premium quality is attributed to the patented polyether amine or PEA technology. This chemistry offers an unmatched cleaning efficiency, removing deposits from fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves. It is also safe to use in ethanol fuels, as well as flex fuels such as the E85.

The Techron Concentrate Plus also allows you to optimize your miles per gallon (MPG), ensuring the maximum fuel economy like no other. This additive also helps in maintaining the fuel system clean, even if the gasoline contains hydrocarbons and ethanol; thereby, it eliminates these deposits and restores power and performance as well.

Techron is a powerful fuel cleaner, which is trusted by car manufacturers, mechanics and motorists alike. Besides improving performance and fuel consumption, this technology is also effective for lower emissions. The molecules in Techron work hand-in-hand in the prevention of deposit formation, especially those left behind by substandard gasoline.

This fuel injection cleaner is famous for three major outcomes: cleans, protects, and restores. With Techron, you are rest assured that the entirety of your engine system is clean with a single treatment. It is also protected from engine surge, rough idling, including spark plug fouling. Furthermore, Techron restores lost fuel economy, power, and fuel gauge sensor operation.

All the more, this product improves fuel stability up to 1 year – a feature that only Techron promises. It is recommended for use every a 3,000-mile interval for trucks and autos, while other gas engines (dirt bikes, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc.) can likewise use it when necessary. Read our detailed review of the Chevron Techron.

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Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

41mUEwwpk8LFinally, the 15-ounce Complete SI-1 Fuel Cleaner by Red Line Oil garners an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. It is a concentrated cleaner and detergent-based additive that is effective in cleaning carburetors, valves, combustion chambers, and injectors. It is able to remove deposits through its concentrated mixture of the most powerful low-temp and high-temp detergents.

This is the best fuel injector cleaner additive with almost 100% efficiency. This additive is also effective in reducing the need for octane, while cleaning the pollution control valves at the same time. It has a synthetic upper cylinder oil, like no other, allowing a single bottle per tank those results in the most helpful treatment.

This additive may be used in smaller doses too, specifically for maintenance purposes as a single bottle of 15-ounce can treat up to 100 gallons. It is perfect for oxygenated fuel, while ensuring safety, even for a continuous use.

Hence, quality is rest assured as its manufacturer – the Red Line Oil Corporation is a trusted provider of premium products like gear oils, motor oils, fuel injector cleaners, assembly lubes, and more. Since 1979, this brand has established its reputation among racers and enthusiasts, offering top-notch products that protect and perform better than others.

Overall, the SI-1 has a unique formulation in increasing power and fuel mileage as well as in lowering exhaust emissions. It is highly effective in lubricating and cleaning the whole fuel system, which results in a more efficient fuel burning for optimum power like no other. Read our review of the Red Line 60103.

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Fuel Injector Cleaner Buying Guide

After the best fuel injector cleaner reviews, this section of the article talks about the major considerations when choosing the cleaners. Each of the information in the buying guide will assist every probable buyer of such products, helping them pick the most efficient product possible.

Major Considerations

Similar to other products on the market, there are the main considerations that you have to take note of when shopping for fuel injectors. Below are the most important factors.

  • Cost Efficiency – For most consumers, the wisest choice is always picking the most cost-efficient product. The same principle goes with the fuel injector cleaning systems. Some cleaners will require you to use over one serving or a single dose, perhaps more than one bottle for noticeable results. However, other products promise to give you a favorable outcome with just a single dose or bottle of their product. The potency and the total cost per serving play crucial roles throughout this decision-making; thereby, going for the highly recommended product is the best thing to do.
  • Cleaning Potency – Fuel additives are equivalent to cleaning potency. Hence, each product must provide at least satisfactory results to consumers. On that note, reading about customer reviews and feedbacks is essential in determining the cleaning potency of a product.

Key Benefits

The best fuel additive to clean injectors should always offer benefits, although one product may promise specific results over its competitors. Nonetheless, the benefits must be simple, yet straightforward and favorable. Most of the reviewed products in this article claim for better performance, more power, and an improved fuel efficiency. A large number of reviews also indicate other benefits like gas mileage improvement as well as a reduction in emissions. Below are the real key benefits of the proper use of injector cleaning systems.

  • Combustion Efficiency – Once the right amount of fuel is infused into the cylinder, the engine’s combustion becomes highly efficient. Dirty fuel injectors, on the other hand, results in a poor fuel flow, plus disrupted fuel sprays. Before anything else is affected by small particles and deposits, the cleaning and maintenance of fuel injectors will ensure an efficient combustion.
  • Better Engine Performance – The poor functioning of fuel injectors also results in several issues that badly affect the overall engine performance. This is mainly due to the irregular fuel supply, causing the engine to fluctuate between low and high RPMs; thus, compromising the delivery of power. But, when fuel injectors are cleaned up from unwanted particles, the engine becomes more reliable and smooth, providing a better overall engine performance.
  • Improved Mileage – The best fuel injector cleaner also promises to provide an improved mileage. Keep in mind that clogged injectors cause the fuel system to compensate the poor supply of fuel, resulting in an excess fuel injection. Therefore, this process results in high fuel consumption, while the engine power remains low. Again, the regular use of fuel injector cleaners allows for a better mileage.
  • Reduced Emissions – Fuel injectors that work perfectly tend to ensure proper fuel vapor, which eventually results in proper combustion. On the contrary, clogged and problematic fuel injectors might deliver fuel in streams, which could cause poor combustion, hence, increasing poisonous emissions. Once again, the cleaning of fuel injectors ensures vapor mist delivery, which then results in more efficient combustion and reduced emissions.

Other Factors

By now, you have a better understanding on how fuel injectors and fuel injector cleaners work, including the key benefits of having a clean system. So, it is important to get the best fuel injection cleaner on the market so as to maximize the promised results. Here are a few things to take note of when shopping for this product.

Certainly, the brand plays a crucial part, throughout the process. In spite the unlimited selections of these products today, it is safe to say the least, that sticking to a trusted brand or manufacturer is a wise decision. The brand may determine the outcome or results. So, relying on customer ratings, reviews and feedbacks are equally helpful.

Moreover, it is wise to compare the available products, evaluating the features and capabilities of one product over the other. Keep in mind that some products merely promote, and never keep to their promises. Top-notch quality and long-lasting results are demanded for, so pay attention to product details and descriptions, prior to your purchase. Lastly, the price may a huge consideration of you’re the ‘budget’ type of consumer. But, it should never matter as long as meets or exceeds your car’s needs.


In a nutshell, fuel injectors within the car’s system can malfunction differently. At times, it may be caused by electrical-related parts of the fuel injector, although the main cause of such issues is attributed to carbon deposits and particles from poor fuel. These carbon deposits are sometimes caused by the engine’s extended use.

Nevertheless, the only solution to such problem is the use of the best fuel additive for cars. The use of such additives, no longer require you to visit an auto shop, which can cause you a lot of money, because some of these products are ready-to-use formulations. Thus, cleaning your fuel injectors can be a do-it-yourself task, unlike before.

The best thing about these fuel injector cleaning solutions today is that they are easy to use, eliminating the complexities of mechanical repair or electrical works in specialized shops. Just like the products in this article, you can use these cleaning kits properly and safely so as to achieve the key benefits that each of the fuel additive cleaner promise.

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