Best Fuel Stabilizer Reviews 2020

Fuel stabilizers are widely used in small engines and motorized equipment that is less often used like lawn mowers and tractor engines. This additive tends to assist in fuel preservation while ensuring a struggle-free engine launch. Also, fuel stabilizer greatly helps in keeping the fuel clean and protecting essential parts against the formation of harsh and destructive substances.

Today, the market offers different brands of gas stabilizers, making it difficult for the consumers to choose between these products, especially the first-time users. It is because most brands of these additives claim to have the most effective formulation.

Luckily, this fuel stabilizer review will make your search easier and faster, providing you with no less than the top-rated and most reliable products on the market. As you go along, you will learn about the effective stabilizers, which have been rated by actual users. Included in the article is a buying guideline that further helps you throughout your decision-making later on.

Best Fuel Stabilizer Reviews 2016

PRI Fuel Stabilizer

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The first product on the short list is the PRI Fuel StabilizerPRI Fuel Stabilizer with an average rating of 4.8-Stars. This fuel economy booster comes in a 16-ounce container and claims to treat up to 256 gallons of petroleum. With a ratio of 1-ounce to 4-gallons of fuel, this gasoline stabilizer helps in increasing fuel economy between 5% and 15%.

The PRI Fuel Stabilizer is likewise effective in preserving the stored gas in refinery, allowing the gas at its stable condition for use afterwards. This stabilizer brand also helps in the improvement of your vehicle’s power output, restoring it to a brand new-like condition because the engine tends to function more efficiently, while remaining stable after removing the carbon deposits.

The PRI Fuel Stabilizer has been just among the gasoline stabilizers that are very concentrated, although it contains additives that result in fuel clean up. It is very effective in any gasoline type, even for the latest E-10 component. Hence, it enables a vehicle to perform at its maximum potential.

In fact, the PRI Fuel Stabilizer is continuously creating a lot of happy customers nationwide. Many of them have been using this stabilizer for many years now, saying that their equipment, such as a generator is always on its tip-top condition. They are also impressed with the shelf life of the product as it is generally three times longer than other brands.

The size of this also makes it a must-have item as many customers say that it is more than enough supply to last for a long period. Hence, the PRI Fuel Stabilizer is a highly recommended product that receives one of the top ratings on Amazon.

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Royal Purple 11722 Cleaner and Stabilizer

Next up is the Royal Purple 11722 Cleaner and Stabilizer, which is available in a 20-ounce container. Garnering an average rating of 4.6-Stars, this fuel system stabilizer does not only stabilize the entire fuel system, but also cleans the injectors. It is effective in restoring and sustaining fuel economy, while reducing engine buildup as well as tailpipe emissions.

The Royal Purple Max-Clean boasts a proprietary technology that targets the intake system, including the combustion chamber. Thus, it is considered to be very efficient on the whole spectrum of engines, whether old or new, diesel or gasoline, supercharged or turbocharged, or naturally aspirated.

The Max-Clean is a kind of gas preservative that endured several tests, which were conducted on different models and makes of vehicles. Later on, it has been found and proven that, indeed, it is a treatment system that improves fuel economy up to 3.2% and a 2.6% increase in horsepower.

This cleaner and stabilizer also claim to reduce nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon emissions on average of 13%, 18%, and 12% respectively. Besides that benefit, Max-Clean prevents rough idle, stalling, and hesitation, while preventing premature spark plug foul simultaneously. This product is likewise reliable in the reduction of deposit-related engine pinging and knocking.

All in all, the Royal Purple Max-Clean offers substantial and helpful effects on the overall performance of your engine, improving its reliability and function at the same time. It is considered by many as the best fuel stabilizer that restores the engine into its like-new state, while improving fuel economy, restoring horsepower, and acts as superior oxidation and corrosion inhibitor.

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STA-BIL 360 22240 with Vapor Technology


Another product with a 4.8 star rating is the STA-BIL 360 22240 with Vapor Technology. This 32-ounce gas stabilizer is the only treatment that produces a revolutionary vapor technology, rising above the fuel line so as to provide an unmatched protection like no other. It is effective in keeping the engine leaner, cleaner, stronger, and smoother than ever.

Apart from the protective, vapor technology, this fuel system treatment also helps in the prevention of ethanol fuel-related damages that are usually in small engines and most vehicles. Its advanced formula is also effective for motored equipment that is used in water environments, helping in the moisture removal for better performance.

In addition, the STA-BIL is a reliable fuel stabilizer that keeps the fuel fresh and clean during storage. It is also efficient in increasing the engine power due to its capability of stripping away carbon buildup, varnish, and gum that commonly slows down engine performance. It maximizes the fuel performance by burning the fuel more completely, unlike other fuel system treatments; thereby, it is reliable in restoring the engine power like brand new.

This Sta Bil fuel additive review also tells you that such brand is an effective fuel system cleaner, clearing and preventing the formation of harsh varnish and gum buildup throughout injectors and the combustion chamber. All these capabilities certainly result in an optimal fuel economy as it burns fuel more efficiently and completely, while restoring the engine and fuel system simultaneously.

All the more, it is helpful in the prevention of ethanol-related damages like rust and corrosion, and damages related to moisture. The STA-BIL 360 22240 surely provides a protective coating on virtually all the metal parts of the combustion chamber and the whole fuel system.

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Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment


Meanwhile, the Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment by Star Brite receives a 4.9-Star rating from its customers on Amazon. This concentrated formula, comes in a 32-ounce bottle, and claims to treat up to 512 gallons of fuel. It is also said to be a multifunctional fuel additive, making use of an exclusive enzyme technology that results in an easy startup of the engine, plus a smooth function.

The Tron Enzyme is also said to be effective, despite making use of ethanol-blended fuel. It is likewise helpful for engines that have been sitting idle for a long time. Hence, it could be the best fuel stabilizer for ethanol as it cures and prevents ethanol-related problems and damages. It is reliable by breaking down excess water, including sludge into sub-micron size. This allows for a safe burn away during normal engine function; thereby, helping in the prevention of phase separation.

This product is also helpful in the improvement and restoration of fuel economy. It comes in handy to cleaning the whole fuel delivery system as it eliminates performance-robbing varnish and gum deposits, while improving the fuel burn. All this leads to more complete and even combustion, reduced emissions, reliable operation, increase fuel efficiency, and maximum performance.

Additionally, the Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment by Star Brite is highly capable of stabilizing fuel up to 2 years, preventing gum formation, including the formation of other solids that tend to clog fuel injectors and carburetors. Overall, it is effective in rejuvenating sub-spec and old fuel, making engines start effortlessly and run smoothly. The Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment can be used in all fuel and all engines.

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Lucas 10001 Oil Stabilizer


Finally, the 4.8-Star-rated Lucas 10001 Oil Stabilizer is a heavy duty product that comes available in a 32-ounce container. The Lucas fuel stabilizer is easy to use and widely popular as a preventive maintenance product because it eliminates dry starts, allowing for quick and effortless engine launch.

This product also claims to extend oil life and reduce oil temperature in gasoline or diesel, and in any engine. Instead, it improves oil pressure, while reducing leaking, smoking, knocking, and even blow-by in old and worn engines. This fuel preservative is also helpful in controlling overheating, noise, leakage, including wear in gear boxes.

Made in the United States,  Lucas 10001 Oil Stabilizer tends to increase oil life for up to 50% longer than other brands. Delivering a combination of film strength and lubricity, it also reduces wear and friction, which results in a better seal between the cylinder walls and rings. Since oil pressure is improved, dry starts are then eliminated, allowing for an effortless engine launch.

Besides increasing power, it also increases miles per gallon, allowing for reduced oil consumption. After all, this stable gas additive comes from one of the most reliable brands on the market – Lucas, which has been creating a premium line of additives and lubricants that are available almost everywhere.

Since its establishment, Lucas Oil has remained committed to manufacturing no less than world-class automotive, industrial, specialty, and heavy duty oil products. Thus, you are rest assured that this product has been produced based on hard work, delivering results that are much-needed by every customer in order to maximize the potential of their vehicles and other motorized equipment.

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Fuel Stabilizer Buying Guide

After having a glimpse of the top-rated products on the market, it is now time to go more in-depth about fuel stabilizers. This section of the article will give you more insights on how such component really works, including its primary benefits and some confirmation on contrary claims.

How Fuel Stabilizer Works?

In order to really learn the function of this fuel system additive, it is necessary to go down to the ‘chemical level’, although you do not need to be a chemist to understand the associated, intimidating complexities. So, how does fuel stabilizer work? Primarily, this component interacts with the fuel or diesel of your vehicle. To make things simpler, fuel stabilizers are broken down into 2 basic components, acting like a protective coating for the fuel.

For instance, the Lucas Oil is made of between 50% and 60% of the hydro-treated paraffinic distillate, plus 25% to 35% of solvent naphtha. The first component is basically a type of petroleum, such as kerosene, while Naphtha is also a petroleum product, although it is among the heavier fuels, which result from raw petroleum process.

Disregarding the exact formula of this brand, it is still clear that this fuel stabilizer serves as a protective layer by bonding with the fuel chemically. Hence, it prevents fuel evaporation in order to avoid the formation of carburetor-busting resins. It is also capable of lubricating almost everything, stopping the sticky deposits from lingering behind the fuel tank.

To simplify this further, the best gas stabilizer is a series of antioxidants and lubricants that have been formulated to impede the evaporation rate, while keeping water away. In this scenario, the hydro-treated paraffinic distillate is considered to be the big antioxidant and lubricant, while the naphtha part gives the bang back to the fuel.

Protector or Placebo

There are also increasing hearsays that fuel stabilizers are not really protectors, instead they are mainly placebo. Some people claim that his fuel system additive is merely a snake oil, making motorists and car owners feel better once they store their vehicles away with gas in their tanks. Others say that there is no difference at all, whether the tank is full or empty, claiming that there is no need to buy and use any of these products.

On the contrary, many people swear by it, using such product allows for a protective coating, whether for their classic cars, boats, lawn mowers, and other motorized equipment. The same people strongly believe that by using this additive, the fuel in the tank remains protected from sticky, gummy, and harmful resins that are destined to clog the carburetor as these resins sit there over time.

Meanwhile, the experts are quick to claim that having the best gasoline stabilizer offers a lot of benefits both for the vehicle and the driver. Some professionals even say that it is not worth the risk skipping on such component as one bottle only cost less than 20 dollars, for the cheapest brand. And, this single bottle can treat gallons of fuel, making it a reasonable and wise purchase for any vehicle owner.

Primary Benefits

Many gas stabilizer reviews will tell you about the probable benefits of using such fuel system additive. These are based mainly on the experiences of first-hand users, indicating the advantages that they enjoy through this product. The same benefits are also promised by the different manufacturers of these stabilizers.

  • Protects engine from ethanol-related damages
  • Helps maximize fuel economy
  • Helps in prolonging engine life and function
  • Restores engine power and performance
  • Keeps fuel stable and fresh
  • Protects metal engine parts from corrosion and rust due to the corrosion inhibitors found in the substance
  • Stops chemical reactions that are usually caused by dissolving metal particles in fuel
  • Prevents the buildup of varnish and gum on engine parts, thanks to the detergent-like ingredients in stabilizers
  • Water protection inhibitors are also found in these substances, protecting the engine from the water’s harmful effects, which are attributed to ethanol
  • Stabilizer formulas are available in different sizes, allowing for a wide array of choices, depending on the consumer’s available budget

Other Advantages

Some manufacturers claim more benefits other than the above-mentioned details. Today, some brands of fuel stabilizers have the most advanced formula in keeping the fuel fresh up to 36 months. So, there is no need to worry about the engine, even if it is stuck over the winter season.

Moreover, other manufacturers offer unique formula that is capable of guarding against octane loss because of ethanol separation. Such feature is also helpful in protecting the engine from pre-ignition as well as other low-octane instances.


At this point, you now have enough information about the different brands of stabilizers on the market. Rest assured that the featured products in this article are no less than the reliable choices, which have been tested and proven effective by first-hand users.

Without a doubt, choosing the best fuel stabilizer for cars and other motorized equipment is essential for every owner and driver, prolonging the lifespan of the engine through the use of such protective coating found in stabilizers.

Regardless the price or brand of the product, it is always important to use the most reliable gasoline preservative stabilizer so as to maximize fuel economy, restore and improve the engine performance and power, while keeping the fuel stable and fresh all at the same time.

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