Best Handheld Spotlight Reviews 2020

Finding the best handheld spotlight may be a trivial thing to do for others, but this excellent tool does a lot for your needs. Remember, during emergencies and crises, a handheld spotlight has always been useful. Moreover, almost every industry is considering to have the best spotlights they could get for their operations.

You do not necessarily have to settle for the most expensive spotlight or a product recommended by your friend. You could make the selection yourself. Begin with checking out the most powerful handheld spotlight options, learning how to choose wisely, and studying its proper usage.

Best Handheld Spotlight Review

Stanley SL10LEDS Handheld Spotlight


The handheld spotlight reviews proved that this portable product is powerful and long-lasting. You can use it in any operations, such as in your backyard, nearby forest, camp, or automobile. It is also a useful assistance in times of power outage and emergencies.

Stanley SL10LEDS spotlight could work even in the darkest areas. It has an ultra-bright 10-watt LED, which will serve you for a longer time than the standard type of lighting. This item could generate as much as 920 lumens.

Stanley SL10LEDS’ runtime is up to seven hours. The rechargeable lithium ion battery even stays functional up to a year. It has three mode triggers, which are off, low, and high.

Instead of plastic or glass, it is made of bezel material. In other words, it will last longer and is not prone to early breakage. This makes it applicable even for the most rugged operations.

For hands-free use, it has a stand that is collapsible. You may charge the spotlight using alternating current and direct current charging adaptors.


  • Exterior is made of durable plastic
  • Two brightness controls
  • Easy to use functions
  • Comes with a hands-free stand
  • Generates beam even at farthest distances


  • Reports of charging defects.

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Satco SF77/394 Handheld Spotlight


This is a multi-purpose spotlight. It is supported by 60-watt illumination power. The primary difference of this is its aiming capability in different directions.

This model from Satco allows you to control the position and angle of lighting manageably. Satco SF77/394 even has a locking-in method, which means it will not maneuver when set in a certain position. You may even use it as mounted or free standing type.

This is a practical product not only in terms of its multi-purpose lighting but due to its great finish. It has a classical style that will never go wrong. You could even select from different colors available, such as white, black, chrome, brass, and almond.

Besides using it in rugged purposes, you may also utilize it for displays and reading. At the back of Satco SF77/394, it has a rotary on and off switch. It comes with a six feet wire to eliminate the issue of finding the right location for it.


  • Customizable angle of lighting
  • Lightweight
  • Provides satisfactory lighting even at wider areas
  • Multiple installation options
  • Durable metal casing


  • Heats up excessively when used.

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Streamlight 44900 WayPoint Handheld Spotlight


This portable kind could generate illumination of as much as 550 lumens. You also have the option of low setting that gives up 40 lumens. The lighting device makes use of C4 LED technology that could last up to 50,000 hours and is resistant to shock.

Streamlight 44900 is a pistol-grip style of handle, making the spotlight easier to carry. The device has an integrated stand in case you need to perform other activity. Even when fixated at a certain position, it will still provide an accurate scene lighting.

Besides using the alkaline batteries, it is your choice to utilize the 12 volts direct current power cord. This allows unlimited operation. The package comes with the power cord and four C batteries.

The LED lighting is paired with a deep-dish parabolic reflector. It allows lighting even at the farthest distances. It guarantees high-quality peripheral viewing. You can also ensure that the device will remain durable given its high impact polycarbonate casing.

Amazingly, Streamlight 44900 also has a waterproof rating of IPX4. Even at an instance of one-meter impact, it will never be broken. To complete the device overall structure, it has a removable lanyard and O-ring seal.


  • Bright light allows 100% visibility
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to drops
  • Longer battery life
  • Good beam distance


  • Too bulky for storage

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Sirius 500 Handheld Spotlight


The durable spotlight is made up of six XPE-Q5 Cree LED lights, which are highly powered and emit white light perfect for any application. The device is designed ergonomically with a handle wrapped in rubber. In a span of four hours, it could generate up to 500 lumens.

Sirius 500 is also powered by 2.5 amperes per hour and six volts rechargeable battery. This is useful in any place or job given it generates reliable illumination. Even when wet, its operation will never be affected.

Included in the package are removable red lens, 12 volts direct current car plug, and 12 volts home charger. Its burn time based on six LED lights is 12 hours, whereas three hours for the three CREEs. It allows you to illuminate any object even while away from a power source.

Sirius 500 has an adaptable design, making it more ideal for men. Its ergonomic handle even has a trigger pulse switch for added comfort.


  • Produces sufficient beam
  • Not bulky or heavy
  • Holds a long charge
  • Fits well in the hand
  • Has lock-on feature


  • Poor fit of red lens

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Rayovac Sportsman 6-AA Handheld Spotlight


This one would match your frequent outdoor excursions. It is a great tool even for the darkest areas you will visit. It has an indestructible lighting power with its 6-AA power source.

Besides its time-tested durability and lighting capability, Rayovac Sportsman 6-AA boasts its waterproof rating of IPX7. This means you could submerge it into the water without worrying about degradation of quality. It could even be tossed in water if you want to.

The high performance LED of the product generates as much as 500 lumens on high mode. If you want to save energy, you could set it to low, giving off only 52 lumens. It is a drop-tested product, which means even if you drop it from a roof 15 feet to the ground, no impact will cause its breakage.

Its powerful LED is paired with a shatterproof reflector. The head of the device is molded with rubber for extra protection. Apart from compact design, its internal structure has resistance from an impact.

At high setting, Rayovac Sportsman 6-AA could work as long as 10 hours. For convenient carrying, you may use its wrist strap.


  • Good light distribution
  • Very bright beam
  • For heavy duty use
  • Exceptional balance of light generation and battery consumption
  • Three lighting modes


  • No instructions included

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Types of Handheld Spotlight

Similar to typical lighting, even the best spotlight has its category or type. By learning the different types of the product, you will also be able to assess its performance more easily. Every type of handheld spotlight has its considerable features and accompanying disadvantages.

  • Fixed Beam-Angle Spotlight – From the name itself, it has a constant generation of beam widths. The device does not have the feature of letting you customize the size of the projected light. You have to move the entire fixture if you want to do so.

However, this type gives you the option of focusing its lenses. You can tweak the hardness or softness of its illumination edges. Fixed beam-angle spotlight is slightly upgraded as the zoom profile kind, which has adjustable dual lenses.

  • LED Spotlight – The popularity of LED lights became extensive due to its affordability compared to others available. Moreover, it does not consume much power for it only requires 10 percent of energy of what incandescent lights need. Besides being an energy-saving solution, it could work up to 50,000 hours.

LED spotlights are known for its dimmable feature. You can change how dark or bright the illumination will be. What made LED spotlights more efficient is that the color does not change as the brightness is altered.

Their lifespan is not computed while including the frequency of turning on and off the light. Its service life is totally dependent on how long it is powered up. Many have preferred this type for it also comes in various colors, such as blue, warm white, green, white, and red.

  • Halogen Spotlight – This could be your best rechargeable spotlight since it is usually lightweight and small in size. Compared to its rivals, it has lower upfront costs due to its cheaper manufacturing requirement. It is considered safer to use since it does not utilize mercury substance or the like.

The color temperature of halogen spotlight is deemed better. Its beam may be considered almost similar to sunlight. Furthermore, it has a longer lifecycle than that of incandescent lights.

Nonetheless, others still search for the best LED spotlight for it could be very hot. Moreover, it is possible for the lighting to blow up.

All of the given class of spotlights could either be powered by battery that is rechargeable or disposable. The former may be considered more economical since you only need to charge the batteries after hours of use and place it again once full.

What to Look For When Buying

There are various considerations to make when buying the best spotlight for hunting or other purposes. Every spotlight has its features and differences compared to others. To ensure you will get the most out of the product, here are features to take regard of carefully:

  • Type of Bulb – You will encounter more than the best LED spotlight. It is necessary to be open in evaluating other bulb types to use besides LED and halogen. It is probable that you may also come across xenon, krypton, and high-pressure xenon bulbs.

Xenon bulbs are made of glass material. It is made out of non-reactive gases and metal salts. The bulb is known for producing illumination that is bright, clear, and white in color.

Krypton bulbs are also made of glass, but makes use of krypton gas. The average life of the bulb is up to 2,000 hours. The technology behind the bulb is the filament use.

Lastly, you have the high-pressure xenon bulb, which is also made of glass, but with thicker structure. You will find this bulb 50 percent that of standard xenon bulb size. The bulb functions following the gas release mechanism.

  • Brightness – It is true that brightness matters a lot since you have to see everything in a wider perspective and in detail. Nonetheless, there are spotlights that are way too bright making visibility even worse than when it is dark. Most of the time, a handheld spotlight could generate more than 300 lumens.

The subject of determining how bright a spotlight is largely dependent on a person’s preference. There are cases that an individual may see perfectly even when the light is too bright for others. This explains why you should specify this yourself.

  • Portability – You have to consider the weight of the handheld spotlight. Prevent a product that is not the brightest handheld spotlight but difficult to carry when hunting. Always consider something mobile and suitable for walking.
  • Bezels – It could be regarded as the replacement for plastic and glass materials. Basically, the former is easily scratched and could become foggy over time. The latter is prone to breakage.

Bezels were made to add rugged material for spotlights. It is clearer, resistant to almost all impacts, and harder to scratch. If you are looking for high performing bezels, it is best to settle with Pyrex or Lexan.

  • Batteries – If you will select between non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries, you should choose the latter. This is considered to more economical since you will prevent frequent replacements. However, it requires regular and correct maintenance to lengthen its lifecycle.
  • Hands-Free Operation – Although the name of the product suggests it must be carried by the user, you still have the option to take advantage of hands-free operation. Try looking for spotlights with stands that could be adjusted in different angles.

Using/ Safety Tips

The most powerful spotlight will not be advantageous for your purpose without its proper use. You should learn how to utilize correctly and safely at the same time. For instance, there are cases that you may incorrectly set its lighting, making your hunt less unsuccessful since you failed to detect your prey.

  • Dimming – If you are using best hunting spotlights that are either operated by halogen or incandescent bulbs, you should never forget the dimming factor. You do not always have to generate a light that is too bright. In hunting, this is not a good thing to do for it results to distraction.

Moreover, by dimming the spotlights when possible, you also reduce the heat and energy output. You will even make it more feasible to extend the life of the lamp.

  • Always Bring Extra Batteries – If you will go out for a long hunt, you should always have spare batteries with you. This is why you will often find rechargeable spotlight reviews getting much attention. You can simply charge the batteries and bring them for back-up instead of buying numerous sets of disposable ones.
  • Do Not Use Excessively – If you are in a discreet operation in the dark, you are not required to use your spotlight every now and then. Keep its use to the minimum. There are times that you will be able to observe movements without the lights on.
  • Power Up at a Considerable Distance – Using the spotlight at close proximity will make its use void. You will not even see a thing for everything will be too bright. If you are going to light an object, you must stand at a considerable distance before doing so.
  • Clean the Spotlight – It may be unexpected, but this tip goes a long way in lengthening the lifespan of your device. You must spare a few minutes in cleaning your spotlight with a cotton swab. Focus on the holder and its interior, ensuring that moisture and dirt will not build up.
  • Consider It Not Water-Resistant – In case your spotlight gets into the water and it is claimed as a waterproof device, you should still dry it. Prior to this, take out the battery first. If you can, you should detach its every component.
  • Store It Properly – Storing the spotlight means taking out its battery. If you will let the battery be kept into the device longer, this may result to corrosion and leakage.
  • Remember Precaution in Flashing – If you are with someone within the beam radius of the spotlight, you should never light up the device directly in front of him or her. This is a dangerous thing to do for it may result to retina stimulation, dizziness, and blindness in worst case.
  • Use a Separate Battery Pack – Accessories included in the spotlight are added for a purpose. If your chosen spotlight comes with a carrier for battery, you should use it. This helps reduce its overall weight.


The best handheld spotlight you could purchase is Streamlight 44900 WayPoint Handheld Spotlight since it is the most recommendable among the rechargeable products. Moreover, it comes from among the excellent manufacturers of spotlights. Besides its efficacy in emergencies, since it has a longer lifetime at 50,000 hours, it even allows customization in intensity mode, reflector, and power source.

In case you prefer a different handheld spotlight, you may purchase a different one. Basically, all of the featured products could satisfy consumer’s standards in different ways.

You may now improve your operations perfectly with the best handheld spotlight. Choose one wisely and make your job successful every time with the aid of sufficient illumination.

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