Best Heat Gun Reviews 2020

There are varieties of uses of heat guns in your daily life. In fact, you’ve been using it ever since you were young in many technical and practical applications. They come in handy due to their relatively small sizes and light weight. If you want to know more about heat guns, you should check out heat gun reviews.

They are versatile tools that you should at least have in your toolkit. There are conventional and unconventional uses of heat guns in your daily life, and you would be surprised to some of them. If ever you are familiar with shrink wrapping, this tool is actually very useful at it.

Another application of this mini device is for paint drying. Heat guns are extremely useful in this application. In order to dry the paint faster without messing it up, heat guns are very useful because it can direct the heat for proper application.

Actually, heat guns advantages and uses are unlimited. You just name it. The problem is the different applications that you would use it for. There are different heat guns for different situations. Of course, it is not expected that for this little tool.

You might also be interested to know the best heat gun brand in the market. This article would help you in deciding what brand of heat gun to buy because of the numerous reviews from those users who have just recently bought it.

Best Heat Gun Reviews

Wagner 0503008


Wagner Power Products is the maker of this Wagner 0503008 heat gun.  It received 4.7 stars out of 5 from the users, which prove its good quality. This is a 1200 watt heat gun for a variety of purposes and a good cheap heat gun as well.

The product is manufactured in China and is imported. The price of this heat gun is really affordable which will cost you a few pennies. A lot of customers have already bought it, and so far, they have been giving good feedback about it.

This is considered as a power heat gun and the best heat gun for the money. The cost is not that much, but you would get more benefits out of the product. This is actually created for the purpose of paint stripping, thawing pipes, and loosening the really tight floor tiles.

You can adjust the heating point of this product, which is a great feature because not all products have the same mechanism. The heat gun reviews rating of this product show that many users and buyers are patronizing this tool that is created by Wagner.

There are instances that bolts get rusty, so it would be really hard to make it work smoothly because of the rust. This heat gun is extremely helpful in these situations. According to most of the users, the low setting of this heat gun is just perfect for shrink wrapping because the power is just enough so the material would be safe from being burnt or overly heated.

The best heat should be set for different kinds of materials to avoid damaging it because heat guns are really powerful in releasing steam heat. This product also could cause heating of substances in much faster pace compared to other heat guns in the market because it is a good find for its price.

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This is a product of Porter–Cable, one of the most promising makers of heat guns. It gained 4.7 stars out of 5 as well from the users and buyers. This heat gun is higher in price, and it amounts to a middle-ranged price. What is good about this product is its higher power of 1500 Watts, which makes a durable tool.

This is a heavy duty heat gun because the application of its uses is more of the industrial purposes. To make it really sellable, the makers included a variable dial that conquered the variable temperature heat gun reviews by satisfied customers.

Another extraordinary thing about this tool is that you can work without holding it because it comes with an integrated hands-free support. Workers would surely love this. There is also a dual fan built in for selecting the speed, which means the user has a control over it.

The product is certified to be frustration free, so your money would be all worth it if you purchase this product. Aside from this, you would get a warranty upon purchase as the after sales service of the makers. One of the customer feedback noted that their customer service team is really very accommodating.

Some customers noted that they also have used this heat gun for melting the heavy ice on their roofs. The fan speed really worked great, and it effectively decreased the weight of the snow on their roofs.

If you are searching for a product that you can easily manipulate the controls, then, this one is for you. There are a lot of heat gun uses, and it is recommended to buy durable ones like this. This Porter product could be the next best item in your toolkit provided that it has a variety of uses more than you can imagine.

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Genesis GHG 1500A


Genesis is the maker of this heat gun that gained 4.3 stars out of 5. This heat gun is very affordable in Amazon. Just like other tools, this particular product also has its unique features and characteristics.

It is hard to decide which heat gun is best. If your reason to purchase a heat gun is for thawing pipes, then, you have come across the best heat gun for your need. This comes with two different watts that are 700 and 1500 depending on your need. A very powerful Amp motor is also included in the package, which makes it even more durable.

In terms of versatility, the temperature could be set according to your preference. You can choose from high to low. Of course, you need to base it with the material of the object you are going to use the heat gun for.

This is a heavy duty heat gun, and it is perfect for soldering jobs. There is a deflector nozzle that can be used to protect and avoid the breaking of glasses especially the sensitive ones. On the other hand, another great feature is the reflector nozzle. The main job of this one is to make thawing of pipes faster.

If you are looking for a product or heat gun that would produce an extreme temperature or amount of heat, then, you have come to the right tool. According to some heat gun reviews, Genesis GHG is very effective in producing high temperature for desoldering electrical materials.

This heat gun could be used for industrial purposes and for electrical purposes as well due to that capability. Another good reason to use it is that even though it is blowing hot, the body of the heat gun still remains cool, so you don’t need to worry about getting burnt.

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This is the product of DEWALT that costs rather expensive in Amazon. This product has gained 4.8 stars out of 5, which justified the high quality of this heat gun and the amazing capabilities. The unique feature of this product is that it has its own built-in LCD screen that is used in regulating temperature.

This Amazon heat gun is considered as one the heavy duty heat guns available in the market.  When you buy this package, a lot of useful accessories would be included as well. To ensure safety, this heat automatically shuts down to avoid an accident when it has been set to passive mode.

You need to learn how to use a heat gun before you can effectively manipulate this product.  There is also a hang ring to add up to its storage capability. Some users of heat guns often complain about cords that easily get torn. With this Dewalt heat gun, they have provided a cord protector in order to prevent it from wearing out due to coiling.

A kickstand is included in the package to promote a stable working environment. The Dewalt heat gun review provided some of the customer feedback on how consistent this product is in terms of stability and mess-free output.

The power cord is long enough to reach greater distance, unlike other heat guns that have very short cords. The controls are digitalized, which will give you a sense of technology. If you need to work on shrink wraps, then, this heat gun is for you.

The design of this DEWALT heat gun is extraordinary and very well structured. You will get the best value out of it if you avail it in Amazon. Heat guns are in demand nowadays due to their many uses. If your job requires much of the functions of a heat gun, then, purchasing this tool is recommended.

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Black & Decker HG1300 Dual Temperature


Who hasn’t heard of Black & Decker? They have gained popularity even before because of the quality of their tools and services. You would be surprised that their heat gun is very much affordable.  It is astoundingly cheap for such a brand. This heat gun was given 4.6 stars out 5 by the consumers.

The black and decker heat gun review noted some of the feedbacks from the users. Most of the feedbacks are actually expected, and it is all about the great quality. This is considered as the best heat gun of Black & Decker. You could choose from its two settings, which are 750 Degrees or 1000 Degrees.

A built-in stand is also included in order to speed up the cooling down of the tool. In terms of its design, it is created with much simplicity for ease of use and comfort. The weight is also very light, so even women could use it without a problem.

This heat gun is very appropriate for strip painting as well for loosening a very tough rusty bolt.  Aside from these, it has a lot of conventional uses. It is a corded heat gun, and it has 1350 watt that is actually very powerful for its size.

Some consumers even used it for hair drying because it is actually very safe to use. You can also remove window tint with heat gun. In line with this, to avoid toxic chemical materials, you can make use of this heat gun to remove a paint strip. It is a natural and safer way of removal.

There are times when adhesives are really tough, and it is frustrating. Some people put stickers on their cars and spend a great deal in removing it. This is where heat guns are very useful. Just set the temperature to an ample degree and remove those sticky adhesives in no time.

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Conventional and Non-Conventional Uses of Heat Guns

If you are a person who is always working with men’s stuff, then probably, you know some fundamentals about heat guns. However, there are still a lot of people who haven’t even tried using it yet.

Here is the list of some of its practical uses. This is not a definite list because there are a lot to mention.

Repair of Vinyl

There are times that you need extreme to repair a leather texture material. Heat guns are useful in these situations. Unwanted fibers could be trimmed using a good heat gun.

Tinting a Window

One of its practical applications is tinting a window, especially for cars. You are actually going to use the heat to shrink the film through your car’s window.  It is done at such a faster pace.


Stretching the vinyl has never been easier. This is so much effective in this situation that’s why upholster workers would actually love to buy their own heat gun because it could double their productivity.

Embossing Materials

Have you heard the term emboss? You can see it in shirts most of the time. If you would like to explore crafts, then try this one. You just need an embossing ink and powder. The job of the heat gun is to produce heat that could raise the embossing powder.

Shrink Wrapping

This is a common application of heat guns. The function of heat gun in this case is very incomparable so no questions about that.

Drying the Paint

Waiting for the paint to dry could be a very tedious job.  Heat guns are a great companion when you want to dry paint faster and with less mess. Try and see it for yourself, and you would be amazed.

Softening Adhesives

Just like the mentioned situation above, adhesives could really be frustrating to work with. It’s hard to remove them from glasses and in fact, every material. A heat gun would do the trick.  Choose the highest degrees and watch how it would do the job for you.

How to Choose Your Heat Gun

The important thing in buying a heat gun is the fact that you know how to use it and where you will use it. There are best heat guns for paint stripping, soldering, and much more.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes for heat guns. Some of them have complex designs and mechanisms and some have a very simple feature and design. It is a good investment to buy a quality heat gun.

Types of Heat Guns

Hot Air Electric Heat Guns

This is commonly corded tool that produces extreme heat. This is a perfect choice for most of industrial needs and some major household needs. It has the most advanced feature, and the price is also expensive most of the time. This is a heavy duty heat gun.

Gas-Powered Type of Heat Guns

It commonly uses a fuel cell, and the temperature ranges in different levels. These kinds of heat guns are relatively small and not really a good choice for industrial use. Some minor industrial projects could be supported by this heat gun but for a limited time only.

Infrared-Powered Heat Guns

This releases infrared heat instead of the conventional hot steam air. This is very limited and helpful only in some cases. The heat range is not applicable to some industrial jobs, so most people prefer the conventional ones.

Industrial Heating Guns

These are the types that are usually found in large factories and welding companies. Its heating capacity is very powerful, and it could reach the highest limit. This is advisable for heavy duty projects and some other industrial works.


To wrap it up, choosing the best heat guns is a tough job because you need to know a bit of the specs. There are heat guns for home use, and there are some for industrial use. You should always consider the feature and specifications because they are the most important thing to consider when making a decision.

The most helpful of all, try checking the best heat gun reviews online like on Amazon to get a good feel on what you should buy.

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