Best Heated Jacket Reviews 2020

If you are bound to stay outdoors during the cold season, then a heated jacket is just necessary to withstand the freezing temperature. Unlike ordinary jackets, this type of gear is equipped with a battery-operated system, emitting heat within layers of fabric that will surely keep you warm.

Heated jackets or heated coats are perfect items in making yourself more comfortable, while making your job outdoors more efficient at the same time. As remarkable as it sounds, these garments feature impressive and effective designs that will still give you a very lightweight feel. Also, these garments usually offer a lot of storage when necessary.

Today, there are unlimited selections of these jackets on the market, so, finding the right one might be a daunting task. There is no need to worry now as this article will help you find the best item for you, giving you the top-rated products, based on customer reviews and ratings.

You are rest assured that each item is of superior comfort and top-notch quality with excellent performance, style, and durability, all packed in one design. Continue reading towards the buying guideline section to expand your horizons in learning about various elements and features of these heated jackets.

Best Heated Jacket Reviews

Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s Heated Jacket Kit

41W7CdGntgLThe first item on the list of heated jacket reviews is the Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s Heated Jacket Kit that includes a holster, battery, and a charger. This garment offers exceptional quality, offering rain and wind resistant capacity. It is powered by a powerful battery system, which is the Bosch 12-Volt Max.

It has 3 push-button heat settings, ranging from low to medium and high. It easily starts warming in just seconds and claims to be the best job site solution during the cold weather. This high-performance garment offers 5 pockets, including two hand pockets, battery holster or controller, large document, and a cell phone pocket, making storage quick and easy.

While the Bosch 12-Volt Max battery is its main power source, you can also use this device in powering other USB port compatible electronics like cell phones, for instance. Hence, it provides both warmth and backup power simultaneously. With a belt clip, you can even use the BHB120 as a back-up or power boost without the jacket.

The Bosch PSJ120M-102 heated jacket is, without a doubt an epitome of superior design. The outer shell has been designed in providing warmth during extreme job site conditions. It also provides flexibility through the adjustable sleeves and its fitted waist.

The Quick Warming Heat Zones consist of 2 chest zones and the back zone, ensuring that the entirety of your upper torso is kept warm just when you need it most. The Bosch PSJ120M-102 is certainly exceptional, offering up to 6 hours of heated runtime on the low setting, while the Bosch 12-Volt Max 4.0Ah battery is capable of increasing the runtime. Read our detailed review of the Bosch PSJ120M-102.

wide orangeDEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Heated Jacket Kit

41djFUU3XYLThe next item on the list is the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Heated Jacket Kit. Garnering an average rating of 4.2-Stars, this heated jacket for men is perfect for all types of open-air, cold weather activities, keeping you warm for optimum comfort. Unlike the first jacket, this one offers up to 7 and half hours of heated runtime on the low setting.

Powered by a compact 20-volt MAX battery, this garment features four heating areas, including the left and right chest, the collar and the mid-back zone. All these zones are run by LED controller, which has three settings for the temperature and a pre-heat function.

For added safety, the battery is located in a battery pocket, expanding to accept the Premium 20-volt MAX batteries. This jacket includes USB cable routing ports, allowing you to reach from the battery pocket towards the inside left chest. This results in a convenient charging of cell phone as well.

The soft shell jacket is made from waterproof polyester with cuffs and waistline that can be adjusted. It also features 5 pockets, similar to the previous garment, including the left and right waist, outer left and right chest, and the inside left chest.

In every purchase DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Heated Jacket Kit, you will receive one jacket, one 20V/12V MAX USB power source, one DCB201 20V MAX battery, and a DCB101 20V/12V charger. It is a self-heating jacket from DEWALT that comes only in large size. All in all, this garment is perfect for maximum convenience. Read our DEWALT DCHJ060C1 detailed review.

wide orangeMakita DCJ200ZXL Heated Jacket

41LQeuvnwDLThe Makita DCJ200ZXL Heated Jacket receives an average rating of 3.7-Stars. This garment can keep you warm during cold weather and throughout harsh job site environments. This jacket’s power source accepts 18V Compact Lithium-Ion and Makita 18V LXT batteries that can provide heat for as long as 28 hours.

It has a built-in USB power port, allowing you to charge portable electronic devices conveniently. This Makita heated jacket features three heat settings that allow you to adjust to the changing weather conditions. This garment also offers 4 pockets, including a zippered pocket in the chest area for accessories like a cell phone. The additional pockets are the sleeve pocket, right side, and the left side pocket.

The battery pocket is situated on the rear-left section of the jacket, allowing a quick and easy access. This jacket also boasts a smooth fleece-lined collar, which has been designed to increase the comfort for the user, even if it is fully zipped-up. Additionally, the knitted storm cuffs and the drawstring waist have been engineered for a better fit.

There are 3 core heat zones in this garment, including the back, right chest, and the left chest, all designed for maximum heat distribution. It also features an on/off heat controller, plus 3 LED indicators on top of its precise heating control system. The removable zip off sleeves allows the jacket to be converted into a vest, thus, making it the best heated vest as well.

The Makita DCJ200ZXL Heated Jacket technology is really worth considering as it is part of the brand’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion series, which is the largest cordless tool lineup in the world, and powered by 18VLi-ion slide-style battery. This lineup offers the fastest charge times within its class. Check out our Makita DCJ200ZXL Review.

wide orange

DEWALT DCHJ062B-S 20V/12V MAX Camo Heated Jacket

Next item on the list is the DEWALT DCHJ062B-S Camo Heated Jacket. This garment from DEWALT comes with the jacket and an adaptor only. Garnering a 4.4-Star as an average rating, this jacket is perfect for hunting purposes due to its camo design.

This battery powered heated jacket also offers up to 7 and half hours runtime, making use of 20V MAX Battery, which is sold separately. There are four heating zones, including the left chest, right chest, mid-back, and the collar zone. All these zones are run by LED controller with three temperature settings and a pre-heat function.

The features are almost similar to its brother, the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L, but this one comes in a camo design. Also, this garment accepts Premium 20-volt MAX batteries. Made from soft and water-resistant camo outer shell, this jacket features a removable hood with a face and neck guard, making it very versatile.

All in all, it has 7 pockets for more storage options. It also features USB cable routing ports that can be used for charging a cell phone. Similar to the previous jackets, this one has also generated a lot of positive reviews and happy customers.

The majority of actual users say that the DEWALT DCHJ062B-S is an awesome garment that keeps them warm enough, especially those who work in freezers, outdoors, and the night time when the temperature usually drops. In fact, this garment is a great gift item for those who need additional warmth. Read our DEWALT DCHJ062B Review here.

wide orangeMILWAUKEE M12 Heated Jacket Large

31WNv67mDLLast but not the least, is the MILWAUKEE M12 Heated Jacket with an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This garment comes in black color and large size. However, it has been redesigned for maximum fit, plus better heat retention.

This cordless Milwaukee heated jacket has integrated 5 carbon fiber heating elements, including an advanced fabric-layering technology in distributing and maintaining heat across the body. There are two distinct zones for added versatility – the back and chest, lower pockets, which can be adjusted separately, providing you the right amount of heat in all situations.

Among its selling points is the heating panel on the chest that also grows brightly in different colors on every side of the panel. The color depends on the heat setting such as red (hot), white (medium), and blue (low).

The MILWAUKEE M12 has a rugged wind-resistant and water-resistant shell that keeps the cold weather out, while improving insulation at the same time. There is also a thermal fleece lining that holds heat in, maximizing warmth and reducing the quantity of layers needed.

Whether you are on or off the job site, this jacket is highly capable of providing 6 hours of heat per battery charge at maximum. It is powered by M12 REDLITHIUM battery technology, which powers 60+ tools. The sleek bag that comes with the garment also provides a secure holder for the M12 battery.

Overall, this Milwaukee heated jacket review tells you how reliable the product is, considering the brand as a manufacturer of top quality power tools, including this piece of clothing that offers warmth and style at the same time. Design and quality are assured with the MILWAUKEE M12 Heated Jacket. Check our its detailed review here.

wide orangeHeated Jacket Buying Guide

A battery heated jacket such as the featured products above also create a few concerns, regardless their efficiency and performance. Below are the most common issues that arise when it comes to these garments.

  • Electrocution – A safety issue that is usually questioned by potential buyers and users of these garments is the case of electrocution. This instance would only arise if you get soaked accidentally, while wearing the garment. However, the manufacturers assure that their products are safe enough as they only run at 7.4V, which is lower than electronic toys today. The worst thing that could happen is experiencing a gentle buzz if ever you get wet.

Heated Jacket Eletrocute

  • EMF Radiation – This is another concern by users, but, rest assured that these garments are safe from such instance, as the voltage is lower than 12, while the frequency is only at 0 Hz. Therefore, manufacturers promise that there is no presence of EMF.
  • Fire or Overheating – Frequently, these conditions are caused by poor wiring. Fire or overheating might be possible with such garments. So, checking whether the manufacturer is conducting trials on their designs or otherwise is a must. Keep an eye on suspicious arrangements on their jacket’s system, while reading about customer reviews and pieces of advice from experts are equally helpful in determining the safety guarantee.

Worth Considering Features

In purchasing any product, there are always features that are worth considering. The same goes with the purchase of a heated jacket. Below are the features you need to consider and compare between the products reviewed above.

  • Lining – The lining in heated coats is a crucial part as it will offer you added comfort. The Milwaukee and the Dewalt garments are the best choices if you are in search of a very soft lining. While the Bosch garment also has a smooth and lining, it will be more comfortable to use with layers of sweatshirts underneath. Keep in mind that the lining can make you feel more comfortable, while increasing the heat insulation in general.
  • Overall Style – The overall style contributes to the performance and efficiency of the heated jacket. However, the style might depend on your personal taste or preference. On that note, the Bosch offers a single style, while the Dewalt and Milwaukee jackets provide more styles. Just recently, the latter has designed the Milwaukee heated hoodie, which is a heated zippered hoodie. Finding the perfect style for you can be affected by your personal style, on how you want to wear it and what you want to be wearing underneath it.

Heated Jacket Design

  • Appearance – The style and appearance differ from one another. The style usually equates to the type, while the appearance is the overall look once you see it. For instance, the Dewalt appears to be quite utilitarian, while the Bosch and Milwaukee jackets are more distinct in appearance.
  • Pockets – The pockets also play a significant role throughout your decision-making. Before you purchase a heated jacket, it is sensible to consider the things you need to bring or store, while wearing it. The Bosch model has pockets with textile flaps for protection, which are great for harsh weather environments. Pockets that can accommodate documents and cell phones come in handy too. So, determine the nature of your work and the things you need to bring.
  • Heating Ability – Of course, the best heated jacket should offer the best heating capacity. The Dewalt and the Bosch jackets seem to offer exceptional levels of heating. But, this feature is hard to identify as every human body differs from one another, responding differently to various levels of heat. Perhaps, a sort of experimenting is necessary for you to identify the right level for you such as trying diverse weather conditions.

Key Benefits

Undoubtedly, there are key benefits of owning and using a heated jacket. Primarily, it is beneficial for those working outdoors during cold weather conditions. It is perfect for those requiring a lightweight option for warmth purposes. Since it is battery-operated, it is also ideal for people who require added mobility combined with a lightweight piece of clothing.

Hence, heated jackets are perfect for motorcycle riders, hunters, outdoor people, and virtually anyone who needs to beat the cold weather.

Top Brands

After a thorough research, comparison, and reading about customer reviews, you’ll surely end up with the most reliable brand of these jackets. The featured products in this article are just the top brands of the heated jackets you’ll ever find on the market. So, there is no thinking twice about choosing at least one of the featured jackets.

  • Milwaukee – This brand offers cozy and casual heated jackets, usually featuring an outer sleeve with a receded design that results in an extra wrist movement. This brand has a fantastic heat mechanism, while allowing bulky work gloves to be worn with the heated jacket.
  • Bosch – This brand also features cozy and casual jackets, but providing more insulation, including zippered pockets that are protected by weather-shielding flaps for optimum convenience.
  • Dewalt – This brand offers a jacket with a little larger within the upper arms and the torso for extra space. Known for its loose fit, the Dewalt jacket’s materials do not bunch up so much. While it is a top-notch brand, Dewalt offers a simpler design than its counterparts.


There is no doubt that these heated jackets are the customer favorites in a consistent manner. So, you are assured that one of these garments will do the job right. Besides their popularity, customers are also grateful for these garments’ level of heat, comfortable designs, and affordability.

Regardless of what brand or item you choose, you’ll eventually realize that working out in the cold and harsh weather environments is more comfortable, while wearing such garment. So, say goodbye to those bulky jackets that reduce your speed and productivity, and say hello to a heated jacket that will never get in your way of doing your job right.

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