Best HID Kit Reviews 2020

Also known as High Intensity Discharge, these HID lights are widely used today when it comes to HID headlights in the automotive industry. It is the latest innovation with regards to lighting, although it is also used in various applications, not only limited to vehicles. When compared to the conventional halogen lights, the best HID brand offers a bright light, which is very useful during night time driving.

The HID technology is notable for its whitish characteristic, while other manufacturers produce other colors like blue, for instance. It is also perfect in covering a larger area than traditional lighting technologies. This innovative lighting design also tends to last longer than the halogen counterpart, without burning out as quickly as the latter.

Today, different auto manufacturers fit such type of lighting technology in their vehicles, making it an industry standard to say the least. While some still stick to the halogen-based lighting, anyone can upgrade to an HID conversion kit, but with additional cost of course.

So, without so much ado, here are the top-rated HID conversion kit reviews that you might find interesting and perfect for your precious vehicle. Included in this article is a buying guideline, as any probable buyer of HID kits must be equipped with accurate information.

Best HID Kit Reviews 2016

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

51ZQNC798dLFirst up on the list of top HID kits is the HID Xenon Conversion Kit by Kensun. Garnering an average rating of 4.3-Stars, this kit offers all bulb colors and sizes with premium ballasts.

It is the perfect halogen bulb filament replacement due to its glass chamber of gas. A 23,000 volt-charge ignites the gas, while staying illuminated by a consistent 12v source, which is sourced from ballast that is directly connected to the battery.

This Kensun HID Xenon conversion kit remarkably provides greater light output, but with less power consumption. This HID system makes use of 20amps for ignition, unlike the traditional halogen that consumes a consistent power draw of 10amps to 15amps. What’s more is that the 20amps tend to drop to 3amps throughout the operation; thereby, consuming less and less power during operation.

Additionally, the Xenon headlights offer longer service life as it eliminates the filament that causes vibration and fatigue. So, under normal conditions, these lights can last up to 10 times longer, compared to halogen bulbs.

It is, indeed, among the top-rated HID on the market today as it has generated a lot of happy customers. Primarily, this kit is very easy to install, taking at least 20 minutes. Literally, it is ‘Plug-and-Play’ equipment in most cars. Through the simple instructions and installation guideline, anyone can truly install the Xenon, although some vehicles may require professional assistance.

It is the best HID kit, including a pair of 9006 ultra-bright performance bulbs, a smart aluminum case, mounting brackets, 100% shock-proof, weather-proof, and waterproof premium ballasts, as well as an easy-to-follow installation instruction guide. Read our detailed review of the Kensun HID Xenon Kit.

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Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

51ks7t26KVLMeanwhile, Innovited introduces the 4.3-Star-rated AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit, featuring ‘Slim’ ballasts like no other. Innovated is among the best sellers of reliable HID kits with reasonable price tags, making this kit a smart choice for starters or as first-time replacement.

Certainly, this is one of the best HID lights you’ll ever find today, producing supreme light output for drivers to enjoy greater visibility; thereby, promoting an increased comfort as well as safe driving conditions during the night time. The Innovited AC 55W consumes 35% lesser power, while generating lesser heat throughout the operation than halogen-based lights.

It provides a long service life of up to 229 days or 5,500 hours. The kit includes 2 55W HID Bulbs, 2 55W AC Ballast, and manufacturer warranty. HID kit reviews will tell you that the Innovited kit offers a durable wiring harness, withstanding the extreme conditions of daily driving, including the dissipated heat from the engine.

The HID bulbs come in plastic and rubber gasket, ensuring a snug-tight fit throughout the headlamp assembly. This design also tends to eliminate the entrance of dust to the bulbs, keeping your product protected at all times.

The ballast, on the other hand, is entirely waterproof as it is sealed with rubber sealant in its interior assembly. The kit also comes with screws and a mounting plate for utmost convenience. Overall, the Innovited AC 55W HID Kit has generated pleasing reviews from customers, proving that it is definitely one of the best HID kits on the market. Read our detailed Innovited AC 55W HID Kit Review.

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OPT7 Blitz HID Xenon Conversion Kit

61QE3IJ9fnLMoreover, OPT7 boasts the Blitz HID Xenon Conversion Kit with an average rating of 3.8-Stars. On top of the two year warranty, this 6000K, Lightning Blue HID also comes with capacitors and a relay harness for easy and convenient installation.

The Blitz claims to be the perfect HID Xenon conversion kit replacement and upgrade in the HID technology. It is equipped with the Z-Arc Xenon HID bulb, resulting in the brightest light unlike any other. This also leads to your safe driving, providing the most reliable on-road visibility and delivering a custom vibrant look for your car to stand out.

The Z-Arc is a UV-cut quartz bulb with vacuum, which was stimulated with Xenon gas, producing a very clear beam that is five times brighter than the halogen counterpart. This technology tends to consume 35% less power and lasts up to three times longer without fading than halogen-based lighting.

This HID Xenon technology also boasts an insulated wiring design that prevents overheating as well as early burnout. It is available in virtually all regular OEM bulb sizes and brilliant colors. The Blitz 35w Series is the proven and tried workhorse ballast, offering an unmatched durability and performance at a very reasonable price tag.

The stainless steel casing is also equipped with seven silicone sealant, ensuring you of utmost protection from unwanted elements. The non-cycling technology also guarantees protection from inconsistent power, including poor lighting performance. On top of those impressive features, this kit is very easy to install through its QuickSnap power cords; surely a Plug-and-Play design for everyone to enjoy. Read our OPT7 Blitz Review here.

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Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit

51UHZ6DqbDLWhen it comes to HID headlight kits, the Apex HID Xenon is another item worth-considering. This product receives an average rating of 4.1-Stars due to its premium slim ballasts and all bulb colors and all bulb size availability.

This kit guarantees to give you everything necessary for an upgrade, delivering a noticeable increased visibility once it is installed. Aside from lasting longer than halogen-based lighting, this Apex HID also promotes an increased safety during night time driving, brighter bulbs, and more appealing look for your car. All these are guaranteed in one very affordable package.

Moreover, the real digital Apex HID light output will surely enhance your current HID kit, not only your stock halogen bulbs. The kit includes 2 Apex HID Xenon bulbs, 2 Apex premium 25w high-quality ballasts, a universal installation Plug-and-Play wire or connector, 2 double-sided tape, 9 zip ties, an installation diagram, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

There’s no doubt about the reliability of this Xenon HID, offering you with 100% digital ballasts, including an on-board CPU for damage prevention. The tried and tested parts of this kit ensure you with 10 times longer life span than halogen lighting.

This HID kit also offers a wide range of color temperature for all vehicles or year models, including 3000K, which is equivalent to golden yellow, 5000K for OEM white, 6000K for diamond white, 8000K for iceberg blue, up to 30000K for exotic pink.

Certainly, there is no thinking twice with the Apex HID Xenon, considering its premium slim ballasts, which feel like rocks, instead of hollow aluminum. High density components were packed in these ballasts, while delivering convenient thickness and size simultaneously. The in-line harness within the bulbs also prevents flickering and reaches color temperature quickly. Indeed, it is a reliable HID Xenon kit to date. Read our Apex HID Xenon Review here.

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SDX HID Headlights™ Xenon “Slim” Conversion Kit

51JtcweGd2BLLast, but definitely not the least is the 4.2-Star-rated SDX HID Headlights. Just like the previous products, this kit also boasts a glass chamber of gas, which replaces the filament found in conventional halogen bulbs. Hence, you are ensured of a consistent illumination through a 12-volt source via the ballast connected to the battery.

This 35-watt lamp can generate three times more light than a 55-watt halogen bulb. Unlike the halogen counterpart, which consumes a consistent power draw of 10amps to 15amps, this one consumes 20amps for ignition, although it drops to merely 3amps throughout the operation. Thus, it can save up to 80% power.

It is among the very good HID brands you’ll find today, considering the easy installation, which takes only 20 minutes. There is no need for electrical wire splicing due to its Plug-and-Play design. On top of that, this item also comes with a free and complete technical support from the manufacturer; thereby, creating 100%-satisfied customers.

The SDX HID Headlights kit includes a pair of 9006 ultra-bright elite HID Xenon bulbs, mounting brackets, 100% waterproof, shockproof, and weather-proof slim ballasts, and installation instructions. The available sizes can fit HIR, HIR2, HB4, 9006XS, 9012, and 9006HP.

Undoubtedly, performance and quality are guaranteed with this product with colors available in white, bright yellow, blue, pink, and purple. The SDX HID conversion kit is, indeed, one of the best Xenon lights for a wide range of vehicles. Read our SDX HID Conversion Kit review!

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HID Kit Buying Guide

When looking for the best HID headlights, reading about product reviews and descriptions are surely helpful. However, there are more things that you should learn with regards to this item. On that note, this section will tell you exactly what you must consider when shopping for HID headlights.

Talking about the major factors, keep in mind that for a conversion kit to work, it must be compatible with your vehicle. Regardless the popularity and reliability of a brand, getting the perfect item would largely depend on the model and make of your car. This will be a very good starting point throughout your journey of finding the best product. Other factors worth-considering are as follows:

Bulb Type

Among the first things you must consider when searching for the best HID conversion kit is the bulb type. Inspect the bulb fitted in your vehicle as headlights may appear similar, but truly far from the same. The most popular bulb types include H1, H7, and H4. Again, remember that most cars come with individual bulbs for high and low beams, so it is always best to know which ones you need to arrive in a compatible conversion kit.


Another major aspect is the color, based on your personal choice or preference. Today, there are wide ranges of HID colors that you can choose from, although the most notable is the 6000K. The same variety is the standard color fitted and provided by manufacturers in several brand new vehicles.

Furthermore, it is sensible to take note that not all HID colors are perfect for road use. It does not necessarily mean that attractive colors are equivalent to functional. In fact, experts strongly advise buyers to keep away from excessive, intense colors, which can jeopardize road safety, especially the other road users or motorists. In addition, there are local regulations you must follow with regards to colored headlights, ensuring the legality of your vehicle modification.


Obviously, the compatibility factor plays a crucial role when shopping for the best HID kit on the market. The majority of old car models has relatively the basic lighting system, which means that any HID kit may be used for them. But, for vehicles manufactured since the year 2003 up to present, feature a more sophisticated lighting system; thereby, looking for a compatible kit may be a daunting task.

Some of the modern cars even feature high-end electronic system as well as an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control. For such features, a more advanced HID kit is highly recommended because the majority of standard HID kits are unable to effectively work on these vehicles. The best HID kit to buy for these high-end vehicles would be the premium varieties, although you should be ready to shell out an additional cash.

Advantages of HID Lights

Just like many other consumer products on the market, having the best HID kit brand comes with unmatched benefits. As a vehicle owner, you will enjoy several advantages with this investment, especially in the long run.

  • Cost Effectiveness – Investing in a high-end HID kit may seem to cost you so much at the onset. However, it will help you save money and time eventually. As most HID lights today can generate between 2000 and 3000 hours of illumination, this capacity helps you maximize its functionality, instead of the halogen-based lighting that produces 600 hours of illumination on average.
  • Safety – Safety concerns on the road are increasing by the moment. Fortunately, having the best HID bulbs significantly enhance the driver’s field of vision, plus an exceptional level of road clarity. HID lights let you drive as convenient in the night time as the daytime, delivering an excellent illumination for proper reading of road signs, quick identification of other vehicles, and more.
  • Energy Efficiency – Besides an improved level of illumination, HID lights also consumes less power than halogen bulbs. The average amount of energy necessary in powering HID bulbs is 35 watts, while halogen-based lighting requires between 55 and 100 watts.
  • Available Color Options – Another good thing about the HID conversion kits is the availability of color options from different dealers. Unlike halogen headlights that usually deliver dim yellow color, HID lights are available in white, blue, pink, purple, and more, which equally deliver a satisfactory level of clarity.

Tips When Buying HID Kits

Aside from the above mentioned information, here are more tips you might want to consider as you shop for the best HID light kit. As a consumer, you must equip yourself with accurate knowledge so as to prevent making poor choices and arriving at a regrettable decision eventually.

At least, double-check the history and reputation of the HID manufacturer. You will want to get a product from a company that generates positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customer; by doing so, you will obtain the same results, and become one of its millions of happy customers, whether nationwide or worldwide.

If you can and have the resources, make sure that you know the exact construction of the HID kit, before buying. Also, ensure a great deal, which means getting a top-notch product at a reasonable price. Keep in mind, however, that not all cheap prices come from a cheap brand.

Among the worth-considering features of the best HID brand conversion kit is the Plug-and-Play feature, including the waterproof design. These features will provide you with the utmost convenience, while preventing car damages and early burnout at the same time.


Over and above, buying an HID kit is a huge investment, especially for first-timers. But, you will surely enjoy a lot of long-term advantages, ranging from quality illumination to safe night-time driving. It is essential, however, to choose a trusted manufacturer and dealer of HID headlights kits, ensuring quality, durability, and efficiency of the product, making it a worthy upgrade for your vehicle.

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