Best Impact Wrench Reviews 2016-2017

When you say the “best cordless impact wrench,” this pertains to the device that could produce higher torque productivity. It is an undeniable fact that everything is getting modernized today and companies are piled up with many construction orders as well as the maintenance of different machines and equipment.

The need for the best impact wrench is understandable because of these unlimited needs. Normal wrenches will no longer suffice to the current needs. These impact guns will now turn the tedious labor into an effortless job.

The key here is to know the different types of impact wrenches that are designed for specific tasks such as the electric wrench, cordless wrench, and air-powered wrench.

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Best Impact Wrench Review

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B Impact Wrench


The DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B has gained a notable reputation among professional and amateur users of impact wrenches. The 1,740-pound inch of torque that it can produce is considered one of the most heavy-duty tasks for an impact wrench.

The good thing about this is that you can avail it at such an affordable price tag. The no low-speed motor is notable for its 0–2,400 rpm with an impact of 2,700 impact force. This best 1/2 impact wrench has a higher number that is why it has higher no-load speed, which pertains to the maximum speed without load.

Another notable feature is the built-in LED light which can be used in areas where normal light can’t penetrate in. Another factor is that you can focus the light where you would like to focus it as you work. This is perfect for nighttime working and emergency situations like changing the tires.

Maintaining DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B has never been easier because of its frameless motor feature. Since it has no housing, it is no hassle to clean it. Also, there are no devices to think of in maintaining it. Frameless motors are noted for its longevity and reliability.

Although this is a great impact wrench, some say that there are times that misplaced expectations might prop up. This may be due to the factory defects. Aside from this, you should note that this impact wrench will give you an average speed when it comes to working on bolts and nuts.

To sum it up, this best impact wrench promises great power and maintenance-free features for a lower price tag. If you have small to medium mechanical projects, then this impact gun will work best for you.

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Ingersoll-Rand 231C ½-Inch Impact Wrench


When it comes to handling heavy-duty and tough jobs, the Ingersoll-Rand 231C is the device to search for. This impact wrench is primarily designed to display superb power that comes with a compact design for your convenience.

It has the capacity to deliver up to 425ft/lbs of torque. The amazing thing about it is that it comes with a power regulator that you can easily adjust according to the level of speed that you need to use. You can set it both for variable speed and full power in different directions.

As the best ½-inch impact wrench, it is integrated with Twin Hammer Plus mechanism mainly for tackling tough tasks and projects. The good thing about it is that you can use it right away because it is already lubricated by the manufacturer.

In term of its size, it only measures 7.2 inches long and only weighs 5.3 pounds. It is lightweight so you can carry it around wherever you need to use it. Your hands will experience less stress from all the twisting and turning that you need to make.

This best-corded impact wrench has a speed of 8,000 rpm is really remarkable for its size because it has the capacity to deliver encompassing speed and efficiency. The Twin Hammer Plus mechanism is indeed perfect for ½ inch drive that can also consume 4.2 CFM of air.

Ingersoll-Rand 231C is the best wrench to use for rotating tires or removing lug nuts. You will surely find it very convenient because it is equipped with a pressure-feed lubrication. And you will definitely find it easy to use without any stiff movement.

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AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque ½-Inch Impact Wrench


The AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque is the best electric impact wrench when it comes to producing loosening torque. It has the ability to produce up to 1,295 ft/lbs of loosening power that is perfect for hard-to-loose nuts and bolts due to rust.

The Twin Hammer ½-inch mechanism is also remarkable with the 1,400 blows per minute. This is obviously the best among its league. This feature makes it perfect for working on heavy-duty construction tasks.

It is always convenient to work on a device that produces less sound. This cordless impact gun is equipped with a noiseless technology which has the ability to reduce the sound up to 86 decibels. You don’t need to worry because it won’t have a negative effect on its power.

To make it really convenient for you, it comes with a flip level as well as with a variable speed control. These features make it possible to be used in a variety of tasks and projects. You will feel very comfortable while working because of its 4-pound lightweight feature.

Most of the customers would encourage others to buy AIRCAT 1150 because the overall quality is great. You get to have an impact wrench that operates noiselessly with such power. It makes it easier to remove wheel lugs and mounts with this best impact gun.

As a best air impact wrench, this device will not hurt your pocket even though it is one of the most remarkable air impact wrenches with the inclusion of Twin hammer mechanism. If you need an impact wrench that is loaded with much torque for a ½-inch drive, then AIRCAT 1150 is the right fit.

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Porter-Cable PCE210 Impact Wrench


The Porter-Cable PCE201 is a corded impact gun. This is primarily designed with a 7.5A motor and ½-inch cord. This device has the ability to produce 240-ft/lbs of torque that make it perfect for construction projects and automobile industry.

This impact has the ability to produce 2200 rpm and to deliver 240 pounds of torque force. This force can now generate up to 2700 impacts within just a minute. Of course, you will be generating a tremendous amount of heat while you work.

In order to release heat, it is equipped with a cast metal gear housing that can effectively dissipate heat produced. When it comes to ergonomics and performance quality, Porter-Cable PCE210 can effectively deliver it for a cheaper price.

The Friction Ring Anvil has the ability to get the task done. It also makes it very convenient for mechanical tasks like in agriculture and automotive. This is intended for common mechanical and technical tasks that are readily available for everyone because it is affordable.

Its 2,700 ipm 2,200 rpm variable speed can deliver faster results with precision and accuracy. You will also benefit from the ultimate control that you can get from it through the use of forward-reverse rock trigger.

This corded impact wrench comes with ½-inch anvil hog ring for retention purposes. It can deliver performance that is most suitable for different tasks. The soft grip will also make it more comfortable to use even in long hours of twisting and turning.

Its torque force is applicable for heavy-duty tasks and for tasks that require higher and greater productivity. Most users in the market, particularly the tradesmen, found it perfect for most of their needs without getting burdened with an expensive price.

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Craftsman C3 Cordless Impact Wrench


The Craftsman C3 has the ability to deliver up to 1605 lbs of torque force when you set it in its high-power mode. It can operate at 3400 rpm without any flaw and lugs, making it one notable and most powerful cordless impact wrench. The good thing about it is that you have the option to choose the speed.

If you are going to work with small fasteners, you can set it in low mode. This will ensure the safety of the fastener, making it free from damage. Craftsman C3 has no load speed feature.

If you set the speed to low mode, it can operate at a maximum of 1300 rpm. This is best applied for smaller fasteners. In a medium-speed mode, it has the ability to operate at 2200 rpm. Finally, in the high-speed mode, it can run at 3200 rpm of speed which is ultimately remarkable for heavy-duty tasks.

Another convenience that you can get from this best cordless impact gun is the ¼-inch auto-load metal hex bit. It also has a LED light which can help in focusing the task you are working on. This can also create an illumination without the shadows.

If you avail this corded impact wrench, it comes with 19.2V cordless impact driver. It also has a lithium-ion battery pack which you can charge. It will only take 1 hour to full charge it. This charging capacity can last long even for the high-speed no-load mode of the impact gun.

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Impact Wrenches Buying Guide

There are many industries that depend on the convenience and use of impact wrenches. If you try to go to any tool shop, this power tool can surely be found in their shelf. It can be frustrating to choose the right impact wrench just like with manual tools.

Type of Socket and the Size

There are two types of impact wrenches. It can be the inline that resembles a screwdriver with a handle that has a motor. Next, the impact gun can be in a form of a pistol that can look like an ordinary gun with a socket attached to the far end.

The size of the socket should be fit with the size of the nuts. You should also remember that the size of the socket also depends on the kind of impact wrench you have on hand. If you have ¼ inch, you can use either the inline or the pistol type of impact wrench.

The difference between the two is that the pistol type is more reliable while the inline is more compact and portable. It can be placed inside the pocket if you need to.

The key here is that you should choose the best impact wrench that will best fit a job. Consider the size of the sockets and determine how many sizes you will need.

Power Source of the Impact Wrench

To determine the power of an impact gun, all you need to know is its torque power. If you have higher torque, the more likely it is easier to work on bolts and nuts. There are three types of impact wrenches in the market which are the compressed air, electric, and hydraulic.


This type of wrench can be the weakest out of the three. This is the reason why this is most recommended for home uses and other minor applications. You can use this impact gun for smaller fasteners and smaller nuts and bolts.

Compressed Air

You can find this type of impact wrench in most of the automobile service centers. You can operate this through hooking up the impact wrench to a tank of compressed air where it will get its power.

Another aspect that you need to consider is that this type of wrench is not portable since you need to carry a tank of compressed air, and this will surely be heavy. This is best used for car shops and mechanic shops.

The benefit of using this impact wrench is that you will surely be able to produce higher torque force compared with the electric ones. It has the ability to loosen bolts and nuts without any problem.

Hydraulic Type

This type of impact wrench is operated using hydraulic oil. If you are faced with a heavy-duty task, then this type of impact wrench can deliver remarkable power and can sometimes overkill. The amount of torque can exceed the requirements of most tasks.

This is applicable for industrial sites and construction sites. You need to have a hydraulic system to operate this. This allows the wrench to be installed to the hydraulic system parts. This makes it less portable as well.

Choosing the Right Type for You

Out of the three impact wrenches, all of them have their own pros and cons that you need to consider. If you are a professional, it is advisable to make use of the compressed air impact gun. You can greatly benefit from it because you can just easily remove wheel lugs from it.

The robust features of compressed air impact wrenches make them perfect in a professional setting. The thing that you need to consider is that they may require high-pressure air supply to operate at its best.

On the other hand, the electric impact wrench is also known for its fast and powerful mechanism. However, it will not surpass the power of compressed air impact wrench. The cord limits your movement, and it always needs the presence of power supply.

Maintaining Your Impact Wrench

  • Set the Compressor Properly – If you are using a compressed air impact wrench, make sure that there is always enough air for its output. You need to check the compressor regularly to see if it is already below the critical level of air.
  • Check the Debris – Debris needs to be removed from your impact gun. There are best impact wrenches in the market that failed in performing because of the presence of moisture. This moisture can cause rust in the different parts of the impact wrench.

To prevent the internal and external parts from rusting, you can make use of dryer to make sure the parts are perfectly dry and moist-free. You can do it regularly for optimum maintenance.

  • Keep it Lubricated – Proper and sufficient lubrication is important for impact wrenches for it to work perfectly. You have an option to use the inline oiler to keep it lubricated. This is a must for impact wrenches that are regularly used for industrial purposes.
  • Regular Check-ups – If you want an impact wrench with longer life, then it is recommended to inspect the device regularly in order to know if there is something wrong. Be cautious when handling the tool because it may contain sensitive parts.

Last but not the least, avoid dropping your impact wrench, this can cause early wear out of your machine. Regular inspection is the key for a longer life of your tool.


There are many best impact wrenches in the market that you can choose from. It is up to you which one is the most powerful impact wrench according to your need. They are available in different models and brands. It is sure to be frustrating to choose the right fit for your requirement; that is why it is recommended to get familiarized with its parts.

You can choose from air compressor, electric, and hydraulic impact wrenches. If you know their advantages and weaknesses, it will be easier to determine which type is applicable for a task.

This buying guide is very useful in deciding whether you will avail a heavy-duty type of compressed air impact wrench or the corded impact wrench for home uses. No matter what type it is, impact wrenches are power tools that are indispensable in most of the industries that require machine works and equipment.