Best Infant Life Jacket Reviews 2020

Having the best life jacket for infants is an indispensable requirement when babies are allowed to go swimming or go out on boating trips. The safety and security of the child’s life should always be a primary consideration in buying these life-saving devices. After all, the life of the kid is the one at stake, and they deserve to be given products of the highest quality.

There are several baby life vests that are available today. The best life jacket not only has all the essential safety features, it will also provide comfort and convenience for you and your young offspring.

Best Infant Life Jacket Review

Stohlquist Nemo Infant and Child Life Jacket


The Nemo Infant and Child Life Jacket is a distinct wrap-around flotation device that allows the child to face up when floating. It features a large double-collar which protects and provides sufficient support to the baby’s head and neck.

This also includes a low profile back panel that allows the youngster to stay upright while in the water, keeping the baby’s mouth and nose above the water level.

Stohlquist Nemo Infant and Child Life Jacket has a V-neck design that prevents the jacket from sliding up into the face of the wearer. This ensures that the vest does not become an impediment to the young one’s breathing while afloat.

Its snug fit design allows it to cling to the child’s body, making it a lot more secure and comfortable even when the baby keeps moving.

It has a front zipper so it is easy to put on and take off. The front panel also comes with a quick release buckle over the zipper for better security. It has both a crotch harness and side straps that are easily adjustable to keep the jacket in place.

A large grab loop is attached to the double collar. This grab loop contains floating beads that allow it to always float above the water, making it easier to grab the vest in the event of rescue operations.

This infant personal flotation device is made of 200 denier nylon oxford cloth. It has been duly certified and approved by the US Coast Guard with a type II PFD.

Stohlquist Unisex Infant/Toddler Nemo Infant Life...
255 Reviews
Stohlquist Unisex Infant/Toddler Nemo Infant Life...
  • 200 Denier oxford shell and liner.
  • Quick release buckle over entry zipper for added security....
  • Infant PFD is type II PFD.

Full Throttle Infant/Child Life Vest


This toddler and infant life jacket comes in fun and bright-colored designs. While the designs are largely attractive to kids, it serves another important purpose. The bright colors allow increased visibility in the water and make one’s child stand out and easy to identify.

Full Throttle Infant/Child Life Vest is made out of nylon with an equally durable inner lining made with polyester twill. The softness and resilience of the fabric used make it highly comfortable for children to move while in the water and is safe even for babies.

This infant life preserver has buckle opening at the collar that is making it very convenient to use and put on. It also has a large pop-up pillow for better head and neck support.

For added safety, Full Throttle Infant/Child Life Vest comes with crotch and waist straps that are easily adjustable. These keep the vest from shifting or sliding up even when the child keeps moving around or during long periods of swimming. Those functions ensure that the vest stays attached to the child at all times.

Another safety feature of this toddler life jacket is the grab strap which can be found on top of the collar. This is essential especially in case of emergencies where the child needs to be grabbed quickly from the water. The grab strap can also be used to ensure that the child doesn’t stray too far while swimming.

The Full Throttle life vest works well for children weighing less than 50 lbs. It is USCG approved with a Type II status.

Full Throttle Infant/Child Character Life Vest, Fish
460 Reviews
Full Throttle Infant/Child Character Life Vest, Fish
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 3.6 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 20 Inches

Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket


The design of the Stearns Puddle Jumper swim vest is unique compared to other life jackets for kids. For safety, the vest consists of three parts: a chest panel that is wrapped around the upper torso of the child and two bands strapped around each upper arm. It is so easy to use since one simply has to slip the bands through the child’s arms and securely fasten the strap at the back.

This unique design keeps the child’s head and upper body afloat and prevents the kid from drowning. It also allows the young one’s arms to move with a full range of motion.

The clasp at the back of the vest keeps it secure and is easy for parents to attach. Having the clasp at the back also prevents the child from accidentally unhooking the clasp while playing in the water as it would be difficult to reach.

For comfort, this toddler and infant life jacket is made of woven polyester, a soft fabric that is intended to prevent any soreness or irritation on the skin when it rubs against the fabric. In addition, the foam inside Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket has antimicrobial properties that are designed to resist odor-causing bacteria.

The vest is also approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), and has been determined fit for the use of children who weigh within 30-50 pounds. This product, however, is not recommended for use while sailing or kayaking and works best as an aid in teaching children to swim.

STEARNS Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket | Life Vest...
19,131 Reviews
STEARNS Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket | Life Vest...
  • US Coast Guard-approved Type V/III life jacket for kids
  • Durable nylon shell
  • Colorful, kid-friendly design

O’Neill Wake Waterskii Infant Superlite Life Vest


The O’Neill Infant life vest is specially manufactured for use in wake water skiing where the possibility of falling on the water is high.

It comes with an inflated head panel design that seeks to support the head and neck of the child. This allows the child to stay afloat on their back in the event that they fall into the water.

For comfort, the vest uses a soft polyester fabric and a nylon coated shell. The shell is made of lightweight and flexible PVC closed cell marine foam. This makes the infant life vest a lot less bulky and keeps children protected while in the water.

O’Neill Wake Waterskii Infant Superlite Life Vest has a heavy duty zipper at the front which keeps it tightly secure and includes two quick-release Deldrin safety buckles placed over the zipper as an added security feature.

Another security feature is the crotch strap placed between the legs which prevent it from slipping off the child while swimming. The crotch strap is easily adjustable to fit the wearer appropriately. A rescue grab strap is included in the head panel for easy and convenient rescue maneuvers.

This infant life vest is approved by the USCG and classified as type II PFD. Hence, it is reliable for use in both pools and bodies of water and is designed for children weighing 30 pounds and lighter.

For easy cleaning, a mesh is available for draining the water. It can be hand washed with cold water and dripped dry under the shade.

O'Neill Wetsuits Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest,...
524 Reviews
O'Neill Wetsuits Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest,...
  • USCG Approved Personal Flotation Device (Type III); Perfect...
  • Designed to fit snug for your safety. Minimal bulk design...
  • Anatomically cut lightweight polyethylene foam flotation...

Connelly Child Neoprene Vest


The Connelly Neoprene Life Vest is made with neoprene fabric which makes it lightweight and comfortable for children. Segmented foams make up the entire vest, allowing them to move with the vest without feeling too restricted.

It also features two oversized arm holes which make it so easy for young children to put on or take off even by themselves.

It has a full-length center zip that is very easy to manage, making it very convenient to use.

Two webbing belts are added as an extra security measure: one is placed around the waist and another for the crotch area. The crotch strap keeps the vest securely in place and enables the child to move in the water without fear of having the vest slide up the baby’s face.

This infant life preserver also has a head pillow which helps keep the baby’s head steady while floating. Attached to the pillow is a grab strap that serves as a tool in pulling the child out of the water whenever necessary.

Connelly Child Neoprene Vest is also equipped with mesh drain holes designed to constantly shed the water off. This is highly essential as it prevents the vest from becoming too heavy even after a prolonged stay in the water. It allows the child to still be able to move easily without the additional water weight.

This has been duly approved by the US Coast Guard and was given a type III rating. It is designed for children weighing 30 pounds or lighter.

Connelly Youth Neoprene Vest, 24'-29' Chest; 50-90Lbs, Conn...
177 Reviews
Connelly Youth Neoprene Vest, 24"-29" Chest; 50-90Lbs, Conn...
  • Weight: 50-90 lbs
  • 24-29 inch chest
  • US Coast guard approved

Infant Life Jacket Buying Guide

boy wearing orange life jacket

The use of life jackets is essential especially among infants and young children who love and enjoy water activities. Getting the best life jackets for infants and toddlers requires careful scrutiny over the overall quality of the product and all its features.

Here are the top guidelines that parents need to remember before purchasing an infant life jacket.

The United States Coast Guard Approval

The best infant life jacket always has the seal of approval from the United States Coast Guard. This means that it has been duly tested and has passed strict standards for quality and reliability.

There are several categories of USCG approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). The top three categories are the following:

1) Type I PFD – These are approved for use in all forms of water, open ocean, rough seas, or remote areas where the possibility of rescue operations are slim or may take a longer time to arrive. These are generally required for all passenger vessels, whether private or commercial.

These floatation devices are badly needed in case of unfortunate incidents where the passengers and crew have to abandon ship in deep and open waters.

For these life jackets, it is required that the vests allow the wearer to turn on its back while floating to ensure one’s safety.

2) Type II PFD – These are the classic life jackets designed for both adults and children. They are made for common boating activities in areas where the chances of performing rescue operations may be done promptly.

These life jackets are suitable for calm inland waters and they are less expensive and less bulky than Type I PFDs.

This type of life jackets is also capable of turning their wearer on its back while floating in the water.

3) Type III PFD – Type III flotation devices are considered as floating or swimming aids. These are made for general boating trips as well as specialized water activities and these are usually labeled accordingly.

This type of life vests works best in calm waters and where rescue personnel are situated nearby.

There are also special use devices that are checked and regulated by the US Coast Guard. These are the ones made for specific activities and require distinct features.

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Flotation Collar

Another important feature of the best life jacket for toddlers and infants is the flotation collar. It is vital to ascertain that the life jacket that kids use will allow them to stay in an upright position while treading in the water. The flotation collar must keep their mouths and noses above the water at all times to prevent incidents of drowning.

The best life jacket for babies must be able to support the child’s face and neck, and make the child turn on its back while floating. This ensures that there is a substantial distance between the water and the baby’s face to prevent them from inhaling or swallowing water especially when they are in the open sea.

In the event of emergencies, especially when the children are in the open sea, it is best to choose a life vest that will keep their faces from being submerged in the water.

Crotch Strap

The crotch strap or harness is another security function that one needs to look for in getting the best toddler life jacket. This strap locks the vest firmly in place and prevents it from slipping or sliding up into the face of the child while swimming or floating. Having the crotch strap enables the child to move freely without fear of having the vest move up to the child’s face and become an obstruction.

It is always a priority to ensure that the child will have no problems breathing while swimming or playing in the water. The best life jackets for babies should not become a potential health and safety hazard simply because it can’t be kept in place after a certain period.

Safety Grab Strap

The grab strap is usually attached to the head collar. It is made to enable rescuers to grab the child easily. Parents also benefit from this safety feature since the grab strap can be used to prevent their child from straying too far while swimming.

This safety feature has to be easily noticeable and should be made of materials that are easy to grasp. It is also helpful if the grab strap stays afloat and upright in the water. This will make it a lot easier to identify in case of an emergency.

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Comfort and Convenience

While it would be fun to have trendy designs and fashionable vests for your child’s water activities, it is more important to consider the comfort and convenience that the life jacket provides.

It would be helpful though, if the infant life vest comes in bright and colorful designs. This makes it easier to identify your child even when surrounded by other kids. This is also advantageous when swimming in the evening or in areas with minimal lighting.

The best life vest for toddlers and infants need to be soft to the skin. It has to be made of materials that will not irritate a child’s sensitive skin such as nylon or polyester fabrics. It also has to be lightweight to allow the child to be able to move around in it without causing damage to the child’s skin.

Another consideration is choosing a vest that is made of a material that does not retain too much water after being in the water for long periods of time.

The best infant life jacket has to have a built-in mechanism for draining the water. Otherwise, it will become too heavy and burdensome for the child to keep wearing it.

The security features in the vest also need to be of the right fit and must be easily adjustable since most kids grow in size in a short period of time. Since these infant life jackets do not usually come at a small price, it is wise to invest in the best life jacket for toddlers and infants that they will be able to use as they grow.


Children love playing in the water. Having the best life jacket for kids is a great way to ensure that your child gets to enjoy play time in the water without having to worry about their safety.

There are countless varieties and modern designs that are available in the market today. It is best to choose the one that embodies all the necessary features to ensure that your child remains very safe and comfortable. It is always better to be prepared for any situation by having the best tools and gears at hand rather than risk the safety of one’s child.

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