Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2020

If you are searching for the best tandem inflatable kayak or just the kayak that will fit your every need, then you can benefit much from this article.

Kayaking is one of the water sports and is also done with fishing. Inflatable kayaks are considered much better than traditional hardshell types since the former are smaller and more manageable. They can be easily deflated so they do not take up that much space.

In this article, you will get familiar with the use of inflatable kayaks for fishing and white water adventure. You will learn that they differ in structure and in other features. You will also know the top leading inflatable types in the market.

Best Inflatable Kayak Review

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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As one of the best inflatable kayaks, the Intex Explorer K2 boasts of its streamlined design and lightweight structure. The compactness of this boat does not only provide an easier paddling experience but convenience when carrying and transporting the kayak. Its stylish sporty black and yellow design on both sides also gives it a touch of elegance and class.

The Intex Explorer K2 is constructed from rugged vinyl, thus making it strong. In addition, it has an inflatable I-beam that provides the boat with rigidity. The I-beam also directs the stability of the boat, thus keeping it steady despite strong water currents.

This is considered one of the most comfortable among its kind. It is equipped with a skeg that is removable and can give stability to the boat’s direction. Another thing that adds comfort and convenience to the boat is the two inflatable and adjustable seats with backrests.

The product also has other interesting features. It has a Boston valve on both sides which makes it easy to inflate and deflate the boat. It also has a grab line and a grab handle located on both ends for the purpose of safety and convenience.

What is perhaps the most interesting though is that the boat has a designated U.S. Coast Guard ID. This means that its structure has lived up to the standards set by them. This makes the boat both safe and secure to anyone who uses it.

This particular item also has a number of add-ons. One of these is the repair patch kit to be used in case the boat encounters a really bad tear. It also has two pieces of aluminium oars measuring 86” each as well as a special high-output pump used to inflate or deflate the boat quickly.

If you are looking for a kayak that is sleek and sporty and can navigate securely through lakes and mild rivers, then the Intex Explorer K2 is an excellent choice. Although its success has been reported in stronger currents and water rapids, this boat is basically for recreational usage in calmer waters.

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Sevylor Quickpak K1


The external structure of the Sevylor Quickpack K1 is sturdy. If you hit a snag, you can easily get back on shore because of its multiple air chambers. It also has a 21-gauge PVC structure coupled with a rugged tarpaulin bottom that can navigate you through the rigors of the lake. It also has a back rest as well as a foot rest with multiple positions to make your boat ride comfortable.

The capacity of this inflatable kayak is huge with a huge maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. The large 30 x 36 x 103 inches also makes it spacious. This allows excellent room for maximum leg movement. For some people, returning to the original position is difficult if their legs are outstretched for more than 2 hours. The huge space inside the kayak makes it easier for them to get out.

This sit-upon kayak makes it easy for you to get in and get out. This is useful for beginners who have never gone kayaking before. You can easily use navigate through rapids although you have to take care not to use the Sevylor Quickpak K1 on strong currents. As long as it is OK with you to have your legs fully stretched the whole time, then you will not have a problem getting out.

The seats may act as a backpack. After using it, you can deflate and fold up and store like a backpack. This makes you easily hike back to your car without having to carry anything. Besides, with only 16.5 lbs, the Sevylor Quickpak K1 is so easy to carry for a light load.

The exterior design is also stylish. Inflatable kayak reviews reveal that the Sevylor Quickpak’s large cargo net on its front can provide a strong and secure storage for all your gear. You can also see a cup holder placed somewhere near the seat. This can make you drink your favorite beverage while a friend is paddling the kayak.

Its comfortable seating feature makes it convenient for almost anyone – kids, teens, middle-aged and seniors – to enjoy the Sevylor Quickpak. Moreover, the large 400 lbs gives a lot of room for passengers regardless they are on the bulky side.

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Sea Eagle SE370K

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Inflatable kayak reviews point out that the Sea Eagle SE370K has a carrying capacity for 3 people. This totals around 650 lbs and is much bigger than the capacity of many other boats. Its lightweight capacity and portability adds to its stable and durable structure.

The fast inflatability of the boat makes it ready in even less than 10 minutes. The efficient hull shape makes the Sea Eagle SE370K easy to handle and thus ideal for both young and old. The hull material is also resistant to both sun and saltwater.

What defines its durability is the sturdy I-beam construction floor and the hull material as well makes the boat strong enough to withstand whitewater rapids. Nonetheless, the Sea Eagle SE370K also holds itself steady in calmer waters like lake and ocean surfaces. As you go fishing in quiet areas, rest assured nothing can go wrong with this boat.

The extra-thick K-80 hull material is Polykrylar. It can resist almost any kind of puncture. This makes the boat rigid and balanced at all times even during strong water rapids and ocean surf currents.

The Sea Eagle SE370K is not only versatile in terms of structure but also when it comes to function. The kayak is ideal for yacht tending, fishing, paddling, skin diving and whitewater rafting. This makes the boat useful for the whole family and for all your friends of all ages.

The boat is also equipped with a drain valve as well as inflatable spray skirts. The drain valve is self-bailing. This makes it useful when you go through fast water rapids and strong ocean currents.

Its front and back seats are both removable and inflatable. This feature defines its value in terms of comfort. Moreover, the front and rear rope handles add convenience and safety to anyone on board.

Every boat dubbed as the best inflatable kayak cannot neglect the factor of tracking and speed. The product comes with two skegs that have tracking and speed functions. Skegs are needed in order for the kayak to track smoothly across the current. This is done in order for you not to waste your time and effort padding the kayak.

Its two molded skegs makes you direct your boat faster and faster with just very minimal effort on your paddling. It is similar to riding a surf board over the current. This saves you a lot of time getting where you want to go.

The Sea Eagle SE370K boasts of two more features. It also has seams that were welded together at 10,000 volts, thus maximizing its strength. The boat also has a 440-denier nylon material that is considered superior heavy duty in terms of toughness.

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado

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The PVC construction makes the Sevylor Coleman very strong and durable. It can stay in the water with 2 adults on board for as long as 10 hours running at a maximum of 5 mph. Its strength can make it reach the spots that many boats cannot go.

What adds to its sturdiness is the thick tarpaulin bottom as well as the strong nylon cover. These two will protect the boat from any sharp rock or object with a jagged edge as it speeds up through the rapids.

With durability comes comfort. The kayak’s multiple air chambers will make it easy for you to get back on shore. These parts can also help you navigate through really rocky areas of the lake where you can catch good fish. Moreover, you can paddle comfortably while making easy adjustments on your seats anytime you want.

The Sevylor Coleman also has added convenience in the form of mesh packets that hold your gear. There are also D-rings to which you can attach your fishing equipment. This practically leaves your hands free when travelling with this kayak.

The kayak is spacious enough for you to stretch your legs or move them in any direction. You can also go paddling or fishing with your friend or family member and still have more room left behind. The space is also convenient enough for you to leave all your stuffs and fishing gear lying behind you even as you comfortably relax on your seat.

The toughness of the Sevylor Coleman is made much better by the stability of the structure of the boat. This balancing feature maintains the steadiness of the boat even through rapids. The chambered inflation will also provide you with maximum safety as leakage in one section will not mean leakage with the others.

In addition, you can save time as Sevylor Coleman takes a very short time to inflate and deflate. You can also save a lot of effort when carrying it as it folds up to a small piece that can be stored in an accompanying bag.

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Advanced Elements AE1007-R


The Advanced Elements Convertible Kayak is full of interesting features. It is easily convertible from solo to tandem and even vice versa. It also has built-in aluminum ribs that systematically guide the boat for easy tracking.

Its convertibility can be either single or double deck. This conversion is made possible in only a few seconds. This instant transformation saves time, space and effort whether you decide to go kayaking alone or with your friend.

This kayak is strong because of its three-layer PVC and polyester material. This can withstand punctures from jagged edges of sharp rocks and objects. It also has a rigid bow and a stern frame that adds to its strength and resistance.

Advanced Elements AE1007-R also has two folding seats that can be adjusted at almost any position that is convenient to you. There is a repair kit and a duffel bag that can be used for keeping it deflated during transport. The ultra-stylish red design and gray color also adds up to its durability and versatility.

This one also has a large 550-pound capacity that can handle as much as two large people. It is ideal for two people who want to go kayaking together or for one person who wants some focus in his fishing activities.

It has 6 inflation chambers with two military valves as well as 3 twist-loks made up of thwart, floor and two deck lifts. The two military valves are easy-to-use plunger valves which are quite simple. You can twist it in one direction to inflate and in another direction to automatically deflate.

The three layers of the kayak add to its support and durability. The inflatable PVC material make up its fabric cover. The upper layer is made up of 600 denier polyester and PVC laminate. This layer sits on a diamond ripstop material that reinforces the other layers.

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Inflatable Kayak Buying Guide

There are things to consider in buying inflatable kayaks. You cannot just buy it without a knowledge of the specifications and features offered by different brands.

  • Type – If you want touring, then go for kayaks that are portable and easily deflated and kept inside a bag. If what you want is for a white water adventure, then it is better to choose a 2 person inflatable or the tandem type as long as the material is strong enough to remain stable in currents.

If you are going for fishing, go for larger ones that keep you stable in calmer waters and has room for your fishing gear.

  • Size – Go for 2-person or tandem kayaks if you usually travel around with a friend or two. If not, then go for a smaller one but strong enough to protect you on water rapids.
  • Number of Seats – Depending on how you go fishing or kayaking, you can choose among kayaks with one, two or three seats. If you have a big family or a number of friends, then you can opt for one with two or three seats.
  • Material – Choose from nylon, PVC or hypalon. However, PVC is ideal in terms of both durability and lightweight structure.
  • Length – Kayak length is usually directly proportional to the number of seats. Choosing one with two or three seats means choosing a longer type.
  • Weight – The heavier the kayak, the thicker the material and the more resistant it is against punctures. Go for a weightier one while not sacrificing the convenience that is usually brought about by the light structure.
  • Accessories – Make sure that the basic accessories are present: a paddle, an air pump, a life vest, a patch kit and a storage bag.
  • Versatility feature – Some of these cannot handle water rapids and strong current. Make sure that if you decide to leave calmer waters for stronger rivers, your kayak has the strength to handle your tasks.
  • Design – Many kayaks have a variety of designs. Choose one whose color and design suits your taste and fashion statement.

Owning an inflatable kind is good for your fishing and white water activities. However, you need to be aware that the mistakes that you can make with your kayaks could put you in great danger. As safety is a priority, here are the things that you must keep in mind before buying and while using inflatable ones.

  • Always make sure that you have the accessories complete. If some auxiliaries are missing, there may be trouble. Make sure your life vests are always there in case the boat capsizes, and the air pump is there as well in case you need to re-inflate the boat.
  • Make sure that your boat has no holes where air can escape. Otherwise, you will have to re-inflate in the middle of your white water adventure and it will make the raft prone to punctures when it cannot bounce off easily.
  • Be assured that you do not carry too many things with you so that the load will not affect the mobility of the kayak or its ability to glide through the water.
  • Take care not to forget to bring patch kits as they are a quick repair for punctures.
  • Avoid flammable and corrosive substances like lighters, matches, and acids when going kayaking since they may burn or destroy the integrity of the kayak material.
  • Always bring with you a radio or mobile phone for you to contact anyone in case there is trouble and you need help.
  • Tell children to avoid making too many movements when inside it whether in a calm lake or in a strong river. Any excessive movement can tilt and overturn the kayak. Better yet, do not bring very young people with you.

Buying an Inflatable Kayak Online

  • If buying kayaks online, make sure that you are buying from a reputable site. Otherwise, you will end up buying a substandard or defective one.
  • Always prioritize usage over costs. For example, when buying white water kayaks, go for one that can withstand strong water currents.
  • Never sacrifice durability for lightweight capacity. As long as the weight of the kayak is manageable, it is always better to have something that can last for a few years.

These are the basic tips in buying inflatable kayaks online. Nonetheless, the best advice is always to do further research on any product you want to buy.


When choosing the best inflatable canoe or kayak for your fishing and adventure needs, you should make sure that the one you will buy will fit your needs.

If you are not familiar with inflatable kayaks, then choosing one may be a bit overwhelming for you. That is why basic information is necessary. You should be able to determine the specifications and details of the various good inflatable kinds. This is for you to know which one is the best for you; whether you will use it for fishing or for white water adventure, and whether alone or with a friend.

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