Best Inspection Camera Reviews 2020

The best inspection cameras come in handy for people who are working in tight spaces. Whether it is a home improvement project, an automotive repair work, or any other task, this equipment is quite helpful for you to see into such tight spaces.

Also referred to as a borescope, an inspection camera is very flexible throughout such situations, having a tiny camera that is attached to a long cable, tube, or handle, and with a screen. This exceptional addition to the tool kit or tool bag simply makes difficult tasks of reaching locations and assessing problems easier and faster.

By having the best inspection camera, you can actually evaluate the necessary repair work to be undertaken. This equipment has been designed also to eliminate invasive and damaging attempts during diagnosis.

Hence, it is not only helpful for electricians, mechanics, and plumbers, but also to the DIYers who can maximize the full potential of such device in their undertakings. With that said, below are the top-rated inspection camera reviews that you’ll surely want to consider buying.

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Best Inspection Camera Reviews

Autel MV400-5.5


With an average rating of 3.9-Stars is the Autel MV400-5.5, a premiere digital video scope, which claims to be the perfect tool for evaluating difficult-to-reach locations that are usually hidden from sight. This digital inspection camera is highly capable of recording digital still images as well as MPEG1 or MPEG2 videos on its removable Micro SD Card or its internal flash memory card.

The Autel MV400-5.5 is an ergonomic tool, featuring a 3.5-inch, high-resolution, full-color LCD screen, plus an auto focus feature and a viewing capacity of as close as 1-inch with a crystal clear output. This handyman device also features a direct streaming capacity from the digital video to a personal computer.

It claims to be a Multipurpose Videoscope, which is equivalent to an economical solution in inspecting machinery, infrastructure, and facilities in the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective way possible.

It is also easy to use with a multi-language interface, including a wide camera angle. Within its price range, the Autel MV400-5.5 is unbeatable, considering its excellent viewing quality and the Tool Wagon scopes that are usually priced 4 times more, compared to this model.

This equipment is great for both the novices and the professionals as it has generated a lot of positive reviews and happy customers nationwide. Automotive technicians get a hold of the Autel MV400-5.5 when diagnosing automotive problems, allowing them to preview the location on their laptops and can even email the captured video and images to their clients.

Indeed, the Autel MV400-5.5 creates excellent automotive borescope reviews because this gear saves them time from removing auto parts just to inspect a potential problem. All in all, this product has a large and clear screen and adequate lighting at the end of the camera; thereby, allowing users to be more efficient in their tasks. Read our detailed Autel MV400-5.5 review.

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DBPOWER 2.7 Inch LCD Screen Endoscope


Next in line is the DBPOWER 2.7 Inch Color LCD Screen Endoscope, which has been designed for inspecting hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas, automotive repair and maintenance, construction, restoration applications, plumbing, Science, and many other outdoor explorations.

This endoscope camera deserves a 4.9-Star rating due to its 2.7-inch full-color LCD display and 320×240 resolutions. It can be rotated at 360 degrees with image capturing resolution and video recording resolution that are unmatched. The monitor also offers menu languages, ranging from English to German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Russian. It has a TF card slot, Micro USB, and AV-out ports for optimum flexibility.

The camera measures at 8.2 mm in diameter with 7.0mm shaft diameter, and 300cm shaft length. Its 0.3 Megapixel VGA camera also offers a 60-degree viewing angle. It has between 60mm and 80mm depth of field, along with 6 adjustable high-intensity LEDs as light source. The DBPOWER kit includes 18650 Lithium Battery for its power source, the digital endoscope, a video-out cable, a USB charging cable, and an English user manual.

This versatile device simply offers an array of options in ways that are no less than useful both for daily activities and in the professional field. It also offers a very good visibility in direct sunlight, making it more crucial for outdoor tasks.

The 3-meter cable is long enough in reaching deeper spaces, making it really ideal for those in such situations. The camera’s diameter fits perfectly in small cracks and holes, when necessary, while the levels of brightness simply provide the user with a vast array of light source, depending on the need. Read our detailed DBPower 2.7inch Endoscope Review.

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Vividia 9mm Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera


Garnering an average rating of 4.3-Stars is the Vividia 9mm Inspection Camera, featuring a 2.4-inch LCD monitor that allows a detailed visual inspection within hard-to-see and hard-to-reach areas. This device is likewise efficient under water or in total darkness.

This is the best digital inspection camera for many due to its 100cm flexible cable, which can be bent into different shapes so as to fit difficult-to-reach locations. The device also allows an extension for a longer cable, besides the built-in once. It features a 9mm camera head, which is ideal for up-close inspections.

The camera head is waterproof, while the cable can also withstand wet environments. The kit includes a set of accessories, including a magnet, a hook for picking up objects, and a side-view mirror. The Vividia inspection camera is powered by 4 AA batteries and is perfect for several applications, ranging from automotive maintenance to plumbing, electrical repair, HVAC/R, and many other visual inspections.

The Vividia package comes with the handheld monitor, a user’s manual, 4 1.5V AA batteries, a hook, and a 3.3ft flexible cable. Aside from the one year warranty, this item also features 0.3MP Color CMOS image sensor, while its LCD monitor offers a 640×480 resolution. It has a 4cm to infinite focal range and a 67-degree horizontal viewing angle.

All in all, the Vividia 9mm is a handheld, easy-to-use, and lightweight device designed for many applications. The camera’s four white LED lights offer adjustable brightness by a simple press on the monitor, while providing plenty brightness to inspect details that are 6 inches away. Check out our Vividia 9mm review!

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Depstech USB Endoscope Borescope

For a bunch of people, the Depstech USB Endoscope Borescope is the best borescope on the market. It receives an average rating of 4.3-Stars, claiming it is perfect for examining vent pipes, HVAC, automobiles, bike engines, boats, machine equipment, aircraft, and others.

Among the selling points of this unit is its free movement feature because it is engineered with a specialized articulating and relay system, allowing it to bend and tilt freely so as to access a wide array of confined cavities, even spaces and areas that consist of curves. Hence, it is highly capable of accessing spaces, no matter the shapes and complications are.

Another thing that this unit boasts is the greater coverage area. Due to its flexibility, this borescope provides a better optical navigation by covering greater depths and more distant areas without compromising accuracy and detail. Additionally, the Depstech boasts great image quality as it features 6 adjustable LED light brightness control, allowing the user to enjoy up-close videos and still images with up to 1280 x 720 resolutions.

The 2MP camera is waterproof, similar to the Vividia. Its flexible tube measures at 8.5mm in diameter, while its cable length measures at 5 meters. It also features a 60-degree viewing angle with 6cm to infinity as the focal distance.

In every purchase of the Depstech USB Endoscope Borescope, you will receive the Depstech 16.4 ft USB Borescope, a Micro USB adapter, one hook tip, one magnet tip, a mirror tip, an installation CD, and a user’s manual; all these in one smart package, allowing you to enjoy a good-priced and good-valued unit. Read our Depstech Borescope review!

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Ridgid 40043 Micro Inspection Camera


The last unit on the list of borescope reviews is the Ridgid 40043 Micro Inspection Camera, which gets an 8.4/10 editor rating. This model claims to be the latest handheld unit, which is designed for visually diagnosing, detecting, and confirming issues in difficult-to-reach areas.

It has a 17mm camera head made from aluminum with a single-hand pistol grip design, making this unit perfect for the most excruciating jobs and demanding environments. This model also features a 2.4-inch full-color LCD monitor with 180-degree digital rotation, allowing easy viewing at all times. The camera head also has four adjustable LCDs. In the well-built case, the camera comes with a magnet, hook, a mirror, and an RCA cable.

Similar to the previous products, this one has also generated a lot of positive reviews and satisfied customers. It is mainly because the Ridgid 40043 provides very clear images, surpassing the expectations of most users. There are no regrets purchasing this device, considering the resolution, ease of use, and many other impressive features.

This borescope camera is also equivalent to a great focus, despite the cavity you’re peering into. The LED lights are bright enough to blind you, so you’re rest assured it is really bright to see through the darkness. The nice case and the accessories are loved by actual users too, unlike other models without a case to organize the parts.

In all, the Ridgid 40043 Micro Inspection Camera ups the ante in the competition, talking about the price and the features that you can get from this deal. Check our Ridgid 40043 review here!

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Inspection Camera Buying Guide

Common Types of Inspection Camera

There are common types of inspection cameras on the market today. However, through the technological advancements, there are more others that emerged. The common inspection camera types are as follows:

  • Color or Monochrome – Most of the reviewed products are color or full-color inspection cameras. This type is perfect, depending on the task at hand, such as if you want to view an issue or problem in full color. The monochrome, on the other hand, allows you to see all the details or information you need.
  • Video Recorder – At times, still or snapshot images are inadequate, thereby, resorting to a video recorder inspection camera. This type is also featured in the products above. This type allows a full story or information on how things move in correlation to one another.

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  • Traditional – Traditional inspection cameras are the bare-bones options, providing just a quality snapshot. This inspection camera type will help you in saving money the most, compared to the other options.

Crucial Tips

Aside from the types of the bore camera, there are more tips you need to consider, before placing your order online. Each of the aspects is as essential as the entire function of the camera, because every portion contributes to its maximum efficiency.

  • Controls – It is strongly advised that you pick a model with easy-to-use controls. By going through the users manual once, you should ensure that everything will go smoothly as working on a project will be a very busy endeavor, and you don’t want to stop anything just to consult the manual.
  • Screen Resolution – An inspection camera comparison is necessary, such as comparing the products in this article. Compare the models based on the resolution that they offer, and from there, you can identify the unit with the best resolution to offer. Keep in mind that the screen resolution will let you diagnose and spot specific problems as soon as they appear on the screen.
  • Cable Length – Also referred to as the ‘snake’ length, the cable length is equally crucial throughout your selection of an inspection camera. It will identify the movement of the camera into certain positions or shapes. Therefore, make sure to get a model with long cable length, fitting into corners and shapes that you will need to inspect.
  • Waterproofing – As essential as the other aspects, the waterproofing feature of the unit is worth considering. This is more so if you’re into plumbing works. It is sensible to go with a water-resistant or a waterproof inspection camera.
  • Zoom – Some models offer the ability to zoom the camera, making inspections easier, especially when it comes to small and distant components.


  • Record Feature – Video recorder inspection cameras offer this capacity, allowing you to record footages, uploading playback footage, and uploading them to your computer to see more clearly. Some features allow a relay video feed to another handheld device.
  • Power Source – The majority of inspection scope reviews will tell you that these devices are either rechargeable and cordless or powered by disposable batteries. Cordless inspection cameras that are powered by rechargeable batteries simply require replacement after hours of usage. Others would go for those with disposable batteries, eliminating the waiting hours for the recharging time.

Top-notch Brands

In order to narrow down your choices, bear in mind the top-notch brands when it comes to the inspection cameras. The most reliable brands are as follows:

  • DBPower – The British electronics manufacturer DBPower is one of the leaders in the industry. This company has an unwavering goal of creating and designing devices that will improve all the aspects of the consumers’ lives. It offers home equipment, car accessories, outdoor equipment, and a wide selection of devices, including reliable inspection cameras such as the DBPOWER 2.7 Inch Color LCD Screen Endoscope, which was reviewed in this article.
  • Autel – Autel is another European producer of diagnostic equipment with specialization in automotive diagnostics. But, its top-rated Autel MV400-5.5 inspection camera is not limited to automotive purposes as it can be used virtually anywhere it is needed.


  • Ridgid – This company has a commitment to manufacturing durable equipment for consumers, along with easy-to-use, intuitive, and cutting-edge design. So, there is no doubt that the Ridgid 40043 Micro Inspection Camera is an epitome of these characteristics.


Note: While the Vividia and the Depstech brands were not mentioned in this area, these brands are still making some noise in the industry as their products are still ranked high through customer and product reviews. The DEWALT snake camera is also considered a top-rated product as the brand has been committed to manufacturing power tools since its establishment.

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Without a doubt, you’ll end up with the best inspection borescope as long as you take note of the reviewed products, buying guideline, and crucial tips for buyers provided in this article. Always keep in mind of the proper care and maintenance of your device such as prevention from water immersion or any abrasive or chemical fluid, unless you are 100% sure that your model says it can withstand such substance exposure.

While shopping for an inspection camera, make sure that the model you’re buying has enhanced optics, offering you a bright LED light and clarity for an increased visibility. After all, it should have been designed for such purpose.

Choose one with a compact and an easy-to-use feature for optimum convenience, and reading about borescope camera reviews will surely give you the most worth considering models the market has to offer.

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