Best Jack Stand Reviews 2017 – 2018

Vehicle jacks are primarily used in safely lifting any vehicle, allowing the user to access the underneath of a vehicle for repair works or maintenance, whereas, jackstands are used in securing or supporting the jack. Both of these tools are essential components in every arsenal of a handyman or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Keep in mind that a floor jack is basically used as a lifting device and the structural support is provided by a jack stand. This support system is very crucial, considering the user’s safety, while working underneath of a vehicle; thereby, the sole use of a hydraulic jack is not recommended at all.

On that note, a safer working environment is provided by the support of quality jack stands, encouraging all serious mechanics, the seasonal handymen, and DIYers to maximize such safety device. So, without so much ado, here are the top five jack stand reviews, giving you no less than the most reliable devices that the market has to offer.

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Best Jack Stand Reviews 2016

Torin T42002

41OwJgsQdaLWith a 4.5-Star average customer rating is the Torin T42002. This safety device comes with a pair of jack stands with 2-ton weight rating capacity. These car jack stands are made of durable steel construction, yet offered at a reasonable price tag. Unlike ordinary devices on the market, this particular model meets the ANSI requirements, ensuring optimum safety at all times.

This 2-ton jack stand also features an exclusive dual-locking pawl-and-tooth design that results in added protection. The one-piece, multiple-position flexible ratchet bar tends to offer optimum durability and strength. Furthermore, the Torin T42002 boasts a quick adjustment system, securely locking the device into the desired area, while providing an extra safety feature at the same time.

This pair of ratchet jack stands went through thorough testing in its corresponding factory, hence, it has been certified to meet the safety standards and requirements of ASME PASE when it comes portable auto service equipment category.

Also, these Torin aluminum jack stands are widely used in many garages, workshops, automotive facilities, and virtually elsewhere with a very good reason. Durability, efficiency, and safety are rest assured, considering Torin as a reputable manufacturer of tool boxes and hydraulic jacks worldwide. It is also one of the recognizable and largest manufacturers of auto-related products that are regularly evident in residential and commercial areas.

This jack stand has a lifting range of 10.3 inches to 16.3 inches with a built-in handle that allows for convenient lifting. Overall, the Torin T42002 aluminum jack stand is a top-rated product, which has been tested and proven effective by actual users nationwide and worldwide.

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Camco 44561

41RPMPM0Z8LNext up is the Camco 44561 Olympian Jack Stand with an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This set of 2 aluminum jack stands has been designed to level and secure vehicular positioning and stability. Made with cast aluminum, this device can support a maximum weight of 6000 pounds per jack.

The Olympian jack stand is also capable of extending up to 17 inches, allowing the user to adjust the height from 11 inches. Besides the ease of use, these devices really complete the job well as what they have been designed for.

It has also created a lot of happy customers everywhere, saying that the Camco 44561 can truly secure a jack in place. Some consumers have been captivated by the simple construction and design, allowing them to paint the stands, based on their personal choices. Other actual users are very happy that they bought more sets for upcoming stage leveling projects.

As to the durability, efficiency, and safety, Camco products guarantee no less than the world-class quality expected from them. Certainly, these are very good jack stands that can eliminate nearly 99% of possible bounce, after cranking these devices up on axles.

For those without built-in jacks, the Camco 44561 Olympian is the perfect choice, allowing you to use them both on the back and front in securing and leveling both positioning and stability purposes. All in all, it is a highly recommended device, whether for small or big automotive projects.

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Powerzone 380036

Meanwhile, the Powerzone 380036 receives a 4.5-Star rating from its customers. These safety devices come in a pair with 3-ton or 6000-pound rated capacity. These car stands offer a lifting range between 11 inches and 16-1/2 inches, and are also made of a durable steel frame, plus a wide base. These features tend to offer strength and stability respectively.

Moreover, these aluminium jack stands boast a ratcheting-style locking bar, which allows for easy multiple-position height adjustments. The Powerzone 380036 is surely a fantastic offer when it comes to well-built and safest jack stands.

Similar to the previous product, this one, too, has generated a lot of positive customer reviews and feedback. Most actual users say that this particular model is greater than other brands because of the overall durability and the 3-ton weight capacity of each stand. Many owners of the Powerzone 380036 maximize its efficiency in supporting their compact SUVs, allowing them to work underneath with utmost safety.

More and more people are opting for this model of high position jack stand, saying that they are the most terrific purchase anyone could ever have, feeling happier and safer, while working with these devices. It is certainly a good deal on durable jack stand offers, considering its sturdy construction.

While doing a perfect job in holding a car, the Powerzone 380036 could be the safest and fairly-price of car jack stands on the market. The ratcheting-style locking bar is just one of the model’s impressive, yet useful features that have captivated a lot of buyers.

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Performance Tool W41022

41YReWN4Q3LOn the other hand, Performance Tool W41022 has a 3-ton rated capacity. This heavy duty stand set garners an average rating of 4.5-Stars mainly because of its weight capacity and its lift range of 12 inches to 17-1/4 inches that is far better than other brands. These safety devices are ideal not only for cars, but also for light duty trucks.

These two sturdy steel jack stands come at a low price, yet equipped with world-class features. The overall design is easily recognizable, featuring a vivid yellow finish combined with white ratcheting platforms. These are the best jack stands provided by Performance Tool with welded steel construction, plus a nice fit and finish.

The welds assure top-notch quality, while the finish has resulted in a smooth, no-spot material. The W41022 is known for its simplicity without the secondary locking feature; thereby, there is no need to worry about such. The large footprint, however, makes it stand out from the rest, while having a bit of stroke length.

These designs are mainly due to the stand’s high capacity and will never be a problem as most vehicles that will use such large jack stand will have adequate ground clearance to guarantee their efficiency over shorter stands.

When it comes to the price, there are surely cheaper 3-ton jack stands out there, but the added style points are not necessary as the W41022 will perform excellently under different circumstances because of its high quality. These are not certainly small jack stands, but ones with large footprints that are highly capable of securing and supporting vehicles lifted from the ground.

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Powerbuilt 640912

41v92BG37bLLast, but definitely not the least is the 4.2-Star-rated Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack with Jack Stand. It claims to be all-in-one equipment, providing the user with a jack and a jack stand at the same time. As a jack with stands, Powerbuilt 640912 has a 3-ton rated capacity and said to be the most reliable when it comes to such tools today.

Hence, it is the best tool for all situations with a built exceeding tool standard. This particular model has a patented design of jack with jack stands, unlike any other. It also features a safety bar lock unit at any desired height, while the wide steel base allows for better stability under load. With a height range between 11 inches and 21 inches, the Powerbuilt 640912 is perfect for off-road vehicles and SUVs, including framing applications, construction jobs, and floor joint works.

The Powerbuilt brand offers premiere tools and equipment that are marketed by Alltrade Inc. not only for the American market, but also globally. Thus, the product line of Powerbuilt has been thoroughly developed and refined by the Research and Development teams of Alltrade, ensuring that every product meets, if not exceeds, the ANSI standards.

As one of the trusted brands, Powerbuilt tools are preferred by millions of serious handymen and DIYers, including all the trade and industrial individuals worldwide. Therefore, the Powerbuilt 640912 devices are jack stands made in USA, yet designed for all people who need them.

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Jack Stand Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, floor jack and stands are crucial parts of a tradesman arsenal. These devices come in handy when lifting a vehicle and providing a support system are necessary. Learning about the significance of these safety devices, alongside the product reviews is a powerful tool in helping you narrow down the choices on the market.

However, there is a lot more to learn about this equipment. With that said, this section of the article will provide you with additional information, surrounding the features and variables related to choosing the best jack stand. The following information will also help you arrive at an informed buying decision later on.

Styles of Jack Stands

When shopping for such devices, keep in mind that there are two basic styles of jack stands that you can choose from. These styles include the pin lock, which typically has 3 legs, while the other type is a ratchet lock with 4 legs. Comparing these two styles, the latter is easier to use, while supporting more weight than its counterpart. The pin jack stands, however, provide better stability due to the four legs.

Factors to Consider

Besides the jack stand styles, you should also consider the following factors when choosing such devices on the market.

Car Type

Surely, jack stands are available in different varieties and heights. But, the most remarkable difference is the size, which boils down to the height. While these stands also vary in height, it is important to pick a model that is either short enough or tall enough to suit your vehicle. Take note of the weight and ground clearance of your car as sports cars are usually lightweight and lower to the ground than SUVs.

As such, sports cars will certainly benefit from a low car jack stand with at least one-ton of weight capacity, whereas, SUVs and light trucks will require taller stands in order to reach the underneath of the vehicle once the tires are off the ground. These car types are heavier, so, increasing the weight capacity of the jack stand is equally necessary.


A jack stand is a simple tool, although there are differences when it comes to build quality or the product’s overall construction. Generally, buying a tool that can last a lifetime becomes cheaper over time, instead of buying the cheap version multiple times. The jack stands are no exemption to the rule.

Hence, it is important to take note of the differences in fit, finish, material, and corrosion resistance. Looking at the finish, make sure that the jack stand has an even, smooth, and full coverage as the appearance of cracks or gaps are signs of a possibly rusty jack sooner or later. The quality of welds is also an essential pointer of a long-lasting build, ensuring even weld beads at the same time.

Key Features

While the jack stands price differs from one brand to another, the same goes with the features of these safety devices. Below are the key features you should consider and understand as thoroughly as possible, before placing your order online.

  • Lift Height/ Lift Range – The lift range of jack stands varies from one model to the other, providing buyers with wide selections to suit their specific needs. Referring to the featured products in this article, the lift height they offer ranges from 10 inches to 21 inches, whereas, the Powerbuilt 640912 has the biggest height range of 11 inches to 21 inches. But, there are also other models that offer up to 26 inches of lifting height.
  • Rated Capacity – Most of these devices are rated in tons, alongside the equivalent in pounds, ranging from half-ton to 25 tons. But, the reviewed products offer a 3-ton of rated capacity, except for the Torin T42002 with 2-ton weight capacity. Make sure that you are purchasing a device that can handle a little more than your vehicle’s weight. Vans and trucks will require a higher weight rating when compared to sedans and other smaller vehicles.
  • Adjustability – Auto jack stands are either fixed or adjustable. Depending on your specific needs, you can get either or both types. However, keep in mind that fixed weight jack stands have less moving parts to malfunction or break, although there is a limitation to its efficiency, unlike the adjustable variant, which is self-explanatory.

Safety Measures

The user safety is paramount; hence, the invention of jack stands. Along the way, there are also important tips to remember when using this device, keeping in mind every measure to ensure safety at all times.

It is of utmost importance to never trust a floor jack solely as the support of a jack stand is necessary for ultimate stability when working underneath your vehicle. It is highly recommended to use a jack stand during automotive repair works and maintenance. While having the best car jack stands, use them on each wheel that is off the ground, maintaining stability to these crucial points.

It is also wise to position the jack stands through your car’s proper lift points, which are generally called the lift or jack points. You can look for these jacking points through your owner’s manual or make a quick research online. The failure to do so can cause damage, or worse, your car might fall on you.

As mentioned earlier, and just to reiterate it, make use of jacks that can sufficiently hold your car’s overall weight. Again, identifying your car’s weight is possible through your manual or quick web surf. As a general rule, you have to use a lift jack stand that is a little over the weight of your vehicle.


Over and above, jack stands are handy tools that provide convenience, durability, and stability during automotive repair works and maintenance. For people who perform a lot of automotive work, it is crucial to have a high-quality set of jack stands in order to ensure safety and quick accomplishment of tasks.

Having vehicle jacks and stands provide every seasonal mechanic with a reliable and safe way to change tires, change oil; check the transmission, and other repairs. All in all, opting for the top-rated and high quality jack stands is an investment for a lifetime.