Best Jeep Lift Kit Reviews 2020

The availability of jeep lift kits gives way for any jeep, truck, or SUV in maximizing their real potentials. This is very true when it comes to hauling or transporting things. Another thing that makes these kits beneficial is when traversing rough terrains; after all, off-roading has become an enjoyable activity that vehicle owners participate in.

Provided having the best jeep lift kit, any of these vehicles is given the chance in climbing steep hills or running through muddy rivers. In this regard, this article serves as a complete buying guide for probable buyers of jeep lift or suspension kits, giving you adequate information about the reliable products available in the market.

Aside from the jeep lift kit reviews, a buying guideline is included, discussing the types of lift kits as well as the reasons and benefits that these accessories give to the vehicles and their owners.

Best Jeep Lift Kit Reviews

Rough Country 609S


To start off is the 4.7-star-rated Rough Country 609S, which is a 3.5-inch suspension lift kit that is ideal for Jeep Wrangler. Many of the Jeep Wrangler suspension lift kits reviews will tell you that this product has been designed in poviding the smoothest highway ride ever, besides maintaining an exceptional off-road performance.

This suspension kit has been engineered to meet or exceed the OEM standards. It can ensure the angle of the track-bar, optimizing vibration absorption through the rubber bushings. Hence, the Rough Country 609S kit guarantees only the best of the best.

On top of the product’s 60-day money-back guarantee, jeep lift kit comparison indicates that Rough Country 609S perfectly fits Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 4WD sizes 07 to 16. Whereas, the kit includes front lifted coil springs, track bar drop brackets, brake line relocation bracket, pitman arm, fixed lower control arm with OEM-styled rubber bushings, and hardware. For the rear, this kit also includes lifted coil springs, coil correction plates, track bar drop brackets, brake line relocation bracket, an extended away bar link, and hardware.

Indeed, it is a complete lift kits for jeeps, including 4 top-of-the-line N2.0 shocks. Having this kit offers unmatched benefits such as the factory-tuned coil springs, which were engineered in accordance to stock spring rate. The coil correction plates, on the other hand, correct the coil angle of the rear at 10 degrees; thereby, allowing more efficient rear coil springs.

The entire package also results in an increased ground clearance, unlike standard products on the market. Thus, it is effective in leveling the front in correlation to the Jeep’s rear, while the unique coil springs are perfect for either 2-door or 4-door models. Read our Rough Country 609S Review.

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Teraflex Jeep Wrangler 2.5″ Suspension Lift

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The next item on the list is theTeraflex Jeep Wrangler 2.5-inch Suspension Lift, which receives an average customer rating of 4.8 stars. Based on Jeep Wrangler JK lift kit reviews, this suspension lift kit comes with an amazing bonus – a Teraflex steering stabilizer, which is unlikely to be available in other brands of jeep lift kits.

This product is absolutely a simple kit, engineered for not only the budget-conscious individuals, but also for the no-frills enthusiasts. The entire package comes with shock absorbers, including many other essential items to get started and going.

The Teraflex kit allows people to run up to 35-inch tires, including aftermarket wheels that have 4.5-inch backspacing or less. The extra large steering stabilizer, on the other hand, has been created to work alongside with the modified suspensions, including larger off-road wheels. Hence, the TeraFlex steering stabilizer is certainly capable of reducing front end shimmy, wobble, or bump-steer.

According to JK lift kit reviews, the diameter shock tube is larger than the factory damper; thereby, it has been designed to withstand additional requirements and stress of off-road vehicles. Some reviews also indicate that while this kit is somewhat conservative, it still helps in gaining distance between the boulders and the skid plates, especially when installed in a Rubicon. Thus, it allows the vehicle to go higher and wider, but without sacrificing both handling and safety. All in all, the Teraflex Jeep Wrangler 2.5-inch Suspension Lift has generated a lot of positive lift kit reviews because of its great quality and functionality. Read our detailed Teraflex Jeep Wrangler Review.

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Rubicon Express RE7030

Meanwhile, the Rubicon Express RE7030 receives an average rating of 4.3 stars from its customers. While it could be the cheapest choice on the list, this two economy suspension system claims to be the perfect setup for people who are looking for a budget spaces for their jeeps.

This product allows the vehicle to easily gain a 2-inch lift, providing more clearance for bigger tires and increasing the flexibility of TJ’s suspension. Hence, this suspension system helps in maintaining the most renowned TJ ride quality. Moreover, Rubicon lift kit reviews say that this system is very simple to install, allowing the vehicle owner to easily fit the 1.75-inch coil spring spacers and installing the Rubicon Express tube shocks at every corner.

Viola! The vehicle is now ready to knock the trails. Additionally, this suspension system allows the use of 31-inch tires and is available with the same brand’s Monotube shock option. Furthermore, TJ lift kit reviews continuously indicate that the Rubicon Express RE7030 is an extremely nice, budget boost as the shocks make a big difference on jeeps. Aside from its nice built, the two-inch spacers certainly work perfectly, generating more and more satisfied customers.

Equally, such Rubicon lifts are effective when it comes to TJ Sport vehicles, adding more tire clearance and retaining the stock ride simultaneously. The best thing about this suspension system is that, it does not require you to make some modifications or any parts replacements like the pinion angles, brake lines, track bar, etc., unlike other lift and suspension systems. Overall, it is very easy to install, very affordable, and works great on any jeep. There’s no doubt that the Rubicon Express RE7030 is creating pleasant jeep suspension lift reviews nationwide. Read our Rubicon Express RE7030 Review.

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JKS 9904 Body Lift System


On the other hand, the JKS 9904 Body Lift System allows more clearance within the vehicle’s chassis. With a 4.4-star ratings, this body lift system is very affordable, while fitting vehicles and lifting them up to two inches.

JKS claims that this lift system has been developed to be a reasonable way of altering the chassis clearance, but, working with the original equipment body mounts. Hence, there is no need for modifications or part replacements, similar to the previous product.

This could be the best jeep lift kit for the money, not only considering its affordability, but also its overall construction. Take note that the JKS 9904 Body Lift System is made of Dura-Thane poly materials, which result in long lasting performance. In spite its affordability, this system ensures durability without sacrificing safety at the same time.

Just as the same as the other products, this one too, offers easy installation, plus an instruction guideline, making it ideal even for the first-time users. Surely, the JKS 9904 body lift is easy and outstanding, taking less than one hour to accomplish everything. Having all the required parts as well as an easy-to-follow instruction, anyone can install this system successfully.

Many jeep lift reviews prove this is the right body lift system, which is better than stock, drastically improving the required space around the exhaust and transmission systems through the long arm suspension lift. It is a highly recommended product, based on several reviews from different, actual users. Read our JKS 9904 Review.

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MotoFab Lifts 3″ Front/2″ Rear Leveling Kit

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Finally, Motofab Lifts introduces the CH-3F-2R Leveling Lift Kit, which is perfect for 2007 to 2016 models of Sierra GMC and Chevy Silverado. This 4.5-Star-rated leveling lift system offers a 3-inch lift on the front and 2-inch at the rear.

With an easy to install guideline, the entire system prepares your vehicle to hit the trails in just two hours. Unlike other leveling kits in the market, this system does not need any strut or coil disassembly. It boasts front spacers that are CNC-machined and made of billet aluminum, which also provide a black powder coat to perfectly match the factory suspension.

This could be the best jeep lift kit, considering the newly-fabricated rear lift blocks, plus longer U-bolts; whereas the fabricated lift blocks outlast cast iron, while outperforming even the solid aluminum lift blocks. The same parts are also powder-coated, allowing a finish that can last for a lifetime.

The Motofab leveling kit claims to be the most durable on the market, coming with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. On top of that, the entire kit includes complete hardware, plus easy-to-understand instructions, making it very convenient not only for the first-timers, but also for the long-time lift system enthusiasts.

A lift kit comparison will tell you that the Motofab is 100% made in the United States, alongside USA-sourced materials; thereby, quality is top-notch without compromising on safety. However, it is essential to take note that the thickness of the lift spacer and lift are not equal to a 1-to-1 ratio, considering the suspension geometry. Nonetheless, this product does not only bring your ride to a higher level, but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Read our Motofab Lifts Review.

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Jeep Lift Kit Buying Guide

After discussing the best lift kits on the market, it is now time to talk about other important things that every probable buyer of body lift kit should know. Below is additional information, surrounding this automotive accessory, including the types of lift kits, the benefits such product offers, and more.

Lift Kit Types

Basically, there are three types that you will encounter in the market. The most basic types include the body lift kit, the leveling kit, and the suspension lift kit. Every type of kit has its distinct approach of lifting a truck’s or jeep’s body or suspension system, including their own advantages and disadvantages over the other.

Body Lift Kit

A body lift kit such as the JKS 9904 Body Lift System could be the cheapest option among the lift kit types. While this system gives more height, most of them make use of spacers or blocks in elevating the vehicle’s body away from the vehicle’s frame. Therefore, the frame of the vehicle remains in the same position without raising the vehicle’s clearance. Body jeep lifts are perfect for those who want the height, and perhaps, those who are willing to alter their tires to larger sizes.

However, keep in mind that this type of lift kit may not give a noticeable difference when it comes to the handling. So, there are no need making adjustments on suspension parts at the same time. A body lift kit does not always equate to having an off-road-ready vehicle, while it helps in sustaining damage from large, road debris.

Leveling Kit

Typically, a leveling kit is used in lifting just one body part of a vehicle. Keep in mind that most SUVs, trucks, and jeeps are constructed with the rear end higher than its front. This type of kit is perfect for those who are looking to have an even look of their vehicles as such product can raise the vehicle’s front portion, matching the rear end.

But, then again, manufacturers of lift kits are becoming more creative, offering more flexible and versatile products to meet the demands of consumers. This is proven by the Motofab CH-3F-2R Leveling Lift Kit, which is capable of lifting the front at 3 inches higher, while 2 inches higher in the rear end. Therefore, it is not limited to lifting just one part of the vehicle, but, both sides of the body, depending on the user’s preference and needs.

Suspension Lift Kit

The top rated lift kits related to this type include the Rough Country 609S, Teraflex, and the Rubicon Express. Such system is highly capable of elevating the whole suspension system, allowing the vehicle owner to add larger wheels. This type of lift kit ensures safety in taking the vehicle off-road as well as into rough terrains. Compared to the previous types, a suspension lift kit generally suspends the whole frame, including the engine, power train, and other major parts; thereby, increasing the distance between the axles and the chassis.

Most suspension lift kits, if not all, elevate the suspension through shock-changing as well as altering the rear leaf springs. And, you will notice that suspension lift kits include more parts and, are obviously more expensive than the other types. Also, having the best suspension lift kit for jeep JK does not only allow for bigger tires, but also results in a smoother ride through rough terrains, provided that it is combined with good shocks.

With the vast selections of suspension lift kits on the market, adding more height has become possible in a few hours as other manufacturers offer lift for up to 18 inches more. But, it is also important to keep in mind that these types of lift kits take more time during installation, compared to the body lift and leveling kits.

Benefits of Lift Kit Installation

Today, many people tend to buy and install lift kits for their vehicles for reasons. Below are the three main reasons why vehicle owners install the best jeep suspension lift or the body of their jeeps, trucks, and SUVs.

To Increase Clearance

The addition of a lift kit to a jeep, SUV, or truck elevates the suspension of the vehicle several inches more from the road. And, a lot of vehicle owners demand for such benefit, raising their vehicle’s ground clearance so as to reduce possible damage from road debris. By having a lift kit, the vehicle can cross flooded streets as well, safely crossing through without affecting the engine. Such automotive accessory also allows the vehicle to go up steep hills.

To Raise the Vehicle’s Overall Profile

One of the main reasons why people continuously look for the best jeep lift kits is their intention to add or boost the style and the overall profile of their vehicles. With an elevated suspension system, the overall height of the vehicle allows it to exceed other vehicles, even similar SUVs, trucks, and jeeps.

To Allow for Larger Tires

Finally, the most popular reason why vehicle owners install such kits is the ability to add larger tires, which are generally the off-road type of wheels. Keep in mind, however, that these bigger wheels are not only for showing off, although most of them actually look very cool. Having larger wheels means tougher tires than the ordinary variants, which also last longer, while allowing the vehicle to go off-road and flawlessly driving through snow, rocks, mud, and other rough terrains.


The best lift kits for jeeps have been identified and described in this review, giving you the most reliable and top-rated lift kits in the market today. You will never go wrong with any of the reviewed products on the list, elevating the profile and height of your vehicle, raising the ground clearance, while allowing you to install larger tires for an off-roading capability.

While some of the lift kits may require alterations and modifications, installing one will result in unmatched opportunities that ordinary vehicles are incapable of doing. In spite of these adjustments, having the best suspension lift for jeep, leveling kit, or body lift kit also equates to a lifetime investment with benefits that can last for a lifetime.

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