Best Jumper Cables Reviews 2020

High quality jumper cables usually consist of two thick and heavy-duty wires with an alligator clip at each end. Also known as booster cable gauge, this tool is generally used to give vehicles a boost of energy or a jump start once the battery is drained. The entire process of jump starting also involves a second car.

In cases of dead batteries, car owners must always keep such tool in their trunk because similar to other car components, the battery reaches to a point of surrendering due to cold cranking amps (CCA), hence, it starts to fail. Keep in mind that a battery, which loses even a small percentage of power could fail.

So, it is better to be prepared than be sorry eventually. Fortunately, every car owner can handle such situation with a jumper cable gauge in reviving the battery. This task becomes simple and quick, provided that you have a reliable tool, although the process requires extra careful steps for the utmost success and safety.

On that note, this article talks about the top rated jumper cables, providing you with no less the high quality tools that you can rely on. Included in the discussion is a buying guideline for probable buyers, allowing them to narrow down the choices so as to arrive at the best product.

Best Jumper Cables Reviews 2016

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables

51s22BLtnOvL 1First up on the list is the Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables, which measures at 16 feet. It garners an average rating of 4.1-Stars, and claims to be a professional, heavy duty jumper cables with ENB-416 that can be used for any type of vehicle, including vans, SUVs, and full-sized trucks.

This product includes a black/red PVC-coated and insulated clamps, allowing easy identification. Its entire construction is made of copper clad aluminum, while the tangle-free cables remain flexible, despite extreme temperatures. Hence, it is an all-weather tool for all vehicles.

These are good jumper cables suitable for side and top post batteries that includes 400A durable injection clamps. While it may seem heavier than other products on the market, the Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper is well-built, ensuring durability, flexibility, and convenience all at the same time.

This 4-gauge copper jumper cables are ideal for its purpose, considering the price-performance ratio as well. It comes in a nice bag that lets you store neatly in the trunk of your car, avoiding the mess of tangled cables. The covered clips are among its selling points, preventing you to touch them accidentally when they are insulated, and which usually causes sparks.

Anyone who’s looking for the most basic, yet well-built jumper cable wire gauge can rely on this item without disappointment. After all, it has generated a lot of positive reviews from actual users, indicating that the Energizer is very helpful, whether you have a side-mounted or a top-mounted battery post. Indeed, it is a reliable product with a reasonable price tag.

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20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag

61agB665gLNext up is the 4.8-Star-rated 20-Foot Jumper Cables by Iron Forge Tools. It also comes with a carry bag. This 4-gauge, 400amp jumper cable kit is very versatile. It boasts a unique design to work in virtually all weather conditions, making it suitable for motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

These are the best jumper cables for first-hand users, considering its tangle-free and easy to use cables. The red/black color coding allows for easy identification as well. The nice carry bag allows for quick and convenient storage. This item is also an Extract-Transforms-Load (ETL) listed with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Its provider, the Iron Forge Tools always stands behind its products 100%; thereby, you are rest assured of item replacement in case something goes wrong with it. Moreover, these quality jumper cables’ 20-foot cables give you an ample room in connecting one car to the other, allowing quickly restoring your battery and continuing your journey.

Iron Forge Tools also recognizes the importance of vehicle safety all the time. Thus, it provides this amazing tool for all vehicle owners to maximize. In fact, it has created a lot of happy customers worldwide that even female drivers find it very useful in cases of automotive breakdowns.

The common problem with most cables is that they’re very short, but this product offers you more than enough room. This 20-foot cable makes it superior over other brands, surpassing even the harshest situations of jump starting any vehicle. Again, these car booster cables are heavy-duty, ensuring you of durability and efficiency simultaneously.

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Performance Tool (W1673) 20′ 4-Gauge Jumper Cable

51WjNN61QZLMeanwhile, the 20-foot 4 gauge copper jumper cables by Performance Tool receive an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. These heavy-duty cables claim not to leave you disappointed at all, considering the tangle-free, durable, and rubber-coated cables that have been designed for SUVs, vans, and full-sized trucks.

Similar to the previous cables, this model also comes in the red/black clamps, which allow easy identification of the positive and negative cables. Its durable copper jaw clamps boast the ability to clamp to side and top battery posts, ensuring the best connection when jump starting.

These 500amp/600 peak cables live up to its purpose because of the reliable internal cable diameter, including its overall clamp design and build. Another captivating feature of this model is the cable sheathing, which is thick enough for protection against abuse.

These car jumping cables are much-loved by current owners, even the professionals on the subject matter. It really comes in handy during emergency cases, regardless whether the other vehicle is parked in a tight spot or otherwise. They are long and heavy duty; thereby, ensuring you of the utmost reliability and flexibility.

Based on per customer reviews, current owners of the Performance Tool (W1673) express their satisfaction over the product, saying that it is of great quality for an affordable price. The flexible cable is among its selling points as it bends enough, in spite the solid construction. When necessary, these cables still function very well, despite the cold weather, unlike other sub-standard cables.

All in all, it is well-built and flexible, providing a useful carry bag for convenient transport and storage, while the rubber feel allows for comfort during handling. The Performance Tool (W1673) is certainly a must-have tool and the best heavy duty jumper cables for every car owner.

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Cartman Booster Cables

51PcIbjWbwLFurthermore, the 4.5-Star-rated Cartman Booster Cables are 12 feet, 10-gauge cables with a luxurious carry bag. This product claims to be the safest way in transferring power from a 12v vehicle battery.

Its no-tangle cables are very easy to use, featuring T-Prene coating that allows for easy storage and flexibility. The clamps are more special than other brands due to the triple-polarity identification, which are color-coded and are UL indent stamped. Also, the clamps boast an ergonomic design, making it perfect for side-terminal and top-post batteries.

These industrial jumper cables also offer sufficient CCA, alongside the TPR material for low temperature resistance. Similar to the previous product, this one is also UL-listed, plus RoHS-compliant, ensuring you of utmost safety all the time. It is also capable of resisting rain, motor oil, chemicals, and other unfavorable elements.

The kit includes the 10-gauge jumper cable, carry bag, and working gloves. As per the complete package, it has created happy customers, giving them everything necessary in reviving a drained battery. While the quality of the Cartman exceeded the expectations of many consumers, it is now a highly-recommended item. In fact, some loyal customers keep two sets of these cables, one in their trunk, while the other in their garage.

Other customers have purchased the same item time and again, making it a very useful gift item to their loved ones, regardless the occasion may be. Indeed, the quality of the metal and the powder coating has made them happy, including the spring in the cable clamps down to the crimps, to the wire, and the claws. All these parts of the Cartman make it the best booster cables for many people.

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Professional Booster Cable 1 Gauge

And, last, but not the least is the Professional Booster Cable by Unique Imports. This 4.6-Star-rated item is a 25-foot, 1-gauge, 800amp booster cable with heavy duty clamps. It also features tangle-free cords that are color-coded, making it very convenient at all times.

It is considered as industrial jumper cables because of the heavy-duty clips, not to mention its rust-resistant property. This makes the product a high-grade and high-performing booster cable, allowing the user to maximize its function in different applications, despite the harshest conditions.

On top of the travel bag, the Professional Booster Cable boasts a temperature resistant shielding, making safe for use in both extreme cold and heat. It is powerful enough for tractors, big rigs, boats, and buses; thereby, it is very flexible that its function is not limited to motorcycles and cars or other average-sized vehicles.

It can surely get the job done in a quick manner, considering the 25 feet of cables, which are the longest of all the products on the list. While a 20-foot cable is already impressive, having a 25-foot model makes jump starting easier, more convenient, and faster, regardless the distance of the other vehicle.

The long cables make the Professional Booster Cable the best jumper cable to date, eliminating the worries about long distances and otherwise. It could be the best a vehicle owner can ever possess, surely a must-have tool in every trunk. It is also perfect for everyday use, considering the very durable construction that can surpass almost everything. All in all, this product is outstanding with convenience, performance, and safety in its overall design.

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Jumper Cables Buying Guide

While a jumper cable may seem to be a very simple tool with an easy function, it is obviously not. The construction and design went through rigorous inspection and testing, ensuring its efficiency and safety, before making it available for public purchase.

Both the design and construction have also evolved from the simplest materials, which used to be dangerous, unlike the modern models of booster cables today. All factors and components, surrounding this product have been thought of carefully, and then mass-produced for the public.

Today, getting such item on the market may also seem easy. But, due to the endless selections, manufacturers, and dealers, the task has become overwhelming, considering the different, impressive, and captivating claims from their manufacturers. So, it is still up to you, as the buyer to make the right decision when shopping for smart jumper cables.

With that said, below are additional information to help you pick the best product, although the products above are already worthy to consider due to their high ratings and positive feedback from actual customers. Nonetheless, you better take a look at some important tips and guidelines to help you decide which one to buy from the list.

Type of Jumper Cables

Obviously, not all battery booster cables are the same. They vary in terms of many factors such as the thickness of the cables. It is believed that heavier and thicker cables are better-quality than the smaller models because they are able to conduct more energy than the counterpart.

Today, gas stations, and even department stores sell small cables in their respective areas, which usually cost at around $20, although experts do not highly recommend such type of product. This is more so for owners of SUVs, full-sized trucks, and vans. Instead, choosing the thickest cables is strongly advised. This will ensure that enough or more than enough energy will be conducted by the cables in jump starting your vehicle.

Bigger varieties are also recommended, considering the bigger clips that can form a more solid or better connection between two terminals from two batteries. To get the best jumper cables, you must also be prepared to shell out some extra cash during your purchase, ensuring a better quality product. After all, a very durable item could serve you for a long period, making it a wise and a long-term investment.

Major Considerations

So, which ones are the best battery jumper cables? In order to arrive at the answer, there are major considerations you have to keep in mind when shopping for such product. Below is a list of the most important factors that a probable buyer must pay extra attention to.

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge is equivalent to the thickness of the cables. As you can see in the reviews, the models vary in terms o f their gauge, ranging from 1, 4, and 10. A lower wire gauge means thicker cable. With that said, it is always wise to pick the heavy duty models because of the high current flow when jump starting. This will guarantee you of drawing enough current throughout the process.


The insulation is another factor worth-considering. Jumper cables for car should always come with heavy insulation. This property will help in reducing the heat that is generated through the cords via the jump start process. Pay attention to cheap cables that only look heavy, but with poor insulation property.


Additionally, the length is a crucial factor when it comes to jumper cables. Having the longest cables allows you to move more freely, especially when the distance of the other vehicle is too far to start the jump start process. This feature is more helpful throughout busy roads, considering the safety of every car around. Having at least 16-foot jumper cables is highly recommended.


Battery jumper cable clamps should be heavy duty and durable as well, similar to the other parts and components. Whether you are connecting the clamps to side or top terminals, these parts should be technically durable enough in securing the connection. Heavy duty clamps are usually larger is size, giving you an added benefit of keeping your hands off any spark being generated during the process.


Over and above, the jumper cable use is highly recommended to all owners of vehicles, regardless the size and model of your car. It is merely because of emergency cases of having a dead or drained battery, especially when on the road. This is more especially without having access to nearby gasoline stations or automotive repair shops.

This tool is very crucial to every driver and to other drivers who are in need of such assistance as well. It is the only solution to get back on the road, until a battery replacement is made available. So, no matter where you are, a jumper booster will always give your battery more life to run a few more miles.

With everything said, it is now time to make your decision on what jumper cables to buy. But, always keep in mind the common specifications and features provided in this review as an adequate comparison of the available products has been provided. You may agree or disagree, but the top five products in this article are heavy duty jumper cables that offer utmost efficiency, durability, and performance at reasonable price tags.

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