Best Kayak Seat Reviews 2020

Both beginners and advanced paddlers must make smart decisions in determining the right kayak seat to use on the water. Generally, they consider the activity they want to carry out to obtain the matching boat. The same care should be given in choosing the kayak seats.

The selection becomes even more confusing as new seats become available on the market. If you missed the point of clever selection, you may end up with a poor quality but expensive kayak seat. Choosing a kayak is not only focused on getting a boat seat that meets your wants, but it should also be fit for fishing, sailing, touring, and competing.

Best Kayak Seat Review

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat


This kayak seat comes with a dimension of 21.65 inches by 31.09 inches. Though filled with comfort padding, it has a lightweight feel.

Pactrade Marine’s kayak seats review received mostly nods from the consumers. This could be backed by the high quality of the product perfected with detachable material and backrest. The seat also boasts its non-slip surface with contouring to keep you in place while joining competitive kayaking.

If you are looking for a compartment, it comes with a removable bag or pack on the back of its construction. This is why it could be used for both recreational and fishing kayaking. The high-quality kayak seat provides a comfortable experience for canoe riders.

The product is fixated with four cooper hooks which will secure the seat despite constant movements. It is made of 600D polyester and neoprene for outstanding durability. The interior of the kayak is manufactured from PE plate plus EVA foam.

The polyester material of the kayak seat ensures better resistance from harmful UV rays. It could also hold the coating better. Moreover, neoprene is chosen by the manufacturer because this material has great insulation, protection from elements, and shock absorption capability.

Pactrade Marine competes well with other kayak seats since it provides sufficient back support. This is suitable for adult paddlers. It will not put a strain on your back despite longer hours of kayaking.


  • Provides ample back support
  • Comes with four mounting points
  • Prevents slipping
  • Good height
  • Adjustable to any length


  • Bag may be hard to reach

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Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seat


The product has a dimension of 23 inches by 15 inches by 2 inches. It has a lighter built at around 1.8 pounds.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus kayak seat comes from one of the most trusted kayak manufacturers in the industry. The product boasts its comfort padding for further support. It also has a four-way adjustability, giving you the perfect fit without losing the alignment of the seat.

Ocean Kayak selected nylon as the primary made of the product. This ensures the durability of the seat and added protection from UV rays. Moreover, the seats have reflective logos that could keep you informed where the seats are when the environment is pitch black.

Moreover, the kayak seat has stainless steel springs and solid brass clips. You no longer need further assistance to install the seat for it requires easy clipping. Though it is not made for sit-in kayaks, it could also serve as your best sit on top kayak seat.


  • Prevents back issues
  • Has four attachment points
  • Resists saltwater effects
  • High backrest
  • Cost-effective


  • Does not have much padding

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GTS Elite Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat


The product’s seat back has dimensions of 18 inches by 21 inches. The cushion has a size of 13 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch. It could fit any sit-in kayak.

GTS Elite kayak seat is designed with molded foam for extra comfort. In spite of a journey for hours, the seat is made to sustain the convenience of the paddler. It could give your back sufficient assistance and protection from strain.

The straps in the front and rear areas of the kayak are adjustable in various ways to lock in your sitting position. The snaps connecting GTS Elite seat to the kayak are manufactured from marine-grade solid brass for long-term use. The seat also has center panels that are deeply molded to reduce too much movement while on the water.

Tension locks found in the four corners of the chair make it easier for you to adjust your position. For instance, if you need to lean forward, you simply need to use the easy-release thumb locks.


  • Non-slip buckles
  • Supports the back
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Returns to its shape despite impacts
  • Adequate seat width


  • Backrest distracts when paddling

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Vibe Kayaks Sit-on-Top Deluxe Cushioned Kayak Seat


The product has a dimension of 19 inches by 18 inches by 12 inches. Besides its basic features, Vibe kayak seat comes with a detachable pack, making this one of the best choices for a kayak seat.

The kayak seat provides both style and comfort with its construction. It is meant to support your back despite a day-long paddling. Vibe kayak seat has straps found at the front and rear for multiple adjustments.

The straps are also resistant to harmful UV rays, ensuring that your seat will remain secured. There are also connector snaps made of marine-grade solid brass. For additional storage requirements, it comes with a bag for your personal items, lunch, or fishing accessories.

It has a high backrest which is perfect for adults who are looking for support when immobile. The seat also works well even for heavy paddlers.


  • Easily adjustable seat
  • Keeps backrest upright
  • Comes with extra storage
  • Wax-coated storage bag
  • Fits most sit-in kayaks


  • Dedicated for sit-in kayaks only

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Kerco Explorer Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat


The dimension of the kayak seat is 18 inches by 21 inches. The cushion has a size of 13 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch. Compared to its rivals, Kerco Explorer comes with a bulkier weight of four pounds.

The product is made of nylon and molded foam for instant comfort and support. Specifically, it is designed to fit sit-in kayaks. The padding of the seat is made thicker for longer trips.

Kerco Explorer kayak seat is equipped with a backpack, allowing you to go camping, fishing, and island hopping. This gives you means to bring more gear, accessories, and even food without worrying that these will get wet.


  • Stores must-have items
  • Comfortable pad for the bottom
  • Adjustable
  • Sturdy material
  • High-quality stitching


  • Still causes back pain

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Types of Kayak Seats

You will find the most comfortable kayak seat by learning the specifics regarding the product beforehand. This is essential in case you want to shortlist your initial choices. By having the right types of kayak seats, you will pinpoint which of the seats will match your activity best.

  • Standard Kayak Seats – These are the general types of kayak seats that you may find in almost all kinds of boats. Despite being called the “standard” type of kayak, this is developed with utmost comfort and robust support in mind. Most of the standard seats for kayak have undergone several tests before being released to the market.

High-quality standard seats are made using the thermo-molding process to obtain the best comfort for the rider. However, the manufacturer does not disregard how important it is to sustain flexibility.

  • Fishing Kayak Seats – This type of kayak seats is specifically for anglers. You should not anticipate these seats to have fishing pole holders. Instead, the variety of fishing kayak seats has an extra compartment for gears.

Fishermen will be able to bring more accessories while on the water despite having a small-sized fleet. Usually, extra storage space is found at the bottom of the seat.

  • High-Performance Kayak Seats – These are seats made to accommodate the need of the most adventurous paddlers. The made of the seats is carefully developed to resist stress due to weather and different water environments Generally, these seats are indestructible in spite of frequent use.

Aside from the enduring design of the seats, these products are made with blow outs-eliminating technology. Though other high-performance kayak seats are usually heavier, there are newer models that come in lighter construction.

  • Inflatable Kayak Seats – From the name itself, you will have to inflate the kayak seats before it using it. Normally, this type of kayak seat is fixated on the boat. For instance, a tandem kayak may have two or more inflatable seats you may use depending on the number of riders.

You should not belittle the durability of this seat type. These kayak seats could also resist harsher conditions on the water. The adjustability feature of the seats is also high, giving you more comfort despite your size.

Inflatables are also commonly designed with a backrest. This gives adults great comfort even while on an hours-long ride.

What to Look For When Buying

Buying the best kayak seat requires following standards. You must get the most out of the boat seat if you want to use the product longer without worrying about the quality. There may be various products available on the market, but only a few may exceed or even meet your preferences.

  • Individual or Group Seats – You have to determine the quantity of seats you will purchase for your kayak. In case you are solo kayaker at this moment, you should anticipate in the future that a few of your kids or your friends may want to share the fun of kayaking. There are individual seats that feature storage boxes and could be mounted directly on the kayak floor.

Alternatively, you also have the group sets that come in pairs or threes. These kayak seats could be installed in the rear, front, or center.

  • Available Space – You must consider the space available for the seats in your kayak. Before visiting a shop, you should measure the space where your seats will be placed. You must match these dimensions to your choice of product.

However, there are kayakers that make the mistake of simply measuring the cushions. If you will only replace your existing kayak seats, you should bring the present one to the store to avoid miscalculations.

  • Storage – It is best to find kayak seats with storage compartments. These are the types meant for long trips, camping, and fishing. Though these seats may cost more, it is worth it since you no longer have to customize your kayak for keeping your things.

You may not need storage if you have sufficient compartment in your boat. Otherwise, built-in compartments underneath the seat are considerable.

  • Current Seat Style – You must find kayak seats that match the ones you are currently using. This will not only sustain the continuity of your boat’s aesthetics. Instead, it will also prevent added weight, difficulty in installation, and less comfort.
  • Installation Hardware – You are lucky if you found a seat that is packed with the mounting accessories. The hardware you may need are bolts and screws. If you end up buying a kayak seat that comes by itself, you may use your previous accessories if possible.
  • Material – Find a kayak seat made of durable materials. One of the most trusted options is vinyl. This type of material could easily be cleaned. In case of removing mildew, you only need a mixture of water and ammonia which could be used as a scrub.

The seats, no matter how soft the material could be, should be stiffened by stainless steel linings. This is important to retain the vertical position of the sitting material.

  • Padding – It is imperative not to forget padding. There are seats available with padding on the sitting area itself. Alternatively, there are seats that add cushioning at the back.

As much as possible, even the padding should be made out of UV-resistant covering. This is crucial for the material to remain usable despite constant exposure to excess heat, water, and moisture.

Safety Tips

Given that you have chosen the most suitable sitting fixture and the best kayak seat cushion, you should learn how to use these properly. You will not be able to get the most out of the kayak seats and accessories unless you installed and utilized the products appropriately. For instance, an incorrectly fixated seat may compromise the paddler’s safety from being thrown into the water easily.

  • Remove existing seat – If you will change the existing seat on your kayak, you should remove it completely before installing the new one. Dealing with a fiberglass seat could be very difficult. It is imperative to cut and sand, which somehow requires assistance from a friend.

Be careful in removing fiberglass seats since these could pull out the coating of your boat. Once cleaned up, you should scrub the joints of the seats with a sandpaper. There are formulations that will help you get rid of leftovers.

  • Use weights – To keep the seat in place while installing it, you should place weights on it. This is important, particularly if you are gluing. It could be difficult to adjust mistakes.

As much as possible, you should glue the one seat holder to another. For every fixation, you must make sure that everything is aligned.

  • Do not forget the backrest – In the case of finding a kayak seat that has a separate backrest, you should ensure that it is installed properly. Without a backrest, you will suffer from discomfort during the journey. According to experts, without the component, you will somehow choose to sit on the floor instead of a chair.

Besides using the backrest built in your kayak seat, you may also add cushioning. There are various styles available on the market. The installation is very easy since others come with a self-adhesion feature.

There are also backrest cushions that come with added flap. This adds convenience to your bottom, especially when the kayak seat’s material is too rigid.

  • Check the attachments of the seat – You should check the attachments dedicated for the kayak seat beforehand. For instance, if there must be four hooks, you must verify that there are four working holders for the straps of the chair. In case of breakage, you should run to the nearest kayak seat store to get it replaced.
  • Fix the seat tightly – Most kayak seats come with inboard straps. You should use these to adjust the placement of the chair. Make sure that the seat is installed upright, specifically when there is a backrest.

To customize the fitting of the chair, you should sit on it. Afterwards, you may pull or loosen the straps according to your preferences.


Out of all products mentioned above, Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat obviously wins the competition. It sustains quality and comfort at the same time. Besides being suitable for short trips, it could still grant utmost convenience even for long trips.

It is also not solely suitable for sit-in kayaks, but for other types of boat as well. The high-quality kayak seat may not be too expensive, but it never failed to provide the best material a boat seat should have. Moreover, you could carry and store the kayak seat without arm strain since it is lightweight.

In case you prefer a product, simply ascertain that it answers your personal needs. Conclusively, all the products above have their ways of satisfying their consumers.

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