Best Kerosene Heater Reviews 2020

Keeping warm with the best kerosene heater is essential for survival when living in countries that are situated in the most frigid zones around the globe. These countries rarely get to enjoy the sun’s natural heat compared with tropical countries. In these day and age, electricity is always available but not all places get to have the power to heat homes, outdoors, garages, commercials sites and the like. Using age-old heating methods was the only means to warm up freezing bodies in such Arctic-like temperature.

The heat from the kerosene can provide light to brighten up the darkness especially when electricity is not available due to blackout. It has now evolved to the extent that it can now accept other kinds of combustible fuel to continue heating when kerosene supply and diesel is available and other kinds of fuel sources. Since these are highly combustible material, safety is an extreme must and necessary precautions are required as there are some states in the U.S. and other countries which impose strict guidelines for its use.

Best Kerosene Heater Reviews

Dura Heat Indoor- DH2304


Commonly owned by many household owners where rooms lack insulation, this one garnered a star rating of 4.3. The Dura Heat Indoor – DH2304 is a total performer when it comes to indoor heating with its convection style of heating that allows a coverage of wide circumferential radius of 360 degrees, covering up to 1000 sq. ft. of space.

Dura Heat is sold by popular demand and is renowned as the best indoor kerosene heater in the market.  This performs at a heat rate of 23,000 BTU sufficiently sending heat to all directions fuelled by kerosene fuel. Specifically, it uses a K-1 type of kerosene fuel for cleaner burn with fewer deposits and toxins. It also has a tilt-type shut off for safety and an installed drip tray like you see in barbecue grillers that drip away excess oil which is built in the heater.

The materials used in the paraffin heater uses the latest state-of-the-art wick with FIBER-GRAPH that prevents carbon build-ups and perfects the length of overall combustion.

Transferring kerosene to the storage tank of the Dura Heat Indoor- DH2304 indoor kerosene heater, one would usually siphon it but it is deemed unsafe and cause unnoticeable odor in the atmosphere. When that happens, it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation. Opening the windows is one good safety measure, but better yet, use the newer method with a battery operated pump that allows a safe and regulated transfer of the kerosene fuel to its storage with ease. There you go, turn the dial on, raise that wick and watch the marvelous flame lit up and heat your room.

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Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD


Our next heater has a unique way of heating and is equipped with the latest technology in the market having a star rating of 3.9. The Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD is a one-of-a-kind kerosene heater with a lot of flexibility in its usage.  There are times when one needs to bring the kerosene heater outside the house and exposure to outside elements require a sturdy and rugged construction, not to mention, lightweight and easy to carry.

The Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD has amazing capabilities to function indoor and outdoor. This is the best portable kerosene heater money can buy particularly for outdoor uses such as agriculture, hang-outs, camping, industrial and commercial applications. Its flexi-fuel design allows the use of recommended k1 kerosene fuel, fuel oil and jet fuels like JET A, JP-8. It has the unique capability to induce heat like the sun with its forced air architecture. The forced air kerosene heater is powered by in-house electric motors that forces air out of the machine projecting more heat output than normal with a whopping 80,000 BTU’s, reaching a full range of 1,900 square feet.

Other benefits that are included in this most efficient kerosene heater are its built-in features, like Comfort Control Thermostat, Built-In Air Pressure Gauge, Self-diagnostics and LED readout. It comes with cord wrap, run time fuel gauge, dual source power cord, easy lift carrying handle, cord wrap flameout sensor and is made from high-grade steel.

Dual powering is achieved with toggle on demand for high heat or low heat and aluminium house electrical motors that come in 2s or 3s, providing more than ample forced air out of the it.

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Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat


This heater is third in the list, with a respectable star rating of 4.0. From the Far East, they have developed something that modernized the way heating was done back in the old days. Sengoku from Japan has created a beau kerosene heater model called the CTN-110 KeroHeat that looks like a souped-up oven toaster, providing the heat for cold and freezing indoors.

With 60 years in its title belt, this is a highly portable radiant kerosene space heater that comes in beige color. It is compact and portable. It produces radiant heat energy which is great for indoor and outdoor camping. With an automatic ignition for fast burning, a push-button gives a quick burn when needed right away. It can be tucked against the wall with ease and if it ever falls over, there is an automatic shut-off switch as well as a tip-over switch for safety measures.

A lot of users come to love and respect the small kerosene heater powerhouse with a fuel capacity of 1.2-Gallon that heats up to 14-16 hours straight. CTN-110 KeroHeat also provides heat levels up to 10,000 BTUs, with an estimated heating area of 384 sq. ft. There is an EZ flame adjuster to control flame output and inside the package comes with a battery-powered siphon pump for easy refuelling. These all entail an economical, all-in-one portable package. This kerosene heater is definitely an irresistible household ware to have, especially when the power goes out.  Now you’ll know where to look for heat and light.

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Sengoku Heat Mate HMN-110


Built by the same brand, here comes another kerosene with a star rating of 4.2. Sengoku has done it again with a new revolutionary, compact and small kerosene heater in the world stage. Bent on providing customer satisfaction and delivering top quality products made of high quality materials, this manufacturer has 60 years in the indoor heating industry.  One can truly rely on the Sengoku new flagship, the Heat Mate HMN-110.

Having similar functionalities with its sister model, the Heat Mate HMN-110 is a portable kerosene heater powerhouse with a capacity of 10,000 BTUs and can heat 12-14 hours straight with just 1.2 gallons of fuel capacity. It only uses the tried and tested k1 kerosene fuel for safety and emits low dirt, grime and toxin content which can be cleaned less frequently, allowing for a thorough radiant burn.

By being the best in what they do, respect comes along the way. Being garnered by many proud owners as the best indoor kerosene heater, for its indoor speciality.  When you it need it the most especially when the power goes out, this heater maintains that lively warmth for a little while longer.

It comes with an automatic igniter for instant heat on demand and an EZ flame adjuster for flame height control. Safety is their priority and one can be assured of with its automatic shut-off switch. Just in case it gets accidentally tipped over, there is also a tip over switch and safety protected guard.

Refuelling is a breeze with an automating siphon which comes with a battery operated kerosene pump that allows easy to refill that much needed heat. So when cost spikes to sky high proportions and temperatures drops to an arctic low, you can trust Sengoku for your heating needs; safe, economical and a great alternative to other heating item.

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Pro-Temp Sun Stream PT-70-SS


This is a new team player in the heating industry specifically for outdoors with a star rating of 4.0. The Pro-Temp is perfect for outdoors and is ideal for industrial and professional use.

This is not your ordinary, forced air kerosene heater. Branded as Sun Stream, the pro temp sun stream heater is magical heater that combines the best of both worlds. First, it has a radiant heating technology that heats the plate radiating all that heat to the objects.  Second, it is equipped with forced air technology having electric motors driving out air with extensive heat blast, warming the garage with hot breeze as if there’s a sun in your backyard. This kerosene portable heater is a thing loved by many professionals and industrialists without having the intrusion of the sound of a jet plane or torpedo.

This type of feature is labelled the SilentDrive®, providing a 50% quieter performance than an average kerosene garage heater. It operates at full 7 hour heat blast on a full 4-gallon tank with its unique combinative structure between radiant and fan forced heating systems, while blasting at a range of 1,750 square feet, boiling the cold air with 70,000 of BTU heat.

Additionally, it is equipped with safety features like tip-over shut-off, high temperature limit shut off, flame-out fuel cut, a thermocouple and a robust safety guard. Since it’s a new player, it has grabbed the seat of the elite best kerosene heater for garage plus more, such as construction sites, workshops and warehouses.

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Kerosene Heater Buying Guide

When buying kerosene heaters, please be advised that there are many reliable ones in the market as well as newly invented ones with technological breakthroughs to heating applications. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the top rated kerosene heaters, you will now be able to make a wise and informed decision based on your needs whether it’s indoor or outdoor or a little bit of both. Safety too must be kept in mind aside from the features of the product after all, you are dealing with a kerosene heater which has its dangers if not used properly.

Types of Kerosene Heaters

  • Indoor – These are types that work and perform indoors whether it’s the living room or bedroom or anywhere in the house that needs heating. Venting the fumes is important to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. They are safer and much cleaner since it uses K1 kerosene fuel, built-in tray and battery-operated pump that allows easy refills, thus, heating up your room comfortably.
  • Outdoor – These kinds work exceptionally for outdoors. Even when cold weather strikes and burning wood may not be an option for one’s heating needs, these are built in a way where a lot of extra heat is needed and massive airflow to spread to the targeted area.
  • Electrical – These modes we all know and come to use on our daily lives. It places an impact on safety concerns that deal with combustible fuels. This one requires an electrical outlet for it to be plugged in so you can start enjoying the comfort heat it emits.
  • Non-electrical – These ones are different from the rest which is primarily used for larger spaces using different methods to produce heat in order to perform the way it is expected to. Labelled as the space heater since it’s more suitable for a larger area, it has alternate fuelling requirements like Propane which is used in other heating devices.

Major Considerations

When acquiring products such as these, careful consideration must be put in mind. You can purchase heaters online or even at the store, whatever you prefer. When it comes to owning kerosene portable heaters, the following information will help in the buying process.  So let’s explore the guide below to aid you in making the right decision.

  • Features and Functionality – Always know that every single paraffin heater in the market are not designed the same way. A lot of heaters have some similarities or a little combination of both. Each individual heater has specific functions created in mind. Check the specifications of each item and find the helpful benefits of the product. It will be beneficial for your house heating needs and demands and remains warm despite the cold weather.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews truly play an important part when shopping for kerosene heaters. Having the acumen in searching the satisfaction and feedback from customers who bought the product requires a lot of research and patience.  However, you will find it helpful even when reading the pros and cons of every item.
  • Best Kerosene Heaters – This article gives you the top five. It provides you the best of the best in the market, top of the line, premier products. With this article, it tells you the top main five kerosene heaters that are being raved about in the heating world such as Dura Heat, Dyna-Glo, Sengoku KeroHeat, Sengoku HeatMate, Pro-Temp. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to select from the best the very 5 best brands and products.


Kerosene as a gas is an efficient source of heat and a perfect alternative when there is a sudden blackout or unexpected power interruptions. It is best to be prepared at all times and have kerosene for ready backup. Do not underestimate what kerosene heating can do in fact, it generates more than the amount of heat compared to other heat source such as wood, propane and coal. This best kerosene heater review will help you in terms of determining what is most suitable for your home or establishment so you will be able to enjoy that ultimate comfort and convenience.

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