Best Kiddie Pools Reviews 2020

Are you having a hard time choosing the best inflatable pool for your children? Did you know that getting a blow-up pool for your kids is probably the best thing you can give to them? These amusing kiddie pools can be installed at the comfort of your own home without the additional level of difficulty, making it more convenient and fun for your little ones.

Not only do they enjoy the water playground but they also gain benefits. Being in the water does not only provide your kids so much joy but surely helps them in their physical, emotional and psychological development. The best backyard pool can definitely give these benefits to you and your child.

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Best Inflatable Pool Reviews

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool and Play Center

Age GroupTwo and up

Having been hailed as the best small swimming pools for kids for the year 2016 has its perks. Of course, parents would only want the best of the best for their kids, by buying the best kiddie pool in the market. According to surveys conducted for this year alone, parents and kids want Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool and would do anything to get their hands on it.

Aside from being the best inflatable pool for kids, Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool also provides the experience of a Jurassic Park-like feeling and you can also glide through a mystical-like waterfall slide in between. Who would not want to go back to the feeling of adventure in that era? The excitement and thrill combined would make this a good choice above all. Even I as a parent would do anything to play with the dinosaurs.

The extinct reptiles can light your child’s curiosity and interest that will lead them to know more, thus driving your child for extended learning. Your kids can enjoy the feeling of being in an amusement park over the comfort of your own vicinity. They can play and ride the three feet tall dinosaur on each of the ends to make them experience a ride of a lifetime. This bubble life-size dinosaur accentuates the whole design of this miniature. You will also have the option to add toys that are suitable for added entertainment that is safe for your kids and for the pool. We don’t want to spoil their fun, do we?

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Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center


Age Group: three to seven

Just this year, Intex launched an additional line for their best inflatable pools for kids. The company is trying to make sure they can cater to the needs of their consumer, practically making designs suitable for a wider age group, bringing a whole new experience for the conventional inflatable pool for kids.

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is a pool for toddlers made up of two circular water pools, connected with an inflatable side giving it an edge for a more fun experience. It also includes six inflatable balls and four inflatable ring toss that your kids or anyone in the pool can use for additional recreational activities, while at the same time enjoying the water. They can play basketball with the inflatable rings and balls that enable motor skill development.

Having this in your backyard means your child will have the privilege to enjoy the slides which are not offered by the regular pools. The capacity of Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is 77 gallons and for convenience, you can connect a hose, preferably a garden hose so you can fill it in while preparing other things for that little getaway in your backyard. This unique design enables kids to slide through and utilize the two pools that are interconnected through the inflatable slide in between.

This small swimming pool for kids is best for family gatherings or barbeque over the weekend. While you’re manning the grill, you can also watch your kids slide up and down the water. This pool is really cool to have and place in your own backyard.

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Step 2 Play and Shade Pool


Age Group: two and up

This is my personal favorite amongst the list of best inflatable pool that is sold in the market. There is a great reason behind it being dubbed as budget-friendly and wise spender’s choice for the best backyard pool. First, Step 2 Play and Shade Pool is able to function perfectly as pools for toddlers when the weather suggests for a good and relaxing swim. But if the weather suggests otherwise, you can use it as a sandbox. You can fill it with sand and you will smile with satisfaction at what it does. Your kids can add a toy that they can mold in different shapes or they can exercise their imagination and use an accessory to play with sand.  For sure, they will be delighted to see what comes out of it.

Step 2 Play and Shade Pool will teach your kids shapes and forms while they enjoy playing which is a good way of learning. They can differentiate triangles from squares; squares from rectangles or even master the polygons at an early age without exerting so much effort in making them do so. Letting them experience things will give them a natural way of retaining these information thus, stocking the knowledge that will be very useful when they get older and go to school.

They can also create a mini-castle on top of this pool. These inflatable pools for kids can also be brought to beaches or lakes for a weekend getaway. Kids can enjoy the breeze while playing with their little sandbox, accentuated with a 3 feet multicolored, detachable umbrella that will provide them shade from the sun.

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Nickelodeon Kids Paw Patrol Splash N Play Swimming Pool

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Age Group: three and up

This is a cutely designed small swimming pool for kids embedding the Nickelodeon cartoon character The Paw Patrol. This simple, inflatable pool for kids may seem dull to parents because it’s nothing more than a giant circular pool that lacks the sense of thrill and adventure compared to other competing pools but nevertheless, it is still considered as one of the best inflatable pool and even made it to the Top Four.

Now the question is, if this kiddie pool is simple compared to others in the market, what will make parents buy this pool? You see, we have underestimated the embedded logo at the bottom of this pool. The Paw Patrol logo says it all!

A lot of kids ages four and below watch the Paw Patrol. For those who do not know, these cartoon characters are those cuddly and irresistible dogs who believe in the saying “no job is too big, no pup is too small”, and these characters work together to protect the community from the antagonist. Each episode of this show teaches a lesson that kids find very appealing. They are those little pups who can make a great impact in this big world. This show really is a good draw for the little kids.

The mere image of these characters in the kiddie pool already attracts buyers. It’s a good marketing strategy to tie it with popular cartoon characters which is why it is undeniably, a good choice among the pools for toddlers in the market. Simple yet possesses a captivating design for such a small swimming pool for kids.

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Kids Stuff Mini Frame Pool

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Age Group: three and up

Kids Stuff Mini Frame Pool is touted as one of the best kiddie pool that helps children develop their motor skills. This small swimming pool for kids is also considered a training ground for kids who are not yet comfortable to learn how to swim. Kids Stuff Mini Frame Pool is made up of polyester cloth that functions as the base of the pool. Materials made out of polyester are durable and can withstand light to moderate scratches as well as damage caused by friction between the soil and the base.

Since these pools for toddlers are made up of polyester material, you can be guaranteed peace of mind because of its longevity and durability.  The stand on each four side of this best inflatable pool is made up of potent fiberglass that is designed carefully to complement the design. It is carefully and meticulously selected as a pair to the polyester base to hold off a maximum of 95 gallons of water. Imagine that volume of water in an almost hanging-like design. This design was made to ensure safety in the first kicks and puddles of our little ones.

They provide easy access to edges that can be slightly leaned on so parents will not have a hard time assisting their kids who are inside the pool. Furthermore, the frame of the pool can be used by kids during small activities. These frames are designed as grips for kids to hold on to when they are inside the pool. You can also customize the setting of the pool with a slide in order to add some extra adventure.

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Best Inflatable Pool Buying Guide

Best Inflatable Pool vs. Pre-Installed Pool

Pre-installed pools cost a lot more. In addition, you need space and time to get it done. You can get the best backyard pool for your kids without spending a fortune. In order to check out what the benefits are aside from savings, let’s have a look at the buying guide below to help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying pools for toddlers.

  • Safety Considerations – We all know that freedom from occurrence of risk, injury and danger is the utmost priority as parents. Children are most prone to harm because they don’t know what they are doing and they can’t set limits to themselves. During children’s play time, parents will have to double their efforts to make sure they are safe. Getting pools for toddlers that you can install right at the comforts of your home would give you peace of mind while watching your kids play. The best kiddie pool offers the same experience that the regular, installed pool has except the issues of safety. Small swimming pools for kids has the right depth which you can easily measure compared to larger swimming pools.
  •  Alternative Recreation – One of the perks of owning the best baby pool right at the comforts of your own home is that you will be able to watch your kids play in amusement. Being able to engage with your kids in entertaining activities can develop positive psychological development as well as foster a sense of closeness and comfort.

The best backyard pool provides recreational activities for kids that develop their inner strength for exploring new things and ideas. The orientation of small swimming pools for kids compared to the traditional built in pools are very much the same when it comes to entertainment except that as children, they will be able to relate more to the cute, smaller pool sizes.

  • Easy Installation and Storage – Compared to the conventional pools, the best inflatable pools is easy to set up. Simply unpack it, blow it up and fill the hose with water and you’re all set! In addition, kiddie pools are space savers as there are houses with limited spaces and small backyards and you can easily set it up anywhere.
  • Cost effective – Maintaining your traditional pool can prove to be a little expensive because of filtering and other add-ons to keep the water clean. On the other hand, buying a small swimming pool for kids is a good alternative because it does not cost a lot but still gives your kids the satisfaction the pool offers. Buying the best inflatable pools is worthy of an investment.
  • Product Durability – There are a lot of factors that determines durability. One of them is the capability to withstand significant deterioration. Make sure to check the material when shopping for the best kiddie pool so you will not regret it. It is also important to check the age group it is designed for to get the maximum advantage.
  • Age Suitability – There are numerous small swimming pools for kids that are being sold in the market. Just make sure to get the most suitable types that would satisfy your children’s needs. Of course, it still boils down to the age group of the users so make sure you pick the right one according to the age bracket.
  • Design – The design is the number one factor for choosing pools for toddlers. You need to make sure your child finds it appealing and enticing for them to play on. You can bring them with you while you’re shopping in-store or have them check it out in the internet while you’re browsing and see if they like the design.

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Choosing the best swimming pools for your kids is all a matter of choice. By reading this article, you will now be empowered with the knowledge of what is the best pool to buy in the market that will suit your children’s needs. It could perhaps, be the best gift you can give to your children that they will surely love and enjoy.

As parents, you know them best. Whatever your priorities are whether its design, budget, shape or size, buying the best baby pool will surely bring tons of fun and excitement for your kids that they will surely thank you for.

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