Best Kneeboard Reviews 2020

Best kneeboards are must-haves for people who want to engage in the water sports or improve his or her professional training. Basically, kneeboarding is the sports of kneeling on a board, which will then be pulled by a jet ski or boat on a lake or river. A kneeboard is a great addition for friends and families who want to have enjoyable moments on the water.

There are different boards available to buy. These products vary in features, such as padding and straps for security. In order to find one that best suits your wants and needs, you must know more about the product before jumping onto selecting one among most recommended ones today.

Best Kneeboard Review

Driftsun Kneeboard


This is one of the products with noteworthy kneeboard reviews due to its terrific features. Driftsun kneeboard is an ideal boating item for both professional riders and beginners in the sports. If you want to start learning tricks and spins using a kneeboard, this is a good choice for you.

Primarily, it features an integrated pull hook to the board. This allows beginners find it easier to take off. Its foam padding is 0.75 inch thick and extremely durable for frequent use. The contoured shape of the padding even makes it more suitable for long rides.

The edges of the kneeboard have a chamfered shape. This keeps your ride low in the water for sustained balance. You could even carry out quick cuts.

For extra comfort and balance while riding, it also features a padded strap built to last long. Driftsun kneeboard is the most ideal for advanced riders who want to level up their stunts. You could use this for turns, flips, jumps, and spins.

This one will give you, your friends or your family will provide a better experience than towable tubing. In case you want to start lying down on your stomach while on the ride, this could also allow you to do so. Even the rope is held on the front, which is great for beginners who may find it difficult to pull themselves up.


  • Great starter board
  • Has small bracket for easy rope hooking
  • Applicable for lay-down riding
  • Heavy duty strap
  • Suitable for kids’ safe riding


  • Board padding is quite hard

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Hydro Slide Revolution Kneeboard


This product has a classic shape and size. It features a spoon-like curvature, providing more balanced for adult riders. It ensures an easier and smoother ride without providing harsher pop while on the water.

Hydro Slide Revolution also features a three-inch padded belt, giving you extra control for every turn, jump, and spin. The EVA pad of the kneeboard also has deep wells for knee stabilization while on the ride. Generally, it has a thin profile, making it easier to manoeuver.

Besides its best aesthetics, you could anticipate it to work as necessary for beginners. Hydro Slide Revolution has a hydrohook that is patented for safety, giving you an easier way of getting up every time. Even the padding of Hydro Slide Revolution Kneeboard is thicker than its predecessor, making it more comfortable to use.

Though it is advertised for adults, many customers have commended it for kids’ use as well. It makes balancing easier for children. The rider simply has to scoot up on his or her knees since it eliminates a lot of components to hold onto.


  • Sufficiently padded kneeboard
  • Has pop-up handle holder
  • Easy to use strap
  • Safe for kids use
  • Cost-effective


  • Rope hook pops easily

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O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

This features its high quality and industry-standard design. Besides its appealing aesthetics, the product also has a great performance to boast about compared to older types. Primarily, it has a flex pad that conforms to your body.

O’Brien Radica makes it more comfortable for a rider to balance and concentrate on following the board’s direction. Apart from the flex pad, it also has an adjustable strap that you can customize for further security. It also has V-Hull and twin tip construction, unleashing your best performance while on the water.

To begin your kneeboarding easily, it has a hook integrated into the board. This component gets rid of consuming too much energy in getting the right position or rising up. The incorporated hook also promotes longer rides.

O’Brien Radica kneeboard is meant for professional riders. You may use it to upgrade your skills by learning more stunts.


  • Has a handle holder
  • Has a wider space for stability
  • Deep knee wells
  • Easy to use strap
  • Also suitable for beginners


  • Plastic material looks cheap

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Body Glove Kneeboard


It is a perfect training kneeboard for you or your kids. This one boasts its Patented Power Eye towing system. It allows the ride below 120 pounds (lbs) to stand, crouch, or kneel on the board since the handle will move along.

Body Glove kneeboard also has deep wells for the knee, allowing a more comfortable and stabilized ride. It does not have a strap, which may be a complexity for beginners. Compared to the others, it has a thinner profile but does not feature a hydrohook.

Body Glove kneeboard is marketed especially for kids since it has a comfier and larger made compared to its predecessor. It gives more space to find the most comfortable position without the danger of flipping.


  • Starter keyboard
  • Good for first try riders
  • Easy to use kneeboard
  • Comfy padding
  • Slightly larger


  • Has no hydrohook

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Kwik Tek AHKB-3 Kneeboard


The kneeboard is a newly designed product with channeled base. It makes the board more fun to ride and the sports easier to learn. The board also makes your turns and spins effortless and consistently seamless.

Either you are a beginner or a professional rider, Kwik Tek AHKB-3 kneeboard is a great choice. It has a lot of rocker or curvature for extra balance. Moreover, the edges of the board are chamfered for sharper turns without losing balance.

Its channelled bottom even has the ability to get rid of the tension that gives a heavy feeling while manoeuvering the board. For an easy start, Kwik Tek AHKB-3 also offers an EZ UP hook integrated into the board. Even its rope handle is easy to reach.


  • For all riding levels
  • Perfect for rail to rail transitions
  • Lightweight feel
  • Has a rope handle
  • Ideal for teaching kids


  • Padding does not last long

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Types of Kneeboards

If you are looking for best kneeboards for beginners, you must also categorize the product. Relatively, there are different types of these ones meant for fun and competition. You must be able to distinguish the right one to serve your purpose.

  • Competitive Kneeboards – This is a type meant for joining competitions. From the name itself, it is manufactured with features that make carrying out of tricks and stunts easier. You will also notice that the boards are molded by compression.

The competitive kneeboard is made with significantly lighter and thinner material. To help the rider turn quickly and manoeuver conveniently, this kind has sharper edges. Compared to those for beginners, you will observe competitive ones having more expensive price tags.

Most of the additions in these are made of high-quality materials and processed out of top-of-the-line standards. Another distinctive quality of competitive kneeboard is how more buoyant it is compared to beginner products. It promotes deep water beginnings for professional kneeboards since the product does not float instantly.

  • Recreational Kneeboards – If you do not prefer the best kneeboard for tricks, then this type of product will suit you best. You will find these kneeboards manufactured with the utilization of rotational molding. It is found almost anywhere and has a cheaper value.

The edges of these are softer and have wider dimension. Beginners will find it easier to cope with the sports and learn the basics. If you are also a learner, there will be easier control and seamless turns with the use of recreational kneeboards.

In contrary to the competitive type, recreational kneeboards are quiet buoyant. It is thicker as well. Despite spills, you will find it more manageable to float again, which is a safety feature you need as a novice.

Besides the given types above, there are also categories under the product based on the type. Given below are the following:

  • Trick Board – This is a kneeboard that has a round bottom. This feature is even paired with round edges. Using the kneeboard will make your stunts easier to perform.

The trick board will help you carry out various tricks, including riding, side slide, and turning. You may also try other difficult stunts, such as wake front-to-back, surface 360, the ole, and jumping the wake.

  • Slamom Board – The type usually has sharp edges. Turning will also be easier. However, this kneeboard is specifically made for slalom boarding.

What to Look For When Buying

Buying the right kneeboard requires selecting the best product. Besides getting a list of most recommended or highly rated ones, you should also carry out the selection with due care. You have to consider evaluating each of the products based on features.

Do not settle on the brand or price solely. There are more a kneeboard could offer. Besides, if you know what you are looking for, you could compare and contrast those that are available.

  • Shape and Size – If you are a beginner, you should look for a rotational molded board. This will make your lessons on kneeboarding easier and safer. You may need to search for kneeboards with hydro or aquatic hook.

An aquatic hook is a simple component made from plastic that is found at the board’s nose. It assists in deep water starts by letting the handle accumulate the load. Once you are up after a deep water start, you may detach it to take control of the board.

  • Fins – These are only used by beginners. These imply the component is simply an addition while you are learning since it is great for stability. When you improve, you may no longer need it.
  • Rocker – The best kneeboard for stunts is the one with lots of rockers. This part refers to the curvature from the nose to tail. The technique is to find a kneeboard that is somehow in a banana shape.

With a lot of rockers, a beginner will be able to slow down on the water. It will also be easier to turn minus chances of frequent toppling. Alternatively, if you are an advanced kneeboarder, you may need a lower rocker.

  • Channels – These are found at the bottom of the kneeboard. It helps keep your board on track while being pulled by a jet ski or boat. Primarily, if you want channels that are forgiving in terms of landings, you need shallower ones.

If you need a set of channels that are less forgiving on landings but improve tracking, look for deeper ones. You may likely need deeper channels to have better turns while pointing your board to the right direction.

  • Edges – As a beginner, you also need softer edges on your kneeboard. This will prevent losing balance even when turning. It will also make your movements more controllable and slower. Nonetheless, if you are a professional kneeboarder, you may settle with sharper edges since you can manage the board without further assistance.
  • Tails and Tips – The shape of these areas could be diamond, round, swallow or square. The square one could be rough in landing but has a greater jump. The round shape has a less bounce but known for giving a soft landing. The swallow and diamond shapes give a longer board feel, but sustain the qualities of a shorter kneeboard.
  • Rope – There are cases you may also have to prepare the rope for kneeboarding. Generally, you need at least 45 feet long. Professionals recommend using braided one of special type for easier grip and twisting freedom.

Using/ Safety Tips

If you are only beginning in kneeboarding, the tips and tricks are worth reading and studying. You cannot simply go to a kneeboarding area and try doing the sports right away. This would be dangerous and may cause serious injury.

To make your fresh start successful and safe at the same time, take regard of the following tips:

  • Find a Park – There is nothing better than finding the area dedicated for the sports. There would be guides and professionals out there that could help you begin the sports. It is also a must-do to bring bathing clothes in visiting kneeboarding parks.

Be prepared for a long, exhausting day. Do not settle with a one hour ticket since you may need more time to learn the lessons.

  • Always Warm Up – You may be pulled by a vehicle, but it does not mean your body will not be strained. It is best to warm up and perform some stretching experiences. This will prevent your joints and muscles from getting hurt easily.
  • Wear Protective Gear – Apart from your bathing clothes, you should wear a life vest, which is crucial for beginners. You should the best kneeboard for beginners since you may tumble if you fail to balance yourself. Moreover, it is advisable to use knee strap to avoid getting stuck on the board when you fall in the water.
  • Lay Down First – You do not necessarily have to kneel right away in kneeboarding. Other instructors advise that you lay on your stomach first with the strap of the board placed towards the front. You must also place one of your hands on the board’s side and another on the handle.

When you feel you have the balance while you are being pulled, you could let go of the rope. Then, you remove the strap over your knees and tighten it where you feel more comfortable. Lastly, slightly bend your body while extending your arms.

While keeping your body weight back, you must prevent leaning forward to sustain the balance. Apart from getting the right position right, you must also prevent getting the boat go faster than 18 miles per hour.

  • Let the Handle Pull You – Remember, you should not try to guide the board yourself. The rope itself will drag your board to the right direction. You simply have to follow through and keep your position comfortable.
  • Begin With Easy Tricks – If you want to try out stunts, you may begin with slight turns. For instance, you may lean on the right side while letting your right leg take all the weight. This will make the board move to the same direction.

In case you have to make big turns, you must include your hip in the movement. You have to lean to the left with your knees also pointing to the left.

  • Know How to Survive a Fall – In case you will fall, ensure to look around immediately to avoid any other board or rider hitting you. If there is an upcoming boat or rider, you should swim to the different direction right away for safety. Do not forget to remove the knee strap and stay calm while recovering from the fall by swimming.


Among the aforementioned products above, the Driftsun Kneeboard is the most recommendable. Besides the fact it is ideal for both beginners and advanced riders, it completes the checklist of features to look for on a kneeboard.

It makes takeoffs easier, positioning more manageable, and turning safer. Compared to its previous version, it has a thicker padding. It is also undeniable that it is too cheap for its great features.

Many have acclaimed it for being suitable even for kids. If you want a great weekend out in the water, kneeboarding with the product could be a good idea for your family.

Nonetheless, it is your choice whether to try out the other products featured. It all depends on your existing preferences.

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