Best Ladder Reviews 2020

When looking for the best home ladder, the first thing you should determine is the height of it. This equipment comes in very handy if you need to access top shelves or in taking down curtains for a laundry. A step-stool, or perhaps, a small domestic ladder may be sufficient during simple tasks around the house, but these tools are just two or three steps.

Having the best extension ladder will be helpful in many ways, especially if you have high ceilings. A larger or higher platform offers maximum versatility, allowing you to access or get over high areas, either around the house or in workplaces.

In this regard, a multi-purpose platform could be the best option. However, always keep in mind some safety measures as you step onto this equipment. Reliable manufacturers of ladders will, and should always include safety instructions, along with their products.

So, without further ado, here are the best extension ladder reviews, providing you only the top-rated products, along with their corresponding ratings from customers. While each product’s features may vary over the other, it is essential that you determine what you really need, based on your purpose, personal preference, and other factors.

Best Ladder Reviews 2020

Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Multi-Ladder

415rw3fMmTLFirst up on the list is the Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder. With an average rating of 4.5-Stars, Werner introduces this incredibly versatile platform that every household needs. Telescoping ladder reviews will tell you that the MT-13 is included in the company’s MT Series ladder, which can be transformed easily into a twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, extension ladder, or 2 scaffold bases.

This unit is perfect for indoor and outdoor use alike, because each of these professional-grade ladders has ergonomic construction, featuring push-knob hinges. It has built to last, including double-riveted steps.

The MT-13 is the best multi position ladder, allowing multi working positions that can also be used with a plank, although it is not included in the set. Keep in mind that the MT Series ladders come in various sizes, ranging from the MT13 all the way up to MT26 for more size choices for individual applications.

The twin stepladder position is highly capable of supporting up to 300 pounds per side, allowing the user to carry some essential materials or tools when using the platform. The overall design allows for easy conversions as well as height adjustments. The inner section of each ladder can be folded into 3-set positions, including a twin stepladder, extension ladder, and a storage. Such configurations are easily done through the push-knob locking hinges on each ladder’s side.

On the other hand, you can adjust the heights in a snap, thanks to its spring loaded J-locks, which you can also disengage on either side, telescoping the section out to your desired length, and then you can reengage the J-hooks once again. All in all, Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder is among the best extension ladders with durability and safety in mind.

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Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE

With an average rating of 4.6-Stars is the Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE Multi-Use Ladder. Manufactured by Little Giant, this platform features a LiteWave technology, which is considered as the lightest multi-purpose ladder on the market today. The same technology is currently used in the development of different military aircrafts, making the RevolutionXE 20% lighter than other ladders.

The Little Giant RevolutionXE is the best ladder, boasting several innovative features like the MAG4 hinge that improves stability. It also features very convenient Rock Locks that allows quick adjustments. This model can be used in 33 configurations, serving as an A-frame, a staircase, an extension, a 90-degree ladder, a trestle-and-plank scaffold, to name a few.

This unit also features wide-flared legs, combined with an aircraft-grade aluminum construction, providing unbeatable stability and safety. Its overall construction is extra heavy-duty with Type IA rating.

Little Giant RevolutionXE ensures that you have the proper ladder for every job, all the time. Its convertible design does not only ensure versatility, but also reliability and safety. Among the best ladders on the market, this unit helps you in accessing difficult-to-reach areas, shelving, ceilings, storages, and more.

Its versatility also allows you to go around obstacles where standard ladders will never do. Moreover, the wider rungs of this platform tend to reduce user fatigue as well as foot pain, while increasing balance and stability when working on it. There are deep threads for added safety and for increased traction when climbing. Safety features include the exclusive Quad-Lock hinge. Certainly, this unit could be the safest ladder you’ll ever find.

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Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound

41rI8CNWQQLLouisville Ladder introduces the best ladder for home use – the Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Ladder. With an average rating of 4.7-Stars, this platform is ideal for low and medium heights. It is a professional-grade ladder, which is widely used by professionals and throughout painting jobs.

This brand of stepladders is known for manufacturing ladders with aluminum and fiberglass that are also equipped with multi-purpose Pro-Top technology. The Pro-Top technology is equipped with spaces that are perfect for holding drills, paint, paint fasteners, and other hand tools. Thus, the Louisville Ladder FS1506 is great for construction and painting purposes, including several household tasks.

This premium multi ladder has a 300-pound capacity with each stepladder having groove steps for maximum traction. This platform also features a double rivet construction at every step. Additionally, this unit meets the standards and requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Therefore, you are rest assured that the Louisville Ladder FS1506 is among the safest ladders today, whether for your family or for the entire job site. All the more, this unit features heavy-duty, internal spreaders, which help in unfolding the ladder smoothly, while keeping it from wobbling as you climb.

The set includes a paint bucket holder, a hardware tray, screwdriver holder, drill slots, curved front, pipe holder, and a magnetic tray. The patented Da-Boot technology, on the other hand, offers a slip-resistant footing for added safety. The same technology allows for easy and quick visual inspection. Indeed, the Louisville Ladder FS1506 is the best folding ladder to date.

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Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound

31zREzZ6lsLMeanwhile, the Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step Ladder receives a 4.6-Star as an average rating. This platform is a four-stepladder-in-one, which is a type 1A ladder. It is equivalent to a heavy-duty rating and construction, yet it offers an overall lightweight design.

From 5-feet, you can adjust the height up to 8-feet, providing you with a very versatile platform like no other. This unit offers complete foot support due to its full toe-to-heel foot support design, thus, eliminating user fatigue and foot pain, while providing a stable and comfortable platform to stand on.

Furthermore, the Select Step features easy and quick adjustments. It boasts a Rock Lock system, allowing you to adjust its height in a snap. Pushing the lock to release it will let you adjust the ladder, and then tapping it to lock again. This is one of the ladder types that allow you to use in a 90-degree position against the wall and for stair use as well.

Holding up to 300 pounds of weight on both sides, this platform also meets the OSHA and ANSI safety standards, including product quality requirements. Its safety features include the safety handrail for an improved stability and support, while allowing you to work faster and more efficient. This feature also helps in holding tools securely.

There’s no need to worry about carrying the Select Step ladder due to its no-carry and easy-to-handle feature. It has Tip & Glide Wheels for convenient transport of the ladder, from the storage to the job site, and vice versa. Simply glide the wheels from one place to another. Indeed, the extension ladder sizes offered by Select Step allow optimum versatility for various applications and needs.

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Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Position Type 1A Ladder

4177PZlvXELFinally, the Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Position Type 1A Ladder garners an average rating of 4.2-Stars from customers. This platform receives high ladder ratings because of its unmatched features over other models. With convenience in mind, this ladder has been created to reach new heights, making it as a 5-in-1 ladder for different applications.

This 17-foot multi-position platform system provides five different positions, including a stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, scaffold, and a wall ladder. Also, this ladder has 300-pound weight capacity, while meeting the ANSI Type 1A industrial requirements. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

For added strength, it boasts a boxed aluminum frame, while the positive locking hinges for extra security. It features flared legs combined with slip-resistant feet for optimum stability. It does not require any assembly like other brands do; hence, it is an on-the-go ladder for multiple purposes.

This folding ladder certainly allows easy and quick transport, anytime and anywhere. Thus, it has created a lot of happy customers everywhere, especially those tackling paint jobs, maintenance, construction, repair works, and other home-based tasks. Its sturdy construction can also last for years, provided proper use, maintenance, and storage.

This is definitely a great ladder for different purposes, although a bit heavier than other models. Its 300-pound weight capacity allows you to carry some hand tools when climbing and working with the ladder. Its safety features are adequate to be one of the best ladders to buy, also considering its ANSI-passing rate. All in all, the Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Position Type 1A Ladder is a safe and reliable platform for multiple purposes.

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Ladder Buying Guide

This ladder buying guide talks about the different types and configurations of ladders, including some buying tips for every probable ladder buyer. Aside from the helpful ladder reviews, learning about some aspects, surrounding ladders are equally essential throughout your purchase, giving you more purchasing power as you will be equipped with adequate knowledge about the product.

Types and Configurations

The ladder you need to buy greatly depends on the chores or purposes that you perform often, both indoors and outdoors. Here are the basic types and configurations of ladders available on the market today.

  • Stepladders – These types of platforms are very simple, usually found as A-shaped ladders and are perfect for jobs relatively close to the ground. The best step ladders have maximum standing heights that range between 45 inches and 54 inches for the 6-foot models. Typically, it offers a folding shelf for holding tools. However, these ladder types are said to be less rigid when compared to multi-use ladders. Stepladders are not recommended for use on stairs, while most stepladders have pinch points at their spreader bars.
  • Multiuse Ladders – The best multi use ladder has a folding feature and other versatile designs, serving as a stepladder, a scaffold, or an extension ladder, while other models allow you to use them on stairs. A multi-use ladder has the capacity of reaching 12 feet to 15 feet as straight platforms, and known to be more rigid than the previous type. While it requires less storage space, it can be pricier and heavier.
  • Extension Ladders – On the other hand, an extension ladder is the best choice for tasks requiring 17 feet of height off the ground. They are typically lightweight for their length, and very easy to set up as well. A folding extension ladder can be more rigid than a multiuse model, while requiring a bigger storage space. Today, manufacturers are offering telescoping models that offer more or distinct features.

Features Worth-considering

Learning about the different types of ladders may or not be adequate to affect your final decision. So, here are more factors to consider when shopping for a ladder. Each one must be considered largely as it affects the entire safety and efficiency of a platform.

  • Construction – Ladders that are made of aluminum weight the least, although they conduct electricity; thereby, they should be avoided near power lines and voltage sources. Experts would recommend those made from wood or fiberglass for such situations. Still, keep in mind that any ladder may still conduct electricity when it is wet.
  • Size – The ladder size is also a major consideration, allowing you to choose a model with enough height for the job. Extension ladders can extend at least a 3-foot height above the work surface or roofline. Ladder sizes are easily specified through the technical details or the product descriptions.
  • Weight Rating – Every ladder on the market should indicate the maximum weight capacity. This allows the buyer to identify the exact needs and requirements instantly. Such indications will also ensure safety, not going beyond the capacity or recommendations. In line with the weight rating, the ANSI implements 4 classifications, including the Type I (250 pounds), Type IA (300 pounds), Type II (225 pounds), and the Type III (200 pounds). Other standards set by ANSI also include the bending resistance of the ladder’s steps.

More Tips

Choosing the right ladder and the best design is possible by trying out the product, before purchase. Otherwise, you can rely on the ANSI ladder rating and customer reviews for adequate information, if this guide is granted insufficient. Keeping an eye on the product descriptions and technical details is also helpful throughout the process.

Always bear in mind that all steps should never tilt or deform, ensuring durability and safety at the same time. Choosing between the multiuse, stepladder, and extension ladder is just a simple task, even for the beginners, provided that you understand the features and factors, surrounding this equipment.

It is also wise to follow the exact directions given by the manufacturer through the manual, considering the weight capacity, maintenance tips, storage instructions, and virtually directions when using the unit.

Keep in mind that the improper use of household ladders and other ladder types in various work sites attribute to the growing number of accidents throughout the United States. The improper use of ladder does not only contribute to such fatal accidents, but also, and more so by the poor designs of standard ladders. Thus, it is always wise to purchase ANSI-passed or OSHA-passed tools and equipment for optimum product guarantee.


All in all, acquiring an efficient ladder allows you to perform different tasks, especially in accessing hard-to-reach areas like storage, cabinet, ceiling, shelving, roofing, and more. Experts highly recommend the multiuse type of ladder for home use, while the other types are more ideal for more complex purposes and applications.

While owning a ladder provides you with optimum versatility and productivity, such equipment also requires proper maintenance and storage. It is very sensible that you keep it from hazardous elements like excessive heat and moisture. This is more so when it comes to fiberglass ladders as these varieties are sensitive to direct sunlight exposure.

Proper storage is also crucial, recommending you to keep the ladder indoors. After all, the proper storage of your ladder will deny burglars from getting hold of it, while preventing them from getting into your upper floors. Indeed, ladders are very effective equipment, and acquiring a type IA ladder is the best option for multiple purposes.

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