Best Leather Cleaner Reviews 2020

Having the best car leather cleaner is very handy in keeping your leather seats trim and proper all the time, eliminating that aged-looking appearance and cracks. More than the appearance, your car seats will also smell good, while remaining clean at the same time. For many car owners, having leather seats is a significant investment as others convert their cloth seats into leather ones.

Leather material is known for its durability, but it should be treated with adequate care. In order to prevent scuffs that can be eyesore eventually, the use of the most effective and the best leather cleaner is essential throughout the process. This will ensure that a little effort you give will keep your leather seats in style.

On that note, this article will provide you useful tips on how to sanitize and maintain leather seats; including the top-rated auto leather cleaner reviews that will instantly assist you achieve your goal. So, without so much ado, here are the top picks gathered as the best leather cleaners this year.


Best Leather Cleaner Reviews 2016

Leather Milk Conditioner Formula No. 1

51ae7hHDgLFirst on the list is the Liniment No.1 Leather Milk Conditioner, which garners an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This is the best product for leather car seats, furniture, bags, watchbands, footwear, and more. It is available in two sizes and comes with a free cleaning pad.

The Liniment No.1 by Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is the most famous, all-natural formula. It is also a water-based formulation, combined with vital oils, which penetrate the leather fibers for a nourished and conditioned result.

Leather Milk Conditioner Liniment No. 1 conditions leather materials for a revived, soft, supple, and healthy look, eliminating those tired-looking feel in your seats. This formula is also capable of protecting and preserving your seats’ life with proper and regular maintenance.

Made in the United States, this is the best leather car seat cleaner and one of those offering all-natural ingredients. It greatly helps in bringing your seats backs to life, conditions and restores them to look brand new again. It is also capable of fixing dry, scratched, and dull-looking leather due to its unmatched consistency with effortless application.

Unlike other leather cleaners around, the Liniment No.1 never leaves your leather seats or apparel feel sticky or looks greasy; instead, it leaves them feeling supple, soft, alive, and moisturized. This chemical-free formulation offers a great smell as well, resulting in a light almond scent, which dissipates quickly. The Liniment No.1 claims to be the only trusted product by Saddleback Leather, making it a very reliable recipe in cleaning leather. Indeed, it is the best leather seat cleaner at a fair price.

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Meguiar’s G10916 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

41egTBJ8baLMeanwhile, the Meguiar’s G10916 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner receives a 4.5-Star rating from its customers and is available in a 15.2-ounce bottle. This Gold Class leather spray contains safe cleaners, plus luxurious moisturizers, leaving your leather seats and other leather apparel clean, moisturized, and protected at the same time.

Also contains aloe, this unique spray formula protects the leather seats from stains and spills. Containing UV inhibitors, it also prevents premature aging, fading, and cracking. While it has a gentle formulation, it cleans and conditions simultaneously, without having to buy separate products of cleaner and conditioner.

It claims to be the best leather cleaner for cars, leaving your leather seats with rich shine, but eliminating the excessive luster. It does not leave any greasy residue, thus, resulting in a clear and a dry finish.

The Meguiar’s G10916 has also created a lot of happy customers, expressing their satisfaction with the product. Based on recommendations, this leather cleaner has been used by many consumers, saying that they were pleased with the results as they enjoy clean and great-looking leather seats.

First-time users must understand that this leather spray formula is not an exclusive cleaning agent, but also functions as a conditioner at the same time. However, consumers must be extra careful in using the product against unintended areas like vinyl and plastic surfaces as it may leave unfavorable spots on such areas.

This good leather cleaner should also be applied entirely to the leather seats. Otherwise, it may leave a two-tone look; hence, spraying fold and crevices are highly recommended, while using this product. The Meguiar’s G10916 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is certainly a reliable and top-notch cleaner for leather materials.

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Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

41GcQKkHQoLNext up is the Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, which is perfect not only for leather surfaces, but also for vinyl. This 4.4-Star-rated cleaner is safe for use on leather apparel, footwear, accessories, furniture, and automotive interior. While it is available in a concentrated formulation, it yields to a 32-ounce formula when diluted.

Leather Honey has been in the leather care industry for more than 40 years now. As an addition to its lineup, the Leather Honey Leather Cleaner has been created for premium leather care and maintenance. It claims to be the best leather cleaner, considering its superior, non-toxic and concentrated formulation that works fast in eliminating grime and dirt from leather surfaces and vinyl, including artificial leather products.

It is safe for use on leather car seats, handbags, accessories, jackets, footwear, furniture, saddles and tack, motorcycle accessories, so much more. Its concentrated formula equates to great value, while gently and quickly cleans vinyl and different types of leather products.

Unlike chemical-based leather cleaners, the Leather Honey boasts this all-natural formula, making it a trusted brand with regards to leather care products. This unique formulation effectively restores and maintains leather surfaces for a long period. Complying with the company’s superior standards, this cleaner takes pride on the global market as one of the safest, gentlest, and most effective leather treatments to date.

It’s completely natural and the concentrated formula goes a very long way, making it one of the most reasonable leather seat cleaning products. This small bottle can last for several years, depending on the frequency of use. Undoubtedly, the Leather Honey Leather Cleaner delivers sweet results as the taste of honey.

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Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Complete Leather Care Kit

51OZuoJL1LGarnering an average rating of 4.5-Stars is the Chemical Guys Complete Leather Care Kit. This leather care set offers everything you need in cleaning and conditioning leather seats and other leather apparel. It boasts the capacity of wiping away contaminants, but without harming the leather surfaces.

It has a pH balanced formula for the most effective cleaning ability, while penetrating the leather pores to lift and defer oil and dirt. Unlike sub-standard leather care products, this formula does not leave any residue and never results in fiber deterioration.

It is said to be the best auto leather cleaner and preserver of the leather’s durability, strength, and appearance all at the same time. The kit includes a premium leather conditioner or cream, containing stain guard that binds with the leather fibers; thereby, reducing the tendencies of grease and oil to bind onto the surface.

A single application leaves the leather surface clean and refreshed. The 2 16-ounce bottles in this kit equates to everything necessary in achieving a more natural look of the leather, leaving a soft feel at the same time. Both bottles are OEM-approved, delivering odorless and colorless results, thus, ensuring natural leather scent as well as intact leather color.

The Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 treats, leather car seats as you’d want it to, leaving an absolutely stunning look and feel. This is the best leather cleaner for car seats, considering its ability in accurately nourishing the intertwined leather fibers, allowing them to breathe again after a certain period of neglect. It does not only keep your leather apparel clean, but also smooth and protected.

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TriNova/Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

41a6zdHnFULLast, but definitely not the least is the 4.5-Star-rated TriNova/Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner. This product is perfect for cleaning and conditioning leather car seats, furniture, jackets, shoes, sofas, handbags, purses, and more.

Formerly known as the Leather Nova, TriNova now introduces this leather conditioner and cleaner that also functions as protector and restorer of leather surfaces. This 3-in-1 leather care product tends to clean your treasured leather apparel as well as vinyl surfaces. It conditions them too, providing instant restoration by enriching the fibers and making them soft and supple at the same time.

After cleaning and conditioning, the Leather Nova also protects vinyl and leather surfaces from premature aging, drying, and cracking. Its expert formulation adds vital nutrients in nourishing leather products. It is also effective in removing stains and dirt.

As a bonus, it offers a free applicator pad that will allow you to apply the formula effortlessly. Available in an 18-ounce bottle, the Leather Nova claims to be the most cost-effective and the best leather conditioner for car seats and vinyl surfaces.

Similar to the previous products, this one, too, has generated happy customers, saying that their car seats and leather sofas looked like brand-new after the treatment. Its cream color adds to the luster, impressing more and more consumers. It also smells nice, unlike other leather care products that leave unfavorable smell.

Other users indicate the prolonged life of their leather sofas and car seats, making use of the Leather Nova on a regular basis for proper care and maintenance. Certainly, this leather care product keeps leather surfaces soft and supple, while cleaning, conditioning, and protecting them all at the same time.

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Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

Without a doubt, car leather cleaner reviews are powerful and helpful tools in acquiring information about the most reliable leather cleaners on the market. However, these reviews and product descriptions may be inadequate in helping you make the best choice. So, here are more useful tips and info, surrounding the use of leather care products on your car seats and other leather apparel.

Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Leather

The following are suggestions for keeping your leather car seats and sofas looking great at all times. These simple recommendations will help you lengthen the lifespan of your leather products, preserving their usefulness longer than expected.

  • Dust and Vacuum – Regular dusting and vacuuming of your leather car seats is among the wisest ways of maintaining a brand-new look. Search for furniture dusters or car seat dusters to clean the entirety of your seats, allowing you to reach tight areas as well. A thorough vacuuming will take care of crumbs and debris hidden in crevices and other tight spots. Both of these methods are very useful throughout the maintenance.
  • Keep It Covered – When it comes to leather car seats, you can purchase a specific cover for them. Otherwise, try to make use of lightweight sheets in covering them after cleaning and vacuuming, and when not in use. By doing so, your seats will be protected against dirt and dust; including the harmful UV rays that often causes cracking and drying. Keep in mind, however, making use of the best leather car cleaner, before covering the seats or sofas.
  • Use Maintenance Products – Spot test the products that promise impressive results. Bear in mind that not all leather care products are reliable. Hence, reading about product reviews and customer feedbacks are powerful tools. It is important to identify promising leather care products that will clean, condition, protect, and eventually maintain the strength of your leather car seats and sofas. These maintenance products will help you go a long way, preserving your investment for the longest time possible.
  • Nourish and Condition – As per the reviewed products in this article, you don’t have to necessarily buy separate products for the cleaner and conditioner. While some of the products come in a single bottle, others offer a complete set of two bottles. And, by having a cleaner and conditioner kit, you can easily nourish and condition your car seats on a regular basis, keeping them cleaned, conditioned, and protected.
  • Don’t Neglect – Doing nothing with leather car seats is the worst thing. Neglect simply shortens the lifespan of such fixtures. Keep in mind that any leather apparel requires special attention and treatment, so you need to be diligent in cleaning up spills and stains from leather car seats.
  • Don’t Allow Any Stain to Set – Deal with stains as quickly as possible as stains cause damage and discoloration on leather seats. Never allow any spill or stain to set on your leather car seats, especially grease and oil. Such spills may require professional assistance to prevent worsening. So, never attempt to treat such issues without accurate knowledge.
  • Polish Application – While this method is optional, you can add a type of polisher onto your leather car seats and other furniture, after cleaning and conditioning them. Basically, leather polish puts a thin layer of gloss, acting as a varnish in its entirety. However, there are leather cleaner and conditioner for cars that already serve as polishers, which is associated with their conditioner bottles, adding luster or shine towards the end of the process.

Importance of Cleaning Leather Car Seats

In spite the durability of leather car seats and sofas, these materials still require necessary care. Thus, the use of the best leather cleaner and conditioner is crucial. It is important to clean and maintain these fixtures so as to enjoy their functions for a long period. It is not sensible to leave some food and crumbs onto leather surfaces as these elements cause great damages to the entire finish. The buildup of hair and perspiration should also be avoided.

Furthermore, do not allow the buildup of grease, solvents, cosmetics, and other chemicals on the same surfaces. Abrasive clothing like rough jeans may transfer unsightly dye marks as well. Therefore, it is not advisable to sit on leather surfaces and create friction, while wearing very rough jeans and similar materials. It will be helpful to avoid sub-standard and inappropriate detergents, relying purely on the best leather furniture cleaner and car seat cleaner. Remember that leather is natural, deserving proper care and respect through a regular cleaning and conditioning regimen.



In a nutshell, leather car seats and furniture always require regular maintenance, which is best done through the best leather care products. This article has already provided you with the top-rated products on the market, narrowing down your choices of no less than high-performing and effective cleaners and conditioners for leather. A proper and regular maintenance of leather will result in supple, soft, clean, and sophisticated appearance, not to mention the longer lifespan of your leather seats.

By now, you’re on your way towards cleaning and conditioning your leather car seats. And, by following the above mentioned tips, you will surely enjoy the endless benefits of having clean, conditioned, and protected leather furniture. The selections of the best car leather cleaner and conditioner products will help you achieve just that, so make a wise decision, based on the product reviews, and enjoy cleaning your car’s interior as well as your leather shoes, bags, sofas, belt, purse, and other precious leather items.

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