Best LED Headlight Reviews 2020

Light Emitting Diode, also known as LED headlight bulbs, is a popular technology that is widely used in cars for headlights and other lighting needs. This certain technology tends to generate brighter light than other sources and is known to be more energy-efficient. It has been available for years now, although its popularity began for off-road lights.

Today, consumers are offered with LED headlight kit, which they can use in upgrading or converting their old lighting systems. The long lifespan of LED lights is attributed to its 75% lesser energy consumption than conventional halogen lights. They also remain cool to the touch, although there is a certain price for such impressive features.

The cost of investing in an LED headlight conversion kit is just at the onset, while saving money over time. With that said, here are the LED headlight reviews with their corresponding customer ratings, features and benefits that might captivate your interest in converting to this energy-efficient lighting technology.

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Best LED Headlight Reviews 2016

OPT7 LED Headlight with Clear Arc-Beam

51E4gZS9lYL 1First on the short list is the OPT7 LED Headlight with Clear Arc-Beam. This 60-watt LED conversion kit produces 7,000 lumens of cool white CREE light output. Garnering an average rating of 4.3-Stars, the OPT7 is much loved by its actual owners, considering the 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Every bulb generates 3,500 lumens of crystal clear white light without dark spots, unlike the traditional lights on the market. It is equipped with FluxBeam LED, making use of CREE MK-R LED with Arc-Beam technology that you will never find on anything else. This ensures a perfect beam pattern that eliminates foggy light and dark spots at the same time.

The OPT7 Cree headlights also boast an enhanced Modular Heat Protection (MHP) control due to the TurboCool and RedLine driver designs. These features also ensure that the bulbs last long for more than 50,000 hours, providing you a continuous, brilliant light. They work underwater, including the rainproof housing, driver, and fan that can withstand extreme conditions as well.

Based on customer reviews and feedbacks, the OPT7 bulbs are the best LED headlights that allow fast and easy installation within less than 20 minutes. They are the perfect replacement for any stock sockets and housing. Additionally, the bulbs have been designed to be CanBUS-Ready, working with the CPU of any vehicle, while other models are very difficult to access.

All in all, the OPT7 LED Headlight with Clear Arc-Beam is the best LED headlight, which has been engineered to resolve critical flaws, while delivering a headlight that outshines the rest with a 35% higher heat reduction than others.

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Kensun LED Headlight Conversion Kit

41IZmnhGhzLNext up is the Kensun LED Headlight Conversion Kit with an average customer rating of 3.9-Stars. This 60-watt H11 LED bulb features Cree Chips, producing 6,000 lumens of light output. Similar to the previous model, this one, too, is easy to install, while the manufacturer is always ready to provide a friendly technical support, providing top customer service with its high-quality product.

It has a Plug-and-Play design, making it available for vehicles without resistors, ballast, or extra wiring. However, some vehicles may require professional installation, while others may need the removal or modification of their headlight housing due to limited space.

This is an all-in-one Cree LED headlights that result in super-bright performance, including a pair of H11-sized bulbs. With an IP68 waterproof rating, the Kensun lights are made in the United States with heat-protected LED chips, alongside a built-in cooling chip and fan that allows for heat dissipation. It comes in a nice aluminum carry case for easy transport and storage.

Upgrading your stock halogen headlights is now more sensible with the Kensun conversion kit, offering the brightest H11 LED bulb that produces 3,000 lumens of light output per bulb. Combining the two 30-watt bulbs can deliver a 500-meter range and more than 30,000 hours of life span. Kensun is certainly a trusted brand when it comes to automotive parts as well as universal accessories for cars.

This new conversion kit from Kensun is the new trend in the automotive retro-fit light technology, delivering greater stability, more illuminating power, and better efficiency than halogen lights.

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Ediors® Super Brights Headlight Conversion Kit

41cyB1a64cLMeanwhile, the Ediors® Super Brights Headlight Conversion Kit features three sides of 360-degree emitting light. These 72-watt and 6,600-lumen-producing lights are the perfect replacement for halogen and HID bulbs.

With a 4.3-Star rating from its customers, the Ediors also make use of COB Cree LED technology, generating super bright white (6000K) and yellow (3000K) headlights without any dark spots. It has been engineered with a 360-degree viewing angle and is maintenance-free, unlike other brands.

This Cree headlight is also the best alternative to HID Xenon lights, considering its IP65 waterproof rating. Moreover, it is sturdy, shockproof and vibration resistant. The slim ballasts feature an over-heat protection with quick on-off response time. Also with a Plug-and-Play design, the Ediors light is very easy to install, alongside a one-year warranty from its manufacturer.

Certainly, it has been designed to outperform HID and halogen bulbs, delivering crisp white light as expected. EDIORS claims that the Super Brights Headlight Conversion Kit is the best option on the market, offering nearly three times the brightness of traditional lighting systems. The Cree LED emitters also provide longer lifespan, plus better stability than its competitors.

The 360-degree emitting technology of this LED headlight bulb tends to optimize light reflection, making it superior over others. Additionally, EDIORS has embedded a cooling system within the entire design, allowing 12,000 turns per minute for better heat dissipation performance.

It is among the LED conversion kits with high-power LED and color temperatures of yellow and white, plus an aluminum super-cooling housing. The Ediors® Super Brights Headlight Conversion Kit includes a user’s manual and two 3,300 LED lights, plus CE/ROHS certification.

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80W 360° LED Headlights

51nUZTs1KVLOn the other hand, the Star K 80W 360° LED Headlights receive a 3.9-Star average rating. These 6000k LED headlights feature a dual hi-low beam pattern, producing 8,000 lumens of super white light output. It is easy to install with the Plug-and-Play design, requiring less than 20 minutes of a simple task.

It is HB2/H4 LED bulb that can generate 6,000 lumens of light output at low beam, while producing 8,000 lumens at high beam. The 360-degree beam eliminates dark spots and can work well with projector housing.

Offering more than 30,000 hours of life span, the Star K also saves you time and effort as well as the maintenance costs of frequent light changes or replacement. With a 2-year warranty from its manufacturers, this product is much loved by the actual owners, saying that the installation does not require any wire cutting, whatsoever. However, some vehicle types may need professional assistance during installation due to limited space or headlight position.

These maintenance-free white headlights are also shockproof and waterproof, while boasting a new COB technology that makes use of less wattage, but with similar brightness with that of a 120-watt Cree SMD. The delivery of the 360-degree beam pattern is much denser because a COB technology does not need a casing, unlike the SMD types.

Therefore, the Star K 360° LED Headlights deliver a more controlled and more consistent light beam without visible light points; thereby, great optics are achieved. The same COB technology also offers an enhanced lumen-per-watt ratio when compared to further LED technologies, thus, delivering the best conditions for maximum cooling, while increasing efficiency and lengthening the overall life span of the lamp.

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Evitek LED Headlights

51AbGJKf9JLLast, but definitely not the least is the Evitek LED Headlights with an average customer rating of 4.3-Stars. This H7 headlight bulb comes with easy installation and a one-year warranty. Producing 3,200 lumens of pure white light output, this 30-watt LED headlight offers ultra brightness as well as a perfect beam pattern, thanks to its OSRAM LED chip.

As an ideal replacement for halogen lamps, the Evitek gives you more reasons to convert as it is equipped with a cooling fan to guarantee an enhanced heat control environment. The same feature contributes to the long lifespan of the lights. Furthermore, it has garnered an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing you enjoy driving, despite extreme situations.

The Plug-and-Play bulbs are also CanBus-ready, working instantly with any CPU of vehicles, although minimal adjustments may be necessary for some vehicle types. The Evitek LED Headlights kit includes H7 bulb of two pieces and a user’s manual.

Additionally, the size will perfectly fit the stock headlights, allowing you to plug it directly into the sockets. However, the bulbs have a large heat-sink behind that it might take space. Hence, it is highly recommended checking your car, prior to purchase. Also, touching the heat-sink base is not advised, especially after driving, letting it cool, before any contact.

All in all, the Evitek is the best H7 bulb on the market that has generated a lot of happy customers, saying that the white bright light is unbelievable without the need to install reflector lenses. The users are satisfied because they do not get beam scatter everywhere, unlike the conventional halogen lamps. It offers a very reliable visibility during the night time, and certainly a great difference in performance over its rivals.

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LED Headlight Buying Guide

Surely, an LED headlight review and rating is helpful if you are a probable buyer of LED headlights. However, there are more considerations to keep in mind when shopping for such consumer products on the market. This section of the article will provide you with additional information, surrounding the topic, helping you arrive at the best LED headlight bulbs possible.

LED Light Applications

While LED lights are widely used for car headlights, these devices are equally useful for many other applications. The opportunity to convert your halogen lamps into LED headlights is not limited to that, as you can opt for other conversions to such technology.

  • Headlights – These are the main lights of your vehicle, which are located in front and are used as significant guide, especially during night driving. An LED headlight conversion is virtually possible with any vehicle, but choosing the perfect fit is essential.
  • Tail Lights – Situated behind the car, tail lights may also be converted to LED technologies, delivering a better warning such as brake signals to the vehicles behind you.
  • Fog Lights – These auto parts mainly assist drivers during foggy conditions, increasing road visibility. Fog lights greatly help in the prevention of road accidents, making it the main reason why some car owners convert their fog lamps into LED lights as well.
  • Bumper and Top Lights – The bumper light is located next to the headlight and is typically brighter and bigger than the latter. On the other hand, top lights are usually used in police cars. A top light comes as a dome-shaped light and if allowed by law, car owners also use LED technology.

Significance of LED Headlights

Any automotive expert will tell you the significance of having LED headlights. First is due to the practicality, while the other is for stylish reasons because of the sharp and modern appearance of such devices.

LEDs have small semiconductor diodes, which are highly capable of creating light of any color, including infrared and ultraviolet. However, this largely depends on the materials used throughout their construction as well as the current that is running through them. While LEDs are smaller than others, they do not contain filament. They create light by transporting electricity along the semiconductor’s path.

Today, many modern and high end car models make use of LED lighting technology as the standard design, working very well for headlights, including brake lamps, turn signals, as well as daytime running lights.

Headlight Technology

Besides the use of LED headlights, the popularity of Xenon is apparently sharing almost the same space on the market with the LED. This lighting technology like the LEDs is widely used in luxury vehicles, considering the production and installation costs.

These bulbs tend to burn xenon gas, which is trapped in the casing. Similarly with the LEDs, Xenon bulbs offer a longer life span than the halogen counterparts, wasting less heat energy as well. Additionally, they are eco-friendly compared to halogen bulbs, but LEDs still carry advantages over the Xenon type in terms of life span.

Besides the higher cost of Xenon, it also tends to generate an intense blue light that may become disturbing to some drivers. These bulbs cannot throw light farther than what LEDs can do.

Headlight Trends

On the other hand, this section of the article helps you in broadening your knowledge about the available headlight trends, giving you more options about the best headlight bulbs on the market.

Adaptive Headlights

Having adaptive headlights provides you with the lights that illuminate around corners. You can aim the beam in a certain direction on which you have turned the steering wheel. It is highly recommended by automotive experts that you conduct a trial or dry run with these adaptive lights during a nighttime drive. It is also important to be aware of the additional cost.

HID Headlights

Also known as High-intensity Discharge (HID), this trend in headlights eliminates the heated filament of standard bulbs, but, rather makes use of gas. This technology is likewise known as the Xenon lighting technology. This results in low operating temperature, plus long life. However, HID lights are very expensive to consider as a replacement.

LED Headlights

The LED headlights, perhaps, are the best headlights trends for many people. They have several advantages over ordinary bulbs, including the more compact size, longer life, and reduced energy consumption. LEDs are very flexible, considering the string-like arrangement that help designers in creating a distinct look.

Laser Headlights

Another trend that is gaining popularity is the laser headlights, providing a focused-range beam than other variants. This automotive lighting technology is also capable of reaching twice the range or ordinary lights. In fact, these lights can focus up to 2,000 feet of beam, based on some manufacturer claims. However, laser headlights are still illegal for use in the United States.

LED Adaptive Headlights

Furthermore, LED adaptive headlights are considered as the next big thing in the automotive lighting industry. These light variants make use of a matrix of separate LEDs, which turn on and off automatically, depending on the car’s direction, including other vehicles, which the system can detect on the road. This capacity of LED adaptive headlights tends to deliver high beam-like maximum illumination, but without the blinding effects on incoming drivers.

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Keep in mind that the Xenon HID headlights are the exact opposite of LED headlight kits. Xenon HID functions similar to halogen headlights, but there is a difference in the light output. It is still more sensible to opt for LEDs due to the boundless benefits that these lighting technologies offer.

Moreover, looking into the buying guide provided in this article, including the LED headlight reviews will help you in narrowing the choices of headlights that you want to mount to your car or SUV. Some automotive experts also recommend getting a high-quality car battery to withstand the requirements posed by other power-dependent devices, although the LED headlight conversion kits are already energy-efficient.

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