Best Light Bar Reviews 2020

Light bars are among the helpful equipment in enhancing the visibility of every driving. This is more so when it comes to ATV, off-road, and trucks. Today, there are different providers of such lighting technology on the market, giving you a wide array of options through their products.

On that note, this article will basically talk about the light bar, educating you of this lighting technology that has gained popularity among thousands of users. Through this review, you will also learn to compare the available products for different applications, while delivering you the top-rated LED light bar reviews for adequate information regarding this subject matter.

Towards the end of the discussion, a buying guide is also provided so as you can easily narrow down the choices made available for you. Also, take note of the factors to consider when shopping for such equipment. By doing so, you will arrive at an informed purchase decision eventually.

Best Light Bar Reviews

Rigid Industries 110312 E-Series

41ZLciNNGXLRigid Industries introduces the 110312 E-Series Spot/LED Flood Light Bar. Garnering a whopping average customer rating of 4.9-Stars, this LED light bar sets the standard in the LED technology industry as it continues in the advancements and development of superior LED light engineering.

The E-Series is available in different lengths and configurations, and is considered as the flagship of Rigid Industries in terms of light bars. The choices are suitable for car and light truck applications, including vehicle race teams; fire or police rescue vehicles, and even for farming equipment.

It has an exclusive design, projecting an amazing lighting at great distances, while it consumes minimum power at the same time. The housing is made of an extruded aluminum and polycarbonate lens that are tightly sealed for protection against unfavorable elements. This design provides you with a lifelong and trouble-free operation at all time.

The E-Series has been patented by Rigid Industries, alongside the Hybrid optic system, a very powerful and professional LED optics system ever developed, making it the best light bar to date. Through its engineering, this equipment made use of a perfect combination of reflector and lens in order to capture the optimal amount of light that is discharged from the LED. The light is also projected at the exact location where you really want it.

The 110312 E-Series is a Spot and Flood combination, a Hybrid Spot optic system from Rigid Industries, providing a concentrated beam over great distances. It is one of the most powerful LED light bar brands today that is perfect for extreme distances and high speed situations.

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OPT7 C2 Series 50″ Off-Road CREE LED Light Bar

51lCJ5SKcLThe 4.4-Star-rated OPT7 C2 Series by OPT7 Lighting is a 50-inch Cree led light bar. It is also a combination of spot/flood auxiliary lamp that generates 24,800 lumens. This product keeps your voyage going deep into the night, considering this durable, yet affordable light bar.

This reliable technology has been redesigned with the relocated power cord at the side, allowing for a more heat sink for every square inch. The design added ridges to every fin so as to optimize the surface area for maximum cooling. Hence, the improved cooling design allows for less stress on the LEDs; thereby, extending the lifespan as well as the light intensity.

This Cree light bar also offers longer mounting brackets, unlike its predecessor, providing more ease and clearance in changing the light angle. Many people choose the OPT7 C2 because it generates more light and wider range than other products.

An Advanced Bright Technology has been integrated into the overall design, resulting in optimum clarity. Lower temperature, on the other hand, allows the LEDs to operate not only cooler, but also brighter. It boasts a dual-beam pattern in order to achieve light coverage in a 30-degree Spot or 60-degree Flood.

Besides its heavy duty construction, this LED lightbar also features a powder-coated aluminum exterior, making it corrosion-resistant. The mounting brackets are made of thick aluminum, keeping the bars attached in cases of rollover. Moreover, it is IP67-rated for extreme outdoor functionality with fully-sealed and protected designs from dust.

The OPT7 C2 is waterproof, despite under water within 30 minutes. The 50,000 light hours can last for years, giving you a dependable product that you can enjoy for a long period. It is perfect for virtually all types of vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks, tractors, boats, ATVs, UTVs, RV’s and more, due to its universal fitment.

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Nilight 7″ 36w Spot LED Work Light

51cw3tulK9LMeanwhile, the Nilight 7-inch 36watts Spot LED Work Light is suitable for cabins, jeeps, boats, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and cars. It is a 4.5-Star-rated product by Nilight, featuring 12 3-watts high-intensity LEDs. It receives an IP67 waterproof rate with 6000K LED color temperature.

It offers a Spot beam pattern with more than 30,000 hours of working lifespan. It runs effectively, despite temperatures of as low as -40 degrees up to 85 degrees. The entire construction is made of 6063 aluminum material, including stainless steel accessories for mounting, and PC lens.

The glass surface is derived from Quart Lens that offers high transmission, boasting the perfect design for eliminating heat. It is one of the best LED light bars, and certainly a high-performing one, considering its dustproof, quakeproof, and tight waterproof design.

Hence, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, as well as a very reliable back up light, an off-road lighting, construction lighting, boat, garden, and backyard lighting applications. It is easy to use without any manual, although professional assistance is strongly advised. It is also recommended to check the municipal, provincial, and/or state laws accordingly, prior to installation.

The Nilight 36w LED road lamp is certainly a dependable spot beam for further distances and bright ray that allows drivers to see clearly, despite dark roads ahead. While Nilight is still a young company, it is surely an energetic and rapidly growing firm in terms of delivering products to global automotive and electronics markets. All in all, the Nilight Spot LED light is an inspiring lightbar solution for vehicle owners.

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Auxbeam Curved 50″ 288W LED Light Bar

51rR5FvgmMLNext up is the 4.5-Star-rated Auxbeam Curved 50″ LED Light Bar. This product by Aux Beam is a 288-watt, producing 28,800 lumens of light output. It is a combo beam suitable for gold carts, trucks, pickups, jeeps, ATVs, and UTVs.

It is among the LED bar lights that features a perfect design with an impressive, protective cover, which is constructed from a fisheye projector lens that are made of premium-grade PC. Thus, the protective cover is better than other brands due to the condenser performance of the reflective bowl type with a 300% increase in further irradiation.

The shell, on the other hand, features a grooved design, while allowing for angle adjustments more accurate. The non-slip shell can be adjusted to 160 degrees, before and after, meeting the needs and requirements of all lighting angles. Moreover, it boasts OSRAM chips that are high-powered, delivering high brightness and high lumens with more than 5,000 hours of life span.

This is a very good LED light bar with an exclusive exhaust valve design, which can discharge water vapor from the lamp body when there are changes in temperatures. Hence, the exhaust valve keeps the lamp’s interior dry and clear all the time. The mounting bracket is also made of firm aluminum material with2 side card grooved designs, allowing you to mount in 2 directions; thereby; it is easier to fit into a wide array of vehicles.

The Auxbeam light bar is much-loved by actual users because it is super safe, considering its IP67 rate for waterproof and completely sealed design, while staying protected against dust at the same time. The heavy duty construction, quick cooling design, and universal fitment are just a few of the Auxbeam’s efficient designs and features.

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Eyourlife 36w Led Light Bar Spot 7 inch Light Bar

51Kbb7Ry5zLFinally, the Eyourlife LED Light Bar is a 36-watt; 7-inch heavy duty light bar is perfect for SUVs, ATVs, trucks, jeeps, and more. It garners an average customer rating of 4.4-Stars due to several, impressive and efficient features.

For one, this LED bar light provides a wide operating voltage range, unlike other products. So, it is suitable for different types of vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks. It also boasts an anti-corrosion and waterproof design; thereby, it is perfect for harsh environments.

Similar to some of the best light bars in this review, the Eyourlife also offers a glass surface constructed from Quart Lens for high light transmission. The lens material is made of die cast aluminum housing for added durability. The LED power, on the other hand, is provided by 12 3-watt high intensity Cree and with IP67 waterproof rate.

This 6000K white color temperature-producing lightbar also comes with firm, aluminum mounting bracket. Furthermore, it offers more than 50,000 hours of life span, while delivering a 3-degree spot beam.

Without a doubt, this Eyourlife product has generated a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. There is questioning about this, considering the product’s 4.4-Star rating. Hence, this white LED light bar has been used by many owners of Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hummer, Ford, and other ATVs and SUVs. In fact, it has been maximized in off-road vehicles, 4×4; tow trucks, mining vehicles, jeep, boats, pickups, vans, wagons, campers, and even motorcycles. It is, indeed, a very good product, based on first-hand experiences.

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Light Bar Buying Guide

When shopping for a light bar, reading about the best led light bar reviews and specifications are undoubtedly helpful. However, there are more things that a probable buyer should consider. The following discussion will talk about the major factors worth-considering when choosing such products on the market.

Basic Types

There are three basic types of LED light bars, according to the beam pattern. These types include the Spot, Flood, and Combo. Below is a brief comparison between the basic types, helping you to make the right decision.

  • Spot – The spot beam features a narrower beam when compared with the other types. Generally, it only spreads up to 30 degrees of light beam. It is perfect for task-specific lighting purposes such as for night time road visibility, allowing focusing a more intense light to a specific area.
  • Flood – The flood beam, on the other hand, is wider with a 60-degree beam pattern than the spot beam. This is better if you want more lighting in a certain area like work areas, camp sites, and so on.
  • Combo – When it comes to the combo, this choice offers the utmost versatility. It is a combination of the spot beam and flood patterns. It patterns LEDs all throughout the same light. So, with this option, you’re not ought to split up the beam to patterns, hence, producing brighter and more dedicated beam of light.

Choosing Light Bar Based on Mounting Location

Identifying the location of your new light bar is also a crucial factor to consider, besides other considerations like technical abilities, budget, purpose, and personal choice, of course. There are some locations that are easier for mounting the equipment, while others may need professional assistance. The list below discusses the different mounting locations for your Cree light bars.

  • Front Bumper – Perhaps, this is the easiest mounting location. Today, you will notice a lot of vehicles with their light bars in front of the bumpers. This is mainly due to the existing holes; thereby, you’re not required to purchase additional mounting hardware. Otherwise, drilling the bumper is a very quick and easy task, mounting your equipment exactly where you want it to be. This location also allows an easy wiring task to get inside the engine compartment. However, mounting your light bar in this location may provide similar light direction as the stock headlights.
  • Lower Windshield – This location, on the other hand, is another perfect place for mounting such equipment. The lower windshield pillar mounts will offer a great light angle amount, differentiating it from the stock headlights, and increasing visibility. It requires some drilling tasks as well as additional mounting hardware.
  • Above the Windshield – Mounting the brightest LED light bar in this location will provide the greatest light angle amount for optimum visibility. Such location also offers the biggest room for LED lightbars like a 50-inch light bar, for instance. Wiring and drilling tasks are equally required, including the purchase of additional mounting hardware.
  • Combination – Well, you’re not obliged to stick to just one mounting location for your lighting equipment. In fact, you can choose a combination of the mounting locations for more light. Combining these locations may also mean better aesthetics for your vehicle as well.

Significant Applications

There is a wide array of significant applications that these lighting technologies offer to every user. Hence, it is not limited to automotive applications, but there are many other ways you can maximize their functionality.

Without a doubt, the best LED light bar for the money will enhance your night driving as it can generate a drastic difference in terms of road visibility when compared with the stock headlights. It can also serve as emergency lighting equipment during road accidents and other breakdown circumstances. Its brightness can alert other motorists that trouble is just ahead, allowing them to slow down.

In addition, such equipment can be used in backyards because it has the capability of illuminating large areas for party or cleanup purposes, in fact, having this lighting technology in your backyard helps in deterring intruders too.

While it is widely used in different vehicles, the best LED bar also serves its function with boats and for other marine purposes as well as in docking and landing sites. Nowadays, this technology is equally essential for heavy equipment uses, such as graders, tractors, snow plows, and more.

Why Choose LED Over Others

While there are different lamp types, the LED is mostly preferred by both the novices and professionals. It is mainly because LED bar lights are solid-state lighting equipment, emitting light once electrons pass by the electron holes. Also, these devices offer double efficiency over the tungsten-vacuum, halogen, High-pressure/Low-pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, and even the High Intensity Discharge (HID).


In a nutshell, identifying what is the best LED light bar largely depends on the type of lamp that you want, including the purpose of such device. It is also wise to consider the light bar length, shape, brightness, and beam angle, aside from the LED color temperature, type of LED, and the mounting location.

The maximum efficiency of these lighting devices also depends on their IP ratings, maximizing their resistance to water and dust, while others have exclusive designs that also resist shock, fog, and other unwanted elements. When shopping for LED bars, it is sensible to rely on the discussed products for an assured efficiency and durability of your purchase, while considering the reputation and reliability of the manufacturers all at the same time.

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