Best Marine Speaker Reviews 2020

Best marine speakers are must-haves if you will need audio equipment while traversing the harsh environments of the oceans. These are audible devices that are meant for wet and outdoor surroundings. The speakers possess features that will not only resist the harmful effects of rain, but also sprays, splashes, dirt, and even minerals.

Your boating lifestyle can never be boring with top marine speakers. If you consider these devices an added expense, then you should look for products worth the money or at affordable values. You can even find one that has high performance at considerably reasonable price.

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Best Marine Speaker Review

BOSS Audio MRWT40 Boat Speaker


This is one of the best boat speakers designed with a weatherproof housing. BOSS Audio MRWT40 is a 500-watt speaker that has a two-way system. Its size is a considerable 6.5 inches, making installation more manageable.

Its frequent response is from 60 hertz (Hz) to 20 kilohertz (kHz). Its sensitivity rating is 94 decibels (dB). For every speaker, there is one tweeter installed.

The product from BOSS Audio is fully marinized. This is a standard and term used by the brand ensuring that its audio devices are resistant to acid rain, water, salt, ultraviolet rays, or even dust. The product has a top-of-the-line material that is not only found on the exterior, but also on connections and circuit boards.

The outer shell of the speaker has an ultraviolet protection. This means that even if you use the audio device for longer periods while in the sea, the material integrity will be sustained. Its aesthetic will appear as new as the time you purchased it.

BOSS Audio MRWT40 has a cone-poly injection, which means the manufactured material used for the speaker is based on polyurethane. This is an alternative for metal, cotton, wood, and paint.


  • Low-density material
  • Resists corrosion
  • Powered by a Mylar tweeter
  • Does not require separate amplifier
  • Easy installation


  • Mounting bracket is too big

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Pyle PLMR605B Boat Speaker


The product includes a pair of 6.5-inch speakers. It has a structure made of waterproof materials and graded for marine use. Pyle PLMR605B is powered with sound reproduction using dual cone and full range system.

It has cones made of polypropylene, ensuring its high quality and durable use. This cone is wrapped in cloth for further protection. Besides being used in a boat, you may also utilize in off-road and automobile vehicles.

Its power handling at the peak is 400 watts for every set. The Root Mean Square (RMS) of the speaker in a pair is 200 watts. Furthermore, it has four ohms impedance.

Its frequent response is from 85 to 20,000 Hz. It also has a sensitivity rating of 90 dB. The set also includes a speaker wire, one-inch high-temperature voice oil, mounting fixture, and boot cover made of rubber.

Pyle PLMR605B offers easy installation since it is very compact. It has a flush mount design, which requires cutting a hole in your boat. However, you should not worry regarding sound distortion since it has an ABS plastic basket component.


  • Great sound quality
  • Does not produce too loud audio
  • Battery lasts more than a day
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Resists mud and dust


  • Housing modification is necessary for car use

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Sony XSMP1611 Boat Speaker

The product comes with a pair of 6.5-inch cone speakers. It is waterproof constructed model that has a rating of IPX5. Besides protection from water, Sony XSMP1611 is also designed to repel the harmful effects of salt and ultraviolet rays.

The speakers also come with a removable grille. You could either select to mount on the front or at the back. You may also paint the grille to match.

The maximum power handling of the speaker is 140 watts. Its RMS power handling is 65 watts with a rating of CEA2031. The sound generator ensures a powerful sound with clear vocals and rich low frequency.

Sony XSMP1611 has a stiff structure for the woofer cone. Moreover, it is constructed to produce frequency from 45 to 20,000 Hz. This means you will have the benefit to hear both lows and highs at high quality.

The speakers are meant for the perfect fit. You may install it on the bow of your fleet without spending much time. It guarantees it will last long given its thick plastic exterior for extra protection from impacts.


  • Sound quality is good in boats
  • Removable grilles
  • Zero modifications for installation
  • Nice nautical design
  • Cost-effective


  • Reports of early deterioration

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Kenwood KFC-1653MRB Boat Speaker


The two-way speaker is made of a water-resistant woofer. It also features a one-inch balanced dome tweeter. Kenwood KFC-1653MRB has a peak power of 150 watts and RMS of 50 watts.

The frequency response of the speakers is 60 to 20,000 Hz. It also has an impedance of four ohms. The mounting depth of the audio device is from 2/16 to 7/16 inch.

The sensitivity rating of the product is 86 dB. However, there is no crossover frequency with the speakers. In every package of the product, you will have the pair of speakers, screw sets, 12-speed nuts, and pan head tapping screw.

This is certified marine quality speakers. It could easily be installed in your boat given you read the instructions that come with it. You simply have to create holes in your fleet for seamless fixation.

Many have also described Kenwood KFC-1653MRB as more than worth its price. It comes with full features but could be bought at a lower value compared to its counterparts.


  • Sound quality covers engine noise effectively
  • No static or feedback when used
  • Includes small low frequent tone
  • Easy installation
  • Works on PVC pods


  • May still require hole-drilling

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Polk Audio DB651 Boat Speaker


The model features a set of 6.5 inches and 6.75 inches speakers. It is a marine-certified set of speakers that has a power handling of 360 watts for the peak. Its RMS is 120 watts for every set.

Compared to other products available, Polk Audio DB651 has a lightweight build. Its cone woofer is made from polymer-based material. Furthermore, the speakers have low and high-pass crossover filters.

Polk Audio DB651 are made out of careful research of Polk experts on materials to combine and use to prevent sound distortion. The resulting product has a seamless frequency response, music streaming at high volumes minus the strain, and crispest output.

It will not fall apart even when exposed to stress due to time, heat, or moisture. Even its tweeters utilize magnets made out of neodymium, ensuring musical detail and accurate high-frequency amplification. For improved experience, you could even change the direction of the tweeters.

The mounting hardware of these is out of stainless steel for high protection. The grilles are made from ABS plastic for an aesthetic touch. According to the manufacturer, it is an easy fit for BMWs, Audis, VWs, and European vehicles.


  • High-quality sound
  • Easy installation with perfect fit
  • Tweeters have soldered capacitor
  • Swivels for tweeters
  • Compact size


  • Minimal bass

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Types of Marine Speakers

Before you have marine speakers review for product selection, it is a must to consider the types of the product. It could be a little confusing if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the speakers. By having considerable awareness of marine speaker types, you could even create a short list of products.

  • Dynamic – This is the most common type of marine speakers. Dynamic kinds are also passive given it uses one or more driver for woofer. It gives off bass or sound with low frequency.

In order to create sound with a high frequency or treble, it has to use one or more drivers for tweeter. Professional types of dynamic speakers may have rear drivers for amplification.

  • Horns – These are among the top rated speakers available in aged times. It is the earliest form of sound amplification. Compared to typical top rated marine speakers, horns do not require the use of electricity during the previous times.

At present, these are the marine speakers that are almost similar to dynamic ones. It uses identical drivers placed at a structure in a cone shape. The driver of the speaker is linked to a structure guided by waves.

In large areas, horns deliver high-quality sound. It also has a high sensitivity level.

  • Woofers – These are meant to provide mid to low frequency tones. In a full set of speakers, you would often find this component at the bottom. Woofers are versatile whenever in a group, and could work on low frequency sounds in a component type.
  • Subwoofer – This is also termed as a dynamic loudspeaker. It uses a single driver and another for woofer. The casing of this speaker often comes with a post for bass.

Most of the time, subwoofers are used to deliver low-frequency sounds. It could also help improve the bass sound. These are also added in full range speaker system since it does not compromise the quality of high-frequency tones.

  • Planar-Magnetic – The speakers have a distinctive feature of having a metal ribbon that is thin, narrow, and tall. This component is suspended between two magnets of high power. Through this, a current will pass that will be resonated for sound wave generation.

This is a considerable speaker since it does not require electricity to work. Moreover, it is often designed with a Styrofoam flat surface for manageable movement.

  • Tweeters – These are speakers that generate high-frequency tones. At present, this is the type with the smallest dimensions. It could either be in either full-range or component system.

What to Look For When Buying

Your objective is to find the best rated marine speakers. In such case, you have to consider highly important features you should find in the product. By doing so, you could evaluate the marine speakers individually or by comparison, making your selection easier and smarter.

  • Installation Size – There is no standard size for fixation. Most of the time, manufacturer’s installation size is not effective to follow. The best thing you could do is prepare an area where the biggest possible speaker you may buy will fit.

Moreover, never forget that the grille of the speaker is often larger than the cone area. This reiterates that there must be larger space available. If you will utilize flush mount speaker, you also have to consider preparing sufficient depth for installation.

In order to accommodate the cone and magnet of flush speakers, there must be space behind the device. A full enclosure is not advised for this could result to poor sound output.

  • Weather Resistance – You must verify that your choice of marine speaker is resistant to any weather. You will use it in your fleet so you need to expect it will be exposed to various elements. Apart from the speaker itself, you must check if the housing of the device is graded for weather protection.

Besides labeled protection from water, ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and salt, you must also check if this claim is certified by a regulator. Third-party organizations may be considered. For instance, you could consider speakers tested and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

  • Sound Range -This is a crucial factor so you could determine if the speaker will be heard even in the widest area in your fleet. There are outdoor speakers that could generate sound at 360-degree expanse. This means it could be heard completely at any position of angle.
  • Material – The made of the speaker must be durable enough to resist various elements while you are out in the water. One of the robust materials you should look for is polypropylene. This is a material that will not change or lose quality even when exposed to water.
  • Power Handling – This factor is important to learn how much power your speaker can handle constantly. Finding a speaker with high power handling rating means it could generate loud sounds. This is assured provided you have amplifiers to support the speakers effectively.

Remember that marine speakers must be loud enough. You could consider your fleet an open space though it is covered.

  • Sensitivity Rating – It is important to get a speaker with high sensitivity rating. This represents how effective the device is in producing loud sounds without straining it. Consequently, you will obtain a better quality of sounds.
  • Added Feature – Speakers commonly have added features, which may be useful for certain occasions. For instance, you could consider LED lighting. This is beneficial in gatherings while in your fleet.

LED lights are often programmed to change colors based on the music. You do not have to worry about the extra fee since this feature adds a mere amount to the overall cost of the speaker.

Using/ Safety Tips

Your marine grade speakers will perform efficiently if you install, use, and maintain it properly. There are professional ways of doing so. For instance, due to poor installation stereos will not be able to handle wave bounces, resulting to poor audio quality.

  • Prepare Tools for Installation – Prior to fixing the speaker in your boat, you must complete the necessary tools. You may likely need a screwdriver, drill, half-round rasp, cutting tool, dust mask, ear protection, and eye protection. These are tools that will make your installation easier and safer.
  • Leave Adequate Space for Flush Mounts – Fixing flush mount speakers requires extra space for air to circulate properly. This is despite the fact this kind of audible device is applicable for tight spaces. If you will install it in your boat, make sure to cut a hole to install the speakers properly.

The best frequency response is obtained by allowing air to move even in a small space. Besides a hole, you should prevent adding other spaces behind the speaker for this also has a downside. Too much space will result to bass response loss.

  • Prepare Ample Space for Box Speakers – Box speakers are known for eliminating the tedious installation encountered with flush mount products. It is already set for high-quality sound generation regardless of air spaces available. However, you need to prepare a large space for it.
  • Aim the Speaker to the Listeners – Installing speakers in your boat require aiming it to the direction of the listeners. The sound has to bounce off for optimum quality. Car speakers do not need much positioning for an automobile could be considered enclosed in general.
  • Check the Amplifier Power Handling First – If an amplifier’s power handling rate is higher than that of a speaker, the latter may be damaged. It is best to check this specification at the back of the amplifier, which is often in watts.
  • Determine the Distance Between Speaker and Amplifier – Most of the time, 16-gauge wire is already enough for your speaker and amplifier. However, if the distance is from 24.4 to 61 meters, you may need a 14-gauge wire. Distances over 61 meters may need a 12-gauge wire that has a thicker diameter.
  • Understand Proper Wiring – You should not place both red and black wires on the same area. These cables must be attached to their corresponding terminals. With negligence, you may cause your speaker and receiver to blow off.
  • Limit the Use of Speaker – It is not necessary to always open your speaker. Always set a time for it to shut down. Too much use also leads to overheating.
  • Use One Speaker per Amplified Channel – If you do not have sufficient idea of its installation, you must settle with a single speaker for every amplified channel. Otherwise, you must be careful in setup for damage to speaker or amplifier may occur. When your stereo produces power more than a speaker can handle, your device will blow off.

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Out of all high-quality marine speakers, Polk Audio DB651 Boat Speaker is apparently the winner. It produces the loudest sound you need while in your boat despite lacking a wiring chart for DIY installation. Besides its unprecedented audio tested by customers, its marine-grade robustness and industry-standard performance cannot be denied.

In case you did not prefer the performance of Polk Audio, you may purchase other boat speakers listed above. The aforementioned marine speakers have their significant features that make them worth the buy in some way.

You could enjoy a day at your boat with best marine speakers. You do not necessarily have to purchase expensive ones since the aforementioned products showed that cost-effectiveness does not mean poor quality.

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