Best Mechanic Tool Set Reviews 2020

Having the best mechanic tool set can be quite challenging due to the unlimited choices you’ll find. This is more so if you intend to buy wrench and socket sets bit by bit, making it a hassle and eventually find yourself without the proper tools to get your job done. So, it is a wise decision to go for the kits or sets, offering virtually all the necessary tools possible.

Whether you’re on a specific career or industry, or just a simple work-at-home handyman, having a tool collection is very handy. While some of the sets for beginners are not always perfect, these tools are still excellent acquisitions throughout the process.

Among the biggest factors when choosing the best tool kit is a reliable brand behind it. Keep in mind that these kits offer a wide array of bits and pieces, ranging from simple tools to the more complex ones. Choosing a steadfast collection is essential, especially considering the long-term benefits of such equipment. So, to help you with this predicament, here are the best mechanic tool sets backed by a trusted brand.

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Best Mechanic Tool Set Reviews

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanic Tool Set, 170-Piece

51mt6wDQZdLFirst on the list is the Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanic Tool Set with an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. It is a 170-piece tool set, containing a thoroughly selected assortment of hand tools. These Crescent tools are essential for most mechanical, industrial, and consumer applications.

The basic mechanic tools offer a ratcheting drive set, including a 3/8-inch, a 1/4-inch, and a 1/2-inch with quick-release design. This collection also offers common and deep sockets in the universal metric and SAE sizes. The carefully selected Crescent hand tools also include drive tools (3/8-inch), 2 extensions, quick-release ratchet drive (72-tooth), and 3/8-inch up to 1/4-inch adapter, 12-point sockets (25), spark plug sockets (2), and 6-point deep sockets (10).

There are drive tools (1/4-inch) in this collection, ranging from quick-release ratchet drive (72-tooth), 22 6-point sockets, and a 3-inch extension. Additionally, 12 metric and SAE wrenches come along with the box, including adjustable wrench (8-inch), 2 pliers, 4 screwdrivers, 26 metric and SAE hex keys, and a magnetic bit driver, plus driver bits (44).

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 is, indeed, one of the top rated tool sets today, considering its industrial quality, while surpassing stringent ASME and ANSI specifications. All the more, the set comes with a full-satisfaction guarantee like no other.

Certainly, this kit offers the best mechanic tools, offering a flawless chrome finish of every ratchet, socket, and wrench with a perfect balance and dual-material handle shape of the screwdrivers. The Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanic Tool Set is an epitome of high-level quality with an extensive design for an extremely long life.

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Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanic Tool Set

4135F1HHjPLGarnering an average rating of 4.4-Stars is the Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanic Tool Set. This collection from the prestigious Stanley brand offers a wide range of metric-size and SAE drive tools and sockets. It is a perfect combination of the widely-used tools for convenient accessibility.

Every tool in this kit has been forged from premium steel and then high-polished with black or nickel chrome. The selected ratchet handles have an ergonomic and easy-to-use design, allowing a thumb-operated and reverse-switch mechanism. The sockets and extensions stay locked onto the drive unless disengaged with a low-profile, easy-to-reach, quick-release button.

Similar to the Stanley 170 piece mechanics tool set, the 201-piece set also features Stanley’s Max-Drive design, which is attributed to a distinct radius corner that offers 15% more torque. The Max-Drive design allows you to simplify the turning of corners, especially the rounded one, while letting you tighten fasteners easily.

This unique design also helps you in reducing fastener wear by lessening the contact on the outer 5% of the fastener; thereby, increasing life expectancy. Max-Drive also aids in reducing unwanted slipping on rusted or frozen fasteners. Moreover, every Stanley ratchet, socket, and wrench has been manufactured globally to the brand’s specifications, meeting and exceeding ANSI specifications simultaneously.

Stanley STMT71654 offers 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, and ¼-inch roundhead ratchets with quick-release design. The kit comes with 8-combination wrenches, including six-point regular and deep sockets. Its box is highly capable of holding the tools securely. Hence, Stanley STMT71654 is considered by many as the best starter tool set, providing the necessary tools for every beginner in the industry to excel eventually.

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Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanic Tool Set, 50230

51eCoDT6g6LMeanwhile, the Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanic Tool Set receives a 4.5-Star rating. Although it has a big name behind it, this is not an exclusive Craftsman professional mechanics tool set because it also serves perfectly for the DIYers around.

This kit offers virtually all the tools in tackling simple home-based projects to the most challenging tasks, whether for automotive or around-the-house projects. This finely-crafted collection features an ease-of-use design and sturdy construction through alloyed steel, ensuring quality that will last a lifetime.

The kit includes sockets in 3 driver sizes, ratchets in every drive size, universal joints, extension bars, combination of metric-size and standard-size wrenches, nut driver, screwdriver bits, hex keys, and a magnetic bit driver. All these essential hand tools are neatly organized within a durable storage case.

The Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanic Tool Set offers not only organization, but also portability, versatility, and durability all at the same time. It has created a lot of positive mechanics tool set reviews and high ratings, indicating the unmatched qualities of the hand tools. Actual users highly recommend the Craftsman 230-Piece a worthy purchase.

All in all, the tools are great within its effective storage case, but more effective when in use, providing every handyman every tool necessary in accomplishing a wide range of home improvement, commercial, and industrial tasks. A long life expectancy is also offered by this excellent tool set, lasting a lifetime provided that they are used and maintained appropriately.

It is not only a great starter kit for every novice, but also the best tool sets for mechanics and professionals in the industry. With the Craftsman 230-Piece, you’re sure to get every job done in no time.

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Dewalt Socket Set 168pc 1/4-3/8-1/2dr

51DVfqyjarLNext up is the Dewalt Socket Set 168pc, which deserves a 4.9-Star rating. Among the selling points of this collection are the knurled rings that offer greater grip than other mechanic tool sets around. While it has weighty ratchets, it is one of the Dewalt tool kits that promote artful crafts, whether for the use of a beginner or a professional.

Also enclosed in a very sturdy case, this kit’s layout is nice and clean. However, the handy tools themselves show the unwavering dedication to craftsmanship as Dewalt is known for. Every piece in this set is deeply etched with laser marking, showing the proper size, despite long years of use.

This collection features a 72-tooth ratcheting action, making every socket turn smoothly, while sticking like glue when employed. Dewalt has minimized the necessary space for the ratchets to function properly; thereby, making bolts in small spaces no longer a hassle.

Considered as a ‘for keeps’ mechanic tool set, the Dewalt Socket Set 168pc offers top-notch quality. The construction is exceptional, while providing you with a complete selection of handy tools for almost all jobs. The complete ratchet set allows you to have the proper tool for a certain job. The ½-inch drive will never jump out from the tightened state to reverse position.

While there are less expensive sets out there, you will never go wrong with the Dewalt Socket Set 168pc, considering its quality and reasonable price tag. Hence, it is perfect for under-the-hood or around-the house projects. Indeed, it is the best mechanics tool set for the money.

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Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P

51vamY0I6PLFinally, the Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P deserves the 4.3-Star as an average customer rating. It is a 39-piece tool set that comes in a lovely pink and black color combination. The pink accents tend to attract most handy-women, even those who have less interest in such area. In fact, this unique and attractive design aids in funding breast cancer awareness programs and initiatives, making it the best craftsman tool set for a cause.

Every hand tool in the Apollo DT9706P collection has been heat treated for optimal durability. To resist corrosion, all tools have been chrome plated as well. Securely housed in a blow-molded case, the user is ensured proper organization and extra protection of the tools. Moreover, the tools surpass the ANSI standards for guaranteed tool safety.

This pink tool kit offers the necessary tools for wide ranges of household repairs, making it a woman’s perfect choice, while it could also serve as a great gift idea. The collection includes an 8-ounce claw hammer, 12-ft tape measure, 6-inch slip joint pliers, 8-inch scissors, 8 SAE hex keys, plus a bit driver. A total of 10 1-inch bits, 18-mm knife, and 4 precision screwdrivers are likewise included.

For the novice, this pink tool set also comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a great deal combined with quality. Every tool is solid and you’re rest assured that each piece works perfectly for different repair jobs. The Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P has all the tools every woman needs, and not mention, among the cheap tool sets you’ll find today.

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Mechanic Tool Set Buying Guide

Having an overview about the best mechanics tool set reviews is undoubtedly an unmatched insight. However, there are more things you need to learn when deciding on which tool set to purchase. The following information is a more comprehensive discussion on the bits and pieces that you’ll find in every mechanic tool set, providing you with more knowledge and worth-considering factors, before placing your order.

Ratchet Tooth

The ratchet tooth plays a crucial role throughout your decision-making. Keep in mind that when there is more ratchet teeth, less swing will be needed. To simplify, there will be fewer degrees of rotation having more ratchet teeth. This feature allows you to move one-click, hence, a very handy design in tight spaces.

A good mechanic tool set should offer such feature, providing ease-of-use for every user. While the gear mechanism within the ratchet head might be easy to ignore, the tooth count in the inner gear is critical, contributing to the convenience of the entire tool. More and smaller teeth also allow shorter backswing in tight spaces where there is no ample room for the next bite on the bolt or nut.

Consequently, fine-tooth ratchets feature less internal resistance, having less capacity to unscrew a loose bolt or nut in terms of the return stroke. The ratchet tooth count also varies from one brand to the other, such as in a 3/8-inch drive with 36 to 72 teeth. A ratchet with the finest teeth requires only a 5-degree of movement, while the coarsest ratchet may require a 10-degree motion.

Durability of Fine-tooth Ratchets

There is also an issue with regards to the durability of fine-tooth ratchets as some reports occur, indicating that fine-tooth ratchets are not as sturdy as the coarse-tooth. This weakness about the ratchet does not apply to everything, or all the brands. When it comes to these handy tools, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, also known as ASME, has set standards and requirements for ratchet strength.

Therefore, a 3/8-inch ratchet should withstand 1,800 inch/pound of minimum torque, regardless the ratchet tooth number. Today, most brands and manufacturers do not only meet this ASME standard, but also exceed them by a certain percentage. So long that the ratchet meet such standards, the tooth count, or whether fine-tooth or coarse-tooth does not confirm the strength.

Quick Release Button Design

While shopping for the best mechanics tool set, choosing whether the ratchet offers a quick-release button design or otherwise, is a factor worth-considering. This convenient design allows the socket to pop off the ratchet easily. Most of the reviewed products offer the quick-release button feature, allowing you to press an easy-to-reach button to let the socket fall off.

In addition, this design also locks the socket in its proper place without sticking on the bolt head, as it should not be a permanent part of the entire engine. Without this handy feature, you’d have to pull the socket off the ratchet, and this will never be a fun thing to do, especially with greasy hands.

Reverse Mechanism

In tight situations or spaces, the lever works better than the dial, while both designs work fine in open areas. Apparently, the majority of the best mechanics tools in this article have lever-activated reversing mechanisms.

Socket Markings

The socket markings are also essential parts of the entire mechanic tool set shopping. This is applicable both for the DIYers and the professionals in the industry. It is important to have clear socket markings, eliminating trial and error, while saving more time. The same is true when it’s time to put back the sockets in the case.

Today, the newest trend involves laser markings because they are more readable than other techniques. But, the embossed markings still work fine, provided that the markings are large enough. Some brands have laser markings with color codes for fractional and metric.

Choosing the socket marking that will best suit your needs or personal preferences is a crucial decision to make. Consider this in order to maximize the potentials of your hand tools.

Case Construction

The case or housing of the tools is equally as important as its contents. Bear in mind that this serves as the storage area to organize the bits and pieces, plus a protective gear when the tools are not in use. Keep an eye on the case construction as you shop for mechanics tool sets. Most brands today offer plastic cases with snaps, draw-bolt latches, and hinges, even hinges with pins to hold up better and keep the case locked up securely. A well-engineered case will not only allow you to carry the housing conveniently, but also store and remove the bits and pieces effortlessly.

Must-have Accessory

When chopping for the best basic tool set, it is also wise to pick drill/driver adapters. With only a minimal cost, these adapters help you in converting the hex-drive cordless drill in order to accept sockets. When faced with boundless nuts and self-assembly products, you will be able to find your way through with the drill/driver adapters.

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Over and above, a small mechanic tool set comes in handy and perhaps the best way to go if you’re faced by small and large projects. Simple tools do not always help in accomplishing tasks around the house, especially in industrial spaces.

However, keep in mind that even the most basic tool set should include, and not limited to having a tape measure, level, pliers, adjustable wrench, hammer, channel locks, scissors, sockets, ratchets, and wrenches.

Making the reviewed products as references, it is wise to choose between these trusted names as they deliver durability, top-notch quality, versatility, and efficiency all at the same time. They also offer warranty, along with their products, making every kit the best mechanic tool set for the money, after all, the contents of every collection becomes necessary for a long-term use.

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