Best Mechanics Creeper Reviews 2017 – 2018

Working on vehicles become wonderful and becomes more convenient with car creepers. This equipment allows you to accomplish more things, especially when things are needed to be repaired or maintained underneath your car. Primarily, the physical pain is reduced from getting on your knees and scooting from one place to another, and then getting back up again.

Having a garage creeper is the best solution to such dilemma, which is ideal not only for the professional mechanics, but also for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Essentially, this equipment is a combination of padded tray and wheels that allow people to move around, somewhat like hovering above the ground.

Today, there are several selections of garage creepers on the market for your automotive applications. In this article, the top five products have been compiled, giving you no less than the highest of quality and the highest-rated creepers around. Alongside the top-rated products is a buying guideline that provides more information about the product. So, here are the products and take a look…

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Best Mechanics Creeper Reviews 2016

Lisle LI93102

31JSIeGXejLThe first product on the list is the Lisle creeper LI93102, which comes in a yellow plastic body. Garnering an average rating of 4.9-Stars, it boasts a body-fitting design, which has been engineered through testing on different body, types, hence, providing optimum comfort with a reduced user fatigue.

This mechanics creeper has a 2-inch longer body than most creepers around; thereby, offering a better fit. With the steel bushings are urethane rollers, both molded into the body and provide extra strength, plus easy roller replacement at the same time. It is a low-profile creeper with a 7/8-inch floor clearance.

Unlike other products on the market, this car creeper is very easy to clean, considering its solvent-resistant surface that eliminates fuel drippings, grease, and other unwanted compounds. It is lightweight and very portable, offering support and comfort simultaneously.

The Lisle LI93102 is widely used in professional automotive shops, but is also perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and the seasonal mechanics. It certainly helps users in getting into tight openings with its smooth rollers and top-notch casters. Thus, it saves a lot of time with its perfect single-piece design.

All in all, the Lisle LI93102 allows users to perform repair works and maintenance easier and faster as its integrated design equates to trouble-free and hassle-free operation at all times. While it is considered as an ‘old school’ design, it is still the most comfortable auto creeper you will ever find. Made in the United States, this product gives the best value; in spite its lightweight and portable design.

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Omega 91000

31yko4jVFsLOn the other hand, the Omega 91000 receives an average customer rating of 4.5-Stars. This automotive creeper comes in an elegant black color with a 40-inch steel frame construction. The Z Creeper from Omega is a foldable variant, allowing a tool-free transformation in just seconds.

The size seat measures at 14-inch x 12-1/4-inch with a padded seat, plus a headrest. Besides its 450-pound rated capacity, the Z Creeper also features six 3-inch polyurethane, full bearing casters, which are oil-resistant; thereby, providing easy movement and ultimate comfort at the same time.

Considered as a 2-in-1 tool, this convertible creeper has a ‘Z’ shape design when folded, which allows for a mechanics seat, while serves as a creeper once unfolded. The thick padded bed gives every user the maximum comfort during operations, considering the hassles when working underneath vehicles.

The classic design also comes with a one full-year warranty, providing buyers with a full-year support in case of product defects. Nonetheless, the Z Creeper is one-of-a-kind, providing users with the most comfortable auto repair experience possible, whether working on exterior detailing or brakes, this stool comes incredibly handy.

On top of the heavy duty, padded upholstery, the Z creeper 450-pound rated capacity makes it very flexible for wide ranges of body types and weights. Meanwhile, the 3-inch wheels will never get caught up on small stones and other elements on the floor. Indeed, this is the best choice for serious mechanics and the budget-conscious consumers.

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The Bone 6031

41Y2BX7wDQ5LMeanwhile, Dale Adams Enterprises introduces The Bone 6031 creeper with an average rating of 4.4-Stars. This 100% American bone creeper features very huge 5-inch wheels, allowing the user to go and move around where other creepers cannot. It will never tip over and it is considered as the lowest creeper ever.

With a 300-pound rated capacity, this creeper also offers the best warranty in the industry. The Bone 6031 is the very first and the most famous model of creeper that relieves the miseries of mechanics, not only nationwide, but also worldwide. Previously known as the “Captain Creeper” during its initial invention in 1974, the unique bone shape resulted in its new name during its public sale in 1996. And, since then, The Bone creeper became the standard for quality within the creeper industry.

It is said to be the best automotive creeper due to its uniquely-shaped body, cradling the user between its wheels only an inch above the ground. The huge rolling wheels have been positioned outboard in order to provide a sturdy and stable working platform, which will never flip or tip the user.

Moreover, this creeper boasts a rib-reinforced body, which has been molded from high-grade co-polymer. This state-of-the-art design tends to resist the unfavorable effects of solvents, allowing easy and quick cleaning at the end of the day.

The one-piece design also offers smoothness and comfort, while eliminating cracks, corners, and other pinch points that may distract the user, whereas, the outboard wheel pods tend to prevent flipping and tipping. Overall, the patented design of this mechanic creeper easily rolls over rough floors, air lines, drop cords, loose parts, and virtually all obstacles.

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Torin TR6452

31ZaiZKM9KLThe Torin TR6452 creeper, on the other hand, garners its 4.1-Star rating due to its impressive and useful features such as the 4-position headrest, unlike any other mechanics creepers on the market. The all-steel, heavy duty construction has also captivated a lot of consumers, including the 6-wheel rotating casters that are very durable.

The Torin creeper also boasts a padded bench, measuring at 40 inches. This thick vinyl padded bench offers added comfort, alongside the 2.5-inch rotating casters for better mobility. The backrest is liftable, providing extra support to the user’s neck and head throughout extended work periods; thereby, this creeper makes long hours or work more comfortable.

It is one of the most affordable creepers on the market, yet one of the most efficient models as the contour offers compliance once a body is lying on it. The same contour also eliminates some pressure points; thereby, providing utmost comfort for the user. Hence, for half the cost, this under car creeper is of decent quality. The length is also ideal in accommodating different body types and heights.

The Torin TR6452, however, is not a rookie creeper for the experienced users as many of this brand is widely used in automotive shops. All in all, this mechanic floor creeper is highly capable of eliminating neck and head strain due to its unique and helpful 4-position headrest. All the more, it is highly preferred by many professional mechanics worldwide because of its very durable 6-wheel rotating casters for smooth glides across floors.

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Pro-Lift C-1004

31uczlLSB2LFinally, the Pro-Lift C-1004 receives a 4.2-Star rating from its customers. It features a 350-pound weight capacity and comes in a gray color. For easy maneuvering, this shop creeper also offers six swivel casters. For added support, it has four straps beneath the padding, while a thick vinyl cushioning allows for ultimate user comfort.

Furthermore, the Pro-Lift C-1004 provides an extra head padding, aside from the thick cushion for the body. This has been engineered to give the user maximum comfort in getting jobs done, especially when the work requires kneeling down and lying down.

Its overall design is very easy to use and store at the same time. With the Pro-Lift C-1004, there are no more painful jobs as the design eliminates strain on the neck and back. The 350-pound rated capacity also allows for wide ranges of body types and weights; thereby, not limiting its efficiency in a certain range of users.

It is among the automotive creepers with a low-profile design and should definitely belong in every garage. With a total weight of 19 pounds, it allows easy and quick maneuvering and storing when not in use. When it comes to customer feedback, this item has surely generated a lot of happy customers, mainly because of its clever construction.

Some reviews also indicate that the wheels opposite to the headrest have been set next to the creeper’s edge, which results in a very convenient position when the user tends to ease down towards the end. The headrest does not tilt up, nor flop down. The Pro-Lift C-1004 is surely a sensible purchase for both the seasonal and serious mechanics.

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Mechanics Creeper Buying Guide

Mechanic creeper reviews are certainly educational tools for every probable buyer of such equipment. However, these reviews would not always suffice the needs of all buyers. So, here is more information about this product, giving you added tools to help you in narrowing down the choices and make an informed buying decision eventually.

Key Features

  • Backboard/Platform – The backboard or platform is a key feature to look for when reading about car creeper reviews. Getting a model with a sturdy construction will greatly help in reducing and eliminating strain on the lower and upper back, including the neck. There are economy models that are made of thin sheets of plywood, while there are reinforced backboards that can surely support the shoulders and back.
  • Wheels – As a discerning customer, evaluating the wheels of a floor creeper offered on the market is also a crucial task. Generally, creepers with plain steel wheels result in rough riding, while having high chances of getting stuck in floor cracks and other obstacles. Hence, a model with urethane ball-bearing wheels will be the top pick.
  • Low-profile Design – Getting a creeper with a low-profile design also helps in helping you maximize limited workspaces, which is inevitable throughout automotive repair works and maintenance. Keep in mind that recessed wheels also help you in getting closer to the ground, while giving more room to maneuver and access auto parts and tools.
  • Construction Material – Furthermore, the construction material used in different creepers plays a significant role throughout the buyer’s decision. While creepers made of wood are available, this specific material tends to absorb coolant, oil, fluids, and other solvents that might occur during operation. Instead of such material, it is best to look for a model made of heavy duty materials that are also solvent-resistant, whether it is oil, coolant, or any other chemical.
  • Fabric/Padding/Headrest – Nowadays, manufacturers of creepers are offering wide ranges of creeper variants and models to suit the individual requirements of consumers. It is very noticeable that the above products vary in one aspect to the other, such as the added padding provided by one product, which is unavailable in its rivals. For added comfort and protection, opting for a creeper board with added fabric or padding on the body, or that with a headrest may be a wise choice.

Choosing the Best Creeper

Choosing the best creeper may be a daunting task for many consumers, considering the endless selections and brands on the market. Primarily, this tool needs to be as comfortable as possible as you get underneath your car and work conveniently, despite extended periods. But, for some, narrowing down the choices may not be that easy in the real world. So, here are the frequently-asked questions that are also helpful in making the right choice.

Will the Creeper Really Roll?

One of the main designs of a creeper is its rolling mechanism. Choosing a model with wheels is insufficient as you have to ensure that these wheels should actually roll with ease and comfort. Otherwise, another person will be necessary in dragging the user in and out of the car’s underneath, before and after a certain task.

Today, you can choose between three types of wheels that are used in the best-designed creepers. The previous models of creepers are usually composed of steel wheels with literally steel disks that are bolted onto the creeper’s frame through a small axle. These designs may seem durable, but could get stuck in little cracks or on pebbles.

The more updated designs have evolved into small urethane wheels combined with ball bearings. These wheel designs are similarly durable as the steel wheel, although they are more functional, while having some issues with rough surfaces such as larger pebbles or asphalt. Meanwhile, top-of-the-line designs now offer larger wheels like 4-inch to 5-inch in diameter that can easily roll over obstacles throughout garage floors.

Is it Durable?

The main issue with cheap creepers is their poor construction, only made of substandard materials. Typically, these models make use of a pressed cardboard backing, while others are constructed from ordinary plywood. Once left out in the rain, this type of creeper gets toasted, and certainly a waste of time and money.

Hence, going for a hard plastic material will be the best choice and the best creepers you will ever find. At times, there are half-inch plywood backs that can also hold up well over time. Nonetheless, the hard plastic or a vinyl sheet material ensures better durability and stability over extended periods.

Is it Going to Stain?

While this question seems to be subjective, you can still get a creeper model that can resist different kinds of stains. It is a given fact that this equipment is used in garages and automotive shops, wherein a lot of work, and messy works, are being performed. These repair and maintenance works usually deal with solvents, oil, grease, and other chemicals that might stain the creeper, especially when used underneath a vehicle.

Surely, this tool is going to take some wear as it rolls around and on the ground under a car. Choosing a model with the best material, such as a hard plastic should also be solvent-resistant, resisting any compound or substance that might stain the creeper. Therefore, the best mechanics creeper is one made of hard plastic or a sturdy vinyl sheet that can resist such stains and etches, allowing for easy and fast cleaning after the work is done.

Added Features

Obviously, you are no longer limited to a few brands of creepers as modern models of this equipment have a lot to offer beyond the main design. Today, you can find one with adjustable headrest, tool holder, wheel lock mechanism, and so on, while others are just bare bones. These creepers with added features might cost a bit pricier than ordinary models, so it is important that you are willing to shell some extra cash as well.


By now, you already know the top five creepers on the market, learning about their unique features, designs, and advantages over the other. The products reviewed in this article are undoubtedly worthy creepers, considering their corresponding customer ratings as well. Nonetheless, these are high-rated products, offering no less quality and durability, which are needed by every mechanic around. All in all, you also have to take note of the guideline provided in this comprehensive review, ensuring that you bring every detail with you as you shop for a reliable garage creeper.