Best Medical Penlight Reviews

A medical penlight is used by professionals in the medical field.

This kind of torch is used in examining patients, whether it is performed by a surgeon, dentist, a general practitioner, and even the nurses. It is primarily an examining, monitoring, and diagnosing tool widely used in hospitals and health care clinics.

Undoubtedly, the medical penlight is very useful and portable at the same time. However, not all of these torches offer the same level of performance, efficiency, and durability as there are products made from substandard materials or construction.


Best Medical Penlight Reviews

Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Professional PenLite


Among the top-rated medical penlights is the Welch Allyn 76600 with an average rating of 4.1-stars. From a renowned manufacturer, this torch weighs only 3.52 ounces, while its main features include a bright and white halogen light, a sturdy solid brass construction, and an overall professional-grade design.

Unlike the cheaper counterparts made of plastic, this model can last a lifetime with proper handling and maintenance. This torch has a durable construction, attributed to the solid brass; hence, it won’t break as plastic pen lights will.

Besides its durability, its compact design makes it very convenient to carry in the pocket, as long as you have a spare room. The Welch Allyn 76600 is a medical flashlight, which is equivalent to supreme quality. It offers a ‘professional’ feeling to any user, considering the metal casing and the nice heft.

The colour, accuracy, and quality of the lamp are undeniably amazing, having the perfect colour accuracy in checking the mouth, throat, wounds, mucous membranes, pupil, and so on. Thus, it can aim perfectly straight to the target area. Moreover, this medical pen has a unique curb appeal, ensuring the user of no less than a professional tool.

After all, the Welch Allyn 76600 is made by a renowned manufacturer and designer – Welch Allyn, which has been providing high-grade medical devices for a long time, including products and other solutions geared towards hospitals, emergency response settings, doctors’ offices, the caregivers, and all others in the medical field. Do check out our detailed Welch Allyn 76600 review.

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Streamlight 65018 Stylus Penlight with Pocket Clip


Included in the list of the best medical penlights is the Streamlight 65018 Stylus, garnering a 4.5-Star rating on average. This model is a compact, lightweight, and highly portable torch, featuring a high-density LED, which can last for 100,000 hours at the maximum.

It has a construction equivalent to comfort and durability, along with a waterproof aluminium case, plus a pocket clip for optimum portability and convenience. Also, this tool features a momentary blink switch and a constant-on switch, unlike any other torches on the market. This impressive doctor’s penlight also provides different-coloured LEDs that are sold separately, giving you the personal choice for different applications and situations.

It comes in a small package, weighing at only 1.1 ounces while measuring the same as a regularly used pen. So, there’s no doubt that this torch will fit in your tool bag, backpack, purse, or your pocket, with a convenient clip that can be attached easily to your hat, clothing, or pocket, for a hands-free operation.

This doctor penlight uses 3 AAAA alkaline batteries, which already included in the bundle, making it the most reasonable package in its class. This torch has the capacity for producing 10 lumens of light output with up to 60 hours of battery run time. Its high-intensity LED bulb can last up to 100,000 hours, indeed an incredible feature.

Indeed, the Streamlight 65018 has a lot of advantages over the other models, considering its LED technology, which is equivalent to high-intensity LED for limitless applications and uses.

It is very durable in extreme conditions, and this is among the penlights that offer the most convenient operation due to its push-button and rotating tail cap. Check out our detailed review of the Streamlight 65018.

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Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight


With an average rating of 3.4-Stars is the Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight. The Primacare could be the best penlight for doctors, considering its sealed concentric beam that is easily activated by pressing the pocket clip. This torch also features a high quality imprinted pupil gauge LED light color, including a white penlight color.

This medical LED penlight runs two AAA batteries, although they are not included in the bundle. Nonetheless, this is a reusable version that comes in handy in illuminating the ears, eyes, and throats of patients.

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Primacare, the DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight weighs at only 0.05 pounds, while measuring at 5.8 inches in width and 1.6 inches in height. There is no doubt about this light’s quality, as it is highly reliable throughout any medical circumstance you’re in.

Customer reviews about the Primacare DL-9325 also indicate happy and satisfied consumers. This torch allows the user to change the battery and continue using it again, making it more economical than other versions. Some actual users also say that this is the best model for pupil gauge while performs as a regular flashlight when needed, providing adequate brightness as it should.

This tool has also generated a lot of positive reviews among the nurses nationwide and worldwide. Indeed, it works great with its long battery life, ample brightness, and perfect lighting for those who need assistance in their job sites. Do read our Primacare DL-9325 Review too!

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Escolite Medical Led Penlight


Among the top-rated penlights for nurses and doctors is the Escolite Medical Led Penlight. This tool receives an average rating of 4.4-Stars due to its compact and lightweight design geared towards limitless applications, both for home and medical use.

Similar to the other product, this model also features a sealed concentric beam for illuminating the throat, eyes, and ears. It has a pupil gauge printed on its body, helping the user in reading and determining the pupil size. This reusable tool also features a dual-function pocket clip design as well as a push button tail switch, which is perfect for a one-hand operation.

This penlight for nurses and doctors includes replaceable AAA batteries while the unit measures 5.5 inches in length and 0.49 inches in diameter. However, this torch cannot function similar to a lighting flashlight as it’s designed for medical use only.

This model has also created some noise throughout the customer reviews, generating positive reviews and ratings from time to time. The package comes with two Escolite penlights, making it the best choice for those in the medical field, having a spare in case the first one is lost or misplaced.

Unlike other blinding penlights, the Escolite offers the perfect brightness when checking pupil dilation. In spite its aluminum alloy construction, it is still lightweight and very easy to carry around in the pocket. This is the best medical penlight for many users because of its dual-sided pupil gauge, 5-cm ruler, user-friendly interface, and easy operation packed in one. Read our Escolite Medical Led Penlight Review.

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Basic Types of Medical Penlights

There are two main types of these torches, briefly described on The types include the disposable medical flashlights and the reusable medical flashlights. Each one is differentiated below.

Disposable Medical Flashlights

  • The sealed unit, containing batteries and bulb
  • Operated by a press of the metal clip onto the terminal of the plastic barrel
  • Lifespan wholly depends on its usage
  • May come with printed pupil gauge features

Reusable Medical Flashlights

  • Can be opened for battery or bulb replacements
  • Available in both metal barrel and plastic
  • May have button depress operation
  • It usually comes with a sturdy pen clip for added security



By now, you should have differentiated the disposable torch from the reusable penlight.

Also, at this point, you should have understood that a pen torch, making use of an LED bulb is not suited for eye or pupil examinations as standard incandescent bulbs are ideally fitted in lights for medical use. Keep in mind that such a procedure is performed only by properly trained and certified medical professionals.

So, take note of the recently reviewed, top-rated penlights for sale as one of these models might meet, if not surpass your requirements. Finding a nearly-perfect doctors flashlight will make you more productive and efficient in your respective job site.

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