Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews 2020

A miter saw is a specific tool that lets you make accurate cuts at different angles. It has a blade attached on a swing arm whirling left or right to yield angled cuts. Its common uses are for crown moldings, door frames, window casings, picture frames and much more.

Miter saws are typically small and portable, with common blade sizes varying from eight to twelve inches, but it is more convenient if it would be mounted on a portable stand. This will make it easy for you to move the tool to different locations.

There are many saw stands released in the market nowadays. They are equipped with different features that you may opt to consider before deciding on which brand to buy. This review has chosen five of the best miter saw stands in the market and examined it to help you find the best one which suits your preference.

Best Miter Saw Stand Review

Dewalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand


Dewalt DWX726 is a 67-pound miter saw stand that can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It is measured at 59.5 x 17 x 10 inches when folded, gradually extending up to 98 x 32.5 inches when unfolded. Although it is not easy to lift, as it is quite heavy, it has wide rubber wheels which make it easy to move, along with its fold-up design.

DWX726 is very distinct because of its pneumatic lift system allowing you to easily lift and lower the miter saw. This feature could very much save time for work setup. It also has adjustable mounting rails, making it very versatile allowing you to custom fit most of the miter saws out there.

Due to its weight capacity and installed lift system, you can work with a lot of different projects either for your home or your shop’s needs. It is also very durable as it is made of tubular steel which compasses majority of its weight. Due to its portability and durability, it is arguably one of the best rolling saw stands available in the market.

Although this product has a lot to offer, the only thing you need to worry about is its assembly. It may take you about 30 minutes to put up this tool. However, the instructions which come along with the product are very clear. You can enjoy installing it. You may consider getting an aid from someone or you can do it by yourself if you have some time to spare.

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Portamate PM-4000 Folding Miter Saw Stand


Portamate PM-4000 is a 30.1 pound miter saw stand that can support up to a whopping 500 pounds of load. It can also handle materials as long as 10 feet. It is measured at 44 x 10.2 x 6.1 inches with 36 inches work height. This saw stand also has a 20-inch quick attach mounts for easy mounting. Because of these, it is very much easy to store, to set-up and to transfer to other locations.

This rugged yet lightweight tool is made up of steel tubular construction, sturdy enough to support heavy duty projects. You can practically use this from simple home jobs up to shop-related pieces.

PM-4000 is designed to work with nearly every model of miter saws in the market. It is a contractor grade, quality saw stand which can be availed at a homeowner’s price. This makes it very convenient and practical to purchase. Due to its portability, durability, versatility, and low cost, it is arguably one of the best budget miter saw stands in the market.

Pm-4000 has a lot to offer but there is still a catch for this product. One of its promotional strategies is that it is upgradeable. You can separately purchase a detachable wheel kit for extra mobility and ease in the transfer. Also, extra steel mounts may be purchased for replacements or for attaching additional tools. These will allow you to change tools easily and quickly. These extra upgrades will truly maximize your Portamate PM-4000 capabilities.

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Bosch TS2000 Gravity-Rise Wheeled Table Saw Stand


Bosch TS2000 is a 53-pound heavy duty portable miter saw table. It can withstand 250 pounds of downward force due to its heavy gauge tubular steel construction and can hold a material as long as 18 feet. It is measured at 43 x 29 x 24.5 inches with pneumatic wheels installed for rough terrains. Mobility and durability are not an issue due to these features.

TS2000 is often compared to DEWALT DWX726. Many debates about the differences between the two products have surfaced. DWX726 is more reliable when it comes to stability while TS2000 is leading when it comes to mobility and assembly speed. This is because it is much easier to setup and it has 8-inch diameter wheels.

This tool is also equipped with universal mounts that are compatible with most major manufacturers’ table saws. Almost all miter saws can fit DeWalt, Makita, Hitachi, Craftsman, and Rigid to name a few.

Also, its length capacity (18 feet) is the longest that is available in the market. You can practically do anything with this table. Its unmatched capacity, together with its mobility, assembly speed, and durability, makes it as arguably one of the most versatile portable miter saw stands available.

Although Bosch TS2000 is very promising, it is matched with a fairly high price. This is justifiable considering the quality of product it provides. If you value your miter saw and if you also consider the quality regardless of the price, then this tool might suit your needs.

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Protocol Equipment WS-077 Contractor Miter Saw Workstation


Protocol WS-077 is a 40.8-pound miter saw stand which can be used for heavy duty projects. It is measured at 69.3 x 23.2 x 35 inches with an adjustable top which can expand up to 77 inches for the extensive workload. You can rely on its durability because it is made of high-grade and corrosion-resistant steel.

It is very easy to transfer because of its quick-release levers and fold away legs. In addition to these, a carrying handle is also installed as well as a sturdy set of wheels for optimum mobility speed. These are added features in order to have a competitive advantage against other miter saw stands available nowadays.

WS-077 is also versatile as it works with most brands of miter saws. Mounting saws on this workstation is very easy for it has material support pegs installed, as well as tool mount brackets. This ensures its steady foundation.

This saw stand is quite similar to its competitors, offering speed in mobility, portability, and its functionality. The only distinct feature that edges it from the others is its durability, not in terms of its load capacity but on how long you can use its full potential. Protocol products are known to endure weather extremes for an extended period of time.

If you are a buyer who considers the durability of a product than its price, Protocol WS-077 is the product for you. Although this saw stand may be costly, it’s priced fairly and is justifiable considering what it offers.

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Hitachi UU240F Heavy-Duty Portable Miter Saw Stand


Hitachi UU240F is a 50-pound tool which can support a maximum 400 pounds of weight. It has a measurement of 52 x 18 x 12.5 inches and can be extended up to 34 inches work height. It also has 8-inch diameter wheels which make it easy to transfer locations.

UU240F has a durable steel construction and can load up to 12 inches sliding miter saws. Also, additions to its versatility are the auxiliary brackets which eliminate the need for the creation of extra mounting surface. The quick-release brackets offer an easy way of mounting and removing the saw. It can also support works of materials extended up to 95.5 inches making it as versatile as its other competitors.

Hitachi UU240F edges its competitors with its added feature of non-marring rubber feet on mounting brackets. This prevents damage to the surface of the miter saw when it is removed and placed on finished surfaces. It basically protects the saw from scratches that may be obtained during the course of project completion.

Also, taking into consideration that this tool is made specifically for heavy-duty purposes, surprisingly, it is very lightweight and portable. The 50-pound weight of the stand does not sacrifice the stability which it provides. This is a clear indication of its durability. So if you’re a shop owner and is finding the best miter saw stand, this Hitachi UU240F may be the brand for you.

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Points to Consider When Buying the Right Miter Saw Stand


There’s nothing worse than having equipment that is not suited for your day to day work routines. If you deal with long boards or molding but your stand isn’t designed to handle such length or weight, it is not useful to you.

You can avoid such by making a list of your daily work or your most common dealings in which you need to use a miter saw stand. From this list, read the brand reviews stated above then decide on which one that truly fits you. You need to also consider unforeseen events in which you will make use of the stand so that you’ll be prepared when the situation arises. You must make sure that you don’t have to buy another stand just because you failed to plan contingents for such events.

Lastly, ensure that the features you need for your job are included in the package, otherwise, it’s just a waste of money, time and effort.

Material Composition

If you are to keep your miter saw stand in a fixed location, its material components aren’t really going to be an issue for you. But, if you will regularly need to carry it to job sites or to different locations, this factor is going to be very essential. This section is for those of you who need that portability.

The foremost aspect in knowing how portable a miter saw stand is its weight. If you need to constantly move the stand in and out of your vehicle, it’s a good indication to get a model that’s considerably lightweight. For this reason, you won’t have as much trouble moving it from one location to another.

However, weight is not only the factor. There are several saw stands that have a set of wheels which allows them to be transported around easily. There are models for which the wheels can be bought separately. So, it does not matter if you’ll purchase a great stand that you really want but doesn’t have one. Just bear in mind if you can install them by yourself.

Last but not least, you have to consider its size. If you’re going to have to bring a saw stand around, you’ll want to make sure its size will make it easy to carry. That isn’t a big deal unless on staircases, which you might need the smaller models. Another reason that makes size a good factor is because of the tool’s storage. You must consider your storage capacity before buying a miter saw stand.

Universal Design

This factor is about the model’s versatility in design. Unless you’re buying a miter saw stand with the same brand as yours, this consideration will be very essential.

An ideal miter saw stand should be versatile enough to be used with any saw you have. You don’t want to buy a model only to find out that you can’t fit in all your saws. There are a lot of choices in the market so you can certainly purchase the right one that suits your needs.

In addition, you also need to consider if the stand can handle the materials you use. You don’t want to end up buying again because the model you bought was not able to suppress the workload you put it into.

Ease of Use

A miter saw stand is relatively simple and easy to use. Basically, you set it up, mount your miter saw to it, and you start doing your works. While some models come with extra features that aren’t always easy to use or they may be useless on point, don’t get into believing that.

Just because a certain model has a lot of extra tools and added features, it doesn’t mean that it’s better. These extras are not bad but just make sure that you’ll actually benefit from them. Don’t spend a lot of money for these if you can buy a specific model which sustains your needs and its features will be used to their full potential.

Also, there are some miter saw stands that have extra features which are actually for the betterment and easy usage of the product. Wheels, for example, are a feature that makes the stand easier to transfer from one location to another.

The wheels can also be of great help, for you to maneuver your stand over different types of terrain which you may encounter as you transfer workplace locations. Features like this can definitely help you and can make a miter saw stand easier to use. Keep this point in mind when purchasing your desired model.


Buying a miter saw stand will surely cost you a lot of money. There are different models out in the market with different price ranges. Make sure to perform your own cost-benefit analysis before deciding what to buy.

Consider the aforementioned factors and analyze if its price is justifiable or if there is another cheaper brand that will still satisfy your needs and expectations. Don’t settle for cheap ones if it will not benefit you, but also, don’t go for expensive ones which have features you won’t really be using.


This is a factor that we consider in buying almost every product we desire. Be certain to read the warranty information before actually buying the saw stand. This is your right so make sure you make good use of it. If there are vague parts on it, don’t hesitate to ask the seller for confirmation.

Factory defects are not 100 percent avoidable so make sure you get a miter stand that has a corresponding warranty. Check whether the manufacturer offers a limited warranty or a full lifetime warranty. This will also be beneficial to you, which could save you money.


There are many saw stands out in the market for you to choose from. Be sure you take into careful consideration the above factors and evaluate how significant they are to you. Look for the best miter saw stand that also guarantees the longevity of use, durability, and reliability.

As an addition, read additional information on the stands you favor most and check some miter saw stand reviews from the users. Take into account what they have to say about the stand and if they recommend it for purchase. A good miter saw stand is a tool that you will have for a very long time, so make sure you get it right the first time.

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