Best Motorcycle Gloves Reviews 2020

Motorcycle riders think about helmets as a priority when it comes to accessories. However, this is not true when you are aiming for safety. The best motorcycle gloves play an important part when it comes to safety functions as well. If you choose the right motorcycle gloves for you, it can take care of you in case of an accident.

Gloves can impress people because of its stylish fashion, but what’s more important is its safety features. The best motorcycle gloves can protect your hands from harmful objects like rocks.  If you get into an accident, they will also make sure that your hands do not get injured. Another great thing about gloves is that it makes you feel comfortable through all kinds of weather conditions. They are also known to help you improve your riding skills by giving you a better grip.

Just like any other motorbike accessory, getting the best motorcycle gloves for you is more complicated than you think. This article includes five of the best motorcycle gloves available in the market today for your reference.

Best Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

FREETOO Hard Knuckle Full Finger Tactical Gloves

The FREETOO Tactical gloves are best known for their use in different kinds of sports. Most riders choose this pair of gloves for riding because it is flexible and fully functional (this means you can move your fingers freely while wearing the gloves).

This pair is also good for your hand’s protection. The hard knuckles were molded to protect your hands from all kinds of impact, abrasions, and damages that you might sustain during your ride. It is also made with a reinforced palm that is sure to protect you in unforeseen situations like accidents.

These gloves are sure to give your hands a complete fit because it was anatomically designed to be used for extreme sports like motorcycle riding. It is made with breathable and lightweight materials to make sure the rider is comfortable at all times. This can easily be the best motorcycle gloves with its nylon webbing design for elasticity and easy on fit.

FREETOO Tactical Gloves come in three sizes: medium, large, and extra large. The medium size is about 8–9 inches (21–22.5 cm) while the large size is about 9–9 ½ inches (23–24.5 cm) big. The extra large is 9 ½–10 inches (25–26.5CM) and was made for bigger riders. It’s also good to take note that these gloves were Asian size. Read our Freetoo Gloves Reviews.

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Simplicity® Men Women’s Cycling Motorcycle Gloves


Simplicity gloves give you this pair of unisex gloves to fit both men and women’s needs. This is a high-performance glove that is best for sports enthusiasts. The gloves were designed to make sure that your hands stay cool in all kinds of environments, which makes it one of the best motorcycle gloves today.

These gloves are sturdy enough to guide you through all kinds of ride and weather conditions. They are designed to give the rider full comfort with its mesh and microfiber materials. These materials are breathable and sure to give you protection from all types of moisture.

The back and palm parts are thick enough to reduce the risk of injuries from accidents. The palm has a thick pad that was designed to protect your hands from impact, shock and vibrations. The palm area also has a non-slip material made with silicon. This improves the friction between the palm and the handlebar for a safer ride. Your wrists are also sure to be protected and comfortable while wearing these gloves because of its toughness in every bending point.

Simplicity gloves are also functional and flexible, so you can move all of your fingers while wearing them. The pointer finger and thumb area were designed to have holes that you can open, so you can use your phones, tablets, or other gadgets. Check our Simplicity Gloves review.

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StrongSuit 20300-L Voyager Leather Motorcycle Gloves


This is one of the best motorcycle gloves to choose for motorcycle rides. These gloves were designed with the thought of protection and sports as well as style and fit. The StrongSuit 20300-L Voyager gloves is made from drum dyed cow leather that makes sure to protect your hands from a collision. It was also made with reflective pipings for better nighttime visibility and safe riding.

The use of leather material adds to the stylish and fashionable effect of this pair of gloves. Leather is one of the best materials to use for clothes and accessories because of its durability. Because of the choice of material, these gloves are sure to last you a long time making it worth your money. It is also made with a perforated mesh top.

StrongSuit 20300-L are sure to be breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s also sure to give you a great fit with its pre-curved fingers, fixed form, and leather straps. These gloves were designed to give full functionality to do all kinds of strokes and movements that you want. It fits very well for riders because it helps give you a stronger and better grip of your bike.

This is an all-around sports glove that is available in 7 sizes (extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large). This amazing range of sizes will surely cater to any motorcycle rider’s hands for a more comfortable ride. Read our StrongSuit 20300-L Review.

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Xelement Mens Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves


Xelement Mens Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves are stylish, sturdy gloves that are best used on cold weather trips. It is one of the best motorcycle gloves to choose if you are going to be riding throughout the rainy weather because of its waterproof quality. It is also made from the best quality materials, including cowhide leather.

These gloves are lightweight and provide great insulation that is sure to keep your hands comfortable and warm during winter. The wrist cuff adjustment is made easy with the hook and loop feature to make your experience more convenient and problem free.

Aside from these useful features, these leather gloves are sure to help you stand out in a crowd with its stylish design. Leather gloves are known to last for a long time, which makes it worth your hard earned money.

Xelement Mens Gloves are also designed to have a good contour for grips to avoid cramping and discomfort for those long motorcycle rides. These gloves are fully functional, so you can do any kind of movement with your fingers while wearing them.

The palms are made with high-quality padding for better grip to avoid slipping off the motorcycle’s clutch. It was also designed with ribbed panels across the knuckles for protection from impacts and collisions. The Xelement Gloves are available in five sizes: medium, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large. Read our Xelement Gloves Review here.

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Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves 09


The Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves 09 is, by far, the best motorcycle gloves to choose for motocross, trail, off road, and even street riding. Its amazing performance and features are unmatched by other sports gloves in the market today.

These gloves were specifically made for motorcycling, which is great for all types of riders. Although most sports enthusiasts use this for motorcycle riding, it was made to be a multi-sport glove that is sure to suit all kinds of sports needs.

This pair of gloves is made with Nylon and Polyester material. These materials are sure to give you convenient and comfort while riding. They are breathable material that allows air flow to your hands while riding preventing all types of moisture. They also offer full functionality and flexibility, so you can freely move your hands however you want.

Street Bike 09 also has lots of safety features to protect your hands at all times while riding. The molded solid knuckles were designed to protect your hands from all kinds of collisions and impacts—including unforeseen accidents in the road.

They are also made to be shock resistant and has good quality paddings for a comfortable feeling while riding in any kind of terrain. The palms of these gloves give riders the best grip for a better ride experience and avoid slipping. Read our Street Bike 09 Review here.

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Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Spending your hard earned money means you have to get the best quality product. Here are some of the things to consider when buying the best motorcycle gloves.


There are many kinds of styles that are available when it comes to motorcycle gloves. Here are some of the styles that you can choose from.

  • Cruiser/Touring – this dominates most of the motorcycle glove styles in the market today. Most cruiser gloves are made with plain leather with little to no padding used for protection. The goal of making this kind of glove is to provide a comfortable glove for riding without naked hands. If you are not a frequent rider, these gloves are good enough to make sure your hands are protected from abrasions.
  • Sport/Racing – these are the most technically designed motorcycle glove. Racing gloves are designed to handle the highest speed, abrasions, and impacts while maintaining a good amount of density. Most sports gloves are made with textile, leather and plastic, metal, or carbon fiber armors. They are also made with a gauntlet style for maximum protection. This type of gloves are mostly waterproof and well ventilated. If you like motorcycling racing as a sport, these gloves are the best for you.
  • MX – MX gloves are mostly used for dirt bike riding and motocross riding because of the dexterity that it provides. This type of gloves are very flexible while still providing protection. These gloves are usually made with tough leather material with a combination of stretchy textile materials to accommodate movement. They usually have short cuffs for wrist movement that is needed in the sport. If you are a dual rider, you can choose MX gloves because of the dexterity and protection that they offer.
  • Cold Weather/Heated – this type of gloves is needed when winter comes, and you need to keep your hands warm. Although these gloves’ main offer is its insulated feature, they are built to protect your hands in any kind of incident. If you are required to ride in extremely cold weather, there are heated gloves that are powered by a battery pack or wired directly to your bike’s electrical system. If you are the kind of rider who needs to ride during winter or stormy weather, you might consider getting a pair of these gloves.
  • Fingerless – this style is very popular for most cruiser riders today. They are mostly made with leather material. The style features a cut off right below your first knuckle in every finger. Most riders enjoy using this kind of gloves because they are convenient and very comfortable. Although the top of your fingers is unprotected, these gloves make up for it with its stylish effect. If you are a rider that usually makes short trips around the city, these gloves can be very useful for


Your glove’s fitment is very important not only for comfort but also for safety as well. Wearing gloves that are too big for you may prove to be unsafe because you have to adjust it while riding. This means you have to take your hands off of the handlebar, which is not advisable for any motorcycle rider. If you have gloves that are too small, it may prove to be dangerous as it may cut the blood circulation through your fingers and wrists. A good fitting glove should feel as if it is part of your body while you ride.

If you are buying leather gloves, you need to remember that you may break them in over time. It’s also good to take note that a proper fitting glove may feel tight when you first put it on. You can also check online for videos on how you can properly measure your hand for a precise fit.


A glove’s stitching helps in the comfort and durability of motorcycle gloves. The inside stitching of your gloves may irritate your skin if not done well. High-quality stitching is needed for a great pair of gloves to be able to do its job. Poor stitching can cause gloves to fall apart while in use, which can prove to be very unsafe. When buying gloves, make sure to look for ones that are doubled or tripled stitch just to be sure. If you are into extreme motorcycling sports, be sure to buy high-quality gloves that are made for the sport.


The length of your motorcycle gloves should also be considered to match your riding style. Long cuffed gloves can go over your wrists. This length is good for racing where you need to slide most of the time. Gloves with shorter cuffs can be used for dirt bike and motocross riding where your wrists need to be fully functional. If you use your bike to commute to work or while city driving, you may choose either of the two.

Smart Touch

Touchscreen gadgets are everywhere and everybody uses them. If you want to be able to use your touchscreen GPS with your gloves on, you may want to opt for gloves with smart touch fingers. This can save you a lot of time and prevent the hassle of having to stop in the side of the road in the middle of the ride. There are also gloves that allow you to open a hole in the pointer finger and thumb, so you can use them with your gadgets.


Wearing gloves during your motorcycle ride is very important and all motorcycle riders should own one for safety and protection. Your hands are the ones that stay close to your bike and is also what stirs your direction. In the road, accidents are bound to happen, so it is a priority that your whole body—including your hands—are well protected at all times. According to reviews, the Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves 09 is the best motorcycle gloves in the market today. Its flexibility and durability makes it the best choice for any kind of motorcycle sport from dirt bike to motocross, and even racing.  The nylon and polyester material combination is also best for a comfortable ride.

When choosing the perfect motorcycle gloves, you need to consider the sport that you are using it in as well as the weather conditions in your area. There are many styles to choose from, and they are all tailored to your riding needs. The fitment, stitching, and length is also good to consider when finding the perfect motorcycle gloves. This is because you are going to use your gloves for a long time, and they are not very cheap. So it’s good to do some research.  The smart touch feature is one of the best ways to enjoy your gadgets while you ride without having to take off your gloves.

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