Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2020

Driving safely on a motorcycle could be difficult without the best motorcycle helmet. Simply take note of how many accidents were brought by vehicles. Apparently, while you are always out in the open, a bump with another vehicle could lead to death.

The safest motorcycle helmet you could get will give you a life protection that even slow driving cannot provide. According to motorcycle fatality statistics in the United States, motorcycle accidents are more than 27 times the number of injuries caused by four-wheel driving. Moreover, it was concluded that helmet use is around 37 percent efficient in avoiding motorcycle deaths.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Review

ILM 808 Motorcycle Helmet


This is among the products that received high motorcycle helmet ratings. This helmet has a modular full face design that has a good reputation due to its great features. The safety gear has a great fit, ensuring it will fit tightly on your head while preventing loss of grip.

ILM 808 helmet also has a sturdy set of straps, including the one for the chin. The well-padded head gear even comes with different variations in color. You would be ensured with not only durability but also style.

Both shields of the helmet are very easy to use. Even if it is winter and you have to use thick gloves, the shields could be folded up or adjusted accordingly. Its unique design allows conversion from full face to open face.

The visor of ILM 808 has a high-definition transmissivity. To be specific, the visibility of the right and left horizons of the component is not below 85 percent. Moreover, it comes with a protective film for long-lasting sun protection.

The up horizon of the visor is not less than seven degrees. Alternatively, the down horizon is not less than 30 degrees.

The helmet also comes with a carrier, making it more protected from scratches when being stored. It is also approved by DOT for safety. Although packed with features, it is offered at a cheaper price.


  • Chip strap has a neat design.
  • Locks into any position properly.
  • Has shaded lenses for visibility and protection.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Provides 10 color options.


  • Produces loud noise.

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IV2 901 Motorcycle Helmet


The product comes from one of the most trusted motorcycle helmet brands. It streamlines a design that eliminates noise during a ride. Moreover, it boasts its sufficient air circulation feature for extra comfort despite a long haul.

IV2 901 helmet has a newly designed padding for added comfort. This is coupled with a liner that has an EPS impact-absorbing technology. The helmet is also very lightweight thanks to its thermoplastic shell technology.

For overall quality, it also has a dual D-rings strap made from stainless steel and button. The helmet is packaged with free smoke visor and microfiber cloth helmet back.

It has a wide field view, giving you extra safety during traffic. Its size is also ideal for unisex adult. In case of frequent use, you may keep it clean since it has a machine washable padding.

IV2 901 helmet is made from ABS shell-molded material through injection, ensuring that it is durable and sturdy for long-term use. Also, the motorcycle helmet either meets or surpasses the standards of DOT in safety and overall quality. It has a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) No. 218 certification.


  • Highly robust material
  • Lightweight
  • Does not cause strain on the neck
  • Provides clear and tinted visors
  • Has proper ventilation


  • Gets scratched easily

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Bell 7049225 Motorcycle Helmet


The helmet comes from one of the best providers of safety gear for motorcycle riders. Bell 7049225 helmet is a full face street helmet that is ideal for street touring, cruising, sports, utility, and all-terrain riding. The product is made from ABS shell and lightweight polycarbonate material, giving both comfort and durability advantages.

The safety gear also has a click release shield system, which gives you the option to replace the visor whenever necessary hassle-free and quickly. Its shield has resistance from harmful UV rays and scratches. It also has a NutraFog technology ideal for preventing fogging, which results to poor visibility during winter and rainy seasons.

Using the padded wind collar, it eliminates the noise while on the road when it is windy. Its interior could also be kept clean since it is washable and removable. The helmet even has contoured cheek pads, making your face comfortable during long rides.

Bell 7049225 helmet is also approved for safety under its ASIN B00HLUWLEK certification. It is also packaged with an industry-leading warranty for five years.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Isolates your ears from noise and wind
  • Allows airflow
  • Visor stays clear and fog-free
  • Aesthetically-pleasing


  • Gets scratched easily

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1Storm HG339Clear_MattBlack Motorcycle Helmet


The DOT-approved motorcycle helmet is known for its dual-lens design, which could be found at the outer and inner shields. The former has a clear material, whereas the latter has a smoked finish. The lightweight safety gear is made from alloy shell for lightweight and durability.

The aerodynamic product is also commended for its suitability in both touring and sports. 1Storm HG339Clear_MattBlack helmet comes with a beautiful gloss finish that has extra protection from harmful UV rays. The helmet is also easy to maintain given its removable and washable padding.

It features a modular type of design, which is a combination of open face and full face features. The helmet has a chin bar that could be pushed upwards. Given its advanced functionalities, the product is proven compliant to the safety and quality standards set by Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) and DOT of the United States.

You would notice in 1Storm HG339Clear_MattBlack helmet that it has a longer chin bar. This is actually an added protection so that your face will not absorb any impact during a collision. You may keep the chin bar in its position as long as you want.


  • Easy to use and comfortable chin strap
  • Shade protection at any angle
  • Locks shut
  • Has a lot of padding
  • Small but fits perfectly


  • Sun visor is not dark enough

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Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Motorcycle Helmet


The full face helmet is a high-quality starter. It comes in an elegant black finish that weighs 4.5 pounds. The safety gear is designed with removable cheek pads, giving you the option to make adjustments for comfortable wear.

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 is designed to provide you utmost control of air circulation. Besides the movable air vents, its interior is also made of wick-dri anti-microbial fabric that will sustain dryness despite long rides. Installation of replacement shield is also very easy.

The safety gear deserves its lightweight feature for it will make you feel wearing nothing at all over your head. If you want to remove excess snap of chin straps, you may adjust the chin vents. The product comes with a carrier, giving your helmet extra protection even when stored.

The material used in Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 is a lightweight thermoplastic shell. It is also finished using a clear coated paint that has added protection against UV rays.


  • Very light on the head
  • Visor is adjustable
  • Has a lot of padding
  • Comes with proper ventilation
  • Cost-effective


  • Does not have shield under the chin

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Types of Motorcycle Helmet

You would not be able to purchase the top motorcycle helmets unless you know the product’s different types. In selecting one, you do not concentrate on the price or brand alone. The helmet type to use based on your preferences also matters.

1) Full Face Helmets – This could be regarded as the top rated motorcycle helmet since it has a made perfected for overall head protection. Apart from your skull, it also gives support on the face and jaw. This is also among the top motor helmets people select since it has the greatest advantage of providing enhanced visibility while driving.

Compared to wearing other helmets, it maintains the lack of noise. It isolates the sound from your background, helping you focus on the road. Ample protection is present in full face helmets not only from a head injury but also against the sun and rain.

It also has a minimum protection against the wind. This implies that you could prevent strain on the shoulder, the neck, and the head. Due to the utmost protection that you get from the helmet, it is quite heavier than other types available.

2) Motorcycle Race Helmets – This is the type that every racer must have in order to carry out their riding techniques properly and safely. It is designed to eliminate discomfort and give way to concentration. A race helmet is commonly comfortable, lightweight, strong, and aerodynamic.

These helmets could be described unique due to several features specialized for its purpose. Primarily, it has a sun visor, which is a protectant against harmful ultraviolet rays. Safeguard for the chin is also present, which will keep you from dirt and debris while on a race.

Improved visibility is also provided by the helmet since there is no face field. This also implies that there will be no moisture or fog to worry about, which causes poor visibility during cold or rainy season. The ventilation system of the product is also commended for it allows temperature regulation, humidity control, and heat removal.

3) Open Face or Three-Quarter Helmets – This headgear is considered more comfortable than closed or full face helmets. However, it should be noted that it exposes your jaw and face to possible injury. Moreover, it lacks protection for the eye against strong wind, bugs, and debris.

4) Half Helmets – This type of helmet is also termed as shorties or beanies. It is not considered a safety gear by most since it could not even guarantee crash protection. The helmet merely covers the top of your head like a hat.

5) Modular Helmets – These are helmets that allow folding or removing of featured components when preferred by the user. It has an open face design intended for low speeds and stops. The type of safety gear is somehow in between open face and full face helmets.

Apart from reaping the advantages of both open face and full face helmets, you also have the chin bar, which could be operated by a single press. It is also very comfortable to use since it is hassle-free and has a comfortable fit.

Compared with the full face helmet, this is heavier. Also, it has no latches, which is ideal for sealing or other contraptions.

6) Touring Helmet – This type of helmet has a looser fit compared to lids of sports helmet. It is structured for long-term comfort, which is just what you need in touring. More visibility is also provided by the help of its bigger visor area.

7) Hybrid Helmet – From the name itself, it is a combination of two types of helmet – touring and motocross helmets. It features a large opening that has a seal using a visor. Additionally, the helmet has a shade-providing front lip.

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What to Look For When Buying

The best helmets are the ones that will suit your needs and wants perfectly. One’s needs may be different from another and based on differing lifestyle. Instead of selecting a helmet that is on trend, do not forget that it is a safety gear, reminding that you must focus on its use.

Best looking motorcycle helmets may be around, but you need utmost protection while riding your vehicle. Given below are aspects to look for when purchasing:

1) Fitted to Your Head – You must consider your head shape to find the right helmet. This could be intermediate oval, round oval, or long oval. You may need someone’s help to determine your head shape from the top.

Relatively, intermediate oval is designed for heads with slightly elongated shape from front to back. It is just the right fit for someone who has a narrower side-to-side dimension.

Round oval is meant for people who have heads with proportionate measurements from side to side and front to back.

Lastly, long oval helmets are made for heads with shorter measurement from side to side than front to back.

Without the right fit, you would likely experience pain due to pressured forehead points. Try wearing the helmet up to 45 minutes to determine if it is the right fit.

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2) Compliant to Safety Requirements – You need to look for best motorcycle helmet brands that are compliant to safety requirements. Take note that your objective of wearing the safety gear is to safeguard your entire head from injury or accidents. You can check if a helmet is approved for safety, such as by checking if there is a label stating it meets the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Apart from governmental organizations, you may also consider non-profit regulators and recognized private quality assurance firms. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Snell are two of these recognized groups.

3) Highly Protective – There are four basic protective features that you must find in a helmet. First, you need to look for a product with an outer shell manufactured out of fiber-reinforced components. Moreover, the helmet must have a shock-absorbing liner when you accidently hit your head.

Comfort padding is also crucial to keep your head comfortable. Chin strap is also a must-have since it keeps the helmet on your head despite a crash.

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Usage Safety Tips

Many may have disregarded looking for the best motorcycle helmet for the money but failed to use their safety gear properly. Your helmet is not an accessory that you may wear only when you have to or if you believe there is police around. Even the best cheap motorcycle helmet must be used with care and responsibility.

1) Be a Model – By wearing a helmet and showing it to your kids, you will serve as a model on the proper thing to do. Children could be stubborn, and you must prevent this from ensuing. Always remind them to use a helmet either vocally or through actions.

2) Get the Proper Fit – Every helmet type, such as the best full face motorcycle helmet, has features for good fitting. You need to do adjustments before proceeding to your drive. Primarily, you have the ear straps. Other straps you may use to secure the helmet properly are the ones on the front, back, right, and left.

Adjustment of ear straps is correct when both meet at an ear lobe point without loose areas. Lastly, ensure that the chin strap has a snugly fit. There must only be one or two fingers that could fit in between your chin and strap.

You must check that all of your adjustments are correct. Rock your head from every direction and push the helmet up on your forehead. There must be minimal movements when doing these.

3) Never Take for Granted Safe Riding – No matter how protective your head gear is, your riding behavior will still be the paramount cause of probable accidents. The best way to guarantee a safe ride is to observe caution while on the road.

Primarily, you must never ride on the left side of the highway or even on the sidewalk. It is best to cross the traffic when you reach a larger roadway. In case of changing lanes, you should look for a new travel line by yielding to traffic.

Upon reaching an intersection, place yourself toward the direction of your destination. Moreover, you should take into account your speed. You should be at close proximity to the centerline at faster traffic and not distant from the curb at slower traffic.

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Conclusively, ILM 808 Motorcycle Helmet is the greatest choice you have since it is very convenient to use provided its quick release chin strap. It even gets rid of the need to use sunglasses for further eye protection. Furthermore, other settings pertaining to its removable liner and lock-in feature make it more enticing to have.

Having the list of good motorcycle helmets, guidelines on how to select on, and tips in using the safety gear, there will be more ways for you to protect yourself in every ride. You would no longer settle into selecting a product by price alone. Remember, the value of a motorcycle helmet does not correlate to its quality and safety.

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