Best Motorcycle Pants Reviews 2020

Choosing the right equipment is very important in all kinds of sports. Wearing the proper equipment can definitely increase your comfort and convenience—especially in motorcycling. Choosing the best motorcycle pants is very important whether you are a commuter or a sports enthusiast. These pants can make your ride feel safe and even more fun.

There is a number of motorcycle equipment, but the most important one is the motorcycle pants. Remember that you are expected to sit on your motorcycle for long periods of time, so having the right pants will surely make a difference. It can also protect you from unforeseen events like accidents or collisions. If you choose the best motorcycle pants, it will surely protect the lower half of your body from abrasions and injuries.

Shopping for the best motorcycle pants is not always an easy task. There are many different brands, styles, and features that you need to choose from. In this article, you will read reviews of some of the best motorcycle pants in the market today.

Best Motorcycle Pants Reviews

O’Neal Element Men’s Motocross Pants


The O’Neal Element Men’s Motocross Pants is one of the best motorcycle pants available today. Designed specifically for Motocross, these pants are sure to give you your money’s worth.  It doesn’t matter if you are a commuter or a sports enthusiast, if you ride all the time, these are the pants for you. They are selling like pancakes in most online shopping websites (e.g. Amazon and Ebay) because of the reasonable price and exciting features.

These motorcycle pants are made with heavy duty fabric with a durable spandex that allows you to have rapid movements. Its materials also offer flexibility wherever you need it. It features an adjustable ratchet closure system that holds your pants where you want them to be. This feature is great because it keeps you from having to adjust your pants while you are riding, making it safer for you. Imagine sliding, tumbling, or speeding without having to worry about your pants falling off or moving out of place.

Everyone knows that while riding a motorcycle, you can face all sorts of accidents and dangers on the road. The O’Neal Element Men’s Motocross Pants also feature protective patches made of rubber for more protection against falling and collision. These rubber patches are strategically placed in vulnerable areas of the lower body to make sure you can get right back up when you fall.

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Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants


In today’s modern world, it’s very normal to see women riding motorcycles for commuting or even as their chosen sport. The Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants is the best choice for every woman who enjoys riding a motorcycle. It promises comfort, convenience, and style, which are exactly what women are looking for.

These pants’ outer layer is made from a Heavy Duty Twill Nylon material for strength and durability. It also features a detachable waterproof liner, so you can wear it through all kinds of weather. As women are very particular with how pants fit, these pants’ height can be adjusted with its 6 point sure fit adjustment system. This is great for those who need to grab motorcycle pants on the go and don’t have time to fit them. The two way leg zipper makes sure you are comfortable while wearing your pants and the extra zippers for a jacket attachment is amazing.

Motorcycle riding is considered as an extreme sport or hobby and everyone who rides it need to make sure that they are safe and secure. The Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants  has extra padding in the hip area as well as a knee armor to make sure that you are safe during accidents. It is also made with a melt resistant material in the lower area to avoid burns during a fire hazard. These are the best motorcycle pants best suited for women.

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O’Neal Women’s Apocalypse Pants

O’ Neal is known as one of the best producers of motorcycle pants for men and women. The O’Neal Women’s Apocalypse Pants is yet another of their best motorcycle pants made today. These pants were made to be extra strong and durable for all motorcycle riding women out there.  Made with heavy duty materials, these pants are so strong that they can withstand all elements and can get through the usual wear and tear. It is also lightweight for your convenience.

The O’Neal Women’s Apocalypse Pants features a double belt closure system to make sure that your pants stay in place all the time. This is good for women who participates in motorcycle racing where the focus needs to be on track. It also has a zip off section in the knee area that allows the rider to feel comfortable when they need to be. These pants area also made to be versatile with its stretch panel strategically placed in key points like the front, back, and knee area.

These pants are made with a relaxed fit that offers a one size fits all sizing. It has an elastic waist made with a ratchet closure to ensure a snug fit and a tapered leg with elastic cuffs. It was also made to be breathable and moisture free for extreme comfort with its multi panel construction. With all these features, these pants were made to perform and serve any woman well.

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Xelement B4403 Men’s Pants


The Xelement B4403 Men’s Advanced Pants is one of the best motorcycle pants ever made. It is one of the highest quality motorcycle pants with its 100% Tri-Tex fabric equipped with Level 3 armor. These pants are recommended for riders of novice to professional level with its heat protected material built for your security. Imagine wearing pants that can withstand any kind of collision and unforeseen accidents on the road.

These pants feature a removable knee armor that allows riders to customize their clothing according to their needs. From commuting, trail riding, to racing, these pants are equipped with the safety features to suit your needs. The elastic trim can be found in the waist, knee, and crotch area for better mobility and more comfortable rides. The back leg is equipped with cuffs for riders to adjust to their own level of comfort. Because of its adjustable features, these pants can fit just about any size of motorcycle rider out there.

The Xelement B4403 Men’s Advanced Pants is made with the highest level of Armor protection tested to protect you through the strongest impacts. If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient pants that can keep you safe, the Xelement B4403 Men’s Advanced Pants is the one for you. The security features of these pants will surely be worth your hard-earned money.

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Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Textile Pants


Introducing the Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Textile Pants, the best motorcycle pants recommended for all motorcycle riders today. If you want to experience the next level of riding comfort, you want to try these pants. If you are a commuter or a sports enthusiast that is looking for protection, style, and comfort, this may be the pants you are looking for. It creates a sleek, clean, and modern look for all your motorcycling needs.

The Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Textile Pants comes with removable paddings for your tail and hip area. This allows you to feel comfortable throughout any kind of adventure that you may embark on. It also features a high quality knee armor for protection through all kinds of accidents ,impacts,  and abrasions during the ride.  Its removable thigh vent panels lets you choose between ventilation and protection whenever and wherever you need it.

These pants are so versatile that most riders consider it as the best all-around motorcycle pants today. It is worth your money as you can also use it in other sports like snowboarding, all terrain vehicles, and many other extreme sports. If you are a true sports enthusiast who is looking for an all around, high quality, and comfortable pants that is sure to protect your lower body, choose the Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Textile Pants.

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The Best Motorcycle Pants Buying Guide

Which Material Works for You?

There are three basic materials used for the best motorcycle pants. They are Leather, Synthetic Textiles, and Denim. Let’s compare these three materials to see which one works for you.

  • Leather Pants

Leather is always a good material to be used on clothes. It’s long lasting, comfortable, and stylish to wear. Most leather equipments need a “break-in” to fit you perfectly. However, after this process, you are sure to get the best fit from your pants.  This material can protect you from abrasions, but you may need to add some more protection for impacts and collisions. It is also good for protecting you through mild rain, but leather pants lined with waterproof material can go a long way. If you want an all around kind of material, leather is a good choice.

  • Synthetic Textile Pants

Most basic motorcycle pants are made of synthetic leather with materials like nylon, polyester, and Kevlar. They are thin, lightweight, and comfortable and are perfect for hot weather.  Unlike leather material, synthetic motorbikes cannot protect you from cold weather, but there are synthetic textile pants that come with insulation to keep you warm.  Because they are made with thin material, synthetic textile pants cannot protect you from abrasions. This is why most riders who choose their material choose to reinforce their pants with equipment to keep them safe from impact and collisions. Examples of safety equipments are knee pads, shin pads, and leg guards. If you are a hardcore rider, you can find synthetic textile pants with built in armors.

  • Denim Motorcycle Riding Pants

Most commuters or even sports enthusiasts would like to look stylish and fashionable by wearing denim. Fortunately, denim motorcycling pants are up for grabs in almost all motorcycle equipment stores today. Because most people are used to wearing denim pants, these are the best motorcycle pants to choose when you want comfort. However, because denim alone is not waterproof, you need to find pants that are reinforced waterproof lining. Same with protection, depending on your riding style, you may want to check for denim motorcycling pants that have Kevlar panels that are sewn inside the knees, thighs and hip area.

Things To Consider When Buying the Best Motorcycle Pants

The material used for your motorcycle pants are important, but you need to consider the features that it has. If you are out shopping for your first motorcycle pants, here are some things to consider.

Waist Design

You can start by checking your other riding gears to see what waist design fits most. You can choose from a belt, suspenders, and Velcro to keep your pants in place while you ride. Most pants in the market today use a belt and velcro closures to ensure a snug fit on the waist. However, if you feel more comfortable with suspenders, then, you can opt for pants that support this feature.

Cuff Closures

Cuff closures are very important to make sure that your pants keep out of the water and wind. If you ride at high speeds, you need to ensure that your pants stay where you need them to be. If you wear your pants over your boots, you need to choose pants that would wrap tightly around your boots. If you want more security, you can choose pants that have built-in closures that helps tighten the cuffs of your pants.


Zippers play an important role when it comes to the best motorcycle pants. Most motorcycle pants have zippers located on the sides of each leg to easily tighten the cuffs when needed. Just like any other type of pants, a zipper is also placed in the crotch area for both men and women’s motorcycle pants. When choosing your motorcycle pants, make sure that there are flash over each zipper to keep them safe from wind and water.


Pockets are very much important when it comes to motorcycle pants. Although most motorcycle jackets are equipped with a number of pockets, extra pockets on your pants serve a lot of purpose. While riding, it is easier to access your legs than your chest or jacket pockets. Leg pockets are safer to use, especially when you are riding at high speeds. If you choose a motorcycle pants with pockets on them, make sure that they have flops over the pockets for protection.

Impact and Abrasion Protection

The basic areas for protection are your knees, hips, and thighs because they are the most prone to injuries. If you are a motorcycle rider, you should not only be wary of collisions and impacts but also about abrasions as it is more common. It is best to buy motorcycle pants that have built in armors and patches for more protection.

Knee Sliders

Are you an aggressive rider who often drags a knee against the road or track when cornering deep? Then, you should look for pants that have knee sliders to keep the material from wearing through.

Lining and Insulation

If you like to ride through all kinds of weather, you may opt for a motorcycle riding pants that comes with a detachable cold weather lining. This feature lets you wear your pants through the hot and cold weather. You should also choose a garment that has a smooth basic lining to keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

Reflective Material

Safety is one of the major priorities that you should have in mind when choosing the best motorcycle pants. Reflective seams and panels are good for riding on dark highways or throughout the night. This ensures that you are seen by other vehicles and prevents accidents.


Just as it says in this article, safety is one of the major priorities that you should have in mind when choosing the best motorcycle pants. According to reviews, the Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Textile Pants are the best motorcycle pants available in the market today. These pants are so versatile that most riders consider it as the best all-around motorcycle pants today. It is worth your money as you can also use it in other sports like snowboarding, all-terrain vehicles and many other extreme sports.

When choosing the best motorcycle pants, you have to consider a number of features, especially the materials that were used to create them. There are also a number of features that need to be considered when it comes to buying your motorcycle pants. The armor and safety features like knee pads, armors, and other protection need to be thoroughly tested against impacts, collisions, and abrasions. While safety and protection are the major priority, comfort and convenience should also be considered especially if you plan to ride for many hours. Just like any other motorcycle gear, your motorcycle pants should be tailor-made for your needs.

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