Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews 2020

Bike enthusiasts or cyclists usually invest for the best pedals for mountain bikes. Pedals are one of the essential factors that can contribute in having an amazing biking experience. Although pedal may seem to be unimportant, this tool can help them to have a comfortable and an easy way of riding their bikes on different types of road they are crossing. Pedals can also add in the cool appearance of their bikes.

There are different types of good mountain bike pedals to choose from. Before choosing a pedal, the cyclist must first know what kind of pedal fits him. There are different variations whether to choose clipless or flat pedals.  Because even though it’s kind of confusing deciding what type fits or matches your style, it’s essential in order to have the best mountain bike pedals of all.

There are numerous things to consider in picking the best pedals for mountain bikes. What item has the most pleasant quality without spending excessively? On the other hand, what mark makes the best bicycle pedals? What’s the distinction between level, stage and clipless pedals?

This article will help all riders – beginners and experts alike, narrow down the most ideal decisions out there. In addition, it incorporates a few items evaluated by real clients as well as a buying guide for other key concerns. There are significant contemplations when purchasing, and a couple of useful tips that will facilitate your inquiry and give the best mountain bike pedals that suit your needs.

Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ Cycling Four Pcs Sealed Bearing Pedals


Most clients appraised 4/5 stars for Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ on Amazon. It is a Dual Sided and Non-Slip Platform. It comes with a four sealed bearing that is more stable and has a CrMo Steel 9/16 inch standard spindle. It is made with a High Strength Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy. It weighs lighter and has an ultra-thin size of 0.37lb, 0.75×3.98×4.60inches each. Users can also choose from three different colors black, red or titanium – depending on the style they want.

This product has already made an impression to the public and made users satisfied. Users have recommended this product for its incredible grip, super high-quality performance, nice and perfect shape, cool appearance and for its reasonable price. Buyers also conclude this pedal to be perfect and to be the best mountain bike pedal they could have.

For actual buyers, Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ are the pedals they deserve. They concluded that everything about the pedal is perfect and that it deserves 5-Star in their reviews. It has an excellent performance and is better than what they expected. These are good mountain bike pedals that can be used comfortably without worrying and disregarding its actual look.

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XLC Caged Alloy MTB Pedal Black / Silver 9/16″


This product got a 4/5 rate in Amazon. XLC Caged Alloy MTB Pedal Black / Silver 9/16″ main selling point is its extremely stout and well-constructed pedals. It can be used comfortably in any kind of road and is pretty solidly built. These good mountain bike pedals have executed as expected – great hold, free turning, straightforward, durable and twofold sided.

These mountain bike pedals are made up of one-piece aluminum body/aluminum cage. It has boron axle and ball bearing. It is also extremely light and can be attached to your bike easily. These pedals hold up really well that made the buyers satisfied. Unlike other pedals, XLC Caged Alloy MTB Pedal does not make any clicking sound that can be disturbing while riding your bike.

This aluminum cage type of pedal is a must-have for all the bike enthusiasts out there. Not only with its solid built, the design of these pedals can also add up to the cool appearance of your bike. It is also a budget-friendly product with a satisfying feeling. Many users recommended this product for its amazing and long lasting use. So, if you want to have the best pedals for mountain bike without sacrificing your budget, this product is the best for you.

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Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals

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This product got almost a 5-Star rating in Amazon. Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals is a concave platform shaped pedal that is good for comfortable long rides and pedaling efficiency. It is 3mm wider and 85mm lower profile when compared to MX30 pedals. This has 9/16 Inch Pedal and is good mountain bike pedals.

This is a great pedal with a light weight and great grip. It also adds a cool look with its black color and its very comfortable to use and can fit well in the biker’s foot. There are many kinds of platform pedals in the market but these are the top rated mountain bike pedals you can have.

Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals has market proven axle durability. Every product comes with replaceable pins to be used for the comfort of the user. Many users gave a high rate on this product for its great value and low price.

So, if you want good mountain bike pedals with a low price, this product is perfect for you.

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Agptek Bike Bicycle Pedals 9/16″ MTB BMX Bearing Alloy Platform Pedals

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What makes the Agptek Bike Bicycle Pedals stand out from its competitors is its Non-Slip Design. It has a high working performance that is great for both BMX and mountain bikes. It is also suitable for both Mountain Bikes and Road Bicycles. And this could be the best mountain bike pedals you can invest on.

The product has a mixture of high-quality pedals that are light in weight but has a strong efficacy and is comfortable for long rides. Agptek Bike Bicycle Pedals are good mountain bike pedals that helps in avoiding damage to shoes while riding the bicycle. Not to mention, the product is not easily damaged even if it hits solid material.

This product is good for investment especially if you want the best bike. With the cheap price, you can have a quality product without spending so much.

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RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals

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It is made with an aluminum alloy for its body and has a sealed bearing. This product got a rate of 4/5 in Amazon. This was also chosen as one of the highly rated mountain bike pedals by buyers in the market because of its satisfying features.

RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals have the perfect grip compared to other brands. These pedals are impeccable and have a nice surface area for happy riding. Choosing the best pedal for mountain bikes can be tricky but with this product you can have the best feature a mountain bike can have without disregarding its look and style. You can also choose from the variety of colors depending on your preferences.

Many users recommend RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals to others buyers in the market. It is great for downhill, climbing, single track riding, and many more. This product has a great performance that satisfies the buyers, not to mention its totally affordable price that can be availed by anyone.

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Mountain Bike Pedals Buying Guide

Besides taking a gander at the web for some first class cycling pedals surveys, there are still a few things to learn and more alternatives to consider when picking the best pedals for cycling. So here are a few tips and rules to help you limit your hunt on the top brand of cycling pedals, allowing you to locate the best item in order for you to have the best mountain bike pedals.

What to Look For in Clipless Pedals

Mountain bicycle clipless pedals are the most part offered with one of three distinctive stage sizes: the conventional (and most minimized) alternative with a little body to house the maintenance system; a medium-sized ‘trail’ choice that includes a little confine and full-sized models that give substantial and stable establishment for your feet.

While the customary size is the lightest, it’s best to pick what sort of shoes you’ll use and how much strolling you hope to do. Race-sort cross country shoes with solid padded soles ought to be ordinarily matched with customarily measured pedals; gentler and more adaptable skate-sort shoes are best ready to make utilization of full-sized pedals’ greater stages; and the new product of semi-adaptable trail shoes are generally best combined with medium-sized pedals.

What to Look for in Platform Pedals

Stage or platform pedals contrast most by the level of footing it gives. More honed and/or progressively various pins or teeth will give a superior grasp yet they can likewise be risky in the event that you slip. On the other hand, pedals with bigger stages give your shoes more space to nibble as do sunken surfaces that successfully ‘support’ your feet.

Another factor to consider is the thickness of the body of the pedal. It is said that pedals with a fatter built can feel a little awkward on the foot, which is why thinner is better. That thinness can sometimes come at the consequence of bearing durability, so better go with the make and model that has a seal in it in order for you to easily dismantle the bike when you need to fix it.

If you live in rocky areas, also take into consideration how often the pedals will hit the ground. When it comes to these situations, it’s imperative that the pins in the pedal can be easily replaced for a quick fix, ideally from the back so that they can be removed even when at the bottom. Certain models also have replaceable body sections, too.

Combo Pedals

Mix mountain bicycle pedals blend the upsides of both pedal sorts: a wide stage in addition to a section instrument. There are two unique styles. One write has a clasp on one side and a stage on the other and the other sort has a clasp incorporated into the stage on both sides, so that each is available in the meantime. But either way, you can still experience the best mountain bike pedal with this one.

The primary exchange in picking a combo pedal is that there is regularly an extensive weight penalty, and the clasps might be harder to draw in than on a clipless pedal. One issue with numerous combo pedals that exclusively have a clasp on one side is that they have a tendency to pivot so that the clasp side is continually directing towards the ground, since the side measures more. This makes getting cut in a somewhat more awkward way, which can disturb the trail. Yet, there are incredible decisions in the event that you have a bicycle that you use for a wide assortment of utilizations and needs to be cut in here and there. Also, they need to have the capacity to effortlessly hop on with ordinary shoes, like a suburbanite bicycle.

Other Pedal Factors to Consider

  • Pedal weight — while a lighter pedal is sometimes better, once in a while, it accompanies solidness result. Do some examination before consequently picking the lightest choice.
  • Mud shedding capacities — look for open spaces in the pedals where mud can be pushed out when you put your feet on the pedals. This likewise applies to snow, and to maintain the appearance and style of your pedals.
  • Customizability — this is generally imperative when taking a gander at clipless pedals where you’ll need to consider things like pedal strain settings (the measure of constraint it takes to cut and unclip) and glide (how much you can pivot your foot when cut in). Stage pedals may permit you to supplant spike sticks or even switch up the hues on the pedal body. More flexibility is better.
  • Solidness — it’s a smart decision to pick a strong pedal with smooth heading that won’t require a huge amount of upkeep. Awesome mountain bicycle pedals will face the mishandling of various shake strikes and scratches quite a long time. Solidness of the pedal does not require it to be heavy. You can choose strong but lightweight ones.
  • Ease of maintenance — some pedals can be effectively remade and parts swapped out, while on the off chance that others break, you need to purchase a radical new pedal. But there are brands that are replaceable and easy to access. Not to mention the warranty they give to their products.


Pedals are one of the most important parts of the bike. Without it, the bike won’t be able to move or travel. It has been the source of power of every bicycle. Your pedals are one of your real contact focuses and whether you’re taking a seat or standing up, you’ll need a protected association with your drive train. In case you’re continually slipping off your bicycle, or you get winded up on rides that are neither quick nor fun, getting your pedals sorted out is vital.

As time passed, there have been many developments and experiments that were done to make a better pair of pedals. And each of those experiments have made many pairs that can be suitable to every person’s style, gender and so on.

Workers not only made a stylish pair of pedals but they made ones that will be comfortable not only to your feel but also to your pocket. While choosing for pedals, buyers should take in consideration things that are needed for their comfort like the weight of the pedal, the material it is made from and the style that will fit or match them. There have been so many brands that are making different kinds of pedals. But not every brand has satisfied every buyer, some looks promising but can easily break later on.

A cyclist should always consider the best type of pedal they are going to use. Because uncomfortable or low class pedals can affect or disturb the cyclist trip in a big way. But choosing good pedals does not require them to be expensive. There are pedals that might be cheap but have good quality and can be used for a long period of time.

You should start to be a careful buyer, you don’t want to end up regretting what you avail. Start being meticulous and search for the factors to consider in buying. By knowing the pros and cons of the product you will never regret purchasing it. Aside from being satisfied with the performance of the product, you can also experience having the best mountain bike pedal of all, knowing you have invested in the right product that you can use comfortably.

There are many brands that offer mountain bike pedals. I hope this review will help you in narrowing those choices you have and for you to have an amazing biking experience while at the same time, satisfied knowing that you bought the best mountain bike pedals.

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