Best Must-Read Tool Review Blogs

Choosing a good tool for your DIY project is not an easy task. There are so many brands out there, with different configurations, prices, and qualities.

Usually, the rule of thumb still works: The more expensive the tool, the better it is. Striking a balance between price and quality requires heavy research and expertise.

There are good resources to provide all the information to you, from in-depth reviews to buying guides. This is the content strategy that businesses use to educate customers, capture leads, and sell more products.

As a DIY-er, I follow these sites closely and learn a great deal from them. I have compiled the best tool reviews blogs on the internet for your convenience with Electriq Marketing. Enjoy the read!

1. Pro Tool Reviews


ProToolReviews blog is specifically designed for seasoned tool users. The blog has good SEO and on-page optimizations, and well-written content, which gears towards power tool lovers and tool geeks.

Plus, there are several how-to projects with tips and tricks articles, which greatly benefit the newbie. Their in-depth reviews capture essential stats to help you make the right buying decision.

2. Cop Tool


CopTool blog is run by Jay Amstutz. It’s an unofficial blogging wing of Ohio Power Tool. Jay’s content strategy is to offer in-depth reviews on diverse tools from different manufacturers.

The blog is regularly updated with great tips and a nice collection of DIY projects.

3. Tool Rank


Tool-Rank is a premier tools blog run by Chris Rodenius. The blog publishes comprehensive ‘User Review’ on different tools.

This helps readers to have a diverse views of how the tools might perform for different users. The site is well-designed with clear product image, and friendly reading tone article.

4. ToolGuyd


If you are finding a quality tool blog, ToolGuyd is the go-to read blog. The blog covers extensive line of tools with lots of cool reviews. There is even a section to find the best deal on Amazon for your favorite tools.

The blog is regularly maintained by Stuart, who is really passionate and knowledgable about tools, and always eager to engage in the discussion with his readers. If you are a tool lover and you find this site, just subscribe to his blog!

5. ToolSnob


The man behind the rise of ToolSnob is Doug Mahoney. This blog is a popular blog for tool lovers. He provides a thorough blog post with helpful contents on different tools.

Usually, the blogs are very informative yet funny. Right now, the blog is being remodeled and this is why Doug Mahoney has stopped posting any posts.

6. Tool Monger


The main contributors of ToolMonger are Sean and Chuck. The blog is full of unique contents on the science behind how the tool works and all the theories. The site’s SEO is spot on, which contributes to its high ranking and success

From one or two quick glance, you could say that the author is highly knowledgable. Still, the site caters more to the professionals, who know his tool well and would like to understand more about all the underlying piece of how tool works.

7. Tool Skool


ToolSkool is run by a dynamic duo – Brad and Beth. This tool blog helps the users with precise and concise reviews, helpful tips, gift guides, and so on.

Both the professional and newbie users are benefitted from the blog posts regularly. And the blog also offers quality video tutorials, which is a great stand-out from the crowd!

8. Ask The Builder


Tim Carter is a known figure in the tool industry and has been running this tools blog for a long time. Besides, the blog offers informative blog posts with tons of helpful DIY projects. In short, for any questions you might have about tools, Ask The Builder has the answer!

9. Tool Box Buzz


ToolBoxBuzz consists of a quality team of contributing writers. The editor Todd Fratzel manages this team of writers to produce well-rounded things on different tools. Their articles are always 1000 words or more (I do use a word counting tool to check), and some in-depth guide could run until 2500 words.

If you read the posts of this blog, you are sure to find your perfect tool. There are lots of in-depth reviews on more than 20 manufacturers including Dewalt, Delta, Black & Decker Ryobi, etc.

10. One Project Closer


OneProjectCloser is a consortium of home improvement, tool, and craft lovers. There is no specific blog on a particular tool. But this blog has an in-depth category of different tools.

The blog has a new series named – ‘Stalk a contractor’. It offers exciting and great perspective on different projects. At the same time, this blog keeps an eye on experienced contractors as well.

11. Cool Tools


Cooltools is a specialized website that offers the best or cheapest tools reviews. This is a unique blog site where you will see reviews on useful tools including hand tools, machines, software, gadgets, books, websites, maps, and even ideas.

Cooltools has a team of three experts – Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, and Claudia Lamar. Every week they test and review one specific tool. And then they publish an in-depth review on it. This is why both seasoned pro and newbie tool addicts love reading the posts of Cooltools.

12. Fine Woodworking


Finewoodworking is a combination of multiple things from woodworking materials to different tools. They cover in-depth tool guides and reviews. The blog also offers how-to articles on different power tools.

In fact, you will also see that there are how-to articles on furniture constructions and specialty skills. No wonder why people love reading the contents of Finewoodworking.

Bottom Line

Here you are at the end of this pretty in-depth tools blogs review. I hope you have enjoyed reading this short yet concise review of each tool’s blog.

If you are a tool addict, believe me, this strategy will come in handy for you. So, if you find something better, don’t forget to comment on the box below. Happy reading!

About the Author: This is a guest post from Jill Sandy – a gardening blogger at Constant Delights. She loves sharing her insights on the latest gardening tools, her experience in Composting, Hydroponics, and Indoor Gardening, and her life in general.