Best Ocean Kayak Reviews 2020

Before you purchase a kayak, it is important to plan the steps to make the most out of the small fleet. There are various ones around, and the selection may confuse you, leading to your acquirement of poor quality product. It is better to understand more on kayak to avoid compromising quality over price most of the time.

Be wary to those who recommend kayaks without backing proofs that their suggestion is truthful. There must be a careful evaluation of products before purchase. You could do this without having to rely on word-of-mouth solely.

Besides having the list of high-quality types that have been tested by both experts and professionals, you must also take regard of guidelines in assessing each of the products. This is when you will check the features, performance, and customer reviews of the kayaks.

Best Ocean Kayak Review

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-on-Top Recreational Kayak

This is a compact kayak that is offered at a very considerable. Ocean Kayak Frenzy boat is not only meant for professional kayakers, but for friends and families who want to have fun as well. Frenzy is known for its strong structure and enhanced stability for various water activities.

It will not only give you a great tour on the water but also the chance to experience how thrilling it could be to cut through waves. The dimensions of the kayak are 2.7 meters by 78.7 meters. It could handle a rider with weight from 124.7 to 147.4 kilograms.

Among the great features of this, is its comfort plus seat. It even has a wall for the sitting space that is molded internally for extra security. You may also adjust the padding in four ways for stability.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy has a bow deck bungee and stern tank, which has integrated bungees that could be removed when preferred. Furthermore, it has a molded-in cup holder, carry handles for easier transportation and storage and a rear skid plate that could be changed when necessary.

Besides taking in adults, children may also have a share in the fun of using the little kayak. It is not only stable but responsive as well. It could introduce kayaking to families in a safer way.

If you are a surfer, you may as well select this ocean kayak for your recreational activity. It will not fail you in getting into the best location of playful waves.


  • Does not tip over easily
  • Ideal even for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Ample leg area
  • High-quality material and fittings


  • Seat is too narrow for others

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Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak


This is a very convenient to use kayak that could take in up to three persons for water fun. Sea Eagle SE370K_P is introduced as the bigger version from Sea Eagle with dimensions of 381 centimeters by 86 centimeters. It also has a hull weight of 14.5 kg.

It could allow riders with up to 200 kg in weight. Its expanded interior allows anyone to carry more gear for long trips or camping. Moreover, this product is claimed as the second most popular inflatable kayak in the United States.

Sea Eagle SE370K_P could also be your best inflatable kayak for ocean given its durable, lightweight, and stable features. It is made of three chambers, which are the floor, port, and starboard. The material chosen for this great product is 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) for resistance against rough water effects.

It has a high frequency welded seam. Moreover, it has an I-beam construction floor. There are five one-way air valves.

You only need up to eight minutes to prepare the kayak. For faster speed and better navigation, it comes with dual skegs.


  • Solidly made for an inflatable boat
  • Easy inflation with foot pump
  • High gravity center
  • Does not tip despite extreme movements
  • Comes with storage bag


  • Seats are not secured to the kayak

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Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-In Fishing Kayak


This is a 10-foot sit-in kayak that is most suitable for rivers and lakes. Besides its lightweight structure, you will find it easier to transport. While ensuring stability, it could also guarantee easier paddling and tracking.

Sun Dolphin Excursion kayak has dimensions of 305 cm by 76 cm. It comes with a weight of 19 kg. The boat features construction out of high-density polyethylene from Fortiflex with added protection against ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, this has a large open cockpit, ideal for beginners. You may adjust the padded seat based on your required comfort level. The kayak is also useful for fishing since it comes with a one swivel rod holder.

Sun Dolphin Excursion kayak comes with a shock cord deck rigging. It has a separate storage area for the rest of your gear. The foot braces could also be set based on your preference.

Its other features include holders for paddles and water bottles. It even has pads for thigh protection.


  • Very maneuverable
  • Expandable rear storage compartment
  • Suitable for fishing
  • Easy to exit
  • Plenty of space for legs


  • Seat bottom is quite hard

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Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak


The product could be used by up to three people. Lifetime Manta Tandem kayak is not only designed for improved stability, but also for ease in navigation. It has a lightweight structure given its 60-pound weight.

In case you want a solo ride, Lifetime Manta Tandem kayak also provides a balanced and comfortable seating. It is almost impossible to tip over while on the ride since it has a deep hull design. You could use it for sailing, surfing, and fishing.


  • Flexible seating
  • Had higher weight capacity of up to 500 lbs
  • Considerable cargo space
  • Easy to transport
  • Has rod holders


  • Not for competitive kayaking

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Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak


The low profile design of Intex Explorer K2 kayak makes it more suitable for mild rivers and lakes. It offers higher visibility with its sporty aesthetics. Furthermore, one of its significant features is its backrest-associated seat.

Intex Explorer K2 also has better stability in directional paddling with its removable skeg. It could take in two persons with a cumulative weight of up to 180 kg. Alongside the kayak are high output air pump and 86-inch aluminum oars.


  • Quick maneuverability
  • Easy to use controls
  • Suitable for fishing
  • Easy to inflate
  • Effortless storage


  • Paddles have poor grip

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Types of Ocean Kayak

The best ocean kayak could be determined by learning more about the fleet used on water. Selection of the product also requires choosing the type to use. Kayaks come in a variety of designs, features, and purposes, which you must be able to differentiate every time a product is introduced to you.

  • Touring Kayaks – These are with exterior cargo room and a lot of interior structure. You will find this usually in an elongated shape. A great flare is also one significant feature of this type through its hard chines and flat hulls.

This, in particular, is also less sensitive to movements and could be speedy towards a single direction. Compared to its shorter counterparts, touring kayak is better in gliding further in every paddle. You would find this with either one or two seats.

It also works like a canoe since you may choose to sit on the top. Alternatively, you may enjoy the ride by sitting in the hull.

  • Sea Kayaks – The kind may be termed differently, but it is commonly used in larger bodies of water, such as the ocean. It is made sturdier to resist unpredictable behaviour of water. You would notice that sea kayaks have dual bulkheads that are sealed.

The bulkheads are found at the back of the seat, specifically in the stern. Another is located in the feet’s front area, particularly in the bow. These are components that work with hatches to provide the kayaker a way to pack a lot of accessories for a long journey.

Once you get used to this type, it will be easier for you to paddle them. Steering is also easier on oceans since it comes with a rudder. The aerodynamics construction of sea kayaks enables you to pass through considerably medium waves.

The common sizes of sea kayaks are from 15 to 19 feet. These are also heavier than its counterparts. When using sea kayaks, you also have to at least be familiar with marine navigation.

  • Whitewater Kayaks – These are merely less steady when used compared to other types of kayaks. The structure of this fleet is also shorter. Nonetheless, it could ensure better movements on water.

Despite its shorter structure, you could expect it to cut through rapids. It has a durability to handle large impacts. There are reduced flare and softer chines found in it.

The construction of this one is made recognizable by its rounded hulls. Its length is approximately eight to nine feet. Since it eliminates excessive contact to water, it could roll and carry out tricks easily.

Whitewater kayaks will never have any rudder. This also implies you have to sit inside to operate the fleet.

  • Sit-on-Top Kayaks – These are also known as sit-in boats. This one is traditional. From the name itself, the implication is to sit with your legs inside the boat.

In recent year, sit-on-top kayaks became more popular. Many people started to use in surfing, fishing, and diving. Many have described it almost impossible to sink, giving you safety assurance.

Anyone could use the type of kayak. In case it flips, you simply need to move it upright, and climb back to the boat.

  • Surk Kayaks – The kind of kayak could be considered almost similar to whitewater boat. The only distinction is the rocker. Surf kayaks have a single rocker found on the bow area.

Similar to a surfboard, it has a flat stern. Moreover, you will find it with fins. This is often made from fiberglass instead of plastic.

Since it is made from fiberglass, you could expect surf kayaks to be lighter and around 20 percent cheaper than plastic. Many professionals advise to stay safe when using surf kayaks. Before anything else, it is essential to wear a life jacket and helmet.

It could be dangerous to be flipped over onto an ocean bed with lots of corals. Additionally, most parks will not allow you to go surf kayaking if the ocean appears to be rough.

  • Sports Kayaks – This may not be a declared an official genre, but at present, more and more products are being released under the purpose of water sports. For instance, there are scuba diving kayaks designed with a compartment for dive tanks. Moreover, there are fishing kayaks that are structured with holders of rod.

What to Look For When Buying

The means to getting the best kayak for the ocean is to understand how the selection is being done. Not simply because a product is declared number one by your friends, you would already purchase it. You have your own preferences, and considering these involves evaluating the features and specifications of a kayak.

  • Length of Kayaks – If you will select an ocean kayak, you have to know the differences of long and short ones. The former have its advantages, including extra stability, easier paddling, less performance failure, and heavy loads management. Moreover, longer ones are known for gliding farther, tracking better, and moving quicker among others.

Shorter modes also have its set of pros, which include cost-effectiveness, lightweight construction, easier transportation, and less complicated paddling. You will also find shorter kayaks more manageable in frequent maneuvers. Besides, shorter ones are applicable for children and young adults.

  • Suitability to Your Skill – You should assess what level of skill you have to paddle an ocean kayak. Generally, you may need a more stabilized boat if you are a beginner. Otherwise, an advanced kayaker may look for fleets with better secondary stability.

Professional paddlers often look for boats that do not tip easily. This gives them the chance to cut through rough waters and sizeable waves.

Moreover, if you are a novice in kayaking, you may prefer larger cockpits for quicker entry and exit. Alternatively, advanced kayakers will not mind having smaller openings.

  • Control and Navigation – You need to find a boat that will provide a leeway for you to track and turn easily. You should find one that could easily be paddled in a straight line. Remember that poor tracking is experienced with rounded hull boats.

Less rounded hulls in kayaks provide the difficulty of turning, but these could help in easy navigation. Longer boats could track well, but shorter ones can turn easily. In case things are complicated, it is best to settle with medium-sized kayak with averagely curved hulls.

You may also find kayaks with rudder. The type of component could deal with strong winds.

  • Volume – The volume of a kayak refers to the available interior space. This is represented in liters or gallons. The choice will largely depend on the purpose of using an ocean kayak.
  • Storage – In selecting a kayak, you have to choose based on how you will store the fleet as well. If you do not have a large storage area, do not select hard shell kayaks since these could not be folded. Instead, you may consider folding kayaks that are flexible and can be dismantled when not in use.

If you need another option, there are inflatable kayaks. These are easier to transport and store. Oftentimes, pumping air does not exceed a few minutes.

Using/ Safety Tips

Kayaking is not an easy activity to master instantly. The safety will also be compromised if you do not practice due prudence. The usage of your chosen ocean kayak could be done properly by following these tips:

  • Get an Expert Help – You cannot always rely on videos or written instructions to make kayaking happen. You should consider getting an expert help, which will make the learning process easier and more simplified. You do not necessarily have to look for champions in kayaking since years-long experienced kayakers could already impart sufficient knowledge.

If you cannot meet these people personally, you may join forums online. By simply asking any question in your mind, experts will be on hand to assist you with everything.

  • Dress for Water – You should not forget that your apparel matters a lot in the success of kayaking. You should focus on the temperature of water instead of air. The reason may be vague, but this will become clear once you toppled in the water.

It is ideal to wear clothing that could be air dried instantly. Layers are a must. It is also highly recommended to wear other protective gear, such as eyewear and hats.

Included in your gear is applying sunscreen. For footwear, you should try looking for water shoes or strapless sandals. Always select an apparel that is sturdy enough for water activities.

  • Learn the Basics – It may be awkward to learn how to get in a kayak, but this is a must. Relatively, it begins with holding onto the edge of the fleet while placing your feet inside the cockpit. You have to stabilize yourself until you get in the kayak completely.

In terms of getting off the boat, you have to do the aforementioned steps in reverse. You need to lean against the dock and pull out your knees. Lastly, you need to slide from the dock while keeping a sitting position.

The preliminary lessons also include paddling. You should know where to get power, which your torso. Moreover, you have to begin with a basic forward stroke before you study the turns.

  • Always Be Prepared – Be prepared for the worst, which is to rescue yourself from drowning or save others from the same fate. If you can, you should attend safety and rescue seminars before doing this activity. Many water parks offer the said lessons, which would be highly beneficial for your future kayaking.


Relative to the products featured above and guidelines in buying a kayak, it could be concluded that Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-on-Top Recreational Kayak is the best buy for consumers. If you are looking for a stable kayak without a big budget, this kayak is a great match.

Compared to others as well, it is meant for the rough waters of the ocean. It has the durability that could withstand unpredictable waves. Moreover, it is not only for adult riders but also for kids who desire to have a great kayaking experience.

The versatile features of Ocean Kayak Frenzy made it a trustworthy investment choice. It answers both your competitive and recreational kayaking requirements effortlessly.

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