Best Octane Booster Reviews 2020

Octane boosters can dictate what happens inside your car; whereas higher octane means more compression by which the fuel can endure before detonation. The use of octane booster is very common with premium vehicles like Mercedes, BMW’s, some Nissan models, and other above-average cars.

Using such additive may become necessary in making the combustion process flow in a smooth manner. While this additive is often used for racing purposes, it is likewise helpful in the overall performance of vehicles on ordinary roads. The best octane booster can simply boost up the vehicle ratings, helping eliminate internal carbon buildup.

On that note, below are the highly-recommended products that are currently available on the market for public purchase. Surely, dozens of brands tend to promote impressive features and results, while in fact, there are only some boosters proven to really work. So, here are the top five picks of the best octane boosters with various levels and customer ratings, including a buying guideline for probable buyers.

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Best Octane Booster Reviews

Torco Accelerator 32oz

The 4.5-Star-rated Torco Accelerator claims to be the best fuel additive. It is available in a 32-ounce bottle, raising the octane level up to 105. This race fuel concentrate burns your fuel in a more complete way, unlike other octane boost products. While it allows you to customize your desired blend, it is also the perfect aid in releasing the maximum power of your engine.

Surely, Torco has a top-notch and trusted reputation as a race fuel manufacturer, making it an adequate reason for customers to believe in the power of this race fuel concentrate. Torco recognizes the potential of every vehicle, allowing each make and model to achieve its maximum performance through the effectiveness of the Torco Accelerator.

By using this fuel octane booster, the octane level may raise up to 105, which is more promising that what other manufacturers claim. Such additive results in greater horsepower, plus efficiency, exactly the main reasons why you’re using such additive initially.

Torco Accelerator also offers versatility as the blend allows you to customize, based on personal preferences and needs. Hence, you have the total control over its use and efficiency. In spite the occurrence of sensitive engines, this octane booster additive will never cause any harm to the O2 sensors as well as the catalytic converters.

And, based on Torco octane booster reviews, this product really lives up to its promise, delivering satisfactory octane boosting capacity as advertised. Thus, it allows your engine to run in the smoothest possible manner. Check our detailed review of the Torco Accelerator.

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Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost

Meanwhile, the Royal Purple 11757 garners an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This product works not only as an octane booster, but also an octane stabilizer, and is available in a 16-ounce canister. This high-performance fuel treatment claims to increase the gasoline octane, while reducing emissions at the same time.

It is also capable of enhancing engine performance and stabilizing the fuel simultaneously. With an exclusive MMT formulation, this octane additive promises to deliver the maximum octane boost, helping eliminate pre-ignition, engine-damaging detonation, and the knocking or pinging caused by low octane gasoline.

The Royal Purple Max-Boost has a unique formulation that is geared towards engines with carburetors, direct injection, port fuel injection, supercharged engines, turbocharged, as well as nitrous-injected variants. It is safe for unleaded and leaded gasoline as well, including alternate fuels like ethanol blends, gasohol, and reformulated gasoline.

Similar to the previous product, the Max-Boost is likewise safe for catalytic converters and O2 sensors. This octane improver also boasts a capacity of protecting engines from high levels of phosphorus that usually cause catalytic converter poisoning.

All the more, it is a reliable alternative to lead additives in the non-hardened valve seat protection, while raising octane to at least 30 points. It is an effective additive to restoring power and fuel economy as it cleans deposit buildup from fuel injectors. Max-Boost is also capable of reducing power loss brought about by knock-retard in terms of computer-controlled vehicles.

Indeed, Royal Purple Max-Boost is the best octane booster that has generated a lot of positive feedback from customers, indicating favorable evaluation like throttle response improvement, economy, and its no-added alcohol property. These features make it a trustworthy option when it comes to octane boosters. Read our Royal Purple Max Boost review!

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Klotz Octane Booster

51RLtjahdqLThe 4.7-Star-rated Klotz octane booster is tetraethyl concentrate, making it the best lead substitute. Its entire formulation is geared towards reducing pre-ignition, which is usually caused by low octane fuel. This additive also claims to increase fuel octane ratings up to 10+ octane numbers, equating to 100 points.

Just like many other best boosters, this once can also help in maximizing the power and performance by improving the burn speed of fuel, while stabilizing oxygenated gasoline. It is capable of providing upper-cylinder lubrication, although it is not alcohol compatible.

It comes in a 1-gallon can, unlike other products that only come in smaller bottles or cans. It is the best octane booster additive with a 100% pure synthetic formulation. In terms of compatibility, this booster is useful in different applications, allowing you to blend it with lubricants, oils, synthetic lubricants, petroleum oil, and gas.

Klotz is also effective in alleviating the negative effects of spark knock as well as engine detonation. It is very beneficial in many other ways, including its lubrication of the upper cylinder. Furthermore, it has created several satisfied customers due to its economical price.

Another selling point of the Klotz booster is its capacity in preventing rough idles in the engines, while giving the exhaust a favorable smell, unlike other additives that generally produce stinky scents. Over and above, the Klotz octane booster is a fuel additive that works in a wide variety of vehicles. Read our Klotz Octane Booster Review here!

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Lucas Oil 10026-PK12

41wGPIfQ7jLNext up is the Lucas octane booster with an average customer rating of 4.7-Stars. This product comes in a pack of 12 15-ounce bottles, giving you an adequate supply of fuel additives for a long period.

Unlike other fuel additives on the market, the Lucas oil octane booster has been proven to deliver 3 times more boost, while it is safe for O2 sensors, turbo, and more. It is highly capable of stopping knocks and raising performance in terms of high-compression engines. This genuine performance enhancer is safe for use in any gasoline engine and is not street legal.

The entire formulation promotes fewer emissions than other products, while cleaning fuel burns at the same time. It is also safe for carbureted engines and catalytic converters. Hence, its affordability captivates the attention of many buyers, making it the most reasonable option with regards to octane boosters.

Budget-conscious consumers can surely rely on its affordability, although it comes in a small package, compared to one-gallon of additives. Each bottle contains 16 ounces, but each one is capable of treating 25 gallons of gasoline or fuel.

Another thing that captivates consumers is the Lucas’ compatibility with different engine types. So, it is really safe for use, regardless your engine, whether it is fuel-injected, carbureted, or turbo. Rest assured that you will expect a cleaner fuel burn with this product, making it highly beneficial in the creation of fewer emissions.

Lucas is an octane booster that works and is eco-friendly. It is highly functional through its MMT formulation, which tends to increase the density of fuel; thereby, allowing it to burn longer. Overall, the Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 is affordable, easy to use, and eliminates spark knocks. Read our Lucas Oil 10026 PK12 Review. 

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104+ 10406 Octane Boost

41w0v2NTSkL 1Finally, the 104+ 10406 Octane Boost, is available in a 16-ounce bottle and deserves its 4.7-Star rating, which is greatly attributed to its powerful synthetic formulation. This cleaner helps in improving acceleration, while cleaning the fuel system and fuel injectors all the same time.

The 104 octane booster also helps in restoring lost engine horsepower in a single use. Similar to the previous products, this one is also capable of reducing knocking, pings, stalling, and hesitation, while improving gas mileage simultaneously. It has a special formula that does not harm catalytic converters, OBD O2 sensor systems, and spark plugs.

While it comes at an affordable price tag, the 104 octane boost still remains one of the best in terms of fuel additives. It performs better as a fuel injector cleaner than other brands; thereby, it tends to improve fuel economy, eliminate throttle hesitation, improve engine power, and reduce engine knocking.

Moreover, this product claims to enhance gas mileage, acceleration, and power, which are major considerations you can enjoy with its use. It has been well-received by several consumers due to its safety for various engine types.

Compared to other gasoline octane booster additives, the 104 does not carry an expiration date. Hence, this feature provides you with a free supply of booster for a long period, without thinking about its expiry. But, proper storage and handling is still necessary so as to maximize its efficiency and preserve its quality. Take note of sediments and flakes as these may be indications of the product’s expiration or possible contamination.

All in all, the 104 booster is affordable, and is capable of cleaning up carbon buildup, while preventing pinging, boosting power, cleaning fuel injectors, improving gas mileage, reducing knocks, pings, and hesitation, and safe for different engine types. Read our detailed review here!

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Octane Booster Buying Guideline

So, after learning about the octane booster review and comparison, this section will give you more information, surrounding the topic as there are other considerations you have to keep in mind when shopping for fuel additives.

Major Considerations


The performance that every octane booster offers is a major consideration to take note of. Obviously, you must look at how this product boosts your fuel octane levels. Toro claims to boost levels up to 105 if desired, and is ideal for racing applications. Klotz, on the other hand, delivers up to 10 numbers or 100 points, while the Max-Boost offer an octane level-up by 30 points. The Lucas product promises a marginal octane boosting when full dosage is consumed, whereas, the 104+ usually requires full dosage to experience noticeable results. The manufacturers make their individual claims, through their specific methods, hence, there is no regulating agency when it comes to octane boost claims.


The cost associated with the use of octane fuel additive is another consideration you have to keep in mind. When making a purchase, it is wise to get the most efficient product so as to maximize your expense, whether you’re racing or just obtaining your desired octane level. For budget-conscious people, bear in mind that getting the cheapest one does not always equate to getting the best. Be ready to spend more if it means you’re getting better functionality and quality.

On that note, the Torco seems to be the most expensive on the list with only the 32-ounce bottle. The Klotz octane booster, on the other hand, may come in handy with race car drivers and premium vehicle owners, considering the product’s average rating, reasonable price, and the one whole gallon of potential booster it offers.

The Max-Boost does not cost much for a 16-ounce product, compared to the Torco and Klotz with above $20 prices. A Lucas octane booster review will simply tell you to use the full 15-ounce bottle for a single use, although the manufacturer offers it in a pack of 12, allowing you to save as much as 50%. Finally, the 104+ is considered to be the cheapest on the list, which costs you under $10 for a single, full dosage, whereas, a bulk of 6 will help you save as much as $15.

Frequency of Use

After determining the best car booster, it is now time to identify the frequency of use. So, how frequently should you use such fuel additive? Take note that the frequency of use will soon have an effect on the economy of your purchase, remembering that it is not a single use and purchase, but the recurring cost may stall you eventually.


The size of the product also matters of course, and as an indication of the cost. While some products may come out expensive, considering the large size or container may help you save some cash. This will provide you with more useful supplies for a long period. So, try to compute the cost-per-use as you might end up with the cheapest or most reasonable bottle or can of octane additives.


Not all octane boost products on the market can be used by anyone or in any vehicle. There is the ‘compatibility’ factor that should be considered. In order to arrive at the best choice, it is wise to consider the type of car that you have, but most especially the engine type that you have.

Make sure that the product is compatible with your engine as various engines have various requirements. Virtually all of the products on the list claims to be safe for use in various engines, ranging from fuel-injected to diesel-injected, turbocharged engines, including engines with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Hence, it is wise to pick the most compatible, if not the most versatile.

Key Benefits of Octane Booster

As per manufacturers’ claims, the listed products are effective, although they offer a varied octane level boost. Therefore, there is still the need to identify what is the best octane booster, based on your personal preference and your engine’s requirements.

Nonetheless, the key benefit of using such fuel additives is the boost that your engine gets, which is basically the improvement of the fuel compression, before it detonates. With this expectation, the power of the engine is increased as well, resulting in a higher level of efficiency.

This product also helps in increasing the pre-ignition resistance, which is highly associated with the improvement of your engine’s power in the first place. Such benefits can be obtained only if, you get the right product, while ensuring that your car is well-maintained and gets its supreme condition at all times.

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Does octane booster work? Surely, this fuel additive truly works, provided that you’re using a compatible product with your current engine type and vehicle. It is effective as long as you follow the recommended usage or dosage, including the present condition of your vehicle.

So, with all the information provided in this article, you’re on your way to getting the best fuel additive for your car. However, keep in mind not to rely merely on the price, if you’re the budget-conscious type of buyer because such basis is never sufficient all the time.

All in all, you have to consider what other people say, which is simply done by reading customer reviews, helping yourself in evaluating the possibilities and potentials through actual experiences. It is also wise to pay extra attention to the options provided above, as these products are highly recommended octane boosters by first-hand users.

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