Best Oil Filled Heater Reviews 2020

Heating rooms regardless of their dimensions in square feet require the best oil filled heater. This warming method is an alternative approach that is safe and economical. Although electricity is needed to power it, there is a heating element one would find in their electrical properties which provides electrical resistance to boil water. This is the same with this particular oil heater.

Radiator fins are used along with airflow in the room and the heat generated from the oil transferred to the metal body of the heater increases the room temperature to a certain extent. Amazingly, this heater is well-built considering the many years of refinement and advancements in technology, making the oil filled space heater the perfect companion to melt your worries away.

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Best Oil Filled Heater Reviews

DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat Portable Oil-Filled Radiator


This brand is highly respected worldwide and hails from the land of pasta and pizza, Italy. It has a star rating of 4.1. The DeLonghi EW7707CM is a powerhouse in its own right. This portable oil-filled radiator heater has a superb design boasting with state-of-the-art features.

The oil filled heater operates silently and consistently even in cold weather, regardless of the size of your room. When it comes to safety and durability, you can be guaranteed that this oil heater has a patented high-quality steel assembly and a permanently sealed oil reservoir, which means you will never refill that silicon oil ever again.

Temperature is controlled which allows for maximum heating comfort and ease on electricity bills. Overheating will not be an issue anymore with its built-in thermostat with three adjustable settings so one can choose from hot to very hot to extremely hot. What’s nice about the Delonghi oil heater is that is has wheels, and it’s patented with functions where you can easily snap it into place easily just like Lego. Delonghi created another patented design. Its thermal fins have thermal slots which lower surface heat temperature and at the same time, enhance and maximize heat flow from the oil radiator.

Other added benefits include the thermal cut-off when it’s about to overheat and anti-freeze to prevent freezing of the pipes from the inside of the device especially during cold seasons. No doubt, this is the best oil filled heater in the market.

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Optimus H-6003 Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater, Mini


This company started in 2009 in Anaheim, California (CA). It garnered a rating of 3.3 stars.  The Optimus presents itself with a product that is cost effective and having need of lesser wattage, making it energy efficient. It’s a reliable portable oil filled radiator having dimensions of 16 x 16 x 15 inches, just the right size for you to carry it around. It’s ample size makes it portable to carry wherever you need to heat a part of the house or room.

The Optimus H-6003 Portable Oil Filled Radiator Mini uses a diathermic oil to transfer heat to the metal case fins of the body to radiate heat to the entire room. It is also permanently sealed which means there is no need to refill the fuel which could prove to be a hassle for some especially when they need it the most.

Most of all, it only consumes 700W of electricity to heat the oil and provide heating to the room which is just right for comfort. Comfort and convenience go hand in hand with this product. Plus, it has an automatic thermostat control that shuts itself down when the temperature reaches a certain degree or overheat mode. You can always tell that it is on with its power light indicator, something that you will not find hard to miss. This is as personal it can get, and you will be able to carry it with you to your workstation, living room, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere as you please.

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Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater

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This brand has been touted as a long-time household boasting with years of unwavering service and commitment to top quality. It has a rating of 3.8 stars. Honeywell is a highly respected brand not just in the heating business but across other industries. In the heating world, Honeywell takes the global stage with the release of their oil-filled radiator, which is powered electrically. It has smart features that can heat up an entire room.

This heater is simple and easy to use. In fact, it comes with electronic controls that allow a more automated function. Also, it works silently. You will never have to worry about any buzzing sound in the background. The Honeywell HZ-789 electric radiator heater has a digital control which comes with EazySet Control, a timer with a range of 1 to 12 hours. Like the rest of heaters, it contains automatic thermostat for overheat protection and shut-off. You can choose from the three heat settings according to your preferred temperature.

There may be some tendencies that the unit gets knocked over by accident, so Honeywell has included a Tip-Over Switch. For example, when your kids are playing, and the unit gets tipped over, it will switch off to prevent potential fire hazards. For extended periods of usage, you need a strong cable and plug to sustain the use of electricity and this unit comes with a 3-prong grounded plug and a heavy duty power cord. The Honeywell oil filled heater is durable and reliable.

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Duraflame DFHCH11T Oil Filled Radiator Heater


The Duraflame brand is known for its indoor logs and home heating use.  It has a star rating of   3.6. The DFHCH11 Oil Filled Radiator Heater is easy to use oil heater which has three modes of heating depending on how you want to use it such as low, medium or high. Users will surely like the flexibility with its three options and will be satisfied in whatever mode they put it in.

It utilizes heat transfer oils to heat the metal. It heats the rooms with its conducting fins and is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat, having large over-sized oil fins that allow a thorough flow and wider spread of heat. In fact, it can spread heat to areas with maximum of 400 sq. ft. On top of that, this oil radiator also has safety functions when tipped over. It contains a safety switch that looks like a pendulum, designed in a way to safeguard against accidents or carelessness. So when it comes to safety, DFHCH11 Oil Filled Radiator Heater is very much dependable.

Like most oil filled heaters, this too can be hand carried through its handle on top that you can easily hook your hands on.  Other items include cord wrap and plug for easy storage and portability. So if you have rooms with a diameter of maximum 400 sq. ft. then, this is the right heater for you. However, I’m not saying that this is functionally limited according to the dimensions mentioned; it is one of the best you can find in the market.

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DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Programmable Timer


The brand that comes from Italy has done it again with a 3.7 stars. Delonghi has another invention in the market of oil filled heaters with its model range the TRN0812T.

This oil filled radiator comes with advanced technology and has a programmable timer. This particular type is ideal for small-sized and medium-sized rooms, operating silently with an electrical usage of 1200W robust to provide consistent heat throughout the cold seasons and freezing nights.

It is pretty compact as a matter of fact; that you can even bring it to the bathroom. Its GFI plug is safe for bathroom use. This oil filled heater does wonders in terms of comfort heating and is a perfect companion to your cold morning shower or late night bath especially when you do not have the option for hot shower.

This is a heater which is also energy efficient so you will never have to worry about additional costs on electricity. The programmable timer that was just mentioned above is energy-saving having 96 settings which allow you to select the desired amount of time for day and night use. To evenly maximize heat flow, it uses the idea of chimneys with its vertical designed vent.

Like all other Delonghi oil filled radiator heaters, it is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. Top it off, it has thermal cut-off to prevent overheating and anti-freeze so its pipes won’t freeze, therefore maintaining the heating capacity of the heater to a greater degree.

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Oil Filled Heater Buying Guide

So far, we have discussed how oil filled heater works as well as the unbiased benefits you will get should you decide to buy one for your individual use or for friends and family. You’ll find that the best oil filled radiator is ranked according to features and performance as well as customer feedback online. Therefore, it is worth looking at their individual feedback so you’ll also learn the pros and cons.

One thing is for sure, oil filled heaters are much safer than other heaters that emit vapor and can cause fire hazards. The functionalities of these types of heaters with their high-temperature heating oil, durable materials, light construction and portability are more than enough reason why you should consider owning these amazing heating devices.

Types of Oil Filled Heaters

  • Regular Oil Filled Heater – This type has a normal radiator design compared to the advanced features provided by the latest and newer class. These still use the same type of heat transfer oil that is heated by the reservoir and is powered by electricity. They look like flat, vertical slabs by design and are programmable, with heat and frost control.
  • Fin Type Oil Filled Heater – This is a new generation design that allows for more excellent air flow and faster heating of the air with thermal oil flow design. These heaters use a newer type of diathermic oils. It has safety measures that control burning upon contact with a thermal shield and also comes with newer vertical airflow imitating the functions of a chimney.
  • Panel Type Oil Filled Heater – This type looks like a flattened out piping in a place on a flat screen TV. The structural design is similar to mica and liquid crystal panel heater, from the word flat panel. It’s efficient that you can have it wall-mounted if you want to conserve space, and can stand alone via wheels or foot stand.

Major Considerations

One must always consider the safety measures first when it comes to heating devices. What comes to mind are the dangers it may bring if not used properly. Fortunately, there are companies that took things further and provided outstanding measures that made the best oil filled radiator heater safe to use. With all the information that this review has provided, you will now be with armed confidence as you narrow down your choices on what to pick. But before you do so, consider these buying tips.

  • Features and Functionality – Always keep in mind that most of the oil filled heaters may have similar features and functions, but all of them are not the same. Checking the kind of brand and company, what they do, how they researched, design and manufactured their products go a long way. You may notice the great difference to a more than marginal extent and will be surprised on how each of these products differs based on your individual needs.
  • Customer Reviews – Checking customer reviews allows you to have deeper understanding on the pros and cons based on customer feedback. The customers who have purchased and tried these products are the best resources since most of them have the first-hand experience. They also can give other reviews about the product which are not necessarily found through a written article online. It is extremely critical to include this in your bucket list as it will determine your buying power and decision-making skills. After all, satisfaction and value for your money depends on the choices you make.
  • Top Oil Filled Heaters – In this article which I discussed, it provides you in-depth information on the top-of-the line oil filled heaters in the market in order to help narrow down your choices. The list includes DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat, Optimus, Honeywell, Duraflame, DeLonghi TRN0812T. It’s definitely most sensible to pick from any of the Top Five.

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It’s so amazing to know that there so many ways you can use your oil heaters for home like hanging the oil filters to the wall, standing them upright or plugging them to the wall. Whatever position you place these heaters in, the benefits are the same: modern comfort heating.

The breakthroughs of technology have put in safety measures for oil heaters that prevent them from overheating and give temperature control, establishing these heaters as safe, reliable and energy efficient.

To sum it up, the benefits are enormous: economical, space saver, portable, safe and easy to use. The best oil filled space heater is available in the internet or at your nearest hardware store.

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