Best Oil Filter Reviews 2020

You will always need the best oil filter for your vehicle as this is the lifeblood of your engine, circulating throughout as you drive. The oil filter also serves many purposes such as picking up debris, dirt, and traces of fuel, preventing these contaminants to badly affect essential engine parts. Aside from protecting the engine, oil filters equally enhance the engine performance as well as increase fuel efficiency.

As part of regular maintenance, engine oil and filter are generally changed every 3,000 miles. You can have this process done in an auto shop, although this method can also be a do-it-yourself task. But, choosing the best oil filters on the market can be challenging due to the wide array of products available.

Fortunately, this article will help you in narrowing down the dozens of oil filters and recommendations out there. This entire article talks about the top rated oil filters that are rated by actual users, including a buying guide that will provide you with more information about the basic types of oil filters, major considerations when buying, and safety tips with regards to the topic.

Best Oil Filter Reviews

Mobil 1 M1-110

5162BL0YdJoLWith an average rating of 4.9-Stars is the Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance (M1EP). This product lineup introduces an exclusive design that traps and holds more dirt compared to other filters. It includes cartridge and spin-on oil filters, which offer more than 97% Vehicles in Operation (VIO) coverage.

Mobil 1 is considered as the best brand of oil filter by many enthusiasts as the M1EP is very flexible and compatible with many motor oil formulations, although maximum results are obtained with the Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil.

The M1EP oil filter promises to provide long-lasting performance, despite the modern and longer drain intervals in vehicles. This filter has the capability of effectively eradicating contaminants, considering its 99.6% Multi-Pass Efficiency rating. It boasts an advanced synthetic fiber blend, thus, it is no doubt the best synthetic oil filter to date.

Additionally, the M1EP can hold as much as twice contaminants than other filters out there, having 28.0 grams as its overall capacity. It can also withstand nine times the normal operating pressure, offering an outstanding protection of 615 Pascal/square inch (PSI). This filter substantially avoids dry starts by removing any internal leak during power cut. This is attributed to its silicone anti-drain valve, which is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirement.

For many actual users, the M1EP is the best car oil filter as it helps them save money due to the less oil changing compared to cheaper filters. It has a lot of filter surface area, including an easy-grip design for optimal convenience when changing. With only a small amount of oil, the M1EP works great and effectively, which makes it a highly-recommended product.

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Royal Purple 10-2835

516PYZWhIILAmong the best oil filters for cars is the 4.8-Star-rated Royal Purple 10-2835 oil filter that provides superior particle removal. This high-performance filter also features optimized flow characteristics, resulting in long filter life and maximum performance at the same time. Each of the filters boasts 100% microglass media, offering 99% filtration effectiveness at 25 microns.

Royal Purple 10-2835 also boasts a thicker shell construction for added strength. This heavier shell material also provides added security from probable road debris puncture. It has a by-pass valve design, ensuring a smooth oil flow in cases of excessive filter flow restriction. Additionally, the construction includes a heavy-duty nitrile rubber base gasket that guarantees a leak-free seal.

This filter also features a special lubricity compound that reduces torque during removal and installation. Its sturdy filter housing withstands higher burst strength compared to conventional filters, while the anti-drain back valve made of silicone has been designed to prevent dry starts by removing oil drain back throughout shutdown. The silicone valve also outperforms the standard nitrile rubber in extreme hot and super cold oil temperatures.

Oil filter ratings simply put the Royal Purple 10-2835 on top of the list because every filter also comes with metal end caps, providing each with a positive seal, thus, resulting in a filter element assembly. The center tube, on the other hand, prevents filter element collapse.  Certainly, every oil filter from Royal Purple has been manufactured stronger, built smarter, and continuously perform in tough conditions.

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Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

51Pj1mJWleLThe Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter is next up on the list of the top oil filters. Garnering an average rating of 4.7-Stars, this filter promises to provide ultra oil filtration that results in no less than an increased engine protection. It features the exclusive Bosch FILTECH, which makes use of a special formulation of natural and synthetic elements, thus, resulting in an improved engine wear protection and superior oil filtration simultaneously.

The filtering area of the Bosch FILTECH offers up to 42% larger than the conventional filters, while the filter media is approximately 30% thicker. Hence, these features tend to screen out more hazardous contaminants than the traditional counterparts.

Moreover, this Bosch oil filter boasts sturdy steel base plates and housing that prevent leaks, poor fit, and war page. Similar to the previous product, this one also features a silicone anti-drain back valve, ensuring clean oil supply once the car starts. For a tighter seal and easy removal, it provides a high lubricity gasket style, while its double-lock rolled seam creates a leak-free canister.

This filter is considered as the ultimate choice in engine protection, keeping the vehicle’s engine oil cleaner for longer. Its top filtration media, on the other hand, can hold until 14 grams of dirt. Compared to other filters on the market, this model boasts properly-fitting and metal-free cartridge filters that are also compatible with OEM.

Without a doubt, this Bosch premium oil filter is the ultimate solution in keeping dirt and harmful particles out of your engine. It will prevent premature wear as well as engine failure, while promoting an unmatched oil filtration and an improved engine protection at the same time.

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ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter

418ZHvU9WgLMeanwhile, the ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter receives an average rating of 4.8-Stars. This premium aftermarket oil filter meets the specifications of GM OE, ensuring a supply of clean oil to engine components. Its construction promises to fit, if not exceed, your expectations for function, fit, and form.

ACDelco PF2232 is among the quality oil filters today as it is equipped with five times more burst-strength than most motor oil operating pressures once the oil reaches the operating temperatures; thereby, resulting in an enhanced durability. Furthermore, this filter is equipped with an impressive 98% multi-pass filtering efficiency at between 25 and 30 microns for exceptional filtering capabilities.

Through its cellulose media, the filter traps and holds particles that are 1/3 the width of the human hair, ensuring no less than a supply of clean oil towards the engine components. It also features a thermosetting adhesive seal that holds the filtering media in place, resulting in a dependable and consistent filtration.

All the more, this top rated oil filter boasts a superior filter capacity, consistent flow management, enhanced efficiency, and a very durable design that leads to a filtering performance like no other. It’s very easy to trust the ACDelco brand, considering its unwavering quality and unbeatable price. AC Delco quality means a stringent quality control, retaining its reputable name, although it offers the most inexpensive recognizable filter brand name for several applications.

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Fram PH7317 Extra Guard Oil Filter

51pjQTmvRLFinally, the Fram PH7317 Extra Guard Oil Filter deserves its 4.7-Star rating. Unlike other oil filters, this model can be used with the conventional oil, proving protection for a maximum of 5,000 miles.

It is one of the highest rated oil filters nowadays due to its ideal balanced design of dirt-holding capacity and 95% dirt-trapping ability. It makes use of an exclusive combination of fibers and resin, creating a proprietary filtering media that delivers exceptional engine protection. It is perfect for everyday drivers who need frequent maintenance of their vehicles.

With its reasonable price, this filter works very well with low mileage cars as per recommendation of the vehicle’s manufacturer. High mileage cars, on the other hand, would likely require more expensive filters. Its thick rubber grip surface also impresses a lot of actual users, allowing them to apply torque, while avoiding slipping at the same time.

Fram PH7317 really does its job well, making consumers happy for the past several years without disappointing them. Among its characteristics that are loved by actual users is its black, roughened coating, located on the upper portion of the filter, which makes this filter very easy to screw and unscrew with bare hands.

With a reasonable price, Fram PH7317 oil filter works as well as other filters, performing flawlessly with the textured grip that makes filter changing a breeze. With confidence, DIYers can rely on this product without engine issues. So, there’s no need to always purchase a great car, but having the best oil filter brand is essential to take care of any vehicle, and Fram PH7317 helps in doing just that.

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Oil Filter Buying Guide

There are more things to learn about oil filters, aside from knowing the top-rated products on the market. So, here are additional information to help you sort out the oil filter rankings and brands, helping you arrive at the most efficient product that best suits your needs and vehicles.

Types of Oil Filters

  • Primary Oil Filter – This type of car oil filter is the standard in the majority of vehicles. It has a distinctive design that allows all engine oil pass through during operation. Primary oil filter has the ability in filtering large volumes of oil, but with limited restrictions, allowing the oil to freely flow during cold weather conditions. In this type of oil filter, a bypass valve triggers once the filter is clogged, enabling the oil to go around the filter to reach and then lubricate the engine, even if it is unfiltered.
  • Secondary Oil Filter – This type of oil filter, on the other hand, is generally found in diesel engines. It has a unique design that takes a portion of oil and pass through a secondary filter for additional cleaning activity. It can also be installed in gasoline engines, helping extend the engine life and lengthening the period between oil changes.
  • Magnetic Oil Filter – Magnetic oil filter is known for its small, built-in magnet, which tends to attract small pieces of rust and metal. This magnet holds such metal shavings within the filter canister in order to prevent them from circulating through the engine. Some magnetic filter models allow you to install the magnet inside or outside the filter canister.

Major Considerations

When buying any product, either through online or in-store shopping, there are always major considerations that you should take note. With regards to oil filter purchases, the following information will aid you throughout your decision-making.

  • Features and Functionality – Keep in mind that not all oil filter brands have been designed equally. Each design works in a specific way. While reading about product specifications, it is wise to look at the additional positive benefits and features of such product. These features will surely give your engine exceptional results.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews also play a crucial role as you shop for oil filters. Having a keen eye on user satisfaction and feedback are additional features that will give you an overview on how effective the product is, and how satisfied the user after installation or trial.
  • Top Oil Filters – As this article is all about, it provides you with the top-rated products on the market. This article alone tells you about the top five oil filters available, including ACDelco, Mobil 1, Royal Purple oil filter, Fram, and Bosch. Hence, it is sensible to pick at least one of these products and brands.
  • OE Versus Aftermarket – When purchasing car parts, including oil filters, you are given the options between OE or original equipment and aftermarket. Obviously, OE filters are designed based on the OEM specifications. Meanwhile, aftermarket filters are specialized and more preferred by car enthusiasts. Aftermarket oil filters are pricier than OE counterparts, although they tend to last longer.

DIY Tips

Included in this portion are safety tips throughout the use of oil filters and oil changing simultaneously. Each key guideline comes in handy, especially for the DIYers. So, take a look at the helpful hints about oil changing and oil filters.

  1. Look for your vehicle’s oil filter, which is typically located at a certain angle below your car’s engine. At times, it is found right on the side of the engine block.
  2. Remove the filter with oil filter wrench, or without (such as what the Fram PH7317 offers). Usually, it is reached from the top, while other cases allow you to go underneath the vehicle just to reach it. Be careful of the old oil content.
  3. Clean the filter area, allowing the surface as well as the new filter to fit properly. Re-check the area, ensuring that the seal doesn’t stick to the engine.
  4. Prepare the new filter by lubricating its rubber gasket. It is wiser to use new oil in this process. Fill the filter with nearly 2/3 of engine oil.
  5. Screw the filter in proper place, usually done in a clockwise manner. Make sure to hold it upright as it contains oil, screwing it as tightly as possible to avoid stripping the threads.

Note: Do not perform this process within two hours of driving as the engine oil is hot at this point. The dipstick may also show inaccurate reading. Professional mechanics strongly advise that you make low revs between two and three minutes, before going through this process. By doing so, you will allow the thinning of oil that will help in the draining process as well.


Over and above, the combination of different elements and steps of vehicle maintenance like the cleaning of fuel injectors, running the finest octane level fuels, making use of premium engine or motor oils, scanning for sensory errors, and so on, will substantially help in setting your car for a massive success!

And just as it is as essential, using the best oil filters and brands will aid in the proper operation of your engine, allowing it to breathe well, while working hand in hand with your clean engine coolant and clean fuel injector. It is always best to buy a trusted name in the industry, similar to the oil filter reviews that are discussed in this article. By doing so, you are guaranteed with no less than durable, world-class quality, and high-performing oil filter that serves as your engine’s best friend.

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