Best Oscillating Tool Reviews 2020

An oscillating tool is commonly called a multi-tool, which is usually powered by mains or battery. It is called multi-tool because of its wide array of functions, performing different tasks through a range of attachments. The best oscillating multi-tool can be used for sanding, rasping, grinding, scraping, cutting, polishing, and sawing.

Basically, this equipment works through a side-to-side motion with the oscillation very slight and very fast, feeling like a vibration. There is always a saw blade that can handle various materials, such as cement, steel, aluminium, and more.

Below are the best oscillating multi tool reviews that have the highest customer rankings on Amazon. Moving on, you’ll learn about these amazing products from trusted manufacturers that have been committed to creating and designing high quality, durable, and efficient tools for every craftman.

Best Oscillating Tool Reviews

DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


Among the best oscillating tools ever designed is the DEWALT DCS355D1, which has an average rating of 5 Stars on Amazon. This tool has a brushless motor with 57% more run time compared to others with a brushed motor. This multi-tool kit also offers a quick change accessory system, eliminating the use of wrenches.

This Dewalt oscillating multi tool features a dual-grip variable speed trigger, especially designed for an ultimate speed and control. It also makes use of bright LED light, which illuminates the work surface for better accuracy.

This could be the best cordless multi tool you’ll ever find, making use of lithium-ion battery. The DEWALT’s Oscillating Tool Guide System allows the user to set the height or depth, ideal for variable cuts. The entire kit is composed of 28 pieces, including the most commonly used for sanding and cutting attachments. The tool guide system consists of 1 wood with nails blade, 25 sheets of sand paper, 1 sanding pad, 1, contractor bag and 1 accessory storage box. Additionally, the kit includes a universal accessory adaptor that can be used for most oscillating tool accessory brands.

Many customers have already invested in this very good multi tool, along with the DeWalt 20V MAX line of tools such as the brushless impact driver, brushless hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and others. In fact, the entire kit is a very sensible upgrade to something from the entry-level tools, considering its weight, durability, quality, and overall design from a trusted provider.

While it is not very lightweight, this cordless multi tool is very easy to control and well-balanced. The spring-loaded quick release mechanism is one of the best selling points of this product, allowing a very convenient blade-changing task. Overall, this tool is highly capable of performing with different materials, whether plastic garage tile, drywall, and more. Read our full review of the Dewalt DCS355D1.

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Dremel MM30-01 2.5-Amp Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit


Based on oscillating tool reviews, the Dremel MM30-01 Kit features a quick-release on-tool integrated wrench system. This design allows swift accessory changes without losing the wrench. It also boasts a quick-hold industry first Integrated Magnetic Accessory Interface that can hold the accessory in place, while tightening.

The Dremel MM30-01 has an improved 2.5 amp motor that powers, even through the toughest applications. This multi-tool features a faster speed cut by boosting the oscillation angle to 3.2 degrees, offering a 25% faster cutting speed than its predecessor.

In addition, this oscillating saw offers variable speed, ranging from 10,000 to 23,000 OPM. It is packed with impressive features, innovations, and power. The entire kit also provides users with an unmatched professional performance, without sacrificing comfort.

The Dremel MM30-01 2.5-Amp Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit with 15 Accessories is perfect for cutting from flush cutting baseboards to cutting out drywall, installing new floor, installing new light switch, and many other tasks. It has the best blade in tackling any cut needed by anyone, considering the Dremel Multi-Max cutting blades in accomplishing demanding jobs. The accessory pack includes a flat saw blade, grout removable blade, and a flush cutting blade.

The separate On/Off switch is very helpful in retaining the speed setting for utmost convenience. Perhaps this oscillating multi tool is smaller and lighter than other tools on the market. But, it is more maneuverable and more powerful. The 2.5 amp motor and the small dial on its handle allow the user in choosing the exact speed needed in a comfortable manner.

In all, the Dremel’s attached wrench tool is among its selling points, loved by many owners, allowing them to tighten and untighten attachments with ease. All the more, the tool neatly attached to the handle, which it should be and will never get lost. Read our Dremel MM30-01 Review.

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Bosch MX30EK-35 3.0-Amp Oscillating Tool


The Bosch MX30EK-35 3.0-Amp Oscillating Tool is one of the best oscillating tools ever manufactured. The kit also includes a case, 35 accessories, and a quick-change feature. It has a very powerful 3.0 amp motor, including a Constant Response Circuitry that is highly capable of maintaining speed under load. The entire design is ergonomic, considering a small grip circumference as well as soft grip areas that offer comfort and control.

From an innovation leader, the Bosch MX30EK-35 also features a Reinforced Gearing and Metal Gear housing. This provides an optimum force transmission, low vibration, and durability all at the same time. Among the Bosch multi tools, this one boasts a stacked construction with professional design and robustness in mind. It also makes use of OIS oscillating tool accessories.

Every multi tool manufactured by Bosch has a great design for scraping, cutting, sanding, and grinding applications, regardless the materials. This tool is designed to tackle heavier applications, considering its 3.0 amp motor. Additionally, it boasts a Tool-less Accessory Change Lever feature, which is a very durable accessory holder, allowing quick changes for accessories without the need for a screwdriver or a wrench.

The Bosch MX30EK-35 is very versatile, tackling various applications, ranging from flush cutting to sanding, grinding, plunge cutting, scraping, and grout removal. The variable speed dial allows the user to choose the matching speed for a certain material and application.

Certainly, every homeowner should live with this Bosh multi tool for home repair works and other projects. It is a very well-designed tool, has a good weight, sturdy, with a nice and long cord, and a speed setting that is perfect for slow and/or detailed works. Hence, it has garnered an average of 5-Star Rating on Amazon and can be an incredible gift item in time for the Holidays. Read our Bosch MX30EK-35 Review.

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PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 is a top rated oscillating multi-tool, boasting a 3.0 amp motor that delivers superior power in completing a wide array of applications fast. It also features a tool-free system blade change, allowing quick adjustments and changes without using bolts and wrenches.

The depth and cutting guide is very useful in competing plunge as well as cutting tasks faster, but with better control. It also eliminates the need for extension cords due to its 10-foot cord, making it a top choice when it comes to an electric multi-tool.

This corded multi-tool also includes 52 accessories, providing you with all the essential components that are necessary for various projects. Similar to most of the superior multi-tools around, this model is designed with a variable speed dial, delivering 10,000 to 22,000 oscillations per minute (OPM). Indeed, it is perfect for varieties of applications, including sanding, cutting, grinding and scraping. It offers comfort, durability, and efficiency for every workshop or garage, completing all projects, whether big or small.

This model comes in very handy and convenient in any job site. It features a depth or cutting guide that offers optimum stability, while making long cuts and control, while making plunge cuts. The re-designed 3-positioned over mold of this tool provides comfort throughout the tool operation. You can hold this oscillating cutter in the front, back, or middle.

Greater things come with this model, considering its 90-day Money-back guarantee. Consumers can likewise enjoy a year of free service contract, including a three-year limited warranty. The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 52 Accessories includes a very usable carrying case with tools fitting back in, plus spare rooms for extra accessories. Read our Porter Cable PCE605K52 Review.

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Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool


Garnering an average rating of 4.5 Stars on Amazon is the Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool, which is multi-functional equipment for home remodeling, restoration, repair, and many other projects outside the house. It features a whopping 21,000 OPM for faster cutting, scraping, grinding, and sanding.

This oscillating saw has a 4-pin flange design, holding the accessories in place. Added sturdy and die-cast aluminum gear housing keeps everything in place without the worry of losing anything. The pack includes a scraping blade, sandpaper, 3-inch Delta sanding pad, HSS segment saw blade, an Allen wrench, and 30 mm E-cut saw blade.

This high-performing tool is very useful as close-quarters saw, a detail sander, a grout removal tool, or a power scraper. Hence, it is very versatile when it comes to trimming door jambs, removing old caulking, flooring installation, taking up carpeting or vinyl flooring, removing glue or paint, trimming cabinets, and chiselling outdoor hinges.

It is a do-it-yourself oscillating multi-tool and an all-in-one solution to a wide array of projects as helped by the attachments. Compared to traditional power saws, this model employs a 30-mm flush cutting saw blade, just perfect for making precise cuts in tight corners and along edges. It is amazingly practical in trimming base molding and narrow door jambs.

The 3-inch flat saw blade is perfect for cutting plastic, drywall, or wood. Its rigid scraper blade makes carpeting and pulling up old vinyl flooring easy and flawless. The scraper is great for chipping away stubborn paint layers. Attaching the sanding pad and sandpaper is also perfect as a detailed sander for metal, plastic, and wood surfaces.

Overall, the Genesis GMT15A is lightweight, yet powerful. It is a multi-purpose tool that is perfect for varieties of tasks, ranging from home repairs to renovation, and remodeling. This top rated oscillating tool is also a great gift idea for the upcoming Christmas season, considering its very affordable price tag. Read our Genesis GMT15A Review here.

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Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock Oscillating Tool Kit

The Rockwell RK5140K has a 5-Star Rating and has generated a lot of positive oscillating tool reviews on Amazon. It offers a 3.0 amp motor with a constant speed control. This equipment also boasts a Hyperlock tool-free blade change system, making blade changes easy and less confusing.

It can handle up to one ton of clamping force, preventing the blade to slip. For precision control, this model features a variable speed dial. Additionally, this Rockwell oscillating saw offers a Hyperlock Universal Fit system, which is very advantageous for other accessories and brands to adapt. The same system is also able to tighten blades securely.

With the RK5140K Sonicrafter, there is no looking further. This is a perfect equipment to scrape, shape, cut, saw, polish, and remove grout. The constant speed control can tackle heavy-duty jobs such as cutting through pipe, and notching thick wood faster than using separate tools. This oscillating multi tool is perfect, both for the do-it-yourself aficionados and the pros.

The Sonicrafter has a slim body for extended use, also allowing the user to work in tight spaces. The 12-piece kit’s variable-speed allows microsonic and high-frequency oscillation, creating safe and smooth movements without a kickback.

In a nutshell, the Rockwell RK5140K has the Universal Fit System as its most interesting selling point. It eliminates the hassle of shopping and purchasing around for the correct brand blade to fit this oscillating tool. Accessories from other brands are accepted by the Sonicrafter, attaching swiftly and securely, while promoting a continuous work and reducing downtime simultaneously. The user can easily switch blades to cut wood, flooring, masonry materials, fiberglass, plastic, thin metals, vinyl siding, and cement board. Read our Rockwell RK5140K review.

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Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

Though oscillating tool reviews are very helpful, there are still important guidelines to keep in mind. The following are essential factors to consider while shopping for the best tool on the market. Identifying the specific purpose or nature of the project would help you narrow down the choices and pick the best one.

  • Sand Wood Smooth – The most common use of the multi-tool is to sand wood smooth. Keep in mind that all manufacturers offer different sanding attachments that are useful in smoothing wood, clear topcoat finishes, and wood fillers. These accessories adapt to hook-and-loop abrasives, making it easy to change the sandpaper once it is worn out. A large triangular-shaped pad is the most common sanding accessory and is the most effective when it comes to smoothing broad and flat surfaces.
  • Trim Door Casings – You will need the best multi-tool if you need to trim door casings and jambs, and install new floors. Attaching a flush-cutting wood blade is necessary for accomplishing this task.
  • Cut Plumbing Pipes – Certainly, there are limitless uses of this multi-tool, allowing you to cut plumbing pipes too. Once the tool is fitted with the correct blade, it can slice through plastic, copper, and even galvanized metal pipes as quickly as possible. While this tool is compact, the blade, on the other hand, tends to adjust to different angles. All this will allow you to work on awkward angles and tight areas, including the inside of cabinets, under floors and sinks, behind walls, and other tight spaces.
  • Remove Old Paint – For many people, removing or peeling old paint is not an enjoyable task. This is more so if they are doing it with their bare hands or with poor quality equipment. Fortunately, this tedious task can be resolved with the best oscillating multi-tool by attaching a steel scraper blade in removing blistered and loose paint.
  • Get Rid of Grout – There is no other tool that works as fast as the multi-tool when it comes to removing old, cracked and stained tile grout. Attaching the grout-removal blade is simply needed in completing this task, grinding the grout from the joints between wall and floor tiles. Bear in mind that there are different thicknesses of grout-removal blades, depending on how narrow or wide the grout joints are.
  • Straightedge for Straight Cut – A good multi-tool is essential in shaving a little off a cabinet as well as a piece of trim. This equipment is surely helpful in making a clean and precise cut while eliminating those worries away. However, a straightedge is necessary to stay for more accuracy. Hence, you have to make sure that the tool you buy has a straightedge. Otherwise, it should accept such accessory regardless the brand or manufacturer.
  • Faster Flooring Preparation – A flushing blade on this tool will slice through door jams in no time. Through a scrap flooring guide, you can easily make clean and straight cuts, allowing the new flooring to slip into place easily.
  • Round versus Straight Blades – Keep in mind that a straight blade is ideal for plunge cuts, wherein you stab the blade into the surface. A round blade, on the other hand, is best for long, linear cuts. Cleaner cuts are more obtainable through a round blade.
  • Remove Trim Without Damage – Removing delicate pieces of trim need a better method, and this is only done with an more power multi-tool. However, protect the wall by making use of a scrap of sheet metal, while doing this task. This specific tool will surely help you remove trim fast, easy, and without splits or damage.
  • Cut Rusty Faucet Nuts – At times, cutting rusty faucet nuts are very difficult to manage, even having the best basin wrench. Meanwhile, making use of a reciprocating saw under the sick could simply result in frustration, considering the tight room under the sink deck. But, with the oscillating saw, you can get this job done flawlessly and conveniently. Make sure, however, that you have a high-quality bimetal cutting blade in doing this task.

Corded versus Cordless

Furthermore, identifying whether you want a cordless multi-tool or a corded one is necessary throughout your shopping for this device. By doing so, you can narrow the choices, based on the top-rated customer reviews too. Identifying, which multi-tool you need on a job site will help you arrive at the best tool possible. While doing this, take note of the needed battery for the cordless tool, while taking into account the power and voltage of the corded counterpart.

Brand name and Warranty

The brand name and manufacturer of the best oscillating tools on the market plays a crucial role throughout your search. Take into account the most reliable, trusted, and experienced in the field of high-performance tools and equipment such Bosch, Dewalt, Dremel, Genesis, Rockwell, and Porter-Cable. As much as possible, pick one that has a good reputation in designing and creating top-notch performing tools with world-class quality.

A trusted brand is one that designs cost-efficient tools, meeting national standards and surpassing customer requirements at the same time. While evaluating the brands, it is equally crucial to take note of the safety features that these tools offer, not only buying the design or considering the affordability. Quality, durability, and safety should come together so as to obtain the best multi-tool around.

Furthermore, the product warranty is a huge bonus and a basis as you search for the best tool on the market. Every provider would certainly offer the best warranty they could. Thus, you must take advantage of this selling point, getting the longer, more sensible, and more convenient offer there is.

Online Shopping

Today, shopping online is more convenient and faster, considering the numerous providers of different products. The same is true with the best oscillating tools. Amazon is the one and only one-stop shop for your shopping needs! Certainly, it has revolutionized the concept of online shopping as it is a provider of limitless items only from trusted brands and manufacturers, not to mention the warranty contract and shipping offers. Thus, the online shopping experience is never the same with Amazon.


All in all, oscillating saw reviews from owners and customers make a huge difference, while you are shopping for this equipment. You can learn a lot of things, aside from the above-mentioned reviews and guidelines as you shop for a multi-tool. Nevertheless, bear in mind an essential pointers surrounding this tool, before placing your order and making any purchase.

Over and above, a multi-tool must be a powerful too, portable, and durable that can be used not only by the contractors, but also by the simple woodworkers and the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ too. While the multi tool was invented several decades ago to remove plaster casts from limbs, this equipment has become and remains an essential tool in every home and workshop across the globe.

Today, the best multi tool is used not only for the removal of plaster casts alone but for many purposes, not to mention its power in tackling a wide array of materials. Indeed, it is called a multi-tool because of its many functions and capabilities in handling various jobs, ranging from the smallest to the most demanding ones.

As you search for an oscillating multi-tool, you have to keep in mind the aforementioned pointers, guidelines, and reviews. Every bit of information is helpful in narrowing down your choices and helping you to arrive at the best deal possible. Also, keep in mind the versatility of this power-tool, considering the durability, quality, safety, and impressive features all at the same time.

The brand name, manufacturer, and warranty are equally crucial as you make an oscillating tool comparison between the providers. Always pick the one with a trusted name, a good reputation when it comes to safe and cost-efficient tools on the market. The product warranty works the same, allowing you to enjoy an additional benefit or bonus, after making a purchase.

Your product of choice might depend on your available budget, but, never sacrifice the quality and durability of this equipment over the affordability. Getting the most affordable one does not equate to getting the best, while buying the most expensive price tag is not equivalent to getting a high-quality product. This is the reason why a comparison between the available tools and reading about the oscillating saw reviews are equally important.

Keep in mind that the best tool is a value for money without sacrificing the quality, and should offer durability, versatility, efficiency, and safety all in one package. Buying the best oscillating tool with a reasonable price tag is an investment you should make because these tools can last a lifetime, but with proper usage, storage, and maintenance.

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