Best Paint Roller Cover Reviews 2020

After you have set up a good roller frame, the next step is to choose the right paint roller cover for it. If you choose the correct paint roller cover, it will save you many hours of work. You can only expect superior results if you decide the right roller cover for your kind of paint and the texture of your surface.

There are many types of paint roller covers. These are made from either natural or synthetic fiber, or they may be sold according to their pile depth or core. The best paint rollers cover is one that can give you the best finish.

Using the best roller cover for your paint roller will make your paintwork more efficient. To know which paint roller cover is the best for your paint work, you have to be familiar with the most popular choices for roller covers in the market nowadays.

Best Paint Roller Cover Review

Purdy 14B863400 Dove Cover (4 Pack)


The Purdy Dove Cover is a woven fabric roller cover made for latex as well as oil-based paints. It is made with propylene core material that makes it ideal for latex. Purdy Dove Cover is white in color.

The Purdy Dove Cover is useful for surfaces with smooth to medium textures. It has a high density woven cover made from Dralon, a nylon derivative. This enables the free flow of paint, smooth rolling and a top-quality finish.

This particular roller cover boasts of its lint free, smooth finish with its heavy-duty coverage. What makes this work is the high-density acrylic fiber that can hold a large volume of paint to increase productivity. Also, there are thousands of tiny filaments that can smoothen the surface down to its last detail.

Proudly made by Purdy, this particular paint roller cover reduces the amount of splatter as it releases color evenly. Just like Purdy brushes, the Purdy roller cover has been handcrafted to the highest quality. It comes in many sizes depending on your paint roller and on your paint job itself.

This product can hold up well, and they usually last many projects. This particular roller is suitable for applying paint on the wall. The even release of paint would often leave a perfect finish even after several uses.

This special Purdy roller cover is easy to clean and maintain. You can just wash it with paint thinner and let it dry somewhere. Moreover, this pack of four rollers is a real bargain.

Purdy roller covers are also extremely durable. You can use them for several projects provided you wash them immediately after every use.

Purdy 14B863400 Dove Cover, 9' X 3/8', White (4)
189 Reviews
Purdy 14B863400 Dove Cover, 9" X 3/8", White (4)
  • This item is Purdy #140863000 3pk9x3/8 White Dove Cover
  • Used for Painting Supplies Brushes & Rollers
  • This product is Manufactured in United States

Wooster Brush RR723-9 Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover


The Wooster Brush Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover is perfect for all types of paints, primers, enamels, epoxies, and urethanes. This high-density fabric is incredibly resilient. It also resists matting to give your paint job the smoothest high-quality finish.

This white fabric designed with a golden pinstripe is a high-capacity fabric that is resistant to shedding. This prevents unwanted fibers to mess with your paint job, so you can make sure that you end up with a smooth and clean surface.

The Pro/Doo-Z feature of this particular roller cover reduces the amount of paint spattering and matting. This feature also gives this paint roller cover a high-capacity structure that can hold a large volume of paint. Thus, painting with the Wooster Brush Roller Cover increases one’s productivity in doing any paint job.

The Wooster Brush Roller Cover can work on pre-painted walls using oil-based or latex paint. It does not break apart because of its active material. You can be amazed at how much work this roller cover can do without getting even a small tear.

The strength of the fabric that Wooster Brush Roller Cover is made up of makes it reusable the next day or for more paint jobs. Just wrap them in plastic, so you can still use them the next day.

This Roller Cover can be used on a variety of surfaces as well. This is because of its high-quality strength. You can choose to use it on smooth, medium and rough surfaces with no difficulty at all.

Wooster Brush RR723-9 Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover 3/8-Inch Nap,...
426 Reviews
Wooster Brush RR723-9 Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover 3/8-Inch Nap,...
  • Extra value 3 pack of shed-resistant for all paints enamels...
  • Proprietary high-density white fabric with a golden...
  • Contractor packed in an eye-catching poly bag with header

Quali-Tech 9AP038-6PK All Purpose 6 Pack Paint Roller Covers


Quali-Tech Paint Roller Covers are all purpose standard rollers that have a nap long enough to handle rough surfaces as well as smooth ones. This makes this particular paint roller cover more than versatile.

The propylene core of Quali-Tech Pain Roller Cover makes it useful for water-based paints. Although the 3/8″ nap is not ideal for oil-based and latex paints, Quali-Tech makes up for this in leaving all work surfaces with an excellently smooth finish.

The 100% polyester fabric is also a great factor in its durability. This makes the Quali-Tech roller cover reusable even after some time.

This particular paint roller cover is perfect for acoustic ceilings as well as other forms of textured surface painting. Also, it is ideal for textured wall coverings such as stucco and other rough surface paint jobs.

The Quali-Tech roller cover is easy to wash with soap and water. Aside from its durability, it also has a high capacity for holding paint. This ensures efficiency when doing your paint job.

This particular paint roller cover also has no extra fibers that will mess up your finish. Its structure has no loose threads. The whole roller cover is also resistant to shedding. This is one of the aspects of its durability.

The Quali-Tech roller cover is ideal for painting the interior of houses and buildings. It releases color evenly without you having to use the paint roller to squeeze out the paint. This paint roller cover also makes for easy rolling for your convenience.

RollerLite (9AP038-6PK) Polyester Knit 9' x 3/8' - Standard...
204 Reviews
RollerLite (9AP038-6PK) Polyester Knit 9" x 3/8" - Standard...
  • 9" x 3/8" NAP Polyester Knit Fabric Standard Roller...
  • Ideal for latex based paints and varnishes
  • For use on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces

Likwid Concepts The Roller Cover


Likwid Concepts Roller Cover is an all standard roller cover that fits all types of paint rollers. It is made of hard and durable plastic. This adds to the durability of this product.

This particular roller cover provides an airtight seal. This seal allows easy storage and maintenance of this roller cover for many hours or even weeks even if it is wet.

The Likwid Concepts Roller Cover is ideal for latex paint. It spreads the paint evenly on almost any kind of surface. This evenness is crucial to ensuring a smooth finish up to the last detail, making your paint job look like it was done by professionals.

It also has a large capacity to hold paint, so it makes for an efficient painting tool. You do not have to soak the paint roller cover into the paint constantly. Thus, you can save time when doing your paint job.

The Likwid Concepts Roller Cover is also very easy to clean up. You can use only paint thinner to wash off the paint.

It has a unique design that allows you to place the paint roller cover easily over the handle. Thus, you do not have to take the sleeve off it anymore. You can just snap it at the point of the handle and you are done.

The Likwid Concepts Roller Cover is also ideal for almost all types of surfaces. It can work on both smooth and rough surfaces. Because of its unique structure in releasing paint, you need not squeeze the cover with your paint roller.

The Roller Cover
45 Reviews
The Roller Cover
  • Provides an airtight seal that will allow you to store your...
  • No need to take the sleeve off the handle. The foam seals...
  • Save Time and Save Money!

Wooster Brush R959-9 Painter’s Choice Roller Cover


The Wooster Brush Painter’s Choice Roller Cover is a mint green colored fabric that works for all flat paints. This defines its versatility. It is also very useful for almost all types of surfaces.

The polypropylene core is ideal for oil-based and latex paints. This makes the Wooster Brush Painter’s Choice Roller Cover perfect for all sorts of D-I-Y and maintenance jobs. The polypropylene core also makes the cover resist cracking and damage from solvents.

This innovative and high-performance product of Wooster defines the quality and good reputation of the company. This roller cover is extremely durable and can be reused even after several projects.

The Wooster Brush Painter’s Choice Roller Cover offers a very even and heavy duty coverage of your working surface—it doesn’t miss any spots at all. Thus, it ensures a perfectly even and smooth finish.

Even if you leave the cover, its unique and specialized Wooster-branded structure keeps the paint from drying out. Even after a week if you have not cleaned the paint off it, the rigid fabric of the roller cover is still intact.

Another useful feature of the Wooster Brush Painter’s Choice Roller Cover is that you can quickly clean it. You may clean off the latex paint with thinner. This leaves the roller cover good as new for its next use.

The Wooster Brush Painter’s Choice Roller Cover also boasts of a high-quality material whose fibers never come off. This means that it has no way to contaminate the smooth finish.

Wooster R959 Brush R959-9 Painter's Choice Roller Cover 3/8...
2,075 Reviews
Wooster R959 Brush R959-9 Painter's Choice Roller Cover 3/8...
  • Mint green fabric
  • For all flat and eggshell paints
  • Polypropylene core resists water, solvents, and cracking

Paint Roller Cover Buying Guide

Things to Keep in Mind

man painting the walls

There are things that you have to keep in mind before buying a top rated roller cover. You cannot just buy one without much information about

  • Cover material – Go for natural fiber like lamb’s wool or mohair if you are using oil paint. If you are working with latex, you can use synthetic fibers. When you are in doubt, always check the package of the roller cover for the right paint recommendation.
  • Type of Fiber – Roller covers may either be woven or knitted fibers. Go for the woven fibers because they hold more paint.
  • Nap or Pile Depth – Go for longer fibers if you have to paint rough surfaces. You may want to purchase shorter ones with smoother surfaces. Pile depth range is usually from 5mm to 30mm. Usually 1/8″ to 1/4″ is ideal for flat surfaces while 3/4″ to 1″ is good for rough ones.
  • Cage – This refers to the plastic or metal framework over which the roller cover goes. The best paint roller cover has a roller cage that can be easily replaced and will not slide off while you are using it.
  • Quality – Do not go for cheap or discounted roller covers as soon as you see them. Cheap covers usually do not last long, and they shed fibers often. They also do not pick up as much paint as high-quality ones.

Things to Consider

Just like any equipment, there are things that you need to consider before purchasing the product. Here are some of them.

  • Colors – Go for the color that you want. Most paint roller covers have yellow, blue or white colors.
  • The texture of the Surface – Microfiber roller covers are painted white with diagonal blue stripes. They are used for surfaces with medium texture. For an ultra-fine finish, the best roller cover for very smooth surfaces, go for a white woven short nap roller cover.
  • Core – If you are using water-based paints, it is best to go for phenolic core roller covers. They last longer than cardboard-core ones. For latex, it is better to use those with propylene cores.
  • Specialty Roller Covers – If you want a good finish using house paint or any textured paint, go for stippling covers. For ultra-smooth surfaces, buy foam covers. For other creative finishes, go for fabric roller covers or stenciled roller covers.
  • Your level of skill in painting – Go for roller covers with synthetic fibers if you are a beginner. This is because they are more manageable compared to those with natural fibers that are often shed during the painting process.

How to Make Your Paint Roller Cover Last Longer

paint roller

Knowing which paint roller cover, you will need for your paint roller is critical. Also, you also need to know how to use your roller cover and how to take care of it.

  • Clean your roller covers immediately after use to make them last long. Nothing can kill them faster than allowing them to dry with the paint.
  • Choose roller covers that are lint-free or shed-resistant. The more fibers that come off your roller, the more fibers will contaminate your paint finish.
  • If you are going for more original finishes, buy specialty roller covers like stenciled or fabric roller covers.
  • As soon as you finish painting, remove the roller cover from the roller frame. Although some brands boast of the fact that their covers may not be removed for days, you still have to remove them for proper maintenance.
  • After using it, clean up the roller cover with running water or warm water and soap. Squeeze it with your hand until all the paint is removed. Let it dry and do not leave it soaked in water.
  • Wool covers tend to shed more fibers, especially when first used. Minimize this by wrapping the sheet with masking tape. Peel it off afterward to get rid of the loose threads.

Do it Yourself Tips

  • Regardless of the type of roller cover that you are using, do not push on the roller to squeeze paint from it. Keep the roller cover fully loaded with paint all the time.
  • Use paint thinner or similar solvents when cleaning plastic fiber covers used with oil-based paints. Let the lid dry up first before cleaning it.
  • Clean lamb’s wool roller covers immediately after using them. Use warm water and mild soap.
  • Always protect yourself when handling paint, thinner or other poisonous solvents.

Buying a Paint Roller Cover Online

Painter refilling a tray with orange paint

Before you buy your roller cover online, check whether you are buying from a good company. If it is not from a famous and reputable manufacturer, then you might end up returning it.

Make sure that it is the exact paint roller cover you need for the texture of the surface that you want to paint. Otherwise, returning it might become a problem. Moreover, used roller covers may not be allowed a replacement or refund.

Also, do prior research on roller covers and ask roller cover owners for advice before buying one.

Although some paint roller covers allow you to leave them off without cleaning, it is still advisable to clean them up and remove the paint from them. This adds to the long life of the cover.


The best paint roller cover is the Wooster Brush Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover. This is because it works best on almost all types of paints as well as urethanes, enamels, primers and epoxies. Other brands of paint roller covers cannot function with these other solvents.

Moreover, the Wooster Brush Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover can work on most types of surfaces. Whether this is smooth or rough, this particular paint cover can ensure an incredibly smooth high-quality finish.

Another amazing thing about this brand of paint roller cover that is not found in other brands is that it does not tear apart no matter how vigorously you squeeze it with the paint roller. This is because of the high-capacity fabric that it is made of.

The Wooster Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover also has the other good features of the other brands such as resistance to shedding, no matting or spattering, and the ability to hold a large amount of paint at any time.

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