Best Paint Roller Reviews

Whether you are going to paint outdoors or indoors, the best paint rollers in the market are the must-haves in your kit, especially if you need to paint broad areas. Most of the good quality paint rollers last for longer years, making your home painting tasks faster and easier.

In buying paint rollers, you need to determine if you’ll need a natural fiber roller or a synthetic fiber. Keep in mind that these two kinds of rollers produce different results and that the natural fiber nap is commonly used if you are using oil-based paints.

You can see these rollers in different sizes and shapes. The good thing about it is that you can almost find them anywhere. Check this buying guide to know the kind of roller you need to use.

Best Paint Roller Review

Wagner 0530010 Smart Side Kick Power Roller

4185cK27GbL 1If you are looking for the best roller for painting, then the Smart Side Kick Power Roller might be the one you’re searching for. This is the product of the newest innovation of Wagner. It is called a power roller because of its excellent features compared to conventional brands.

This is an imported roller, and that’s why you are ensured that you will get only the best quality for your painting needs. This product is specifically designed to accomplish different art projects. It works by directly feeding the paint to the roller, making your job easier and more time-efficient.

The good thing about this roller is that there is a variable speed that can control it with a range of 1-9, nine being the fastest. This is used mainly to control the flow of the paint fed to the roller as you paint.

The two-piece 9-inch rollers are very versatile because they can be used for both smooth and rough surfaces. There is also a 3-inch roller to be used for tape-free edging jobs. This will help you in painting corners without making a mess.

The package also comes with an 18-inch extension. You can use it for working on hard-to-reach areas, like the ceiling. Through this, you will be able to cover larger areas, minimizing the time on painting.

The Smart Side Kick Power Roller can reduce the changing time because of its long tube. Aside from this, you can use it quickly because there is no need for a complicated assembly. The only thing that you need to consider is the 5-gallon adapter as it’s not yet included in the package.

Wagner Spraytech 0530010 SMART Sidekick Paint Roller,...
3,701 Reviews
Wagner Spraytech 0530010 SMART Sidekick Paint Roller,...
  • INNOVATIVE PAINT ROLLER: The Wagner SMART Sidekick Roller is...
  • GREAT FOR LARGE ROOMS AND MULTI ROOMS: This electric paint...
  • CONTINUOUS PAINTING: The roller allows for continuous,...

Wooster Brush R017-9 Sherlock Roller

31xnVbJ3qL 1The Sherlock Roller Frame has an outstanding wire cage that makes the roller nap secured. This prevents the slipping of the roller nap from the frame. You can save a lot of time because you don’t need to spend time trying to push the roller nap from time to time. Also, you can keep your hands from total paint mess.

You can easily remove the cover of this product because of the quick-release spring built with it. Aside from preventing the roller from slipping, it also helps release the roller cover by just tapping it on the sink. You can clean it without getting your hands stained with paint residue.

The Sherlock Roller Brush has smooth bearings that make it possible for proper functioning. This lessens the effort needed in controlling the roller. The good thing about it is that Sherlock Roller Frame can serve as your exercise buddy while you paint.

The handle is threaded, so it will be easier to reach high ceilings. An extension pole can also be inserted to extend your reach. The polypropylene grip is made with threads that can be utilized as it can be extended.

To make it durable, it is made with green fiberglass with a nylon cage. Keep in mind that you need to clean the handle regularly to extend your roller frame’s life. This ensures that you can utilize its benefits for a longer period.

Most users confidently rate this product as a superb roller frame because it deals with most of the requirements needed for a quality paint roller.

Wooster R017-9 Roller Frame, 9-Inch, Silver
3,231 Reviews
Wooster R017-9 Roller Frame, 9-Inch, Silver
  • Wooster brush with 9 inch sherlock roller frame
  • Quick release spring prevents roller slippage yet allows...
  • Smooth rolling internal bearings eliminate shank wear and...

Wagner 0530002 Smart Power Roller

41m2SWvsJwL 3Here comes the best paint roller for walls, the Wagner 0530002. One of its best features is drawing directly from the color to reduce the painting time. This is perfect if you need to work on larger areas.

The Wagner Smart Power Roller has a variable speed control that effectively controls the flow of the paint towards the handle. This helps create an even tone as you paint; you wouldn’t like a wall to end up with an uneven tone.

If you are searching for an electric roller for home use, you have found the right product. This is made with a base unit that can fit a standard can of paint. Since it is mainly for home use, it won’t accommodate 5-gallons of paint for commercial purposes.

You will find that this product’s lid can be used for holding the feed hose stable, and it also ensures that there will be no messy dripping as you work. To ensure a steady flow of paint, this roller is created with a speed variable control.

One of its highlights is the handle-mounted button that is used in ensuring the steady flow of paint. It also works best even with thick premium paints. These features ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

When you buy it, it comes with a 16-foot hose that allows you to scope hard-to-reach areas. To make it easier for you, an 18-inch extension cord is also included in the package. Through this, you can reach up to 8 feet walls without difficulty.

Wagner Spray Tech 0530002 Smart Power Roller
92 Reviews
Wagner Spray Tech 0530002 Smart Power Roller
  • Draws directly from paint can so that you can paint in half...
  • Variable speed control dial adjusts from 1 to 9 to control...
  • 3-inch Smart Edge Roller included for tape free edging

Stanley PTST03508 Premium Paint Kit

51YQ3l8THTL 1The Stanley PTST03508 can be used to paint an entire room. It comes with eight pieces of tools and a metal tray. This is popular with most users because of its even and smooth paint application capability.

The kit has a plastic tray inside for mixing the paint. It also ensures that there will be no drippings as you paint. You can put all your tools on the tray while you work to avoid staining other surfaces. Aside from this, you will find a foam roller that evens out the paint on the wall.

The metal spatula is used for removing paint in tight areas. You can also use it to smoothen the patch of color for a more flawless look. If you need to paint baseboards, the foam roller is the best tool to use.

The 9-inch 5-wire roller frame is useful in keeping the paint in the entire room even. You can use this for a smoother paint application. This premium paint comes in handy for painting rooms in houses. The good thing about it is that it is already predefined to cover a standard room’s measure.

Most customers prefer to use it for smaller projects that don’t require big cans of paint. This is considered a one-time use paint kit for hobbyists and consumers.

If you need something for a quick job, then this is the most recommendable kit for you. The Stanley PTST03508 is just what you need for a quick change of wall color or design.

STANLEY PTST03508 8 Piece Paint Kit, TAN
847 Reviews
STANLEY PTST03508 8 Piece Paint Kit, TAN
  • EASY AND EFFICIENT: STANLEY Paint Roller Covers are...
  • THE BEST IN BRUSHES: STANLEY Paint Brushes are designed for...
  • ALL IN ONE SET: STANLEY paint kits are designed to perform...

Bates Choice Paint Tray Set

61hLnAvkaL 1This might be the best paint roller for walls because of its premium quality. This is meant for projects that will last for longer periods. This will surely get the job done for you in no time with its superb finish.

This paint tray set is made with comfort in mind. It is created with a wooden handle brush that is not heavy to hold. It is made lightweight to avoid getting sore and bruised hands. The paint roller is covered with a rubber-coated plastic handle.

If you need to do a big project that will take time to finish, then the Bates Choice Paint Tray Set is the perfect kit to have for tedious jobs. You will also be able to control the handle’s movement because it is easy to regulate your hand movements.

The nap and filaments are created to be thick so that they can hold more paint. This will double up your productivity and speed up the painting process. The naps used have a measure of ½ inch in thickness. This feature makes it perfect for painting your house.

The good thing about filaments and naps is their longevity and durability. They can be used for a longer period, and they are guaranteed to be sturdy even with frequent use. If you are a beginner in painting, don’t worry because the Bates Choice Paint Tray Set is designed for all users. It is easy to use, so you will surely have fun using it.

Bates Paint Roller - Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Roller Paint...
6,890 Reviews
Bates Paint Roller - Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Roller Paint...
  • COMPREHENSIVE SET: Package includes 11 piece: Tray, Roller...
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: This paint tray set is high quality...
  • THICK FILAMENTS AND NAP: The synthetic filaments in the...

Best Paint Roller Buying Guide

Best Paint Roller Buying Guide

When to Use Paint Rollers?

If you are into decorating your home, there are options for you to choose the kind of tool to use. One of the widely-used tools is a paint roller. You can select whether you’ll use a brush, a pad, or a paint roller.

Pain rollers offer tremendous benefits in decorating your home. One of these is the lessened time in working. Compared to brushes, paint rollers can finish the task in almost half of the time you consume when you are using a paintbrush. Aside from this, you’ll come up with a smoother finish.

Rollers are active in spreading the paint evenly on the surface without blotches. They are most applicable if you are painting a full or larger room. Aside from this, paint rollers don’t use much paint compared to brushes or pads.

These paint rollers can be found in different sizes. Bear in mind that the larger your paint roller’s size, the greater area it can cover. They are mostly used for large and full walls. Your painting task can be accomplished without wasting time.

Smaller paint brushes are used for painting doors or small rooms. The result is so smooth that you can’t even see streaks of paint after the application. You can also use it for window frames.

Types of Paint Rollers

Types of Paint Rollers

There are two types of paint rollers. They very on the raw material used and the kind of finish that they can produce.

1) Natural Fiber – The primary material used for this type of paint roller is lamb’s wool. Mohair can also be used as an alternative. This type of roller is best if the paint that you are going to use is oil-based. They are very absorbent in nature because of the hollow bristles.

If you would like to work with less splatter of paint, this is the best paint roller brush to use for your DIY or decorative home project.  Aside from this, you’ll love the shiny appearance that lamb’s wool rollers can produce.

You can achieve this shiny appearance if you are going to use high gloss paint. To achieve great results, use it when painting doors, window frames, and furniture. In the end, you’ll be happy to see a smooth finish.

2) Synthetic Fiber – Another type of paint roller is made of synthetic fibers. These are made from polyester or nylon. It can also be a combination of both. If the natural fiber is best used with oil-based paint, this one is best for water-based paints.

One of its best features is its durability and hassle-free cleaning. However, there is a tendency that paint will be splattered while working compared to natural fiber paint rollers. That being said, this type of roller can also produce a smooth finish.

You can prepare the space where you will be working to avoid it from getting messed up with paint. Cover the floor with newspaper or cloth.

Aside from natural fiber and synthetic fiber, paint rollers can also be made from rubber or fabric. These materials are used for specialized applications like in creating a textured paint effect.

3) Sizes of Paint Rollers – Paint rollers come in different sizes and shapes. Most of the time, 7-inch rollers or 9-inch rollers are used for painting and decorating jobs. They are easier to handle and move around, unlike heavier paint rollers.

If you are going to work on small areas, it is enough to use 2-inch rollers. You can also use smaller rollers for painting window frames and doors. On the other hand, larger areas require larger rollers to get the job done faster.

4) Length of Naps – The nap length of paint rollers also varies depending on the brand. If you are going to work on rough surfaces, then you need a longer nap in that case.

You can use a 3/16 -1/4- inch nap for smooth surfaces. This is applicable for doors and cabinets. It is also best used with oil-based paints to achieve excellent results.

Naps that measure ½-inch are used for semi-smooth surfaces like ceiling or walls. On the other hand, naps that are an inch thick are the better option for surfaces that are a little rough. Stucco wall surfaces will be a great match for this nap size.

For very rough surfaces, it is best to use a nap that measures an inch and a half. You can use it for brick surfaces and masonry to achieve the desired finish.

5) Core of Paint Rollers – The base of paint rollers is made with fibers. It is attached to the wooden or plastic handle of a roller. You can find plastic core rollers on the market, and they can have a higher price tag on the market.

Choosing a Power Roller

Choosing a Power Roller

You should know that different textures of surfaces require varying styles and techniques. You need to consider the size of the nap and the size of the handle as well. This is important for cases when you need to work on hard-to-reach areas.

The variable speed control is also one of the features that you need to check. It would be better to monitor the flow of the paint while you work to avoid streaks and blotches.

If you can choose the right paint roller for your needs, then you’ll come up with less mess and more organization. Aside from this, you will have smoother and even spreading than ever. You will also be able to save lots of time.


If you decide on a home decorating project that involves painting, you will need a good quality paint roller. It offers several benefits and advantages if used appropriately.

The Wagner Smart Power Roller is one of the most recommended paint rollers because of its direct painting capacity that reduces the time of painting in half. This brand also offers different sizes of rollers.

When buying, you have different options, and it’s best to consider this guide to come up with the right paint rollers for your needs. It will be challenging to know what is best used for a particular surface. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with the types of paint rollers.

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